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Robin talks with special guest Kárem about her health successes with the Hormone Reset program. Before the program, Kárem struggled with issues like fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, and excess weight. She tried many other programs over the years but became discouraged when nothing seemed to work. Hear how the Hormone Reset helped Kárem learn to heal naturally and go from frustrated and ashamed to feeling like herself again.

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Hey welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday and survive for a moment so great to be here with you

I lost my way. I want to feel alive again I want to have what happened to my dreams I feel like I've lost my mind. It's time for me to shut up to shine shine

Yes, we have the magic within each and every one of us and oh my goodness, all we have to do is take the steps to feel better. Yes. And we can totally do that. We just need to know what they are. Right. So it's so wonderful to be here with you. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Oh my goodness, I have a really special guest on today. And you know, in our Facebook group, I actually asked like, what what is it that you want to learn from the reset. So I'm gonna go there and just read some of the things that you had said that you would like to get out of it saying that's so important. And if you're joining me live, just post where you're joining in from on Facebook, it's always so lovely to see all the ladies who are joining in and where they're joining in from and I read every single comment. So be sure to comment and we can start practicing for the reset right now. By giving each other a nice big heart loving up on each other. And, and commenting right supporting our sisters because that's how we bring each other up so much better. Oh my gosh. Hey, Katie Katie's from Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Welcome. So good to see you here. And we have so many new new ladies who have joined us sisterhood way to go. Yeah, Betsy, and, and Tammy. And so nice to see you all here. So I posted What are you most excited to learn about in Robins hormone reset? And you can even post that right here. What are you most excited to learn about? And let me share with some of the ladies said. So Vanessa said boosting my fertility in a natural way. Absolutely. So over the years, my team and I have helped so many women start a family who some who never thought they would be able to. So pretty fabulous. We call them our miracle babies are miracle babies. And I think every baby is a miracle every child is a miracle is just incredible. Right? So it's kind of like weight loss. We have to get healthy to lose weight. We have to get healthy to start a family. And and Betsy said getting rid of brain fog. Yes. And getting more energy. Absolutely. So you know I had brain fog so terrible, so terrible that I could hardly keep my eyes out. But I was looking at my computer trying to work and oh my goodness, I was exhausted. My brain fog was awful. Brain fog is no joke. You know if you've ever experienced brain fog, it is just like you're slogging through molasses all day long. It is a big deal. So Betsy, I totally get it. And and let's tag some of these ladies here. It was that was tagged Betsy France and joy. Delgado and Chris Burgess so great. And Joyce says how to get to a healthy weight and stay there. And I think what's important is that, you know, in the reset, I've shared how, for decades, you know, I dieted every January and then throughout the year and I thought that it was my fault that I either couldn't lose weight or that I couldn't keep it off. I blamed myself If I wasn't trying hard enough, have you ever felt that you ever felt like you're not trying hard enough? And so if you just try harder, it'll all work right? You'll be able to lose the weight and keep it off. If you try hard enough. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's not about trying hard enough, it's knowing the right way to take care of yourself makes all the difference. So it wasn't my lack of willpower. It wasn't because I didn't try hard enough, it was because I just didn't know how to take care of myself. So I, I would go running, and I would count calories, right? I would, I would lose weight by counting calories and exercising a lot. And it not only really threw off my hormones, which is what we're going to learn in Robins hormone reset, I'm going to show you what it does to our bodies when we over exercise for where we are right now. And when we under eat when we don't eat enough, right, I'm going to show you exactly what happens. And why that could never ever, ever in a million years work or be sustainable can't do it. So I think that's the beautiful thing about Robins hormone reset is that you can really learn you'll really learn like what's going on hormonally, and why it's having the impact it's having on your body and not the results that you had hoped for. Because yes, I always lost weight. But I could never keep it off. Never ever and who wants to die it anyway. absolutely suck. So joy, we've totally got you covered. And Chris Hudson Burgess said me to a joy and also to increase my energy. Yes. So you know, having a healthy weight, increasing energy. I know those are really big, of course getting rid of brain fog. Let me see if there are any others on here? Yes, Pauline reducing stress levels? Absolutely. Oh my gosh. Yeah, reducing stress levels to balance cortisol levels. So that's, that's an interesting concept. Because, you know, we can't we can't just say, oh, I need to reduce my stress, right? You have to know kind of what the stressors are in your life, like, what are those stressors, and it's a great, it's a great topic, because when Pauline says she wants to reduce stress, stress of all different kinds are what I call the root causes of hormone imbalance, some stresses, right? Some stress sores, you're very aware of, you know, your schedule is just too busy. You're running from one task to the another, which, by the way, is a symptom of hormone imbalance. It could be that you lost your car keys, it could be that you're in a toxic relationship, right? Maybe your partner with your kids, maybe it's not a good relationship, but it just stresses you out every single day, like that is a root cause of hormone imbalance, who would have thought and and so I'll help you uncover what some of those stressors are, what some of the stresses are in your life that are causing hormone imbalance, and really causing all the symptoms that you're experiencing the brain fog, the weight, gain, the fatigue, right, the anxiety, all of that. And then Tracy said, what the best foods are to eat to balance my hormones. I think that is brilliant. That is a brilliant ask of the reset. And the reason is, because there are three things that we're going to learn about in the reset in a much deeper way. And you know, when I talk to ladies who are really struggling with their health, a lot of times I hear back that Oh, I I already know how to eat. Like is is that you? Have you ever said that? I already know how to eat? A and yes, I get it because I felt the same way or you know how to eat, you know, and when you're open to learning a little bit more and learning the science behind why, you know, we need to do some of the things we need to do to feel better. It's pretty magical, like you can then embrace it so much better. I've had many women in the reset, say, oh my gosh, like I already knew a lot of what you said, but you pulled it all together. And you told me the why and now I'm listening. Now I'm doing it. And that's so exciting for me because you feel better. And when you feel better. It's a big win for myself for my team like because you're going to be happier and you're going to spread that to your family. You're going to spread that to your communities. And you're going to spread that to the world. Because when we women are happier, magic happens. And speaking of magic, you have a magic wand. Did you know that you have a magic wand? I need to get one before the reset starts. I think we all need a magic wand. And that magic wand has really amazing powers. That magic one can give you what ever you want, whatever you want. So let's all get a magic wand before the reset starts. So so that we can have it ready. Let me show you how to use it. So exciting. And I just want to share about some beautiful ladies on with me live.

And Anita welcome, Anita. Dr. Bay. Welcome. Kerem. And she's my special guest is going to come on very shortly here. Lisa, hello, Lulu. Hello. And then there's someone I can't see your name. But Hello, ladies. And you can chat. So when you join me on Zoom, you can chat here that sort of like our comments on Facebook. And Anita said hello to everyone. And Lulu said she wants motivation, motivation, and I totally hear you. And I love Lulu that you mentioned that because because one of my private clients who did the reset, you're gonna get to meet her on the reset. And she actually did the reset a year ago that was her very first reset. She's just a gorgeous soul inside and out just like each of you. And she thought that she was a procrastinator. So for years and years and years, ever since she was little, she that's how she rolled. She says I procrastinated on everything I needed a deadline to get anything done. She said I was a horrible procrastinator. And when she did the reset, and then she moved into the national homeland Solution Program, then she moved in to heal your hormones program. She had a project to get done. She is the president of the Audubon Society in her community. And she had a big project to get done. And she got it done. I want to say two or three days ahead of time, like which was unheard of, for her unheard of. And she was like, wow, I didn't procrastinate. And what she realized was that procrastination was just a symptom of not feeling well. And she said, It's been my whole life. I've called myself and really embodied being a procrastinator. Can you believe that? Like, I just get chills talking about this? My whole life. I thought that's just who I was. I didn't know that when I healed myself. I had the capacity to get stuff done. So I had no idea. So she's not a procrastinator. That is a symptom of hormone imbalance. Does that make sense? Yeah, let's give her so much love. Oh, maybe sharing her with you in the reset. So Lulu, the whole motivation thing? Yes, that's an energy thing, right? My lack of motivation is so much energy related. So once you get more energy, that motivation is going to come right back. And you're going to get so much we're interested in your special projects, things that you love to do. Getting back out there in the world. Yeah, because you just don't have enough energy right now to make that happen. So thank you for sharing. Thank you so much for sharing. All right. So let's see. Just wanted to see if anyone else. I think more people joined us, but I'm not sure who. Okay, so let's see. And who else? Yeah. Tracy says yeah, what the best foods are love that then need to address more movements. So what's really cool in the reset is that I share with you six, six ways you can tell if the movement that you're doing is right for you right now, which is really important because I was always exercising beyond my body's ability, always and then that throws your body into a tailspin and then you get all these yucky symptoms. So I'm going to show you how to tell which types of exercise are right for you right now and then also go over all the different types of movements. so that you can sort of assess which ones would support you now and then which ones you maybe need to wait on? Because we're really good at pushing ourselves too hard for sure. Yeah, Shama who loves the gut health topics have a whole section on digestion? Jessica's most excited about eliminating anxiety? Yes, absolutely. That is one of the promises of the reset. And when you do all the steps that I share, anxiety just goes away. And so great. Misha says, gosh, there's so many things that I'm excited to learn about things that could be throwing off my hormones, okay. And each day, each day, we, we actually take a hormone assessment. So we're going to assess six different hormones, insulin, cortisol, which you may never have thought of before, right? But they're your major hormones. And you're going to be so surprised by the hormone, or the symptoms that come up around those two hormones. And then thyroid hormones, right. And then progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. And those are your minor hormones. But we always start with our minor hormones. And then we're like, oh, we panic when they're out of balance, but they're way downstream. So you have to get those two biggies in place before the minor hormones are going to come into balance. And so that's what you're learning the reset. And everything that I teach is completely sustainable. So there are no diets, there are no special things, right, we're just looking at those three factors, food, lifestyle, and nutrients to help get you back, get your fabulous itself back. So make sure that you sign up for the reset. Yes. And let me see if I can just pull the link up for you ladies who are here on with me so that you have it. And you can just click and you can, you can go sign up for the reset right now if you haven't already, because I just want to make it as easy as possible for you. So the link is right here, ladies. And I'll just post it right here for all of you. We just make sure that I do it for everyone post, there it is. And I really encourage you to sign up for the VIP all access pass, it's just a little bit more, you get so much more support, I'll actually get to see you in person on Zoom. And we can do some pretty profound work together so that you get the most out of the reset. But don't worry, if you can't grab that VIP all access pass, you'll still get a ton you'll get everything you need. So if you're feeling called to step it up a little bit more, definitely get that VIP all access pass. And if you are just happy to just be part of the reset, I'm so excited to support you. And you're gonna get a lot of support. Anyway. Yeah, because the VIPs we start on Sunday, we start on Sunday with the set yourself up for success. It's a pretty powerful class, where we're going to dive a little bit deeper, my whole team is going to be supporting you with a lot of coaches. We're going to do a breakout or two and really get you set up get you really clear on what's going on for you and what the week is going to look like. Yeah, so excited. Alright, so I really want to have my special guest on now. And let me tell you just a little bit about her. Let's see. Oh, yeah. Oh, and let me just tell you one more thing. We have the help a girlfriend contest going on. Oh my goodness. And I'm just going to announce some of the ladies who have who have invited their sister friends. So Grace shirazian has invited six of her friends Laura Solomon, four of her friends, Francis homes for ladies have joined because of her. Patricia poletto has invited one friend Gabrielle Agron, one friend, Martha rayon, one friend and yulia as, as we are one friend. So we're calling it the help of girlfriend contest. Because, you know, when we support each other, we just go farther, you know, when we do things together, we go farther. And it's just magical when we can support each other on the same journey and you'll find that, you know, the blue zones in the world. So there are these communities around the world that live longer and healthier than anywhere else on the planet. And it's because they're in a group of like minded people.

So, this reset is full of like minded women who know that the answer to feeling better is to figure out how to take care of themselves. have naturally so you're going to be around women who just totally get it. And when you bring your girlfriends it's that much more powerful. So it's not too late. plenty of opportunity to win our fabulous prizes they were giving away $500 $250 and $100 to our our store which has incredible hormone balancing products. And then we're also giving away the beautiful Emerson apothecary all the kids skincare kit and we're going to be announcing the bring or help a girlfriend contest winners on Tuesday next week. So we're gonna get you through my next I think that registration is open through noon on Monday the second when we begin so let's do it let's help a girlfriend and Lisette Can you post the help of girlfriend links at the ladies know where to go to do that you have to get your special email link to do that it your special email link, because then we can track who you bring. Yeah, so excited. And Anita said, Let's see a needle let me see if I can even find my mouse here. I wonder over some symptoms tired, unmotivated, strange pain, weight and wake up at two o'clock every day is hormone problems. My menopause is over. Oh, thanks from Sweden. Well, welcome. So every thing, any symptom that you're experiencing is hormone related. Pretty amazing, right? Because hormones are the cellular communicators in our bodies. Hormones make everything happen. So if one hormone is out of balance, they're all out of balance. So tired is a hormone symptom. unmotivated is a hormone symptom, pain is a hormonal symptom. Wait, yes, waking up in the middle of the night, of course, because cortisol is waking you up. There's some underlying stressor going on there. Right. Those are all hormonal issues, and even post menopause, right? I'm post menopause. We have to keep our hormones balanced post menopause to or we get things like weight gain, we get hot flashes, you know, we get pain everywhere. Brain fog, tired, right? It's all the same stuff. Whether you're in your 20s Whether you're in your 40s, Peri menopausal or whether you're post menopause, all the same, it's all the same, I feel better now post menopause than ever felt in my 20s. And so many symptoms of hormone imbalance. And I'm only here telling you this because I resolved everything including, you know, receding gums and receding enamel on my teeth. You know, I had to use special toothpaste on my teeth to numb them out so I could eat hot and cold foods. I had no idea that when I Healed my body, the enamel on my teeth would grow back and my gums would stop receding so I could bite into an ice cream cone for the first time in my life when I was in my early 40s. Pretty crazy, right? Yeah. All right. Okay, so let's, let's see. So Dr. Bay, you want to know more about the VIP. Oh, when you sign up for the reset, you automatically get an offer to purchase the VIP all access pass. So sign up for the reset and then go ahead and say yes to the VIP all access pass. And you're in so good to go. Alright, so I Karim, I'm going to bring you on beautiful woman and I'm promoting you to panelists. So turn on your video, turn on your audio. And Kareem is going to tell you her story

all right. So I'll I'll tell you a little bit about this beautiful woman. I'm not sure which reset she started in but oh, it was May it was a year ago. Oh my goodness. And from what I understand and what I see on Facebook. She's an incredible athlete. Yeah, there she is. Hello. Beautiful. Oh my goodness. Wonderful to see you.
It is very wonderful to see you and talk to you in person. Oh, happy to be here. It's things to learn about from you. And it's great that I'm given the opportunity to talk with you and through you to this women who are going to join the reset soon. They're going to be learning a lot of things and be able to apply them and you know, regain their health and all that and it's very exciting.

Yeah, I think you're you're someone that we need to have on our team. So, my pleasure. Yeah. You're so excited. Bahrain. Oh my goodness, I, the only place I see this woman is on podiums. I see her on receiving crazy, amazing awards. That's where I see you. So pretty, pretty awesome. Um, where are you in the world?

I live in Miami. I've been living in Miami for the last 20 years. Oh, wow. Yes. And to let you know some about me, I am married. And I have two kids. One of them already is independent. She lives in Seattle, her name is Daphne. The other one is 13. And his name is Michaela Savoy. And I'm also an architect. And that's pretty much what I have done being an architect and being a mom in my adult life. And I also do triathlons. That's something I started back in 2012. But I wasn't, you know, too much into it. I really started taking it seriously after the pandemic, because I was looking to do some sports or some activities, because as we all did, I gained so much weight. And I have taken it more seriously now. And this program, the reset has helped me tremendously. Because I was telling Lee said that, before I was making so many mistakes. For example, I was trying to train in the mornings without having anything on the stomach. And with Robin, I learned that we should eat no later than one hour after we wake up. So I started doing every little thing she said, and that was one of the big things that really helped me because what was happening? Like what I was feeling was like so much fatigue after I was really drained. And you know, I thought it was the training. But I said Well, before I used to do that, and I didn't feel like that.

Yes. Okay, so tell tell me, how would you I pronounce your name

is Karen. It's like caring.

So let's go back a little bit because I want you so so I don't want you to give all the secrets away about the research the ladies have to join to get the special secrets. But what I want you to share is how you were feeling before you started the reset. So you had some stubborn weight that wouldn't go away. You would try a lot of programs. What What were some other things going on? Do you remember?

Yeah, um, you know, it may sound superficial because it was so important to me to lose this 510 15 pounds. And my husband for example would tell me when you know you look good. There's many women that would die to have your your body but I we have to remember that I was always all my life. I was very skinny. Like I'm very, you know, my bones are very thin. So all the weight was free here and I have pictures that I wanted to show. Like, this is me last week. And I feel like right now I'm so athletic.

Oh, I know you I love you and all your your athletic attire. Yeah. Okay, so those are the after pictures show us the before pictures

that before feature. That's where I'm going now. And then other than we'll share the after later, maybe for the reset. Okay. I wasn't I wasn't obese. I wasn't even fat. But it bothered me that fat right here because my limbs are always skinny. Then look at me here. That was also that was back in September 2020. When I start when I joined the triathlon. And this is the group here, right here. And I don't know I wanted to show because this is this picture is very significant to me. I was also tellingly sad when my daughter visited me right before the reset it was the week before the reset. Can you hold it a little bit closer because it's kind of hard to see. Okay, so So you're on the left?

This is mean Uh huh. Okay. Oh my god. Okay.

And so you were just you were just feeling 510 pounds overweight.

I was 1015 pounds overweight at that moment.

And then I just want to say I know exactly, you know, so many women feel that way. You know, if I gained five pounds even I am not myself. Yeah. So you are totally not alone. And you had some other symptoms. You said cravings, fatigue, allergies, oily hair, skin issues.

Yes. That's sort of Another thing I went to the I was going to the dermatologist, and they were giving me shampoos, I have them here, shampoos, these many things, this, and then this. She said I had rotation. I had separate dermatitis, I had eczema. And I asked her, What am I going to get better? And she said, No, all you can do is, you know, use this medicine because it's Chronicle and I got scared. I mean, meaning that my whole life, I had to be doing that. And the beauty of it is that without even realizing I started feeling a lot. I mean, I, for example, right now, my hair is normal. Because before I would wash it today, even with the special shampoo she gave me, in one day or two days, it was oily, and it smelled like you know, bad. So I felt so you know, like, I don't want to live like this. My whole life, just depending on medicine. And same thing with the eczema and the recession. The recession, I still have a little bit, but it has improved a lot. I don't have any eczema right now. So that has gone, it's gone. The other thing that bothered me a lot was brain fog. I didn't know the name for that. But I felt like, like you were saying at the beginning, I couldn't even see well, it affected my vision.

Well, we're adding that to your list of symptoms, because yeah, it's debilitating really is.

Yeah. And the problem was that I never knew how I was going to feel the next day. That was what really bothered me, if I had something important one day was kind of hard to predict that I was going to be feeling well that day. So um, what I was going to say about this picture is that when my daughter came that day, that was kind of the the end of it for me, because she had never said such things to me. And I was crying because she wants us to see me, you know, I said she lives in Seattle, and she hadn't seen me for a few months. And then she knew that I was training for the triathlon that I was eating healthy. And you know, I gained weight. When she saw me, she said, Mom, she couldn't hide it, when Are you finally going to lose weight. And you know, I was crying after that. Because I felt I was doing all in my power. You know, I was, I mean, exercising two and a half hours. I mean, one and a half, two hours in the morning, I was killing myself, I thought I was eating fine. But my main problem was that all the cortisol that my body was producing, because I wasn't giving the body what it needed in the mornings. And then on top of that, because they say, coffee is good for athletes. I was drinking coffee, which I never did before. So that that was a big mess. And then the beauty of it is that she loves Saturday. And then that Monday, I started the research. And honestly I'm not I'm not exaggerating, I'm not lying, I believe the second day is when you talked about the nutrition. And the next day I started implementing it. So it was the third day I started may 10. So on May 12, I was already eating well, by the weekend. My pants were like loose. Wow. My daughter commented that it was probably not fat that it was more inflammation which you know, all these terms inflammation, gluten free. Vegan all that to me is so like millennial, you know, he was so millennial so like, because my daughter is vegan and all that. And you know, I didn't pay attention to this. But when when I heard you talking about that, you know it makes sense.

But what's nice is that is that you you showed up for the reset. Like this is something that's so important. You showed up and you took action every single day. And within five days, you saw some incredible results. Like that's what I'm talking about that is so amazing. And it's water weight that you're losing. But I love your daughter's a genius because water weight is inflammation. Right? And that is not a millennial thing. That is a physiological right health thing. So really, really brilliant. So congratulations. Amazing. So you started implementing what I was sharing in the reset and pretty much everything improved. Yeah.

Yes, I'm also it's very important to say that my I might not remember the hormone hormones.

So yeah, so they so we did the complete hormone reset at the beginning, a year. And then we did, then we did it again at the end. Now we do one hormone a day. So you had a beginning score, what was your beginning score?

It was 56. And at the end, it was 15.

Yes, I'm believable. So every single point is a symptom of hormone imbalance, right? Every single point is like some awful symptom like oily air or brain fog, or weight gain, right? Every single symptom, or every single point is a symptom that is really unpleasant. So you started with what did you say? 53 656?

Awful symptoms? And you went all the way down to 15? That is amazing.

Yes. Yeah. And that's the thing, you know, you think you have no health problems, not not real health, health problems, but all these symptoms, like you say, are so uncomfortable, they're really uncomfortable. And the worst part is that the doctors, they don't, you know, they dismissed that that's nothing that's, you know, that might be the hormones that might be the age, you know, and it's gonna be gone. One way or another, but in the meantime, you feel terrible.

You feel terrible. And there's really no, no support, right? There's no way out. And I think that too, as women, we are really good. And maybe, you know, you gals, on with me here can can comment to this and think that we're really good at pushing through anyway, you know, we're having all these health challenges. And we're like, Well, you know, I'm going to ignore that. And I'm just going to do my day and push through and try harder and all these things. And we're, you know, basically overcoming these big hurdles every day, because we're so tired or because we're so sluggish, or we've got the brain fog, or you know, we're trying to deal with our hair and our skin. I mean, you have some pretty, you know, major skin issues going on and you were able to you know, really heal a lot of that, you know, already so so tell us a little bit of your athletic journey because I don't interview too many athletes, you and Christy door for my athlete? Oh, no, there was one other one. I'm not jealous of Brianna. But there's another girl who just like her whole, like athletic prowess improved from doing a look at your medals. Oh. Wow. Qur'an that's amazing.

for participating. But I am very proud because less than a month after I started the research, I made my first podium and I did third place. And then recently, about a month ago, I did second place. So I'm saying next time it will be first place.

Malaysia, that is no cure for task, no small tasks. And it's all because Karen switched how she was taking care of herself, right? These just small shifts over time equal these really big results. Amazing. So so so list out list out some of the things that improved for you. So no more cravings better.

That was a big thing for me the cravings because I couldn't understand, like I was telling him he said, When I was younger, I would follow this book, by the book. And, you know, I was able to be said to you know, develop muscle and all that. But there was a point in my life, I would say about three, four years ago that it was hard for me not to yield to those cravings. And I knew it was hormonal II related, but I didn't know what to do with it. And then I even hired this person. Oh, it was she was a nutritionist, and you know, she was dealing personally with me. And she honestly, I mean, she she had a lot of knowledge, but she didn't help me. I mean, I actually gained weight after that. And all she I mean, when I asked her about the hormones, she she recommended me to read books look at look at the sickness of this book. I mean, I bought them, but I was not going to read them. And then the beauty of your program is that in a few days, you understand whatever is said here. I mean, you you make it so easy, so simple. So you know, down to earth. I mean, I knew that the hormones are very complex, and there was something going on in my body. But I didn't know what it was and I didn't know especially I didn't know what to do to counter to counter that. And that's, I guess my biggest gain from your from your program. I can I can show you all the, you know, books and programs that I bought.

Yeah. You said it was a lot. Yeah, you have a lot of stuff. That's amazing. Well, we're so proud of you. We're so inspired by all that you did, and that, that you showed up, right? You have to show up and take action, and you will see incredible results. So no more cravings, better energy, brain fog went away, allergies, gone. Beautiful hair, no more oily hair, right? You released 15 pounds, and you are way more stress resilient, which is a really important key and you're on the podiums. Now, triathlons like, amazing, right? Let's give this woman some big hearts. Maybe we need a little Collins with all the confetti coming out. So So So Karen, what advice would you give to a woman who is thinking about joining the reset, but just not sure, you know, she's skeptical?

Yeah, I would say to just sign in. Because I mean, you have not much to lose and a lot to gain from this. It's just a commitment of about an hour daily, put it on your agenda, and make sure you're there listening to it, if you miss it, make it up in the evening, do the work, and especially apply it immediately. Because I guess what was failing with all these little programs, and the things I bought, you know, was that you don't have that health. That's what really tired me from this program was the fact that it was life. It's, you know, a certain amount of time, like a week. And then there's somebody there guiding you. And I wanted also to mention the fact that it was really moving to me that first few days that I was at the reset, and I felt very vulnerable, which I don't allow myself to be vulnerable. But I was telling one of my friends came in about it. And I was incredibly vulnerable, because I felt all the love of these other women. And it's not only the people who are like cheerleaders, or it's the people who are in the program. I remember specifically that you you interviewed someone who really I mean, I even prayed for her because it broke my heart to see I mean, my problem was like 15 pounds. I mean, what is that. And then she was struggling because she was separating from her husband, she had three kids, she didn't have a job. And so I remember all of this women, including me sending her loving messages. I mean, I remember that, and I still feel like crying. I think this doesn't exist anywhere. Like this. I mean, you might you might be miles away, hundreds and 1000s of miles away all of us. But we are together we are I feel the closest and I feel the love. And I think that's very valuable from from this program.

It's essential. So it's essential if we want to heal. And I appreciate you sharing that because I don't you know, it's not one of the tools that we you know, that we share that we give out. But it is I think it's the magical part of the reset that really helps us stay engaged to helps us to feel supported, like we're on the right path and to give us the love that we haven't given ourselves. You know, part of the reason that we get into the mess is because we're busy, too busy doing for others all the time. And it allows us that time to just focus on ourselves and that love and support from the community is just absolutely essential. It's hard to believe it at first, I think it's hard to read, but we get pretty good at it by the end.

I also think that that faith that these women have in us is what brings out that face that at the moment we don't have in ourselves. So that's another thing that that group brings.

Yeah, yeah, Karen brings up another good point in that you won't have the belief that you can heal all these things because you've probably never experienced it yourself. But you can hold on to our belief because our whole team right I only hire people who have done all the work and my whole team knows exactly where you are and knows that you can heal so it's pretty powerful. Well, thank you so much for for you pulled a lot of stuff together.

Yeah, I think I want to say is that this new health store Either you told us to write about, I have been reading it, I cannot say everyday because I have traveled, you know, here and there. But I, almost every day, I have been reading it for almost a year. And I think it has helped me in that faith in myself in seeing what you know, or envisioning what I didn't believe. And I wanted to read the last few phrases of it. It says, I enjoy good health and a balanced life. I serve humanity in ways that make me happy, fulfill my destiny, keep me stress free, and allow me good sustenance. In my am statement. I am a strong woman through love and joy. I read that every day. And there's a few more, you know, my I am statements. But it has helped me so much to believe in myself. And to change I like right now I'm in the middle of changing career sort of. And I, I related to this to my reading this every day, because I'm trying to find a way that I can serve humanity in ways that, you know, keep me happy, fulfill my destiny, keep me stress free, which I wasn't doing before. So I just wanted to point that out great.

And that's one of the things that we learned and the reset is, is how to support ourselves to get more of what we want. It was that magic wand I was talking about earlier. So that magic wand that every single woman has, and we're going to show you how to use it. And this is one of the tools that we do. Well Karan, thank you so much for being here. I assume I'm saying your name wrong Karam thing is okay. They hearts for her. And big kisses. Love for you. And will we see you in this current research? Will you be around a little bit? All right.

I haven't missed one since the first one.

Amazing. Well, we're so grateful to have you and she'll be supporting you look out for her and give her lots of love to all right. Because it's for you. Bye. Bye. All right, just absolutely beautiful. Oh gosh. So amazing. All right, well sign up for the reset if you haven't yet. We look forward to supporting you grab your VIP all access pass up front row seat and we begin in just the seat is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, we begin the six days. If you're a VIP, we begin on Sunday. So clear your calendar. Let's really really make this time for us right this is our time. This is your time. Sending you so much love. Bye for now.