Hormones 101: Is it Really... Estrogen?

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Oh, my goodness. Welcome Hi. My name is Robin nielson, and this is it really estrogen today? It's our mini workshop. We're we're going to dive in a little bit to estrogen because we women know hormones. Right we just don't quite know what to do with them. And I also just want to congratulate you on saying Yes to yourself. Number one, signing up for this. Number two, showing up here, because it's one thing to opt in, right and say, yes, I want this. It's a whole other thing to actually show up. But when you show up, right, your genes, your genetics, your DNA already starts to express itself for the better. So you're already beginning to heal when you say Yes to yourself, right? Not Yes to others, but Yes to yourself. So that's how you heal as you keep saying Yes to yourself, because we're in a health predicament, because we have been saying no to ourselves right over and over and over and over again. That's how I ended up in hormone hell. So, Oh my goodness, this is your opportunity to really like, in a profound way, begin the healing process and. You know, for some reason, I tend to attract ladies who have been on this path for a while. Right maybe you've seen some functional medicine practitioners. Maybe you've taken some supplements, you know? Maybe you know how to eat. Right so I'm so glad you're here, if that's. I'm really happy that you're here because just with a few tweaks you can see feels so much better pretty quickly. So I really encourage you to keep an open mind, right? Because, you know, when we're not feeling so great, we need to change things up, know, we may feel like we're doing everything right, but we have to be open to suggestions to really see that shift. So, Yes. Are you open? Are you ready? All right. So good. Thank you. Thank you. That's really great. All right. So so we're going to dive in a little bit here. So that's really great to know some of the foundational reasons that kind of pushed you to say Yes to joining in here today and whatever it was, it's brilliant because it takes conscientiousness, right? Constant conscientiousness to stay well. So, you know, it's not it's not a we get there and then we stay there and there isn't even there. Right it's some days we feel great. Other days we need to give ourselves more grace. But as we're working on the path to feeling so much better, we have a lot more days feeling well, we have a lot more energy. Our, you know, our moods are much happier. We don't have the anxiety, we don't have the depression. We have a can do attitude. We have a lot more stress resilience. So if you knew how my day started here, you would think, how did she get through the day? But it's, you know, it's just. I just I just count my blessings and I'm just so grateful that I have the stress, resilience to pick my sweet old puppy up out of her bed that she had peed in. Right and carry her into the bathtub with people over dripping across the house and, you know, run a hot, hot bath for her and just lay her in there and, you know, just gently clean her off and then snuggle her up in a blankie and then, you know, clean the pee up off the floor, all over the house, right? Wash all of her blankets and then somehow get everybody Fed and get myself off to a tennis match this morning. So, you know, if I had said to myself, wow, this day is really starting out crappy, right? I wouldn't have had a very good day. But instead, I just embraced each part of the experience because I'm really in it with my sweet puppy as she nears the end of her life. And yeah, and it's to remind myself of that, and I remind myself how grateful I am that I have the stress tolerance, right, that I have the stress resilience, that I can do all of that and still go kick ass on the tennis court and then come back and do a really lovely presentation for you. Right that's where we want to get to. Thank you so much for the hearts, ladies. It's really breaking my heart with my sweet puppy. And her name is sunshine. That's why I was saying I love your name, sunshine. Yeah so that's where we want to get to, right? That's where that there is. It's that we can show up for life. However it comes out us and we can be in a place of gratitude. Right, for everything that's going on. Yeah that's what being healthy looks like. That's what being healthy looks like. Cool all right. So we're going to jump in a little bit here. We're not going to go too long today. So I'm going to give you as much as I can, the time that we have, and then I'm going to give you a really powerful next step. Right, a really powerful next step. And I want you to keep saying Yes to yourself, because that's how you're going to heal. And there's one more thing that you need to know, and that is, you know, so many of us have tried so many things to feel better, and there are a bunch of myths out there just that are not true at all. Right and one of them is that your test results look fine. So you're fine. Right totally not true. And another one is that, you know, is that we can girl go to the doctor or seek out help when we don't feel well. By doing that, we're going to live a happy, healthy life. Totally not true. Right like I said before, we have to be conscientious about our health every day. Right we wake up every day and we say, OK, sweetie. OK, honey. OK lovebug. Right and this is I'm talking about. How can I take the very best care of myself today? And it's not always going to be perfect. It's absolutely not going to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. But you're going to make better choices for yourself more of the time. And that's because you're in a community or you're in a program that's supporting you each step of the way to feel so much better. So instead of, you know, reacting to our health circumstances sort of in crisis mode all the time, we're not going to manage disease anymore. We are going to keep working towards optimal health. Right we're going to look at our lab test results and we're going to compare our numbers to optimal reference ranges, not laboratory reference ranges, which are a bunch of sick people. That's why your doctor says you're fine because you don't have disease yet. But who wants to wait till we have disease? Right that's really far down the path. You know, sometimes people tell me, oh, I just got diabetes. Does it happen that way? Right or I just got cancer. It's been coming for years. Sometimes it started when you were a child, right? It can take 20 years or more. So let's not wait. Let's start listening to our bodies and taking action sooner rather than later. Right being a participant in our own health. Yes oh, so good. All right. I may share my screen with you. We just pull up some info here. Let me just cancel this. Try again. So while I'm doing this, I would just. let's see. I would just. Yeah, I'd just love to hear. Well, I'd love for you to be thinking about some of your health challenges right now. So while we're getting started here, if you could grab a piece of paper and a pen and they want you to write down as many health challenges as you can think of as many health challenges as you can think of. OK so I want you to know that the opinions expressed in this program today are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs or concerns. OK great. All right, so let me just play this. Awesome OK. So I want to share some of the symptoms that you may experience of estrogen is out of balance. So there's quite a list. This is not this is not completely comprehensive. I'm going to be talking a little bit later about Robin's hormone reset. And in your screen, is I going on and off? Oh, it's doing it again. Yes oh, darn. OK so let me do this. Let me start. Does it do it when I leave it like this? No oh, OK. So I won't play it, then I'll just do it. Does this look OK? Yeah, yeah, Yeah. You can still feel it quite as pretty, but we'll just do it like this. Yeah so in Robin's hormone reset, which is a program. And every time that later we actually do a little bit more extensive estrogen questionnaire. So we do an assessment on six different hormones. But these are some of the main symptoms that you will experience of estrogen is out of balance. OK so bloating, puffiness or water retention? I remember thinking back, my great grandmother, you know, just had very swollen ankles and then my mom. Right had very swollen ankles. So, you know, I now know that that's related to hormones. Right so almost well, every single symptom that you may be experiencing is a result of a hormone imbalance. So if you're thinking, I wonder if this symptom is related to hormones, the answer is Yes. It is abnormal pap smears. Right who would have thought rapid weight gain on your hips? Right your middle, your waist, your thighs, breast tenderness or increased bra size fibroids or endometriosis. Look at all the mood issues, right? Anxiety, irritability, depression, PMS, weepy. Right if you find yourself kind of weepy for no good reason, there you go. Right mini meltdowns. Just have this, you know, this meltdown. And, you know, you just can't really handle much. And it kind of takes you out. Migraines, headaches, gallbladder problems. Who would have guessed? Insomnia, right? Fibrous cystic breasts. Brain fog red flush on your face. Maybe you've been diagnosed with rosacea. Turns out that's an estrogen issue for a memory. Emotional fragility, right? You're all over the place with your emotions. Bladder infection. So that's a very, very common issue as we age. Bladder infections are so common. But just know that it's, you know, because your urethra has shortened because of improper hormonal balance on your pelvic floor. Who would have figured on painful sex, reduced stamina? Yes estrogen has to do with stamina. Hot flushes, night sweats, wrinkles. Right so there are a lot of things associated with estrogen. And I'm going to stop me here for just a second. Poor estrogen gets a bad rap. Right we oftentimes blame estrogen for a lot of our symptoms. But the news is that we need estrogen. And you can see all of the issues that happen when estrogen is out of balance. And that's what we need estrogen for and including, you know, bone health. Although it takes over 20 nutrients or 20 different things, hormones included to build bone, it's very important for bone health. So, you know, you want to start thinking about how wonderful estrogen is for us and start thinking about what is it that I need to do to get estrogen imbalance. So that I feel so much better. And I'm not experiencing some of these things. OK so that's the whole goal here is that we want to get our hormones imbalance. We need all of that right. We need all of them. It's just when they're out of balance, it becomes a problem. Hope that makes sense. All right. So I would love for you to list us your top three, just your top three health challenges. So some of you have already listed kind of a few of them. What brought you here? But I would love for you to list your top three health challenges out of all the ones that you just wrote down. So let's take a look at those. Go ahead and put those in the chat. And if you're on Facebook, you can put those in the comments. Hi, Rosemary. Great to see you. OK Yeah. So good. OK, so I'll share my screen again. So while I'm continuing to talk, please share your top three health challenges. All right? Yeah Preston gets a bad rap. We're always blaming estrogen for things. All right. So I really love this quote. Health setbacks and bad test results are messages from your body that you're not taking the best care of it. So listen to the message and change your habits to help your body heal itself. And I want you to know that you have all the power to heal yourself. You have all the power like. And when we know that, it's incredibly empowering, isn't it? It's so good. You know, you always think it's somebody out there who's going to fix us, and it's just not the way it is. It's all happens right here. When you say Yes to yourself, right? When you say Yes to yourself, you have all the power to heal yourself naturally, completely naturally. All right. So what is estrogen dominance? You know, we hear that so much. It's a really common phrase and we use it all the time without actually really knowing what it means. So I want to share with you what it means to be estrogen dominant. So astringent dominance does not mean that you have too much estrogen. First, I want to say that get that right out there, because we often think, oh, is that too much as Virginia is causing all these problems? And that's not the case. You have to test, write down gas. You have to test and really learn where your estrogen is. But as region dominance, all it means is that you don't have enough progesterone to the amount of estrogen that you have. That's all it means. So there's something called the progesterone to ask for gene ratio. When that ratio is out of balance, it causes something called estrogen dominance. And that's what can cause some of these symptoms that you may be experiencing. But there's way more to it than that. So it's not just at stage dominance that might be causing all those symptoms I listed. Absolutely not. There are a lot of other reasons for those symptoms as well. But one of the things that we hear a lot is our estrogen dominance. And I just want to make sure that you understand that it's not that estrogen is too high. OK it's not that estrogen is too high. Is that there's not enough progesterone for the amount of estrogen that you have. That's all it means. So I hope that makes sense. Yeah great. So I want to share with you something that's really important to know about estrogen. So estrogen grows things, right? That's one of estrogens, jobs. And so one of the really important things that we need to know and I yeah, this is, this is kind of going above and beyond what this mini workshop is about. But I just want to I just want to give you as much as I can in the time that we have. And this is something that I think is so important when we are, you know, looking at estrogen as a source of some of our health symptoms, we really need to know how we're metabolizing estrogen, which is here on the right and how we are methylated, our estrogen, which is here on the bottom. Now, this is me quite a few years ago, and I really had very low estrogen. I've been post-menopausal for a long time. And what I want you to know is that you can have really low levels of hormones and you can still feel great. I think that we need to type that in the chat. Was that because I want you to hear that right. Just because your post menopause and have quote unquote no hormones, it doesn't mean that you can't feel well. Your body compensates in an amazing way. Right so I want you to know that. But because cancer grows things, a lot of cancer, sorry. Because estrogen grows things. A lot of cancers happen because they're estrogen driven. But that's mainly because we're not metabolizing our estrogen in a healthy way. So you can see this red line here is for our pathway. And that's a cancer causing pathway. So all you have to do is know how you're metabolizing your estrogen so that you can be much healthier. Right how much healthier estrogen really supports you instead of taking you out? So that green pathway that to our age is the healthiest pathway. And then there's a 16 hour pathway, which which is a healthy pathway to it's not it's not as strong as the two age pathway, but it's for our age pathway that we really want to make sure is under control. Right there are certain patient percentages. So I don't want to spend much time on this, but I just want you to know this is a very smart way to look at estrogen. If you want to work with a practitioner and dig in a little bit more and then you just want to make sure that you're methylated your estrogen really well, which means that you're metabolizing it or that it's going through your liver properly and then you're excreting it, right? Because that's recirculating estrogens, which is sometimes what causes all of our problems is much more potent and that can cause many, many problems. So there are a lot of reasons for potentially too much estrogen or estrogen dominance. But I just this one is sort of just give you an idea of estrogen and how it's way more than just a number, right? Way more than just a number. All right. So I'm sharing this with you, because this is really important. And this is the stuff that we learn in Robin's hormone reset on a much deeper level. But what I want to show you here is that all of these hormones on the right, dhea, androstenedione, that goes to make estrogen and testosterone. Those are what are called minor. Hormones like minor hormones and progesterone as well, is considered more of a minor hormone. And the reason that's important is because they cannot be in balance unless your major hormones are in balance and you'll learn all about your major hormones and Robbins hormone reset. And that's what we focus on. We focus on getting the major hormones in balance so that your minor hormones like estrogen can also be imbalance. So we don't make as region testosterone, DHA or progesterone if our major hormones are out of balance. Isn't that crazy? Like, that's one of your big takeaways from today. So remember, if one hormone is out of balance, are all out of balance. So I'll share more about this and we'll do a deeper dive in Robin's hormone reset, which is so much fun. It's truly a love fest. It's a love fest. So if one hormone is out of balance, they're all out of balance. But the good news is you all by yourself, just by knowing what to do, can get yourself all back into balance. It's really amazing. Someone stop me share for just a moment. I just want to see, like, your top three. Health challenges. Right so poor memory, brain fog. No libido? Yeah OK. Gosh, Thanks so much for sharing. You still have low levels of hormones and still feel fabulous. Thanks so much lizette for posting that. Osteoporosis so that was a really big deal in my family. That is a really big deal. My grandmother had two or three hip replacements in her lifetime, I think three hip surgeries. My mom had two. So that's something that's first and foremost on my mind is making sure that my bones stay strong. Right that I don't go down that path. So that's actually a discussion about genetics. And what I'd say about genetics is that we're definitely all predisposed to certain genetic traits. But our genetics. Our considered the loaded gun. Right I know this is kind of a weird analogy right now, but it's considered the loaded gun and how we take care of ourselves. Something called epigenetics, right? Those external factors pulls the trigger of that gun or not. So so we can say in a different way turns on a gene that we want to be off. So in the field of epigenetics, I Thank you so much for that. In the field of epigenetics, it's those external factors that influence how our genes turn on or turn off. So guess what, ladies? It's what you learned from those who raised you. Isn't that amazing? It's how you learned to take care of yourself from those who raised you. And that's the epigenetics factor that's coming in that's causing most of your health symptoms. Isn't that crazy? So I clearly learned not a good way to take care of myself based on my genetics because I had so many icky symptoms for so many years. So that's the good news, is that just by making some small shifts, we can see some really powerful improvements in a really short period of time. Let me show you just how to do that in just a moment. So, spider veins, skin issues, dermatitis, itching, inflammation. Oh, sending you so much love, dear. Insomnia, poor memory, reduced stamina, fatigue, insomnia. Oh, OK. So two of you have the same thing. Reduced stamina, weight issues, anxiety, poor sleep, brain fog, stamina. Yeah fiber, cystic breasts. OK, so we learned today that was an estrogen. It's an estrogen issue, but we know that came from another issue, right? Wrinkles, PMS. Yeah so a lot of insomnia, brain fog, weight gain issues. Yeah severe lethargy, weight gain for no reason. I know. You know, that was me. I could gain 5 pounds in a day for no good reason. And that happened for a year. It's for decades. So frustrating. Yeah headaches, rain, fog. Yeah hard to lose weight. Well, I just. I just. I just applaud you for being here. You know, with brain fog, it's so hard to even concentrate for just a few minutes, so. Oh, you ladies are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Right so let's just shake some of those issues off right now and just say not mine, right? They're just passing on through and pass on through. Yes they're not permanent. Yay so good to know. All right. Share my screen again. Rosemary's their joint pain, anxiety. Thanks so much, Rosemary. Yeah all right. So I want to talk just for a moment about hormone replacement therapy. So, you know, in my world, it's a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy if you're going to go that route. What I want to say about hormone replacement therapy is that it's not where you start. Right so I think someone here posted that, you know, she's on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We call it B HRT. There's also HRT, which is just hormone replacement therapy, which isn't quite as safe or healthy. So if you're going to do hormone replacement therapy, do the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and it's not a great place to start. And the reason is because it's a little bit of a Band-Aid, right? You're putting the cart in front of the horse because you haven't addressed what's causing the hormone imbalances. And whenever we take exogenous hormones or hormones from the outside, you really imbalance in your hormones because you're telling your body what it needs by taking x amount of this and x amount of that, when what we really want to have happen is we want our own bodies to make what it needs, right? We want our body to make what it needs. So when you bring in hormones from the outside, you're Messing with that. So that's why it's really important to really start with what I call your hormone dealbreakers, those things that are taking your hormones out and fix those first and start taking care of yourself in a hormone balanced way so that you can see what's left. And then if you feel like you still need a little sprinkling of hormones, you can add those in later, right? But almost always, you don't need extra hormones. Isn't that so amazing, though? Amazing all right. Yeah, because it takes more than hormones to balance your hormones. So to heal all of the symptoms that I talked about earlier, all of the symptoms that you are experiencing, the starting point is exactly the same. Isn't that amazing? So it doesn't matter, you know, whether you're coming in with brain fog or enemy treehouses or fibroids or weight gain or fatigue or insomnia. The starting point is all the same because here's the deal, ladies. It's about your body's physiology, right? It's about the rules for hormone balance. It has nothing to do with the symptom itself. It has everything to do with how you're taking care of yourself. So great. So it's really about root caused based health care for optimal health, right? For feeling our best. We're not looking to manage disease. Who wants to even think about disease? Right we just want to feel well. And unfortunately, when we have these chronic health conditions that just go on and on and on, there is really no medical solution. So we have to take charge of our health if we want to feel well. And I think for me, like, that was the really good news. Like, you mean I can do this myself? I'm like, bring it on. Right, let's do this. So, you know, I've been doing this for almost 20 years, almost 20 years. And we just seen we've seen miracles every day in my communities. We see miracles every single day. I'm going to show you some of those miracles in just a moment. So you want to address your hormone dealbreakers, those root causes. So this is where we all start, no matter what our symptoms. And then we learn how to live our lives for hormone balance. It's so great. Right so I want to share a little video with you right now. I'm going to stop this share because. Because it's just not working. Like I wanted to share it a different way. So I may share a video with you. Right now. And then after that, I'm going to share with you your next steps. OK so this is pretty fantastic, actually. You're going to be like, wow, this is incredible. And was that Will you just give me a thumbs up that you can hear it? OK all right. Here we go. I think. I felt like I didn't know my body anymore. The obvious symptom was excessive weight, but I was also just falling asleep every day, just so tired, and my skin was very dry and scary. My hair was falling out. I was sick and tired of being tired and I was miserable, completely miserable. I was completely overwhelmed by life and everything. And I was taking care of everybody else and I couldn't even possibly take care of myself. My hormones seemed to be just out of whack like half of the month. I was very emotional with the hot flashes. And then extreme fatigue and cardiac symptoms and fatty liver and high cholesterol. And I was pre-diabetic. Indigestion issues. Constipation issues, reflux. My headaches. I had rosacea. I had seborrheic dermatitis. I had eczema. I was like 65 pounds overweight. My skin was a mess. My hair would just fall out and like chunks. I had gained so much weight because I was so stressed out and not sleeping well or eating as good as I could. I had acne. And I'm a little too old to have acne, but I had I think I started having a knee issue and I thought you said to me I had chronic all over your body, painful menstrual cycles, just everything, inflammation galore. And I didn't realize how fatigued. And I tried everything. Nutritionists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and spent thousands of dollars that I didn't have. Trying to figure out why I felt so terrible. Run some bloodwork to see if we can. See if there is anything going on. And of course, I got a lot of the. Oh, well, that's true. That's what happens when you get older. You know, everything looks like you're in range. And the one doctor said to me, you know, Laura, if you keep saying something's wrong, something's going to be wrong. And I'm like, what's it going to take for you to realize there's something wrong with me? I don't want to live like this my whole life, just depending on the medicine. And I have to do something. I had so many things going on, I just needed help. I came across the ad for the hormone reset on Facebook and I was like, what the heck, if I can reset my hormones that amazing. And I did that reset and I can tell you I played bull out and it was amazing from like the first year, from the first day. And I'm like, oh, my gosh. Like, I'm not waking up and having these terrible hot flashes. I ended up losing 45 pounds. All that thing that they say is just age and it just wasn't happening anymore. If you're new to all these problems, this is the belief that. It's not like any other program that I have attempted to be a part of. Not a diet. It's not a challenge. It's a way of looking at what's right for me and what's good for me differently. And what's great about the program is it's cost effective. So anyone can do it. It's simple, but it's not easy. But it's so, so worth it. Once you start feeling good in your body, that's all the motivation you need to move forward. It's just such a beautiful it's a beautiful thing to do for yourself. I took the chance and and I'm so grateful that I did because, you know, my life changed immensely. Say Yes to yourself. That's probably one of the biggest things. As women, we forget that we need to do these things for ourselves. We have to do it now. No one else is going to do it for us. There's no reason to go through life being so miserable. You can fix it. Oh, my gosh. Just brings tears to my eye watching those ladies. They know every single one of them. They share their heart and soul around, you know, their challenges and their successes. And oh, my gosh, hundreds, if not thousands of ladies have experienced what they've experienced in Robin's hormone reset. I think that we've served well over 12,000 ladies now in the program, and it's $27 and it's for nine days. So it starts on May 1 and it's a love fest. So it truly is affordable for every single woman. And it's good. It's just going to change completely change the trajectory of your life. If you're ready. So it's not for every woman, but because you said yes to yourself, here I am assuming that you are ready to live the life that you deserve, right? And not be stuck in hormone hell. Like, I was for decades. So we're going to shorten your learning curve a lot Can't you see We ask that you be open and that you show up and that you take action. And that's it. Like when You do that, it's amazing the changes that can happen for you. So we're going to post the link for Robbins hormone reset here, and we're going to dangle something that's like amazing in front of you in case you're a Yes. Right we really want to encourage you to sign up now because we put ourselves off. We just don't say Yes. Right so if you say Yes today, we're going to actually give you the VIP all access pass at no charge. So it'll be free. It's normally $47 and you get special time with me on two other occasions where we actually get to see each other and spend time together and really work through some of our stuff. And then you also get access to my health coaches before anyone else. So it's worth like way more than $47. But again, we're trying to make it affordable for every single woman. So when you sign up now, it's $27 for the Robbins hormone reset. And for the VIP access pass, it's $27 total. And it starts May 1st and it goes through May 9th. It's 1 and 1/2 hours each day during the week. So Monday through Friday is an hour and a half. Monday, the following Monday is an hour and a half. And then Tuesday is our heal your hormones Livestream, which is a magical finale to the reset. And that's three hours. So if you can show up live, fantastic. It starts at 12 PM Pacific each day, 3 PM Eastern. If you can show up live, then we ask that you make time later in the day to watch the replay because the replay will be up immediately after the live. The reason for this is when you show up and take action each day, you will see big changes, even if it's a small action. So our whole philosophy is this we do is that we don't want this to be just another program that you sign up for. We want this to be your last program that you sign up for. We're really committed to stop spinning, right? And let's just get you healed because you have beautiful gifts to bring to this world. And if you don't feel well, you cannot bring them. That makes sense. Yes I was so stuck in hormone how I just, you know, that's my big thing. I never, ever, ever want to go back and I want to help you feel so much better. So good. All right. So so let's see. There was a questionnaire that did that question get answered. OK Yeah. Yeah, it's just someone sharing in the Q&A their three challenges. Oh, that's too much. Thanks, sunshine. Santa is already signed up. Joanne went through in is life changing. Way to go, Joanne. So good. So good. All right. So I just want to I'm just looking at some of your questions. So when he says, are you saying that the fat and adrenals will make more hormone when ovaries stop making it? How else do you have balance if in fact, your body makes less hormones? So it's pretty amazing that our bodies can I mean, we can feel well. So so, you know, a lot of the symptoms are all the symptoms that we experience are common, right? They're common, but they're not normal. So if you're experiencing any symptoms, it's not normal, right? Let's not do that. Your body's giving you messages to do something. So, again, you don't have to have a lot of hormones. You know, that test that I shared with you in 2017, like I have less than post-menopausal ranges, which I'm sure were not great, but I felt fine. Right? I was working on myself. So yes, your adrenals can take over for sure. And then we actually make hormones, you know, we convert T4 to T3, that thyroid hormone inactive to active in all sorts of different places in our bodies. So there's a lot going on in all sorts of different places in your body and in your gut. You make a lot of estrogen. You also metabolize a lot of estrogen. There's something called the a strobe alone, which you'll learn all about in Robins hormone reset. So I really encourage you to jump in with both feet. And we look forward to seeing you there. And I look forward to seeing you in our VIP group. All right, ladies, it's been just magical spending time with you. I look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks. So when you join, make sure that you join our special Facebook group and get started right away. Each week on Monday before the reset, I'll post something for you to do. Just stay engaged and block out the time in your calendar right now because we have to show up if we want to see results. All right, ladies, sending you so much love. Bye now.