Lose Weight, Eliminate Anxiety & Boost Energy... Naturally

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Dear Beautiful Woman,

Are you feeling a little...or a lot...unbalanced?

You're not alone.

You may have gained 10-20 pounds from so much stress, and you may feel like you have very little control…over ANYTHING.

If you're like most women right now, you're feeling like your HORMONES are all out of whack, and you're not sure how to get back in balance.

Did you know that it takes only THREE days to reset a metabolic hormone?

You can balance your progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol and thyroid hormones so you feel so much better.

It's a whole metabolism reset.

I'll show you just how to do it over seven days to lose weight, eliminate anxiety and boost your energy, naturally, without ever dieting again.

Even if you've been "stuck" for what seems like forever.

Each day we'll take a hormone assessment, and I'll help you uncover your "root causes" of hormone imbalance.

Then I'll show you the steps to take charge of your health this year, FINALLY, so you feel more on purpose, in control, balanced, less reactive, stronger, happier and more stress-resilient. Even lighter…

I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do to support your body each day to reset your HORMONES so you can feel more like yourself.

This is YOUR TIME to finally feel so much better!

The only way out is through... together we can do this with grace and ease and begin the New Year with a lot more confidence.

Over the last 2 years, over 10,000 women have participated in this program, and the results have been incredible.

You can have these same results.

Join me now beautiful woman and let’s reset our hormones together, so we can live our most fabulous lives.

Love xo,

Seven Days. Six Hormones.

Balance Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, Insulin, Cortisol and Thyroid.

  • Feel happier and less stressed out.
  • Eliminate anxiety.
  • Improve your metabolism.
  • Lose weight, even if you've been stuck for a long time.
  • Improve digestion - reduce and even eliminate gas and bloating.
  • Get more beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Feel an improved sense of hormone balance.
  • Feel more peaceful and on purpose.
  • Eliminate cravings.
  • Get back in sync with your body.
  • Sleep better.
  • Have a stronger immune system.
  • Feel more confident.

What's Included

  • SEVEN 1 hour sessions over SEVEN amazing days with Robin to heal your cells and your soul.
  • Replays of each SESSION until the live program ends.
  • Private Facebook Group where the entire program takes place... with incredible love and support.
  • BONUS 1: Comprehensive Hormone Assessments each day.
  • BONUS 2: Robin's Hormone Guide Workbook for each day.
  • BONUS 3: Set Yourself Up for Success Video BEFORE the program begins.
  • BONUS 4: Prizes and Giveaways throughout the program to keep you on track!
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive Q+A with Robin
  • BONUS 6: Robin's Food Prep Guide
Hormone Reset 6 Hormones 7 Days

Registration Opens January 1st. | Reset Begins January 29th. Join the Waitlist and I'll send you an email when the doors open!

Praise For Robin's Hormone Reset

  • My period came early yesterday with no warning- and guess what, I've had no PMDD symptoms since starting the program 10 days ago! I've also had no cramps this cycle! And my skin looks and feels amazing. Like I'm aging in reverse. You weren't kidding that hormones can reset quickly with your program, Robin! I'm a believer and I'm so grateful.❤️
    - Calia Hyman
  • I have completely gotten off my anxiety/depression and chronic headache medications! And this is unbelievable, as I have been under extreme stress during sheltering-in-place. Robin Nielsen, staff, and the community of beautiful ladies continue to inspire me daily as I take my life back and improve my health! Thank you.
    - And Jo Vargo
  • I lost 15 pounds and 22 inches even though I wasn't focused on losing weight! I just wanted to get healthy and get my hormones back in balance, I am loving my new healthier life!!!
    - Jennie Evans
  • Thank you Robin Nielsen. This group has been so great and I think that's due to the wonderful energy and information you and your team have brought! This has been such a great experience for me and I'm very grateful to have found it and been able to join. Thank you for all the work you do, it's so beneficial and helpful for us women. 💖
    - Heather Aiello
  • Participating in Robin's Hormone Reset was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It provided me with the tools needed to learn how to take charge of my health and really begin the art of ‘self care’ in order to better balance my hormones. I’ve always known how important that was but Robin really helped me figure out what that looks like for ME. So grateful for her!! My Hormone Assessment score before and after numbers were 49 and 11 - woo hoo!
    - Sarah Elliott Allen
  • I completed the Hormone Reset program with Robin Nielsen and was blown away by it. I have participated in many programs and this is by far the most comprehensive. It also had the most amazing community of Sexy Badass Women from around the world who were so generous and supportive!!! This program gave me the tools, assessments and support I needed to become the CEO of my own health and begin to balance my hormones.
    - Jo S.
  • Where do I begin? First I had to decide that I wasn’t going to be stuck in the muck anymore so I committed myself to the Reset. I started changing my diet and all of sudden my brain fog was gone and my energy was improving everyday. I felt calmer and more in control. I feel happy for several days in a row. I can make a quick decision. The weight has started coming off. You owe it to yourself and your family to take care of you first. I’m a better mom and wife. My journey is far from over but I’m finally on the right path. The support from the group was very up lifting!
    - Laura Saunders
  • The Hormone Reset and the ladies here have gotten me so energized and motivated. I just had to share my excitement. These past two weeks have been a game-changer for me. I've changed my eating habits and lost a little bit of weight! I'm proud of what I have accomplished so far.
    - Heather Baker
  • This morning I woke up and was like WOW, so much has changed in a few weeks. I am more efficient, have a better attitude, get more and more done everyday with more time left over for me. I just cannot believe how so many things are falling back into place for me. It seems so effortless. I know I have been working hard on this but yet it seems effortless. weird I know. Thanks for helping me start down the path and make it my own.
    - Becky Frank Bruns
  • It's been everything I’ve hoped for. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! There are so many diet and exercise plans out there and it can be overwhelming to understand which one is the healthiest. Your approach and insight just resonate with me and feel so right for a natural healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. You have left a legacy with us & all those who our changes affect. Thank you!!!
    - Nancy Green Ryan
  • I have had NO heart palpitations or feelings of nervousness since Friday! NONE! I'm so grateful & feel so much better! Robin- from the bottom of my (calm & at peace) heart, THANK YOU! ❤❤❤
    - Kati Green
  • Robin Nielsen you have created a community where we can all feel safe and understood. Thank you 💗
    - Karen Silva Hecht
  • I’m currently going through a divorce and I’m so grateful to be thriving again! This program is taking my healing and love for myself to the next level, thank you so much Robin! 🤍
    - Tara Gladwin
  • For health issues through the years I have been in many groups, watched wellness videos, read lots of books and been under the care of a few holistic places. I've made lots of changes in all areas of life but still felt confused on this whole hormone deal. Everything leading up to now has been most helpful and have learned alot. However...THIS group is GOLDEN and has helped to bring it all together.
    - Jodi Heiden
  • This program was absolutely what my body and mind needed! I stumbled across this program when I was pretty hopeless, I felt anxious 24-7, my sleep patterns were all over the place, I was always bloated, my body was constantly inflamed, I had brain fog all the time, and worst of all no one had ever been able to provide me with any insight on what was going on with my body! I came into the hormone reset program with a score of 74 and after 2 amazing weeks I was down to a 32!! What an amazing difference I felt! The support from the other group members, Robin, and her amazing staff was indescribable! This journey is about your mind, body, soul, and sisterhood!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! HonestlyI can’t wait for the next program!
    - Ashley Merritt
  • I cannot thank Robin and her team enough for the Hormone Reset Course. I have struggled with debilitating hormonal issues for 25 years. This is the first program that I've found that combines all components needed to heal my hormones permanently. I've been able to make small daily manageable and maintainable changes, and have already seen improvements in my skin tone and texture; my energy levels; a reduction in PMS; weight loss; a reduction in anxiety and depression. Most of all, a change in my mindset. I've not felt positive and hopeful for weeks on end like this in years. Thank you Robin, through your knowledge, enthusiasm and support you've set me up for success on my healing journey. Forever grateful.
    - Ilda van den Engel
  • It’s such an amazing program Robin but together. The information is life changing and the support of all these beautiful woman is priceless 🤗❤️
    - Janine Dossey Griffin
  • This group is amazing and the advice we are getting from Robin is incredible! I'm going to be so sad when the Reset is over!
    - Amanda Jones
  • Finally no bloating! I don't look so pregnant. (since I am not)!!! And I'm down 2 pant sizes!!!
    - Jennie Evans
  • Guess who had her first night without a hot flash in I-can't-remember-how-long? Thank you ladies for holding so much space for me!
    - Sabrina Ivonne
  • I love this group so much! I have been an avid weed smoker for about a decade now and have tried many times to quit to no avail. I've had serious hormone fluctuations throughout my life due to various factors but just the other day after watching one of these videos it struck me that marijuana may be messing with my hormones as well. Today is the first day that I haven't smoked it first thing waking up in as long as I can remember! I deserve to have my body, mind and spirit back. I had no idea how amazing Robin would be or how beneficial and transformative her teachings would be! 🥰
    - Cassandra Rose
  • I cannot thank Robin and her team enough for the Hormone Reset Course. I have struggled with hormonal issues since puberty: Acne, Hirsutism, Endometriosis, PMS, Anxiety, PND, weight gain, hair loss and more. After years of struggle I've finally found a program that combines all components needed to heal my hormones permanently. Small daily maintainable steps, that can be sustained long term - addressing mental, emotional, physical and relational health. I've already seen changes in my skin tone and texture, my energy levels, a reduction in PMS, weight loss, but most of all, a change in my mindset. I've not felt positive and hopeful for weeks on end like this in years. Thank you Robin, through your knowledge, enthusiasm and support you've set me up for success on my healing journey. Forever grateful. x
    - Ilda van den Engel
  • This is for any woman - of Any Age - that is struggling with their health- from periods to post menopausal - or if you know of someone who is struggling. Please read- I know it's long😁

    Hormones are not just about wild moods & hot flashes. Sleeplessness, Dizziness, overall feeling like crap, so much more. Aches, pains.

    I participated in this Reset & then started taking the supplements- right now I'm taking fewer than I've ever taken. Best money ever spent.

    Always thought that I ate pretty clean & couldn't understand why I still felt so awful- so shakey in the morning & I knew it was my cortisol - just didn't know what to do. With this class, Robin taught me how preservatives- anything packaged- can really mess with my hormones. How when & what you eat (& not eat) is really important. Food is bigger than even I imagined. The Love & Everyday Support that Robin & her Team give is unprecedented. It has been the key to my success.

    Every time I see a post that someone has finally had a period, now pregnant, their hair is coming back in or that one of my beautiful sister friends has finally slept thru the night - just fills my heart. We share are up & downs. And it all starts with Robin. She's been there. So she knows.

    I'm inviting each of you to join this great group of women from all around the world. Please share with anyone that you know that is struggling.

    Everything is online. Everyday you receive so much valuable info. You can watch Live or by video.

    Sometimes just knowing that others can relate to what's happening to our bodies, can be a life changing thing.

    Peace, Love & Light 🙏
    Mendy Scoll

Meet Your Host

Robin Nielsen

Robin Nielsen is a Functional Clinical Nutritionist, and Women’s Hormone Expert specializing in hormone balance, to help women grow younger no matter what their age.

She's helped thousands of women become the CEO of their own health so they can THRIVE.

She is the Founder of Natural Hormone Solution, supporting women in midlife around peri-menopause and menopause, and she’s the CEO of Insulite Health, pcos.com - the world’s largest and most comprehensive company supporting women with PCOS naturally.

Robin is the creator of the very popular 15-Day Hormone Reset Program, Robin's Hormone Reset, the Natural Hormone Solution Membership program, is co-creator of the Sexy Younger You! conferences and programs, and is the creator of the Natural Solutions for PCOS online conference.

Robin has interviewed more than 200 of the world’s leading health care experts on the science to take charge of your own health, heal naturally, and be and stay well. Feel fabulous!

Robin is past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Silicon Valley Chapter, and past president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She has been featured on the CBS television program Eye on the Bay CBS showcasing her life changing women's retreats.

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Lose Weight, Eliminate Anxiety & Boost Energy... Naturally

Registration Opens Jan 1st. | Reset Begins Jan 29th. Join the Waitlist and get an email when doors open!

Robin Nielsen, Hormone Expert

15-Day Hormone Reset


Q: What all does it entail? +

A: The program is for 7 days for 1-2 hours each day. That’s how I get you to be conscientious around your health! It's a commitment but if you can't be on live with me, be sure to watch the replay later that day or anytime until the program ends. This is the best way to see results. It's truly a love fest with so many beautiful like-minded women helping one another overcome the challenges of hormone imbalance.

Q: How is the program delivered? On Zoom or through email? +
A: This program is held exclusively on Zoom and in our private Facebook group.
Q: Is the reset a class live online or is it recorded? +

A: The classes are live via Zoom and in the Hormone Reset Facebook group. If you are unable to be on live, you can also catch the recordings on Facebook anytime until the end of the program.

Q: What does this program teach? +

A: It's a very simple program where each day I'll give you hormone balancing tips based on a different topic - all the topics help to address the root causes of hormone imbalance. 

Q: I purchased this program last time and I’d like to do it again. How do I go about doing this? +

A: If you are Reset Graduate, you’re automatically in! You should begin receiving emails about the next program and be sure to check in in the Facebook Group (Hormone Reset) to get all the scoop!

Q: So... does this actually work? Very skeptical that all this can be done. +

A: There are no quick fixes and this is NOT a quick fix program, but rather sustainable for a lifetime. For example, one woman started to lose weight during the program, and continued with what she learned in the program once it was over. Three months later she’s lost 30 pounds. This program will teach you the rules around balancing your hormones and when you follow them you can see profound results. You'll be amazed at how simple changes can make such a big difference in how you feel. 

Q: Does this program go over the role of each hormone as well? +

A: Yes, a little bit. We don't go in-depth about each hormone, because this program is about balancing the SIX hormones not about more clinical stuff. But, about a week before the program begins we'll all be taking a Complete Hormone Assessment so you can see some of the symptoms associated with each hormone. And they overlap at times. Then during the program I'll share how the hormones interact which is truly a game changer. I hope this helps! xo

Q: Will this help with anxiety and facial hair?? 😥 chin and neck area? +

A: Yes, absolutely. This program was designed to eliminate anxiety. PLUS you'll learn why you're getting the hair on your chin and neck and how to stop it!

Q: Can you do this program while on birth control? +

A: Yes absolutely. Women on birth control are most often prescribed birth control to manage symptoms of hormone imbalance. You’ll learn how to balancee your hormones naturally so you can make more informed choices moving forward.

Q: Is this program helpful and safe if you are breastfeeding? +

A: Yes! It will be quite supportive for you and for baby.

Q: Does this program have guidance with supplements that are safe/compatible with breastfeeding? +

A: Supplements are not required to do this program, but since you really want to I think you will see even better results. I suggest my Pregnancy Plus System that is for any woman still menstruating really, but specifically for women who are pregnant or nursing. You can learn more here: https://bit.ly/PregPlus

Q: I am going to be having a baby during the plan would it be better to wait until another one? +

A: This is a perfect time to learn all the things I teach in this program so you can begin implementing them asap. It will benefit you and your new family so much. Do as much as you can during the 15 Days Live and then consider purchasing Lifetime Access to all the recordings so you can finish as you have time. I'm so excited for you dear!

Q: Does this help if you are in menopause? +

A: Yes, absolutely. This program is for all women, including those who have gone through surgical-induced menopause. It will help you so much!

Q: Would this work if you’re 35 and going into peri-menopause? Everything I read points to this being irreversible. +

A: Absolutely. Forget what you’ve been told. This program will teach you about hormone balance and Robin’s 15 “secrets”to balancing hormones. You’ll learn to become the CEO of your own health so you better understand how to direct your health care naturally. I’m so excited that you are looking for solutions!

Q: How safe is your program for breast cancer survivors? +

A: Super safe. I teach you how to balance your hormones naturally. We don't take any hormones.

Q: I have a lot of food allergies. I would like to join but just can't eat things with nuts, eggs or fish. +

A: All you need to do is show up.... nothing additional is required. There will be no need for you to eat nuts, eggs, or fish during these 15 days. The focus of this program is on 15 self-care practices (Robin’s secrets!) to balance your hormones. You'll love it!

Q: Are there products and supplements that are recommended in this program to make it effective? +

A: No. There are no supplements or special products needed to be successful in the 15 Day Hormone Reset. 🙂

Q: Will you discuss Lyme disease in the 15 day class or is that separate? +

A: This program is not specifically for Lyme disease but it is specifically for helping you to get healthier AND to begin to become the CEO of your own health. So youll feel a lot better once the program is complete, and you’ll feel more confident about how to support your body to heal.

Q: Is the program going to help relieve hormone imbalance? +

A: Yes! You will begin to feel so much better and you’ll learn how to keep it going because you’ll better understand what’s happening in your body.

Q: I was just wondering, can this really help with insulin resistance? Especially dealing with hirsutism. +

A: Yes, absolutely! This program will help you to become more insulin sensitive, and you'll also learn what's happening with your hormones around hirsutism.

Q: My hormones are shot from taking yaz. I've been told I can't I change my hormones now. +

A: It’s just not true. You can heal. In this program you’ll learn the necessary steps to get your body back into balance. I know you can feel so much better.

Q: I can't take pills or exercise. I'm wondering if this would work for me? +

A: I'm sorry to hear you can't exercise, but it's OK. There are no pills you have to take and the movement part you'll have to improvise, but the other 14 hormone-balance practices you can do.

Q; What if you have had a complete hysterectomy? Does it still work? +

A: Yes, absolutely. This program is for ALL women who want to learn how to balance their hormones naturally and feel so much better.

Q; Does this help to reduce inflammation and constant pain? +

A: Yes. Balancing hormones is very beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain, because every step that Robin teaches reduces inflammation.

Q: Is this a diet program or lifestyle practices? +

A: It is not a diet program, but in one of the Guided Practices I will show you how to eat for hormone balance. You'll really enjoy the program. It's lovely and very simple. You'll be SO happy not dieting or overexercising.

Q: What if you have an autoimmune disorder? +

A: This program will be wonderful for you. It's a total body healing program…so it will help you to reduce inflammation and heal by addressing some of the root causes behind your autoimmune condition.

Q: I just had a miscarriage at 4 weeks. Will this be good for me to reset my body and try again? +

A: So sorry to hear...yes, this program will be wonderful for you. I hope to support you.

15-Day Hormone Reset

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