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MODULE 8: Test Don't Guess


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5% SOLUTION: Small Weekly Steps Equal Sure Success

Hi, this is Robin Nielsen and this is the five percent solution weekly tip. I'm so excited to be here with you.

I want to talk about food today 'cause sometimes we get so wrapped up in different diets for PCOS like, "What's the latest and greatest?" And "I'm gonna try this one." Or "I'm gonna try that one. I want to see results fast."

And that's okay but it's not gonna be for a lifetime, right? It's not gonna be ever-lasting.

So, it's really important to get those food habits set in a way that really supports your body for a lifetime.

So, there are several diets that come to mind when I think about those special diets for PCOS that everybody's talking about. There's paleo, there's a keto diet, and there's intermittent fasting. They all have their place. But if you have insulin resistance, if you're having blood-sugar issues, you really have to start with a whole real foods diet where you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and you space them out appropriately. Because what you eat and when you eat is most important. Focusing on whole real foods is second most important. Right?

So, go back to Robin's food rules. Go back to the PCOS food-approved list and just take another look at that and just start there if you're struggling a little bit. Then in our group, I give tips on how to do keto, how to do intermittent fasting, and how to do paleo, if you want to up your game a bit.

It's so great to be here with you and I'll meet you again next week.

Keep Track to Release Weight

Hey, beauties. This is Robin for Motivation Monday, so great to hear be here with you. I just wanted to remind you this week we're going to keep track.

Go to the resource center, find the daily journals, or your daily food journal, and keep track all week long, because scientifically we know that those who keep track lose weight faster.

Remember, we're not saying lose, we're saying release, because we don't want to find it again. If we're going to release weight faster, we're also going to improve so many other symptoms.

So keep track all week long and post right here in our Facebook group. Sending you so much love.

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