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Many women struggle for years with horrible symptoms like hair loss, fatigue, infertility, anxiety, depression… you get the idea. Moreover, we are often told by trusted medical professionals that there’s nothing we can do, or we’d get better if we only lost some weight. All this can make it feel like healing isn’t possible and lead us to become stuck. But the truth is, you can reach all your health goals.

In this video, Robin reveals that the secret to healing your symptoms lies with supporting brain chemistry. Learn about some of the best ways to fix brain chemistry and how to let go of things that are keeping you stuck. It takes strength, courage, and perseverance, but you can overcome your symptoms to live the life you deserve.

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  • Why can’t I fix my hormone imbalance?
  • How can I improve my mood?

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Hello beauties. This is Robin and I am down here in beautiful San Jose del Cabo Mexico and our gorgeous home here. And I'm so so happy to be here. I can't tell, you know, we haven't been able to come down hardly at all this year. So it's just magical. So I got off my lounge chair on the beach to be here with you today. And I'm so excited to be here with you because we have a really fantastic topic today. It's so great to be here. US just arrived for a minute, just arrive. And if you're able to be on with me live, how awesome is that? So awesome. So just say hello, say where you're joining in from, give love to the other ladies who are here. And if you're listening to the replay, sending you so much love how awesome it is that you can watch the replay. Yeah, I'm wearing these new sexy glasses. I'm having a hard time getting used to them. But my other ones just have too much glare. I have those fabulous blue light blocking glasses. And I didn't bring the ones that I usually were from a Facebook Live. So I just have a new look today. What do you think? Oh goodness. So we posted here in the natural solutions for hormone balance sisterhood. We have a post that says What did you most want to learn more about, so that we can make sure that our hormone breakthrough Wednesdays serve you at the highest level. And we have about 18 comments or so on that post. Let's see if you can find that sticker. And post on there what you would like most to learn about, because this group is where we do all the teaching. So make sure that you're getting your needs met, because that's why you're here. And and so I actually took some of the ideas that you put on that post for today for today's topic, because, you know, over the years, I've spent a lot of time teaching about how to regrow hair. So, you know, if you're experiencing hair loss, how do we regrow hair? And is it possible? You know, over the years I've taught about how to stop that dark corpse terminal hair growth that male pattern hair growth on our face, our chests, our tummies, our backs, right places where we don't want it. I've talked about that. I've talked about how to have a regular menstrual cycle. I've talked about how to make your post menopause years, the most fabulous years of your life. I've taught about how to improve your moods, how to lift depression, how to stop anxiety in its tracks. And there's one common component to all of these trainings that I want to share with you today. Because, you know, at one time or another in my life, I've experienced so many crazy symptoms, so many crazy symptoms. I think that I shared. I shared that with you last week. And if you you know have been part of the 15 day hormone reset, you've heard my story. I've had so many weird symptoms and you know really struggled for years and years and years. And so today the topic is What if, what if you could heal all of your symptoms. So we're gonna do some work today on you sister or do some work on you. And I want to remind all of us that this is like a, a totally loving space. We remove women in this group that we have a zero tolerance policy for for meanness for not being supportive or not showing up as your highest self. So this is a super, super safe Facebook group. We see every single woman through the lens of love. Okay, so post some hearts here. So it's a really safe space to share. Because unless we share it's really hard for us to get help. And I'm just so inspired by you by sharing and asking for help and posting your questions. But I am even more inspired when you support another woman when you give her some love when you when you put a heart you know like sir good hearts are bad. Are we need to show up in love every single day? Would you agree? We need to show up in love for ourselves and for others every single day, because that's all there is. There's just love and we show up in love or health improves. It's crazy how it works. It's so amazing. So this is a super safe space. So what I want to ask you is, what if you could reach all of your health goals? What if all of the symptoms that you're experiencing right now completely went away? I want you to post right here. What would that feel like? What would your life look like? How would life be different for you? So what if all your symptoms healed? What if you had amazing energy? What if you felt sexy in your own skin? Right? What if you felt sexy in your body? What if you just had like this inner joy all the time? What if you could sleep really well at night? Like you know, when your head hit the pillow, your body just relaxed? And you felt just ah so at peace and in a place of love and connection? What if you could show up for others? In such a powerful way every day? What if you were completely present for what they shared with you? What if you could lend a helping hand with complete love and commitment to them? Because I know when I didn't feel well, all I could think about were my health problems. Can you relate to that? When I didn't feel well, that's all I could think about were my health problems. I had just thoughts, worrying around in my head all the time, all the time. And they were always horrible thoughts. I was stressing about every little thing. And I used to think that if I just made lists, and then I cross things off when I finished stuff that the crap in my head would stop. But that's not how it works. Right? It's just our brains keep going. And it's because our brain chemistry is imbalanced. That's all it is. So when the 50 day hormone reset program, which is coming up in January, I'm so excited. Mark your calendar for January 18. This one's going to be even better and bigger, and so fantastic. So mark your calendar right now. But until we get there, we still have to be on our healing path, right? So what if you could reach all your health goals? Even though you may have been told that you can't start a family? You're your body just is never going to be able to get pregnant and carry a baby full term. What have you been told that? What have you been told? Just lose weight and all your symptoms will go away? What have you been told that you're just getting older? You know, expect to have these problems. You're just getting older. Any of these sound familiar? What if you've been told all that? You know that? That chin hair, that hair on your cheeks that the hair that's on your chest? You just have to live with that right go go get it lasered?

Yeah, I mean, those are some of the biggies. What if you've been told that? And if you have been told any of those things or things that are similar? Do you feel like you can bodied it? Do you feel like you've embodied that advice? Because because it's not it's not really even advice. I mean, it's almost these these things are told to us almost like they're fat. There's nothing you can do about your hair loss. One of my colleagues who is an MD, who specifically helps women with PCOS, I was at a conference with her and and there was somebody sitting on my left another doctor who asked asked this doctor, how to stop hair loss. And this doctor said, you can't. There are two reasons why women lose their hair, and you just can't stop it. I'm sitting there cringing, I have seen over and over and over again, how we can stop hair loss, and how we can re grow hair. My clients do it all the time. It's not quick. It's not easy. But we can totally do it. We can totally do it. So you're getting this advice, that we take his fact because it's coming from a very credible source. And so as a result, we start to embody that. Well, you know, my doctor says, if I just lose weight, I would feel so much better. But I don't know how to do that. I've tried year after year after year, and I'm just a complete failure. Right? That's, that's what we start embody. A doctor says to do this, I can't do it. I'm a failure. I'll never get there. Do you see where I'm going with this? Yeah, my doctor said, with my condition, I can never start a family. One woman completely took that to heart until she found the natural hormone Solution Program. I'm getting goosebumps right now. And she was super consistent. And she got pregnant and started a family 11 years later, because for 10 of those years, she completely believed with every cell in her body, that she could not have a family. But she didn't give up searching evidently, because she found us and we believed and she started a family. So it's that sort of thing that can really keep us so stuck in hormone hell are you following me? Yeah, so we're going to do a little bit of work here because I'm going to share today, the one secret that's blocking your way to reaching all your health goals. But it's also the thing that is the solution. It's pretty exciting. Pretty exciting, but I'm not gonna share it for a minute because I want to do a little bit of work first. Okay. So what I want to know from you is you can post it here you can also write it down on some paper so there are a couple of things we when we start to feel better we have to show up bigger in the world don't wait. Yeah, we're just we're just all of us is present. And this is something that I've discovered for myself is that is that my big why so much is start thinking about your big why now I asked you this a lot. But it's hard. Because I know for me way back when when I was struggling with so many health challenges, and I was truly stuck in hormone hell. I couldn't think of what my big Y was, you know? I was so miserable. It didn't have the energy to like project out oh my gosh, what is it I want for myself? That was a really hard thing for me. But the one thing that I did know and maybe you can think about what this is for you the one thing I did know is that I suffer from severe FOMO the fear of missing out now it's it's only severe in the sense that I'm adventurer girl. And I know a lot of you are too I know a lot of you like to do things like you. You want to you want to be in life you don't want to be a spectator. Is that true? Are you a spectator? Or do you want to play full out? Post it right here spectator, playful out? No judgment. There's absolutely no judgment. You might be someone who just likes to watch right. As my grandmother got older, she was so much like that. And I was and I was kind of jealous of that because she could just sit for hours and watch the birds and she knew every different kind of bird was so peaceful. It was so peaceful and I thought to myself, gosh, is that going to be me one day like Will I be able to sit for that long and just watch nature. I'm kind of envious of I think that's pretty cool. But in her mind, you know, she was watching the birds she knew every bird My grandfather was the first master Faulconer and California, was a zoologist taught Zoology at Santa Monica City College. So animals were a huge part of her life. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. So. So if you like to show up in a powerful way in your life, then you got to heal, you've got to heal all of your symptoms, because you can't otherwise so. So at first I told myself, you know, when I was a little kid, I hated being sick. Because it took me out, I couldn't go outside and play, I couldn't do anything. I just had to lay there on the couch until I felt better was horrible. Right. And so I thought, I do not ever want to be sick, again, have been so sick that you just said that to yourself, you know, you can't eat, you're so exhausted. You can't sleep at night, like everything's horrible. Especially right now. No, I mean, we've seen this with some of our friends, some of our family potentially. Yeah, it's gotten very serious on the very serious side of the spectrum with our health. And so that's probably even if you can't think of any other reason of what your big why is your big why right now is to have a strong, healthy immune system. But I'm talking a little bit bigger in the sense that I have since come to learn that if I don't feel well, I can't be here for you. I can't serve at a really high level, I can't help women heal, if I feel crappy. And so the the best reason that I can think of the biggest why is because women like to serve. For the most part, you know, we want to be there for our kids, we want to be there for our parents, we want to be there for our friends and family. We want to be there for our neighbors, we want to help out, we want to make a difference. And we can't, if we're stuck in hormone health. So I want you to think about what your big Y is, because that is really important before I share what the secret is, okay. So your big Y is really important. And then the other thing that's really important is sometimes, sometimes we keep ourselves stuck, I see a lot of comments in this group where I'm not really sure if the woman wants to heal or not, you know, we kind of, we kind of like our problems, we get used to our problems. That's how we know how to live life is in our problems. And it's a protection of sorts, it's our out, if we don't want to show up fully, oh, I can't, you know, I just don't feel that great. I can't or, or, you know, we get sick when we need attention. Right? That's, that's the big one. If we haven't given ourselves enough self care, we get sick. And then we have to give ourselves self care. So it's a way of getting attention. So one of the things that can keep us really stuck is that we are continually doing things and tolerating things in our lives that aren't working for us that we hate doing. So, right now, I want you to identify a couple of those things. What are you tolerating? What's kind of keeping you stuck? It could be that you hate your job. It could be that you hate your relationship. It's okay. It's you're not judging. It's just how you feel about things. You don't want to wake up every day because you go to this job that sucks. Or you don't want to be at home because your relationship isn't good with your partner or your spouse or your family or your

roommates. Right? Maybe there's something in your life that that you hate showing up for, but you have to keep showing up for it and you just rather not. Maybe you hate grocery shopping, maybe you hate doing the laundry, maybe you hate cleaning your house. But what are those things that that are not working for you? Because it's what we tolerate, right that we get more of. And so we want to stop tolerating things, we want to start adjusting our lives so that they work for us so that they support us so that we can feel so much better. So I'm gonna share the number one secret with you now. Okay, so have you posted or commented on a couple of things that you know, are not working for you? And you would not want to get well so you could do more of that. Right. Because we're going to clear him away. So let's just shake our hands and we're just going to clear away all this stuff, it's not working for us, it's gonna let it go. It's gonna let it go all the stuff, it's not working for us. We're gonna figure out how to shift it. So that works for us. Okay. So here's the number one secret to getting well, this is the number one secret that might be keeping you stuck. It's your brain. It's your brain. Just type it right in here. So I know you got it. It's your brain, right? It was interesting. I was reading. I was reading an article about sexuality and how, you know, we want to get our mojo back, we want to get you know, feel sexy. Again, we want to have libido, right? But that actually starts in the brain. It starts in the brain, it's not with our pelvic floor. It's not with our vagina, right? It's not with our nipples. That's not where that's not where sexuality begins, sexuality begins in the brain. vibrant health begins in the brain. That's why so many of my colleagues no matter what kind of what their, what their expertise have written books on the brain. And that's how I help my private clients be so much more successful is is by helping them get their brain onboard. Because I know for myself, it was so hard I had to I had to crash and burn before I could get my brain on board. And that's why, you know, you hear the phrase, oh, I have to hit rock bottom, or I had to hit rock bottom, or she had to hit rock bottom before she would do anything. And some people hit rock bottom and still can't do anything. I was flying home from a retreat six years ago, and the doctor Anna and I did for our clients, our sexy, younger you clients. And I sat next to this very large man. And I started chatting with him. And he mentioned something about his ex wife. And he seemed very sad that he and his ex wife were not together anymore. And I said, well tell me more about that. And he said, Well, he said I had a major heart attack. And I had to have surgery, I had to have a triple bypass or something. And, and my wife left me my wife of like 40 years left me. He said it was really the saddest day of my life. And I said, Well, tell me more. Why did she leave? And he said, because she didn't want to be stuck with a husband, who couldn't function, you know, with a husband who drooled with a husband who, you know, sat in his chair like a vegetable all day, she was too worried that I was going to have another major event, a stroke or something and I wouldn't be able to function and she'd have to take care of me. So I said to him, I said, So did that jolt you into taking better care of yourself? And he said, No. That's all he said. I said, are you eating better? Are you taking better care of yourself? Are you moot? Like, what are you doing? To take better care of yourself? Well, nothing really. I said, I see. So even though sometimes we really want something, we just still can't make it happen. I know he really wanted to be back with his wife, but he couldn't find his way to making changes so that his health improved. And so that's why you have to get your brain on board. And, and when I say like what's not working for you, what are you tolerating? You've got to move those things out of the way you have to shift to them so that you can get your brain onboard and there's some great nutrients right, we need to support dopamine in our brain. So dopamine is our get stuff done. brain chemical is also responsible for libido is also our motivating neurotransmitter. One of the problems is we've worn it out with technology. So if you have alerts on your phone, you're wearing out your dopamine. If you're constantly checking email, you're wearing out your dopamine. Okay? So those are things you have to start paying attention to like how can I build my brain Ministry, so it's happier. So I am more motivated. So every day I show up more powerfully, so I can serve better so I can take better care of myself. Right, we have to get our brain onboard. So boosting dopamine boosting serotonin, right? We feel anxious and depressed because we don't have enough serotonin and GABA in our brain. And the best way to build brain chemistry is to heal your digestion and get plenty of good healthy protein in. That's number one. Okay. So if you're part of the 15 day hormone reset, you know, now how to eat for hormone balance, you got to make sure you're always doing that. And the second way is to eat those really healthy fats because our brain is 60 to 70% fat. And it's a fat called D, H. A. And we find that most readily in fish oil, cold water, fish, right coldwater fish, salmon, wild caught right kippers, sardines, herring, now, some of those are not our favorites. And that's why we take fish oil, but it's also so hormone balancing. So it feeds your brain, it also helps to balance your hormones. And it's fantastic for lifting our moods. nutrients like B 12, right is a super amazing hormone booster, or brain chemistry booster. So you want to start looking at ways that you can boost your brain chemistry so that you feel so much better and can stay on track way easier. That makes sense. And so you've got to have really strong hearty digestion, because that's how we break down those proteins that we eat into amino acids that build our brain chemistry. And so you want to have really strong stomach acid, you may need to take some digestive enzymes to help break it down. You may we make a 90% of our serotonin, our happy brain chemical in our gut. And so you have to make sure that your microbiome is really happy. And so when we get our brain onboard, like if you just think how can I get my brain on board, because we look in the 15 day hormone reset, we talked about this concept of being the objective scientist. So instead of like, Oh, I'm terrible, I got all these problems, right? Instead of looking at life, that way, you actually look at your body as a chemistry lab. And, and you look at your body as the objective scientist, and so that you can see what tweaks that you need to make to feel so much better, so much faster. And then once you start making those tweaks, it's so much easier to stay on track with your house, you just feel so much better. So the number one secret to kind of staying stuck, but also to getting unstuck and healing all of your symptoms is to get your brain on board. And how many of us have brain fog? Oh my gosh, my mind was horrible. My brain fog was so bad, I would just stare at my computer screen hardly able to function. So my brain was working so slow, my energy was just horribly low. I just had so many issues. So I had, you know, an overgrowth of Candida I had mercury toxicity, like I had so much to heal.
So what I want to offer you today is we're going to be opening up some opportunities for women to, to talk to a health coach. So we have this philosophy of no woman left behind. And we love this community. Like I think our sisterhood here is absolutely fantastic. And if you're comfortable here, and this supports you, you are in the right place, if you want to take your health to the next level, and you really want to know what else is out there. And what those steps are from where you are right now to where you want to be. Then Schedule A hormone breakthrough session. We just have a few spots open over this next week. We only are our team is rather small right now. So we just have a few spots open. But if you would like to get some, some support around kind of what your challenges are and how to get to that next point, then schedule a hormone breakthrough session with one of our coaches. And Rebecca is going to post the link here for you so that you can, you can jump in again, we only have a few spots available. So if it's something that you really would love to support around, then grab a spot right away. We're going to ask you a few questions. So when you go to schedule, we want to know what your big Y is. We want to know what your The current health challenges are we want to know what your goals are, we want to know what you've tried already what's in the way, like what's keeping you from completely healing. So So one of the things I want you to know is that all the things that I've talked about the weight gain, the fatigue, the, the, you know, anxiety and depression, the hair loss, the hirsutism, the irregular menstrual cycles, the an ovulation that, you know, the, you're just getting older, you know, the post menopause, you know, horribles, you can feel fabulous, no matter what your age, and you can heal all of those symptoms. So, if that's what you want for yourself, then schedule a hormone breakthrough session. And it's free, it's completely free. And we truly want no woman left behind. So we want to make sure that you have the steps to healing because in my programs, women reach their health goals. And that's what you want, right? In a natural, supportive, sustainable way. So I don't do diets, you know, I do have my own supplements. And then I use I also use other supplements depending on which program you're in. And you can totally reach all your goals. So if you want to talk to someone schedule, a hormone breakthrough session, and today, I want you to think about how can I get my brain onboard, so I feel more motivated. So I'm happier. So I can sleep better at night, so I can show up in all my beautiful glory, every single day. would not feel amazing. Oh my gosh, so amazing. And you can totally do it, right? I mean, every day is not fantastic. But more days are fantastic. Because life for women is like the female orgasm, right? It's all over the place. But more days, you're just gonna feel so much better. And you're going to know how to get yourself there. If today you're just not feeling so great. And you're also going to have some great pace around that. So you know, you know what I've been giving myself a lot lately, I need a couple of rest days. So you'll know when you need rest. You'll know when you need to push or could push you'll know you know what nutrients to use, you'll know how to how to adjust your your eating plan. Like I have a client right now who she's a marathon runner. And I don't encourage anyone to do that. I don't encourage you to do it because it absolutely wears out your brain chemistry. It wears out your body wears out everything. But it's what she lives for. She actually does half marathons now. And Christy if you are listening, I am sending you so much love sister. Many of you know her, she shows up in a really big way in this group. And so I'm working with her right now to make sure as she gets back into running, she has a half marathon coming up in March that she can maintain all the incredible balance that she has achieved over this year that we've been working together. So we're working on just a kick ass protocol for for high intensity exercise. Yeah, so no matter what like floats your boat, what gets you up in the morning, what makes you so happy, I think that you can find a way to do it and still feel fabulous. So let's feel fabulous together. And if it feels right for you to talk to someone about where you are and where you want to go and what it looks like to get there, and make sure that you schedule over a breakthrough session. Alright ladies, we have a really great guest for next week. I cannot wait to share her with you. We'll be posting about that very soon. If you have a very specific topic that you want help around post it on that sticker that I posted like what would you like to hear more about so that I can support you with that but for right now, let's get our brain on board. All right, sending you so much love. Bye for now.

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