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Do you gain weight, get tired more easily and feel overwhelmed? The holidays are quickly approaching and for most it is a very stressful time of year. It may be because Halloween kicks it off with lots of sugar. That alone is a huge stressor!

Let’s make this year’s holiday season fabulous!!

Please send me a holiday survival tip that has worked for you over the years to make this time of year simple and enjoyable for you or your family. Here is an example of what I’m looking for:

“Instead of buying presents for everyone, we draw a name and choose a fun activity to do with that person. This way we get to spend quality time with that person and don’t accumulate more stuff.”


“We always do a potluck for Thanksgiving and Christmas around a theme. If the holiday is hosted at my home I plan out the menu and send a recipe to each person/family attending so we have a delicious meal without all the work!”

The comments will all be posted here. This will be a great resource for our healthy community. I will then share some of your tips in a complimentary call, “Thriving During the Holidays, the Best Kept Holiday Secrets for Making the Holidays Stress Free and Healthy.”

I can’t wait to hear your secret!

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