80% of New Year’s Diets Fail, GMA Summer Weight Loss Secrets Report

Dr. Mehmet Oz says “Scrap the idea of a New Year’s Diet!” Summer is a time when you can see yourartichoke-yay body so you get immediate feedback! Here are his tips for reducing appetite naturally and burning that extra fat for healthy weight loss. I LOVE these ideas!

  1. When you have light outside it boosts serotonin levels, so depression goes away and you don’t crave as many carbs and don’t need as many comfort foods…
  2. You are more likely to get outside and play – everyone lives fairly near a park, so make today’s assignment to get outside.

So it’s easier to eat less and eat better, and that’s part of the SPF Program and it doesn’t stand for sunblock!

“S” stands for seasonal foods: great greens you can buy cheaply during the summer:

1) okra: high in folic acid and B6

2) asparagus/broccoli: higher in protein which helps you to feel full

3) cucumber: low in calories and has silica to help your skin look beautiful

4) peaches: lots of fiber along with the sugar so it is OK to eat

“P” stands for price

Super inexpensive staples…less than $1 per cup:

1) yogurt, add fresh fruit to it

2) sugar snap peas

3) black beans

4) quinoa

All are super filling full of protein and nutrients. The body cannot afford to eat empty calories, it needs nutrients. As long as you get nutrients in your body won’t want the calories.

“F” stands for fat burners

  • Vitamin C is essential to allow you to take the fat off your hips and burn it when you exercise. There is a chemical within cells that mobilizes the fat and in order to mobilize the fat you need vitamin C, i.e. grapefruit, oranges, broccoli, red/yellow/orange peppers, tomatoes, etc.
  • Fruits like watermelon contain lots of water that keeps you hydrated and reduces your appetite while giving you lots of nutrients.
  • Three important tips to reduce your appetite:
  1. light environments reduce your appetite – keep the shades open in your home, or eat outside
  2. You can lose an extra 5 pounds per month extra if you fill the center of your table with a bowl of fruit instead of flowers – the smell of flowers increases appetite while the smell of the fruit reduces appetite.
  3. Do not use a clear, opaque bowl in your office to put popcorn or candy in because you can see through it and it increases your appetite – instead use a solid ceramic-type bowl that is not see through which reduces appetite.

Robin’s additional comments

There is lots of great info here and those last two tips are so interesting! I have already noticed my appetite has decreased substantially just from the warm air and extended days. Healthy body composition is all about fat loss as opposed to weight loss so Dr. Oz’s tips are right on track.

Black beans and quinoa, while good protein sources, also are higher in carbohydrates – very high in carbs. So, eat small amounts of these while focusing more on vegetables for weight loss. Enjoy the beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables this time of year. We are so blessed!