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Robin talks with business coach and CEO of Women Rocking Business, Sage Lavine, to learn the secret to avoiding burnout in business and life. Sage shares tips to create a thriving life doing work you love, including how your skills and interests intersect with what people need and how the first step to better clarity is taking action.

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Ain't been it's been a while.

I've got the magic.

All right. Oh my gosh, it's so great to have you here today. This is hormone breakthrough Wednesday, and I have a super special guest, I'm so excited to share her with you. And of course, these these special days are so amazing because they help us move the needle a little bit on our health. Right? We have to, we have to keep taking steps, keep taking those small actions that move our health from where it is right now to where we want to go. And my special guest today is going to help us do that. So let me tell you a little bit about her. This is for high achievers, I love that. And I know if you're in my group, you are a high achiever. That's kind of the definition of hormone imbalance high achiever. Out of the dictionary, yeah, I think that we'll write our own dictionary for that. So today, I get to interview one of my favorite people, sage, love mine. Full disclosure, she is my business mentor. I've known her for years like she's an absolute pioneer in this online business world. And now we find ourselves in it like 24/7, right all and because of how things have changed. She's not only a brilliant, heart centered, multi million dollar business owner, but she's also a crazy, amazing woman with her health. I'm so inspired by her she truly, it's truly the only way to rock your business, and your life is to stay on top of your health game. And she knows how to get a lot done and take really good care of herself. She is the number one best selling author of Hay House of the Hay House book Women rocking business and she is the CEO of the women rocking business training company reaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe. She teaches women entrepreneurs to use stages and speaking to attract clients and customers and the customers they love so they can grow six and seven figure businesses that make a difference in the world. Women rocking businesses is so cool, has raised over a million dollars for women's humanitarian projects around the globe, supporting girls in third world countries. The world needs us and the time is now so today's sage is going to share her three key hacks to create both amazing health and wealth in your life and business. So welcome, sage. It's so great to have you here.

I want to say hi to the couple dozen women that are here live and the many dozens more that are going to be watching the replay. Hi, Barbara. Hi, Kathleen. Hello everyone. And you know, drop a yes underneath this video in the comments if you're here. And any questions that you have about really living your highest health and creating that wealth, in your career, wealth in all areas of your life so that we can answer some of those questions as we go. Robin, it is so amazing to be here with you look at what you've created an incredible community of 1000s of women from all over the planet, creating thriving bodies together so that we can live these lives to the fullest. And whether you want to start a business or whether you're wanting to just have wealth and area every area of your life. I hope that these hacks today will support you they have served me to go so far beyond who I knew or who I felt like I could be common and I believe they've really served hundreds of 1000s of women around the world to so I share them with you just knowing that you're here to Steve every moment of this life. So thank you again, Robin for putting this incredible community together.
Yeah, well, it's it's a it's a community of Rockstar women who really want to figure things out. And, you know, one of the ways that they find us is because they want to find a solution. They want to take charge of their health, right? They're They're tired of surviving, they want to thrive. And so you are the perfect person to talk about that.

I'm sitting here in Berkeley overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. I met my sweeties house this weekend. So I'm not in my normal office and I'm having this feeling of Just the reminder that life is precious, and that every moment matters. And so grateful that I have the kind of life and the light lifestyle where I can just pick up and go work from anywhere. And so I'm bringing you all with me into my, into my little den, I was actually snuggling with my sweetie in bed last night looking out over all of Silicon Valley in the Bay Area. And I had a moment of just feeling a little bit tired and a little bit out of place. Because I'm, you know, I'm not used to being here. And he said to me, he said, I want you to look out over that view. And imagine all the women that you've supported in the Bay Area, because we've supported like, literally 10s of 1000s of women to start businesses in the Bay Area. And he said, I want you to realize that if every woman that you've helped had a little light on her right now, you'd be looking out at this whole sprinkle of lights. And I just Robin, I just sobbed I just got back into my heart. And I woke up feeling like a million bucks again, and I just was reminded that we get into these stories of exhaustion, or burnout or pain or imbalance. And so often, when we find our way back into our hearts, and when people that we love can reflect the thing that we most sometimes need to hear. It just makes such a huge difference. And you know, I think back on my life, and what got me to this point. And it's like every thing that I did mattered. And so that's really the first hack. Should we just dive in?

Yeah, I would love for you to just dive in. And I love that you guys talked about that. Because I think like you're one of your big superpowers is helping mean when women business owners get out there into the world, or women who want to run businesses get out there into the world, we make a big difference. Right? A big difference. And we make the world a better place and a place it's more loving and connected and peaceful even. And so like that's the work that you do, it goes far beyond like making money, like that's a side benefit of providing like a totally incredible service. Yeah. So that's the work that you do. And that's why I just love you.

So well. And you know, I'm telling you that story because it's like I was a school teacher from Iowa, I used to make $28,000 a year and can we give a shout out to the school teachers of the world like we need you, thank you for being on the front lines. And I never in a million years could have imagined that I'd be here. And so I want to invite every single one of you to think about in three years in five years. Just tell yourself the truth for a moment. Is it possible that you could have a life a health and an A level of wealth in all areas of this precious life that you can't even imagine right now? And would you be willing to let yourself imagine into that in the next 20 or 30 minutes that we're together like right here right now to let this moment make a difference for you. Because even as a school teacher from Iowa, I, you know, I, I started getting tapped on the shoulder by something bigger, I loved my students. I love teaching, I was an amazing teacher. And I started getting tapped on the shoulder that there was something else I wanted from me, there's a quote in the Gospel of Thomas that says that which is inside of you and expressed will set you free. In fact, somebody dropped this into the chat underneath the video so that we can maybe just use this as a running note taking guide. But the the quote is that which is inside of you and unex, I'm sorry, that which is inside of you and expressed will set you free, but that which is inside of you and unexpressed will eat you from the inside out. I'll say it one more time that which is inside of you and expressed will set you free, but that which is inside of you and unexpressed will eat you from the inside out. And Robin, you and I have talked about this when we've been out sitting on our surfboards in the ocean looking back at the beautiful, you know, ocean scape of Santa Cruz we've talked about. There's so much more going on here than just yes you need the supplements. Yes, you need all the nutrition that Robin is the absolute go to guru for all those things. And we have to be willing to express that which is inside of us. We have to be willing to open up our mouths and let it out and be aligned and live our authentic truth what's in here or else there ends up being a hitch in the giddyap that can't necessarily be cured by just supplements. Right? And so, I just love that you bring a holistic conversation to this piece. And I think when you guys learn these three hacks, you'll you'll you'll you'll get some tangible information that really, really support you?

Right? Awesome. I'm gonna give you full screen and I know that you're going to share some slides and things. So let's do it.

Awesome. So, you guys, there's three hacks I want to talk about briefly here to really support you to live your highest level of wealth and health. And just let me know if these are coming through. Okay, Robin, so, um, I love Lorraine, Rebecca, everyone that's here. Thank you for being here. So here's the first hack. You guys, the first hack is really like your life has been a PhD program, right? It's reflecting on your life as a Ph. D. program preparing you for your next chapter. So just like I took everything that I learned from school teaching, right, there is no way I'd be running a multimillion dollar company without my experience as a school teacher, the very qualities that allowed me to thrive and really grow as a teacher allowed me to start my business. And you guys, I come from a long line of school teachers, my mom, my my dad, my grandpa, my aunt, my great grandpa were all school teachers. In fact, my mom didn't want me selling girl scout cookies as a little girl, because she was afraid I would offend the neighbors. Like that's how anti salesy my family is. And so if I can leave school teaching, and start this business, and have it grow, and grow and grow, I promise you, you can do anything. And my invitation to you is to consider that everything in your life up until this point up until meeting Robin Nielsen. Everything in your life has been setting you on a trajectory to be here, and to allow your life to continue to be transformed. And to prepare you for that, which is next. So let me actually give this slide just a little bit of just a little bit of context. When I was 16 years old, I went to summer camp for the first time. And I got so excited about the possibilities of love and summer camp and all the the camp songs and inspirational quotes, I was a total nerd growing up. So I didn't have really hardly any friends in middle school or high school until summer camp. And at summer camp, I got so excited that I had friends, I went to sleep one night and I had a dream. But I was standing in a circle of women on the beach. And in 2012, I realized I will manifested my first circle. And over the years, you know Robins watched it grow, we had about 40 women down on the beach. This was halfway through a three day business training that I was doing. And fast forward to 2019 You guys can see the difference, right from 40 to over 550 women from all over the world. And so again, I never thought it would, it would grow like that. And guess what your vision might be way bigger than you realize. Now, of course, by 2020. This is what the sisterhood looked like, right? Everything went online, everything pivoted In fact, we had over 500 Women booked to come to a three day business training last year, and I only had 72 hours notice to take that entire live event virtual. And we've been absolutely loving training our women from all over the globe, just doing it virtually. And I get really excited because you know, the self improvement industry is actually the second fastest growing industry only to technology. So any of you that feel like you have a message to share, you have something bigger that's inside of you, it's a really good time to get that message out into the world, it's a really good time to consider what I called what is known as eKey. Guy, okay. eKey guy is a it's a concept. It's a Japanese concept. And it literally means a reason for living. So I actually have the honor I got I got to live in Japan for my freshman year of college. And one of the things that I noticed, living in Japan is that I'm going to overgeneralize for just a moment, Japanese people are peaceful. I found them to be incredibly peaceful and more peaceful than many of the people that I was around in the States. And I started to kind of inquire into where does this piece come from. And one of the things I discovered is that Japanese people have this concept called the geeky guy. And it's that place where our passions and what we love to do what we're good at actually overlaps with what the world will pay us for. And I find that a lot of passionate driven women can sometimes get trapped in asking the question, well, what do I love? What do I love? What am I passionate about? But they forget to look out in the world in the way that you see Robin has done and say what do people need help with the most? Because Robin transforms women's health. But if she were to just say that I'm here to train As from your health, I don't know if she would have gotten your attention. But she said, I'm going to help you balance your hormones, I'm going to help you get better sleep. Right? She said some version of something specific that you said, I need help with that. And now you're here, right? And we get to be together. And that's a miracle. And so I invite every single one of you to consider, what is that next step for you, in terms of really telling yourself the truth about what not only you're good at, but what the world really needs from you. So let's actually bounce back. And I am going to bring us to the second hack, which is to be willing to take steps toward what you want toward your goal toward your next career chapter, what it whatever it is, to take those steps as a way to get more clear on your bigger purpose, rather than thinking that you actually need to get clear first, because it's almost impossible for us to just AUM meditate our way into clarity, right? There's a way in which clarity actually comes from taking action, not the other way around. And one of my favorite ways to describe this is a story about Buckminster Fuller. I love Buckminster Fuller, I don't know how much you guys know about him. But Buckminster Fuller had such an incredible life. Bucky Fuller had a young girl, a young daughter who had a terminal illness. I think it was leukemia, but she was very ill. Bucky was a bit of a partier before he became like a visionary thought leader, right pioneer in what it means to live our purpose. buches little girl was so sick one day as Buckminster was heading out to a football game, she said, Daddy, will you bring me a flag back from the football game? He said, Of course. He got back from the football game late that night, and went to say goodnight to his daughter. His daughter said Daddy, did you bring me the flag. He did not he had forgotten. The disappointment must have been enough to end that little thread that she had on her life because she died in his arms that night. He felt so guilty and so bad that he actually set off walking across the city to take his own life. He was heading for the bridge, he started hearing a voice in his head very loud that said, your life is not your own. Your life is not your own to take, which sent Buckminster Fuller into a year of silence. During that year, he decided he was going to understand everything that he could about what it meant to be alive and on purpose and to make a difference. Because he had missed his opportunity with his daughter. He studied nature and he studied honeybees. He watched very carefully and he developed a concept called precession, which has absolutely changed the way I think about my life and my business. precession essentially means that as we go toward a goal, there's something bigger happening that's much bigger than the goal. But he saw this in honeybees. Because if you think about honey bees, Robin and everybody that's listening, if you think about honeybees, the purpose of the honey bee is to make honey, right you think about the bee, and it's making honey, that's what it's doing. But at a 90 degree angle to making honey, the bee is pollinating all of the flowers. And not to mention just flowers, but food, right pollination is an essential part of the cycle that keeps us alive. There's something so much bigger about the purpose of the honeybee that it could never actually understand as it's simply going out about the process of making honey. And so I say to every single one of you.

Whatever you choose to do next, that next step you take, there's something so much bigger happening at a 90 degree angle than you could ever imagine. And would you be willing to let that be the next chapter of your purpose, right? And so it's literally like you going for your next goal is also allowing a bigger purpose to be revealed in your life. So take a breath into that. Drop it yes into the chat thread. If this resonates with you and let us know. What is your next goal? What is that thing that's tapping you on the shoulder, right, such that your purpose is going to be revealed? All I knew in 2012 was when I was supposed to do a business training for a couple of dozen women. Right? And in 2012, you saw the picture of us down on the beach. I never could have imagined there was this bigger purpose coming forth. And so some of you are here to make a difference to launch a business to make more money and I just want to share a few things I've discovered over The years it's not about content, sure, you need great content. And you've noticed Robin has amazing content for you. But Robins providing so much more than just content, right? It's not just about how hard you work, right? It's not about putting in more hours in the day. It's about a values alignment, you know, you know, and you're a part of the hormone balancing sisterhood, that you're a part of a conversation that's actually lifting you up, right? You're around like minded women, what you believe becomes magnetic, your stories and you standing for a bigger transformation, robins not just helping you balance your hormones, robins helping you go out and live the best life possible. That's why, you know, many of us stay and Robbins community for years, because her advice just keeps getting better and better and better, right. But we get to stand for a bigger transformation when we are healthy and thriving, right. And when we understand that, that's actually what creates a business, not just all the little to do list and the details and the hacks, we can do things we never could have imagined. So quick example at women rocking business, we stand for doing a business, doing business from a place of collaboration rather than competition, empowerment rather than power over and a sense of generosity, rather than a sense of like scarcity or urgency. And that's actually how Hay House was able to pick up my book because of what we stand for. Not because of how big my business was my so house is my favorite publisher, you guys. And when they picked up my book, I was one of the smallest businesses they had ever actually given an advance to, you know, they they offered me a book advance to write my book. And it was all about what I stand for, not about how hard I was working, you know, women are still getting paid, by the way 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. And one of the things I stand for, as Robin knows really well is that in my lifetime, I am putting a stake in the ground that women are making $1 for every man's dollar or more. And we're doing that through launching successful thriving financially sustainable businesses. And well, women are starting businesses 50% more frequently than men, right? When we do start businesses, our businesses are still more likely to fail, except for what we found in the women rocking business community, when women do business in a way that feels more native to them. In a way that aligns with women's values, what we found is that over 80% of the businesses in our ecosystem are actually succeeding. And it's because of these values, alignments, and these bigger things that we're standing for that I've been able to land my, you know, opportunity to be on Fox News to land my TEDx talk to get on keynote speaking engagements for 1000s of women at Microsoft headquarters in Google and around the world and go to Uganda and raise money for the girls over there and bring my team to be with these girls to help prevent rape and violence. You know, these girls just actually sent me a thank you a couple of months ago, and that thank you came through on a day that I was just needing, I was needing an uplift. And, you know, I just want to remind every single one of you that when you're willing to step into that bigger purpose, that willingness to be a little bit bigger than what it is that you stand for, to step into. A bigger conversation, a bigger social stand in the way that you've seen Robin, do you know she's not just helping you balance your hormones, she's helping you sleep well wake up happy, show up for love and purpose and careers, and to make a difference in the world because you're a thriving woman leader. And I just want to put a stake in the ground that every single one of you has that opportunity to stand for something bigger. Go ahead and let us know in the comments. What you are passionate about what you're lit up about what you want to stand for. And Robin, I'll just pause for a moment to first of all honor what it is that you've been creating. And yeah, thank you for making the space.

Yeah, oh my gosh, she's it's You said so many wonderful things. And there are many, many women in this community who are business owners. And I saw Megan's post a couple of days ago where she was talking about how many women quit their jobs over this last year or transitioned out of their jobs for one reason or another and how like this. This is the time right to figure out your passion and to take that next step towards it because I know for me, you know, I worked in a well I ran another company Knee for 18 years that was literally killing me. And so when I got the opportunity to choose, like, I got to choose, like what filled up my heart, you know, and and I went back to school and I figured out my own health stuff. And you know the difference between that work and this work like night and day, right? But we have to figure out how to do it in a way that, that that provides the three legs of the stool. Right, the health equity, and the wealth and the what's the third leg?

health, wealth and relationships

relationship? Yeah, I was gonna say relationships, but I wasn't sure Yeah, health, wealth and relationships. So you've got to have all three legs of those stools. And, and I know many of you, we have many health care practitioners in this group. We have realtors, we have been business owners of all kinds. And so if you're, if you're kind of ready to, to really up your game, and you know, play more Fallout, more on purpose, more heart centered, which is, you know, what I think is like the best way to run a business. Sage has something special coming up.

I do I do. Let me take a few minutes. And I just want to acknowledge Renata for saying I'm here to stand for more women to become engineers, Catherine is here to teach girls leadership skills. Laura is here to coach ladies to reach their goals by feeding their mind, body and spirit. Oh my gosh, Mindy Jolina, Kimberly, women's health, women toward less toxic lives. I feel so lit up by the transformations that you all are claiming. And I want to again remind you that this personal development industry is the second fastest growing industry only to technology. So it's such a good time to build an online platform and take the steps that you've seen Robin is taking and to get your message out there. So let me just give you a couple more examples of this. And I'd like to make a short invitation with you guys. One of our clients, Susan Pierce Thompson. Here's a great example. She doesn't just help people lose weight, but she helps people actually. And food addiction, right, she's ending food addiction on the planet. And because she's standing for something bigger, it's just been such an honor to help her grow bright line eating some of you might have heard of her. Keisha Mitchell is an incredible success coach. And she's not just standing for women to get out there and be stronger leaders she's standing for, you know, women's lives to be transformed because they're leading from the inside out. And Robin, you're such a great example of this right? When we sleep better, we absolutely get to go out there and create thriving lives. One of the things that I know a lot of my women complain about and a lot of my women are afraid of is that they might not have the energy to start a business, they might not actually have the time that they're going to burn out. And I just want to remind us of David White's quote, I love this quote, the key to exhaustion is not rest. It's wholeheartedness. And I find so many days, I think I'm tired, I think I'm wiped out. And I start doing things to grow my business to reach the women I'm here to work with. And my energy just lifts and I feel lit up and excited. And by the afternoon, I think to myself, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. I'm productive. I'm on purpose. And I take a week off almost every month, I actually took two months off at the end of the year, last year, mostly off, I was actually off for about a month. But I was part time working the whole time from Maui. And it was just amazing to get to have the kind of business where I could just up and go to Maui for a couple months in the middle of COVID. Right. And so if any of you are considering taking your business to the next level or starting a business, I want to invite you to take that stand for transformation that you do have the opportunity to take in your business, especially in this current climate. You know, we're coming out of this global pause that we've been in, and the world's going to be opening up again. And just like in the 1920s we went from having the Spanish Flu to the roaring 20s When the world opened up again, you know, where do you want to be when the world starts opening up? What kind of a business do you want to be waking up to? And over the next few months, we have a few more months of things being a little bit slower paced, it's like who do you want to become in the next few months and what kind of foundation Do you want to put in place so that you can take that stand for a bigger transformation And the way that I invite you to consider doing that is I'd like to formally invite you to take advantage of our upcoming three day rock, your online sales, get it done retreat, which is in April. And this is an opportunity for you to really learn how to do business like a woman, master the art of what we call feminine sales, craft a 90 day launch plan that's going to support you to do a lot of the things that you've seen Robyn doing with videos and her Facebook group, and to really find ideal clients and customers online so that you could start launching your business or maybe take your business to the next level. And I feel super proud and excited to be able to get this content into the hands of women from all over the world in a completely virtual way. We have over 700 Women signed up already. And we have 1000 seats. And technology is going to kind of limit us because we we do breakouts and it's very hands on we have, you know coaching happening all three days. And so we would absolutely love to have you take one of those remaining seats. So again, it's April 13. Through the 15th. The first day is all about helping you really consider what your messages, consider what your offer is. The second day is really helping you uplevel your money mindset and learn to really become conscious and masterful at sales in an authentic way. And the third day is all about helping you really get your marketing out there and stepping into owning your message online. Because this retreat is really experiential, we're calling it a GSD retreats. You want you might be wondering what GST stands for it stands for get stuff done. And we're gonna help you craft a launch plan so that over the next few months, you'll be able to really start to grow your business in some key ways. And to really learn to turn 50% of your conversations are the offers that you make with potential clients into paying clients. And there's a lot of time in breakouts and in small groups throughout the three days. So you're actually going to be putting the pieces of your business in place. during these three days. It's not just sit there and listen type of retreat, it's like you're actually going to be leaving with your plan, right? It's an experiential retreat, where you're getting exercises several times throughout the day, truly master sales, enroll the clients that you want, fill programs, sell training programs, and our promises to you is that you're going to get what I love to come the ultimate money mindset breakthrough, we're going to do a lot of work around money. So you can give yourself a raise or start charging what you're worth, some of you might not even quite know what it is that you're offering yet. And that's okay, we have women who are brand new to business come every year to get these strategies and to collaborate, and to network and mastermind with women from all over the world. You can see from this picture that clearly this works. I love this picture of me it looks like I just drink two cups of espresso. But you're gonna get what I love to say it's really the the framework to help you create recurring revenue and freedom in your business. Because what that does is it allows you to be able to invest back in the business to give back you know, some of you might have tracked Robin when she went to India about a year, gosh, a year and a half ago now to do a bunch of fundraising over there to help people be healthier in in India, it's just having that financial freedom allows you to live your best life, right, we're also going to be talking about how do you host and lead these virtual events, right that are happening online. Now. As you guys can see, it's a super valuable retreat. I've been doing this for over eight years. The value is about $997 when you kind of look at everything that you get. And for those of you who are in Robin's sisterhood, today's investment is just $97. And you guys can see the website right here it's at women rocking forward slash rock sales
right now to Sage

with sweet so the link will be in the Facebook group. But again, I think my my intention here really is to get as many of you as much value as possible to be able to really help you go out there and grow your business in a bigger way. And for some of you launch your business and again, this website, by the way is just for you guys. It's women rocking forward slash rock sales and this gets you that 90% Enough of the ticket price, it's also going to get you a couple of bonuses, which I'll tell you about in a minute. So one more time, it's women rocking, forward slash rock sales. And I just actually booked a really awesome video studio in Santa Cruz. So I'm gonna be able to see all of you on the big screens, and you're gonna be able to see each other, we're going to have an incredible time. And it's going to be an opportunity for you to really up level, what it is that you're wanting to create next in your business. And when you sign up, we're also going to get you a website training that we actually have provided to Robin and 1000s of our clients that have helped them put simple websites together. So you'll get that to start you off, you're also going to get invited to a networking day, the week before the event itself. So you'll get to start forming bonds and creating referral partners with the other women in attendance. And I'm really excited about that. You know, Robin and I and many of the other women in our community love to partner and interview each other and promote each other's businesses. And you see us doing that it's very collaborative, I'm actually going to be teaching you how we've been able to create millions of dollars of revenue at women rocking business, just through referral partnerships. So we'll do a training on that the week ahead of time as well. And you'll get invited to that. So again, it's women rocking forward slash rock sales, Robin's been to the event many times, it'll be so wonderful to get to support those of you who this might be a fit for. And, Robin, thank you so much for making this available to your community.

Yeah, this event is incredible. It's incredible. And I've watched sage so many times, like just work absolute magic, like, you'll get so much content, she supports you in such a powerful way her team is incredible. In fact, I'm absolutely in love with every member of your team page, you're all so beautiful, you're gonna get a ton of content, you're gonna figure things out. And sometimes we just need that space, and that support to figure things out and the community is so beautiful. And when you connect with other ladies, you know, you get to, you get to learn from them and hear about, you know, what they're up to and collaborate. And it's just incredible.

I'm so excited to get you some of the really simple strategies. I mean, I've kind of I've been out in the world for like 10 years really assessing like what works for women, because there are a lot of different ways to grow these businesses. And some are gonna go fast, and some are gonna, you know, some are gonna, in my opinion, slow you down. And my, my stake in the ground for every single one of you is that you can build your business from place of generosity by showing up by giving, and then letting people know that there's more where that came from. And you can put certain aspects of your business on kind of like a wash, rinse, repeat. So you don't always have to be reinventing the wheel, you can take vacation, you don't end up creating yourself another job, right that you build a business that fits into your life, rather than having to fit your life around an overly busy business schedule. So it's just an absolute honor to have you all pop into the sisterhood group, the hormone balance sisterhood group after this interview and answer any questions that you might have about your business or about the event. And if you have any questions at all, you can go to support at you can email support at Sage and ask them questions about the event as well. And Robin will be there to sharing some of her strategies. And it really is there's something powerful about carving out three days of your life. And I know some of you might not really have the three days to give. But when you do, something starts to open up, we've had women attend this retreat and make 10s of 1000s of dollars from the retreat, just putting the tools in place. Well, they're in the retreat. And then we have women leave the retreat and within weeks of their retreat, you know, create 10s of 1000s of dollars in their business for the first time one one sister had $100,000 launch three weeks after the event last September. So I just get excited about what's possible when we you know really allow ourselves to be supported in this in this kind of a rigorous way. Right?

Yeah, and don't Don't you have any sympathy for these ladies, they are used to 15 days straight,


Nervous sign up for the event. We're also gonna put a swag box in the mail, which you know, so basically it becomes kind of a full scholarship ticket but we ship you some of our favorites but we actually ship you a workbook so you have the workbook to go through while you're in you know at the at the event with us and you'll get your launch plan in there so you can fill that out and we'll ship you a couple of really cute little women rocking business swag things to remind you that you are an incredible powerful woman that can create anything that you want to create. And Robin thank you for creating what you You've created thank you for being my go to health guru when I need advice on on my health you've, you've helped put me put me back together on a couple of occasions. And I just encourage every single one of you to stick around this sisterhood with Robin because she walks her talk. I know because I get to serve and hang out with her in her personal life as well. And, you know, thank you every single one of you for just being the change that the world needs right now in women leaders.

Yeah. When I first met sage, I had told her I said sage, I either have to blow up my business and start over, I have to quit because I was worn out. Like I couldn't figure out how to, I was working really, really hard. And I just wasn't seeing the results. I wasn't serving as many women as I knew I could. And she said, We can do it. I'm like, Okay, let's do this. And so, you know, my, my, all threes doll that my like, you know, legs of my stool, like completely transformed. In working with her, she has just a special way of teaching a special way of seeing exactly what you need, or what you and your business need for those next steps. And so yeah, if you are a business owner or have you know, the inkling to start your own thing, just jump in with both feet. It is like a path that you will just be so happy that you went down and said you have transformed my life. So just so grateful for you.

It's an honor, an absolute honor to get to be among your community. Sending so much love to every single one of you and to remember that there's something out there waiting for you. That's next, the next expression of your purpose that only you can live into. Nobody else can do it like you can. So congratulations for being on the path and I look forward to meeting some of you hopefully at the event and Robin, thank you again for hosting and I look forward to seeing you there. Okay, thanks for everybody. Bye, everyone. Bye everyone.

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