One of my good friends, and a former client, told me recently that he had just begun using a CPAP machine to sleep. Somehow he figured out that his sleep at night wasn’t restful so he went and did a sleep study. He had been snoring since he was a child. He discovered through the sleep study that he was waking himself up 35 times an hour. Now with the CPAP, for perhaps the first time in his life, he is sleeping soundly and now knows what it feels like to have a night of restorative sleep. He had no idea he could feel so good.

This is a key first step in lasting weight loss. He has been exercising very hard for several months now and has lost quite a bit of weight. But losing weight and keeping it off without regular restful, restorative sleep just is not possible.  It’s only because he’s a young man that he was able to lose weight at all.

Do you really know how well you are sleeping? Do you know how good (or bad) your health is? Do you know how good you can feel?

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