“Vitamins Give You Expensive Urine”

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by Jonny Bowden

Startling Scientific Proof Completely Debunks This Myth…

For many years that has been the traditional rap on vitamins from conventionally trained, nutritionally-illiterate doctors.

I’d like to think this statement is so ridiculous that no self-respecting doctor – even those who have never taken a nutrition course in their lives – would still repeat it today.

Unfortunately, many do.

So, first let’s tackle the “expensive urine” argument.

Most substances you ingest will show up in one way or the other in your urine. This includes…

  • anabolic steroids and other performance enhancers
  • recreational drugs
  • prescription drugs
  • just about anything you ingest!

Go tell an addict that cocaine doesn’t do anything for him, it just gives him “expensive urine.”

Or try that argument on Barry Bonds. I mean, really! Just because the traces of a compound are detectable in the urine hardly means it hasn’t done anything in your body!

So the next time a doc tells you vitamins give you expensive urine and nothing more, ask him why he’s prescribing a drug.

Doesn’t that just give you “drug-rich urine?”

OK, hopefully that will demolish this ridiculous argument once and for all. But now let’s turn to the positive stuff, of which there is a ton.

Scientific Proof That You Should Be Taking Vitamins

A recent study showed that men taking multivitamins had significant improvements on major clinical measures of stress and general well-being.

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