InsulX 1 Month Supply

$71.00 / month


A carefully formulated combination of pure nutrients to promote energy, fat burning, more balanced moods, healthier insulin and blood sugar levels, improved digestion, may promote better sleep and relieve constipation, improves menstrual cycle regularity, may help with migraines, improved PMS symptoms, relieves muscle aches and spasms, and can help to prevent osteoporosis.

It also helps to regulate thyroid and adrenal function, fertility, may boost immunity, improve blood flow, and support heart health. It support healthier liver enzymes, and improves the microbiome for better overall health. Has been shown to reduce hairiness, acne, mood disturbances and weight gain that are related to excess testosterone levels, especially when combined with saw palmetto (in PolyPlus). It also is essential for those with endometriosis and period pain, and improves immune function. It supports digestion through the proper utilization of digestive enzymes so the body can use glucose for fuel instead of being stored as fat, and is required by the body to use amino acids from food (the breakdown of proteins), supporting the repair and growth of muscle.

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