Jason Alexander – Counting Calories for Weight Loss

GMA Monday morning health review

Jason Alexander (aka George Costanzo from Seinfeld) was a guest on Good Morning America today to tell America how he lost 30+ pounds through Jenny Craig. Here are some highlights:

  1. no willpower so eating Jenny Craig food was beneficial
  2. motivation: be around to see his kids when he’s in his 80s
  3. had to stick to 1500 calories/day
  4. enjoyed all sorts of foods including desserts because he loves sweets
  5. he can find Jenny Craig food all over the country so when he travels it makes it easy for him
  6. how much fat did he lose vs. muscle?

Robin’s tips for weight loss

  1. where the calories come from count, i.e. cheesecake vs. a sweet potato (a lot more nutrients in the sweet potato) – nutrients in is ALL important
  2. figure out why you have no willpower and address it – it will come back to bite you later – look what happened to Kirstie Alley…
  3. you must eat at least your basal metabolic rate in calories – low calorie diets screw up your metabolism and can actually slow it down – a low calorie diet will also deplete your brain chemistry potentially making you depressed and anxious!
  4. “fat loss” vs. “weight loss” – two very different concepts
  5. successful weight loss (so you can keep it off AND be healthy) has everything to do with “fat loss” – that fat around the middle – when you lose “weight” counting calories (not eating whole real food) you will keep the same body shape and not lose a lot of the unhealthy fat around the middle
  6. learn to eat properly without pre-made foods to have optimum health
  7. Jenny Craig foods are very high in sodium – be sure to read ingredients to make sure the rest is healthy…
  8. there are no shortcuts to successful weight (fat) loss and being healthy.

If Jason’s main goal is to be around (and healthy) in his 80s, then just losing weight is not the answer. Make sure you focus on “fat loss” in your “weight loss” program to stay healthy and vibrant!