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Take charge of your health and heal in a sustainable, delicious way without dieting and over-exercising.

Hormone Reset Program

A virtual online LIVE program to get re-energized around your health… naturally and sustainably.

natural hormone solution program

Twelve month self-paced programs to help you balance your hormones sustainably (i.e. no diets!) and become the CEO of your own health.

heal your hormones private program

A 12-month health deep dive to reset your hormones, and into the four phases to the program: Digestion, Adrenal, Thyroid and Sex Hormone reset.


Robin’s Hormone Quiz

Discover YOUR Hormone Deal-Breakers So You Can Heal Naturally!

Take Robin’s Hormone Quiz to identify which hormone is causing most all of your symptoms, and discover how you can improve your health, naturally.

Robin Nielsen,
Your Women’s Health & Hormone Expert

Robin Nielsen helps women who are suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance like weight gain, anxiety and fatigue. She empowers them to become the CEO of their own health so they can feel more VIBRANT, confident and SEXY no matter what their age.

Robin healed her acne, weight gain, anxiety, digestion, brain fog, exhaustion, arthritis in her hands, and so much more…


Led thousands of women over the years to take charge of their health and heal… so she KNOWS that YOU can do it too!


Start your healing journey now, beautiful woman.

It’s your turn.

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Loved By Our Clients


I was in a really bad place with my health. Robin helped my body achieve so much healing and strength through balancing hormones, supplementation, and excellent testing. Robin has a happy and positive attitude and is always able to keep me on track and motivated

-Theresa D.

Theresa D. Natural Hormone Solution Customer

The best decision I ever made was to invest in myself by working with Robin. I started the Heal Your Hormones Program a big hormonal mess (anxiety, insomnia, bloating, hair growth) and after only six months, I am feeling fabulous. Robin has guided me through the process of learning to listen to my body and taught me to ENJOY taking care of myself. These tools are truly invaluable and after working with Robin, I am confident that I am the one in control of my health.

-Ellen Hagglund

Theresa D. Natural Hormone Solution Customer

I have experienced Robin’s vast holistic knowledge of women’s health and wellness firsthand. She has supported me with my own health as a busy CEO as well as my clients. This is why I have invited her to be a guest speaker & expert in the Women Rocking Business community. Thank you Robin!!”

– Sage Lavine, CEO of Women Rocking Business

Sage Lavine Natural Hormone Solution Advocate