Answering Questions About Gut Health and Healing

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If all disease begins in the gut, then all healing starts here too; and when we heal digestion, we can balance hormones! In this video, Robin answers your questions about how to reset gut health naturally for better hormone balance. Learn about how improving your gut health can also help address thyroid issues, sleep problems, and inflammation.

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  • What steps can I take to fix my gut health?
  • What testing companies do you recommend for food sensitivity?
  • What’s the best way to measure progress when healing my gut?
  • What are ways to increase absorption besides taking digestive enzymes?
  • How do I reduce gut inflammation?
  • How can I incorporate raw greens into my diet?
  • How can I use fermented foods to improve gut health?
  • What are the best ways to increase glycogen storage?
  • What is the best prebiotic and probiotic to take?
  • How does stress affect digestion?

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Welcome to remote break. Dr. For a moment, I am ready to receive all the love that's given me. Because I know that I am worthy. Yes and more please, I am ready to release all the fears anxiety. And I trust that I am held in the light by divinity. So with playing spa knowing I am made star and that I am the love that I'm looking for. Knowing that my heart is smile it's such a favorite song. It's so beautiful. Oh, we're made of stars. Awesome. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday here in the natural solutions for hormone balance sisterhood. Hey, this is Robin Nielsen. And I am so honored to be with you today. So we have a great topic. You voted. Okay, we did a poll. And the number one winner, the top winner was gut health and healing. And I am so proud of you. Because that's a topic that is not sexy. It's not sexy at all. And you chose it as the number one topic and and I'm so proud of you because we have to heal our gut. If we want to balance our hormones. Isn't that crazy? Who would have thought? Right? That hormone balance starts in the gut. Yeah, so let's just breathe into that a minute, right? hormone balance begins in the gut, in our digestive tract. So you ladies are rock stars, figuring this out just rock stars. So we have some great questions, I'm actually going to try to get through all of them. Today, I'll do my best, we're gonna go for about 30 minutes or so. And, and then I'm going to tell you about the beautiful hormone reset that's coming up the 15th day of hormone resets, you can sign up. And we're going to be posting the bring a friend information because I know many of you have done the reset already. And and want to do it again and bring some girlfriends and we'd love to have you. So this is the time to get in. Because it's about 50% off. So this is kind of our, our, our pre pre launch price. And it starts on May 10th, may 10, we'll be we'll be posting the link for you to register in just a little bit. We can also post it now. So that would be fine, too. And I want to make sure that you get in now because the price goes up every single week, we always get questions, why did the price go up? Because we want to encourage you to sign up now. Say yes to yourself. Now, don't wait, because the price will go up. So we're rewarding you for taking action because as we take action on behalf of ourselves. So we say yes to ourselves, our cells actually change the way they express themselves. Our DNA rather changes the way it expresses itself for the better as we say yes to taking care of ourselves. So I'm going to encourage you to change the way your DNA, your genetic code is expressing itself by signing up for the 15 day hormone reset now. And if you've already done the 15 day hormone reset, then you're in, you don't have to do anything. But go there to the Facebook page and post your top three health goals for this reset. That's all you have to do. Hop on over there and post your top three goals if you've already done it, because you're already in. So excited for you. All right, it's gonna be a fantastic, fantastic journey starts may 10. So I'll tell you more about it in a little bit. So today is about gut health and healing. We have some great questions we're going to get to them. So the digestive tract is really amazing. And there's actually a module in the 15 day hormone reset that goes over digestion in more detail. And I think some of the ladies who posted their questions actually have done the hormone reset. So Have you have that information and we're going to just dig a little bit deeper here today. All right, I just want to acknowledge all the ladies who posted a question. I'm going to give you a big shout out here. So Barbara Bradley Kurt Kisses for you dear Amanda Gibson kiss for you. Mayra Alejandra. Solo run sandals solos solo zarnow Solorzano not kiss for you, Nicole kiss for you. But see, Kimberly kissner Taylor hits for you, Alana risk, it's for you, Laura, or rent kits for you, and Vinny Chopra kids for you. All right, all these ladies posted questions way to go. Alright, so we're gonna start with Barbara, she said, What testing companies? Do you recommend for food sensitivity? So I like a few of them. And it's hard because it really depends, depends on you know, what you're trying to figure out. And it also depends on you know, kind of what you're willing to do. So I think one of my favorites is the L cat. And that's an interesting test, because they actually put your blood and all these different vials. And then they then they introduce the protein, so the protein in the foods that actually cause a food sensitivity, okay, so there's so food sensitivities, and food allergies are different. So, so this is kind of a big conversation. But just in a nutshell, we experienced what are called IgG immune responses, or IgE, immune responses and IGE immune responses are immediate. So you're really clear that you're having a reaction. So for instance, your face swells up or your tongue swells up, and you can't swallow anymore, or your throat swells up, or you break out in a rash, right? Like that's an immediate IGE response. So you're really clear, like, it's like, yeah, I can't eat that food. The IgG response foods, though, that's a delayed immune response are trickier. Because you may just feel a little bit tired all the time. Or, you know, you might have you know, your skin might be broken out constantly. Or, gosh, you might feel anxious, you know, you might feel anxious, that's a that can be a food intolerance, symptom, anxiety, for sure. So there are all sorts of like underlying issues that delayed sensitivities can cause a delayed immune response can cause and they just kind of keep you keep you down, right? They kind of keep your body's stressed at a lower level, but it causes all of these imbalances throughout your body. So those are the ones that you want to test for. And that's what Barbara is asking about. As I like they all count because they they actually they all cat test for I think it tests for IgG. I want to say IgG. I think it tests for that. But it also tests for i I'm sorry, I know it tense for IgG. It may tense for IGE. I don't remember, I think it has it tests for IGA and I may test for IgM. So it tests a number of different immune responses. Because what it's looking for is any reaction, looking for any reaction. So it looks for any changes in your cells, any changes in your cells to the food, the protein in the food has been introduced, basically. And I do suggest that you work with a practitioner and figure that out. So work with someone who can order the testing for you. And I like the outcome. I think that's a good test, I tend to just want to focus on the IgG response. So I do another test through Meridian Valley labs that I really like. Um, you can get a simple test, you can order it yourself through Everly well everlywell test for a few foods. They might have a bigger test, actually, it might test for a lot of foods. And it would be a blood spot test where you prick your own finger and fill in some circles. The L cat you actually have to get a blood draw. So it's more complicated as a lot pricier. So it might be harder for a lot of you to do but everlywell I think would be a great choice to start with. Yeah, because that's a do it yourself. Yeah, I think that's a great choice. All right, Barbara, Kisses for you, sister. Amanda, what's the best way to gauge our progress and healing our gut? Oh my gosh, that is like a great question. Man does a great question. So the best way to gauge your progress is to notice how your digestion is working. And the best way to do that is to check out your poop All right, check out your stool. Is your stool dark in color? Is it well formed? Are there no chunks of food in your stool? Right? It needs to be all digested. Is it pointy at one end of the come out in one piece? Does it sink? Or does it float? But you wanted to think? Right? So your stool is the best way to tell. And in Chinese medicine, I think that what I've learned is that they actually ask you how your stool is today. That is a sign of overall health. So for stool is good, you're doing good, right? If your stool is hard, right little like rabbit pellets, a problem, right? If it's runny, that's a problem. You want it soft, but not loose.

What are some other ways that you can that you can tell with your stool? So it used to be dark in color, because that that says that you're getting rid of the metabolized? Toxins, the things that need to get out? And? And also, you know, are you? Are you experiencing bloating, gas discomfort when you eat? If you're not, that's a really good sign. So I think those are the best ways to tell if your gut is healing. Yeah, I think I think that that's, that's really a key way you can also do testing, right, you can do a comprehensive stool test. One of my favorites is the GI map, that's what I use in my private program is a geomap chance they really like that test because it actually looks at the DNA of all the different microbes in your digestive tract and it also is able to track digestive enzymes, your gut immune system called your sig a or secretory IgA. It also checks for inflammation, it checks for blood in your stool, it checks for fat digestion attacks. It checks for digestive enzymes for your last days. And it looks for you know any infection so any Candida or or so any fungal infections in general, it looks for any opportunistic bacteria, it looks for parasites, worms, overgrowth of bacteria, h pylori, things like that. So you can also test but you do have to work with a practitioner to do that. But the best way is just to check your stool, right to go through and make sure that that it's well formed dark in color, somewhat soft, easy to come out pointed at went in sinks. And is not green, right? Not green, dark in color. No chunks in your boat. Okay, you've got this. Awesome. All right. So because it's for Amanda. All right. Let's see who else? Good. Good question. So Myra asked how do we address now absorb share? How do we address now absorption besides taking digestive enzymes, particularly to increase fat soluble vitamin absorption? Okay, so this is a really big question. And my question back to you, my era would be why are you asking the question like, What are you noticing around that? So I'd love to know more. But poor absorption is usually poor nutrient absorption, that has a lot to do with many things. Right? It has to do with with the integrity of your gut lining. So gut lining integrity is very important. So you want to go back to the previous question, which is looking at your stool, you know, making sure that your stool is, is right. So that's where I would start with that. And if it's not right, then you have some healing to do, right, you've got to seal up your gut. So you've got to you know, get rid of things like wheat and dairy that are that could cause problems for sure we did anything, you know, containing gluten is a problem, because gluten opens up the tight junctions in your mucosal lining to allow for larger than normal fluid particles to get through, which can then cause an auto immune response. Right. So we know that, you know conditions like Hashimotos, autoimmune thyroid disease is due to a leaky gut, which is what you're talking about here, Myra. So, so to improve absorption, and I'm curious why you don't want to take digestive enzymes. I'm curious about that. So we'd love to know more. So So digestive enzymes don't. They're not responsible for absorption, but they are responsible for breaking your food down. So there are a number of ways you know, zinc is an increase Double nutrient for helping with gut health in general, but helping to promote better stomach acid. And and you need to just have, you know, good alas days. And if you don't, then you do need to take digestive enzymes, you could also take bitters. You know, bitters are fantastic digestive bitters are great for helping with digestion. Yeah, and you know, fiber is really important for good absorption, you want to have a good microbiome, you need to have good liver function, right. So there are a lot of things that you want to look at your make sure your stomach acid is strong enough, you want to make sure that you have enough digestive enzymes, you want to make sure that there is no inflammation in the gut, you want to make sure you have some good probiotics so that you're constantly recolonizing or eating some good fermented foods, you want to make sure that your livers supported well, so that you're metabolizing everything properly. And getting those toxins out, you want to make sure you have good fiber, both prebiotic and probiotic fiber. Well, sorry, prebiotic is fiber, right? The prebiotic fiber actually helps to, to feed beneficial bacteria improving your microbiome. What to have a good a strobe alone, which is, is that microbiome in your, in your gut that actually is responsible for estrogen metabolism. So there are a lot of things that help with nutrient absorption, it's kind of a big, a big picture, right? But just making sure that there's no inflammation in your gut, it takes fat you have to eat fat to actually absorb your fat soluble vitamins. So, you know, always eat a healthy protein, fat and carb when you eat. And the 15 day hormone reset goes over all of that. So make sure you join the 15 day hold on reset if you haven't done it already. And yeah, I think just you know, checking your stool every day and seeing how you're doing is a perfect start. So you've totally got this Myra, you are absorbing all of your nutrients perfectly. And so it is alright, sending you so much love. All right, next question. Nicole, how to reduce gut inflammation. So Nicole was amazing. She could answer this question, I totally know. But I just kind of depends what you have going on Nicole. So I just want to start there. And and you know, a lot of inflammation in the gut has to do with what we choose to eat. And sometimes we can tolerate more variety than others. So if our adrenals are in good shape, then we can tolerate more foods often. So adrenal health plays a big role in digestive health, adrenal and thyroid health. So you know, reducing inflammation in the gut, there are a lot of great herbs that will do that. No, and, and just, you know, choosing to eat cleaner, eat cleaner for a bit. And you know exactly what to do to do that. So we just have to eat cleaner. And again, on the GI MAP test, you can test for inflammation, you can there's actually a marker called calprotectin that is a inflammatory marker in your gut that it's really good to know where your calprotectin is, but you do have to do a stool test to figure that out. And it has to be through a functional practitioner, your doctor traditional doc can't test for it. So yeah, eating cleaner eliminating those more inflammatory pro inflammatory foods. I bet you can name one. So if you're listening now or live I'd love for you to name an inflammatory food. Anything with sugar in it right sugar is very inflammatory. Yeah, sugar is very inflammatory. Grains could be inflammatory for you if your body doesn't handle them well. Anything that your body has a reaction to is inflammatory. So what are those foods for you? All right, figure them out and you've totally got this. All right, Nicole sending you so much love. Alright let's say Kimberly asks, when is a good time to introduce raw greens instead of cooking them for for the smoothies. So you'll you'll always want to cook greens before you eat them so that you take out some of the problem compounds in them. Except for things like lettuce like lettuce you don't have to cook but collards, kale, spinach, things like that. You always want to cook them before you eat them. But, but parsley you don't need to baby green sprouts, things like that. You don't have to cook those and it really depends on your digestion you know, so, um cooked foods are better for for someone who is tired and someone who's not digesting well, but if you have good Energy and your your stools are good. Then you can add in more raw veggies. Absolutely right. Yeah, so I think that that's, that's perfect at when to add fermented foods right now. I think fermented foods are great. The downside of fermented foods is that they do contain a compound called Tierra mane and Tierra Amin can keep us up at night. It's not a bad thing unless you can't sleep so chocolate. Some of our favorite things right anything smoked. Anything cured has to mean wine has to mean fermented foods have to mean so eat them earlier in the day you know maybe for lunch would be great to have some fermented veggies. So good for your gut so good. But they have to be live right live fermented veggies so if you buy sauerkraut on the shelf, it's not going to be fermented right because it's not refrigerated that the the the bacteria in it are dead right so they don't do us any good. But if you purchase live live sauerkraut that's refrigerated Kim Chi is fantastic. Misa which is a soy product that is that is fermented is great. Even Tamari you know, wheat free. Tamari is a fermented product that you can use to marinate and season. You know, don't eat soy a lot. But you know, once once a week once or twice a week is fine. Um, yeah, I think that's great. And you can easily make your own fermented veggies. So so, so easy. So yeah, great question. I really encourage you to to start adding those to your plate. So good. All right. Kisses for Barbara. Oh, sorry. No kisses for Kimberly. Yeah. All right. Oh, and sorry, Kimberly, you also asked what are the best ways to increase glycogen. So glycogen is really built from sugar, basically from breakdown of carbohydrates. So that's why, you know, a low carbohydrate diet, keto diet for any length of time, really deplete your glycogen stores, which can make it hard to sleep at night. So So yeah, making sure that you have enough carbohydrates in your diet is really important. Yeah, good question. Because we gotta get good sleep. All right. So let's see here.

Okay, Alana asks, what are the steps to healing your gut, I just got my blood work back and my GPA was high and need to work on healing my gut, yes. So TP O stands for thyroid peroxidase. And that, that means that, that you have Hashimotos, or autoimmune thyroid, and you always want to heal your gut, when you have any autoimmune condition, because all disease starts in the gut. And she says, but I don't really know where to start with that, or what the process looks like. So I'm just gonna give you sort of an overview, Alana of what it takes to heal your gut. So the steps are there, it's it's before ours, right? remove, replace rynok collate and repair. So when you remove you're getting rid of, in this case, you would be getting rid of foods that don't serve you, right? So foods that don't serve you and and potentially if you're working with a practitioner, you would be removing the bad guys. Right. And, and so the second phase is really all about replacing, so replacing enzymes, if you're not digesting your food, well, you know, replacing maybe some support for stomach acid, maybe you need some some, you know, very specific digestive enzymes, you know, based on kind of your, your biochemical uniqueness. So maybe you need, you know, more support around carbohydrates break down or protein Break, break down, or maybe you need stronger stomach acids. So those are things that you can figure out working with a practitioner, and then you want to repopulate and so we populate is really when you put a lot of good beneficial bacteria in and there are a lot of different, you know, strains of bacteria. So you want to make sure that you know, if you're getting a probiotic that you don't always do the same probiotic, but that you rotate around because your microbiome is made up of many many, many, many to We're in types of bacteria. So we want to make sure that we're, we're, you know, we're recolonizing in a really vibrant way and so you know, just just eating food, right, eating good vegetables, diversifying your diet helps you to repopulate because you're feeding different bacteria with the food that you eat. So that's why you know, when we only eat certain foods, because how many of us you know only buy those same 10 vegetables at the grocery store. Right? I mean, there are times when I couldn't say yes to that. So we really have to branch out because what you eat feeds specific bacteria. So you always want to diversify your diet isn't that cool? Really cool. And and you can you know, add in some probiotics to help with that. And then the last phase is repair and using things like you know, to decrease inflammation, you know, for instance, things like marshmallow root slippery elm. Slippery is great. Milk thistle is great for you know, supporting liver function, decreasing inflammation, you could use you know, l glutamine is wonderful. Yeah, so you know, I would just start there with the four R's remove, replace Rena, we inoculate and repair. Yeah, it's a great start. Okay, so big Hass for Alana. Laura says what's the best pre buy prebiotic and probiotic to take also what's the best test to test for gut issues so I've already talked about that the GI map is the one that I liked the best for addressing kind of got issues figuring out what's going on because you get this from top to bottom it's really great. As far as you know the rate prebiotic and probiotic get the right prebiotic is just eating some really good vegetables, right? That's a great prebiotic fiber of all kinds are great prebiotics. A prebiotic is actually is like a prebiotic is are actually compounds that are non digestible foods, right? That are parts of plants basically. So fiber and digestible fiber, right is a prebiotic prebiotics and something called saccharomyces boulardii. AI is also a good prebiotic. It's actually a type of yeast but it's a yeast that is really essential for supporting good beneficial bacteria. So yeah, I'm good vegetables, you know, getting your good vegetables in. Wonderful prebiotics. Wonderful, prebiotic, okay. Great, Big kisses for Laura. And the last one is from Binney. And Vinny says I have very, a very bad case of diarrhea. Okay. Diarrhea, like symptoms for every meal. I eat, I can't keep any food down on my stomach, and I'm always bloated, tired and need to sleep. So yeah. So this is complicated. So the question is, is it leaky gut, IBS hormones? I'm very stressed out under what a very traumatic experience. Yeah, so that's kind of what it sounds like. Binney, it's very complicated. So digestion is a really good place to start. But you also have to address stress, because if you're stressed out, you're not going to digest well. Okay, so I want you to take that in for a minute. Yeah, if you're stressed out, you cannot digest well. That's because our blood flow goes from the internal organs, right? Our digestive tract, our liver, right, the blood flow is moved from digestion to our extremities, right to our legs, to our feet to our hands, arms, so we can run from the tiger. So you're in the sympathetic nervous system instead of the parasympathetic, and digestion happens in the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest nervous system. So if you're stressed out, you cannot have good digestion. So you have to get good sleep to have good digestion, you need to eat for hormone balance. I really suggest that 15 Day hormone reset for you. I think it will help you so much to get your body back into balance. Digestion is complicated. It's really complicated. And I think the biggest thing I can say around digestion is, is it's a it's a really, there's a holistic approach to it. You know, you have to get good sleep you have to eat for hormone balance. You have to make sure your adrenals are functioning well. your liver, your pancreas, there's so many things that play a role in digestion, your thyroid, right, your sleep, all of that. So, so much is involved. So I love the topic of gut health and healing because it truly is so important for us to feel well. And I think if you just start with the food you eat, it will make all the difference, right? And chewing your food really well. Chewing your food really well because digestion starts in the mouth. Okay, thanks, Justin starts in the mouths of you chew your food really well. And you eat mindfully, right, in a place of rest and digest. Your digestion is gonna improve so much, just with those simple tips. Alright, so I want to know, if you've watched the video I read every single comment. So please say hello. And I'll go and check out who all was here. And love up on at least three other women. Let's keep the switching day hormone reset magic going share the love support each other. And, and yes, sign up for the 15 day remote reset while it is the cheapest it's ever going to be. It's still a really super inexpensive program. So no matter when you join in, it's a great deal. But I encourage you to sign up now. So that you say yes to yourself and start digesting better. Right? Say yes to yourself. Alright ladies, it's just been absolutely wonderful. Being here with you today. It's always such a joy. We're gonna be here every single week until the reset starts. I have some really amazing guests coming on. We had so much fun coming up. So I can't wait to share with you. So I look forward to seeing you here. Every single Wednesday now until May 10 at 4pm Pacific 3pm Eastern. All right, sending you so much love. Bye for now.

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