Jenna Alexander Natural Hormone Solution Advocate

“I was lost in a sea of symptoms and I felt hopeless and overwhelmed but determined to beat my hormone imbalance. I suffered from weight gain, hair loss, acne, bloating, IBS, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, high insulin levels, and so much more. When I found Robin my whole world changed. She gave me the tools I needed to heal. Now my energy is amazing, my hair is growing back, I no longer suffer from anxiety and my moods are so much more balanced. I sleep well, and my digestion is so much better. No more dragging myself out of bed and through my day. I am finally starting to experience what life is like on the other side!”

Jenna Alexander

Gail Koula Natural Hormone Solution Customer

“Working with Robin has been a truly amazing journey. I have struggled with digestive & hormone issues for quite some time and Robin has helped me to get those under control.  She always has your best interest at hand and will stop at nothing when trying to find the right solution for your issues. Robin knows her stuff and is always staying current on the latest research so she can offer you the most up to date information. As if that is not enough, Robin is a lot of fun to work with!.”

Gail Koula

Theresa D. Natural Hormone Solution Customer

“I was in a really bad place with my health. Robin helped my body achieve so much healing and strength through balancing hormones, supplementation, and excellent testing. Robin has a happy and positive attitude and is always able to keep me on track and motivated”

Theresa D.

“Robin’s passion and expertise about hormone health make her an asset to every woman on her health journey. When it comes to getting to the root of your hormone imbalance, so you can address it and restore your energy and vitality, she’s the best. I have seen the results her clients get firsthand and am so grateful that she is taking such a big stand for women’s health in this world.”

Debbie Lichter, Food Addiction Expert 

Lindsay Chandler Natural Hormone Solution Advocate

“I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you. You have truly changed my life! I have now had my 6th period in a row – with 30-33 day cycles with ovulation. This has never ever happened ever in my life! I have had no acne, bloating or period pains at all every time. Most days I don’t even know it’s coming until I check my temperature from the previous night. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful support to us all. Thank you! Thank you!

Lindsay Chandler

“If you want to balance your hormones and feel better fast, Robin is your gal. She is committed to helping women find their energy, vitality and mojo, no matter what age. She has helped me, and I love referring my clients to her. – Tricia Nelson, Emotional Eating Expert, Founder Heal Your Hunger”

Tricia Nelson, Emotional Eating Expert

“Through working with Robin, I have released almost 65 pounds – only 6 more pounds to my goal weight! The osteoarthritis in my knees is so much better that I’ve been able to walk without a cane for months now, work out on the elliptical machine, and walk more than 2 miles. My menstrual cycle comes like clockwork and it used to be MIA, and I now have good energy, much reduced hirsutism and my critical blood work markers like insulin, HSCRP, and Vitamin D have improved substantially. Feeling grateful, blessed and more-than-a-conquerer.”

Nicole Daniels

“The best decision I ever made was to invest in myself by working with Robin. I started the Heal Your Hormones Program a big hormonal mess (anxiety, insomnia, bloating, hair growth) and after only six months, I am feeling fabulous. Robin has guided me through the process of learning to listen to my body and taught me to ENJOY taking care of myself. These tools are truly invaluable and after working with Robin, I am confident that I am the one in control of my health.”

Ellen Hagglund

Sage Lavine Natural Hormone Solution Advocate

“I have experienced Robin’s vast holistic knowledge of women’s health and wellness firsthand. She has supported me with my own health as a busy CEO as well as my clients, which is why I have invited her to be a guest speaker & expert in the Women Rocking Business community.

Thank you Robin!!” 

Sage Lavine, CEO, Women Rocking Business


“If you want to fix your hormones, and turn back the clock, Robin is who you go to. This woman knows her stuff!”

Rose Cole, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Guide

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