Olympics Cause Sleep Deprivation

OK, we’re about a week into the olympics and I’m exhausted! I even coached my clients on how to watch them effectively…i.e. record them and watch them later at an earlier time, but what I’ve found is there is so much to watch! It takes me an hour just to fast forward through all the commercials. So as you can imagine, I feel tired, look much older (those wrinkles just accumulate when I don’t get enough rest), and feel heavier (because last night I was needing some popcorn to get through.) It is so hard to turn the TV off and go to bed – I am usually very good at doing that. The olympics have kept me up because I just love watching these amazing athletes. So, while my health may be somewhat compromised today, I have sure enjoyed the olympics. I will be going to bed early tonight, because I have now accumulated sleep deprivation and much catch up! I hope you will get some good rest too.