12 Steps to Get Your Groove On

Many companies across the US are supporting their employees to take better care of themselves, because studies show that if you eat better, sleep more, meditate and get proper exercise, you are more productive, creative, communicate better and are happier, and guess what?jpeg (1)

Company profits increase.

Just a few of the huge benefits companies receive in helping you to take better care of yourself.

Anritsu is one of those companies.

I created a community and corporate wellness program early last year to address the very basic needs we all have to feel our best. And the results are amazing.

Here are some stats from the program this fall that just finished

  • Over 225 pounds lost (or as I say…released)
  • Spouses lost over 40 pounds
  • Sugar cravings went away
  • Aches and pains vanished
  • Cholesterol went down significantly so meds were not needed anymore
  • Blood pressure went down
  • Sleep apnea improved so the CPAP was not needed
  • Intimacy improved
  • Significant reduction in belly fat
  • Acid reflux gone
  • IBS gone
  • Improved moods, sleep and energy
  • Huge improvement in elevated blood sugar
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Headaches gone

One woman couldn’t raise her left arm over her head when the program began. About halfway through she was able to raise her arm up over her head.

Gloria had arthritis in her hands and it completely went away.

Cindy’s HA1c (hemoglobin A1c – a marker to manage blood sugar) was too high and her doctor was about to put her on medication. She re-did her blood work about halfway into the program and it had dropped so much that her doctor called and said there was no need for medication…and to keep doing whatever she was doing – it was working!

Here’s how all of these amazing transformations happened – it’s really all about balancing hormones through these 12 Steps to Get Your Groove On!

  1. Group (community) Format – it’s very important to lasting health success
  2. Detox Your Body: why it’s a critical starting point and how to do it
  3. Healthy Foods: what they are FOR YOU and how to cook them
  4. Eating Out: how to do it the healthy way
  5. Digestion: why it’s so important to feeling fabulous and how to get it working right
  6. The Right Exercise: what are the right types of exercise to get the results you want
  7. Sleep: glorious sleep, truly the elixir for everything fabulous!
  8. Upbeat Moods: how to get them, especially in the winter
  9. Balanced hormones: how to improve your metabolism and lose the PMS, hot flashes, ED, night sweats, vaginal dryness and so much more
  10. Blood Work: which tests to run and how to read your blood work to prevent disease instead of manage disease
  11. Intimacy: why it’s so important and how to get the spark back in your relationships and your life
  12. Be Inspired! The matter between your ears is what really makes it all happen – how to change your thoughts to get what you want.

Many of the people in this program were skeptical when it first began. They felt they were already doing everything right. But with just a 3% shift in lifestyle and food choices the changes that they were longing for happened. Incredible.

Hear from one of the superstars in this class – this could be you! (just click on the photo to see the video of Blake)

Get Your Groove On Testimonial