Hot Hormone Tip: Act “As If” for Hormone Balance

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Balancing your hormones can be hard if you fall back into old habits every time life gets tough. Sometimes, becoming the person that takes better care of themselves means acting “as if” you are that person. This is all so much easier when we’re surrounded by like-minded people.

What’s one thing you can do right now to take better care of yourself?

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Hello, beauties. Oh my goodness, it's so great to be here with you today. Hi, this is Robin Nielsen. And I'm just so honored that you're here in this beautiful group, the National Solutions for hormone balanced sisterhood. And this month is actually all about hormone elixirs, hormone elixirs, so those things that we drink, right everything that we drink, how it impacts our hormones. So I'm going to share more about that starting next week. But this week, I wanted to share about the beautiful client retreat that is happening beginning right now. So I pick up my team in just an hour or so. And we get to prepare for our beautiful clients to arrive. And these are our clients in the heal your hormones, 12 month immersion program where we do. Yeah, just all that foundational work to discover your root causes what's causing your health symptoms. So we do a lot of testing, and we do a lot of discovery. And we really learn how to better take care of ourselves so that we can heal and feel fabulous. And then some of my clients in the hormone Harmony Program, which is the program, after heal, your hormones are coming as well. And it's going to be beautiful. So you know, we're going to live as if right to flourish. So we get to be in community with like minded women, for five days, really kind of six days, five nights, truly magical. I've never met any of these women in person. So I am just like beyond excited to give hugs and connect. And you know, really to just be to just be with all of these beautiful, amazing like minded women. So we are going to cook together, we're going to move together, we're going to do some amazing breath work together, we're going to immerse ourselves in the gorgeous Sea of Cortez together. And we're going to really support each other to, to kind of finish out the retreat, much more grounded and much more in the present moment. And, and much more stress resilient. So when we are looking to balance our hormones and flourish or feel fabulous, it really comes down to having a really balanced nervous system, kind of a strong, resilient, nervous system. So that when life happens, which it always does, you can just be in it. And, and get through it. Without it without it really turning your life upside down. So one of my clients shared a couple of days ago in class how one of her family members had to be taken to the hospital, it was an emergency type situation. And she was so impressed by how balanced she was throughout the whole event, how she just kind of took it in stride. And, you know, she was able to, to be present with the family and to be present with what needed to happen. And And then afterwards, right, she didn't completely have a meltdown. Right where she you know, normally would have to grab foods that don't serve her and do things to calm her nervous system so that she could you know, feel better, she was already there, because it didn't take her out. So that's what we're doing. That's my hot hormone tip for today is, you know, to really start living your life and by acting as if you know, surrounding yourself, oops, my camera is moving around here, surrounding yourself with people who get you, right, who are kind of on the same path as you so, you know, we know from those who live in the Blue Zones, you know those communities around the world that live longer and healthier, we know that they are in community with like minded people. And and so start thinking about that for yourself, you know, how can you be around people who are who who are more like you who think more like you who don't put you down when you have an alternative path to taking care of yourself? Because I get it. We're kind of weird, right? So if you are, you know, taking care of yourself naturally. You are a very small percentage of the population who gets that that's how, you know that's how you can feel your best because your body is your best doctor. Your body is your best doctor. So we have to tune in. You have to listen. And that's how we can heal and feel fabulous and we have to do those things. Right that help us to get there. So, more on this coming up next week. Hopefully I can drop in on Monday again, we'll be right in the middle of a quiet retreat. So we'll see how I do with that. But for right now, I just want you to get thinking about you know, if you could be in retreat, you know, what would that look like? And how would you take better care of yourself? Yeah, post right here. You know, what's just one thing that you can do right now to take better care of yourself? already be thinking about us here retreating in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, and your spirits will be with us. This film spirit will be with us and I'm sending you lots of love.