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Hormone Reset Detox Program

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Hormone Reset Detox Program
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Hormone Reset Detox Program
Hormone Reset Detox Program × 1
Subtotal $497.00
Total $497.00

What's Included

  • 3 Self-Paced Classes - 1 call per week for 3 weeks (listen in by phone or computer - available to listen to at any time)
  • Handouts for each call with step-by-step simple instructions (even easy for those with a busy life!)
  • Meal Plans - We eat a lot, so be prepared to maybe eat more than you normally do.
  • Beginning Health Assessment and ending Health Assessment so you can see your progress.
  • BONUS: "Pre-DETOX Quickstart Checklist" - You'll get instant access to this handy PDF checklist so you can get started right away once you register.
  • BONUS: Pre-DETOX Class, "How To Have The Winning Mindset For Success!" Learn how to get Negative Nellie off your shoulder along with the real secrets behind willpower.

What Women Are Saying...

I’m down 4 lbs total so far and 5 1/2″. The detox was good to get me thinking of what to eat and not to eat. It made me get out of my cheese habit. I’ve cut down a ton on sugar. I’m going to continue to eat similar to the plan as it’s helping because my bloating has gone away. And another thing I focused on was my water intake. My skin is clearer and I feel way better in general. – Whitney Bota

“I was put on birth control for excessive bleeding and lost half my hair. This detox helped me rid my body of toxins that caused my symptoms. My gyn commented how happy, clear and refreshed I look. She asked for the link to the detox so she could help other patients! Now my hair is growing back in and I feel better than I did in my 30’s.!” – Agnes Zidros

“I have I lost inches and feel tighter and cleaner. I used to drink diet pop. Now I haven’t for the past week. Drinking mostly water and I’ve had no withdrawals. I’m shocked but happy. I have to brag I have eliminated 80-90% of sugar from my diet and feel good. Thank you. I usually give up quickly so it’s amazing I lasted without negative effects. Thank you for this great program.” – Deborah Pushka