A Case Study in Growing Younger

Yes, Mel is a rocket scientist. She works with NASA on space shuttle launches, flying back and forth between California and Florida. She is a bundle of positive energy and a great friend.

Mel works long hours. REALLY long hours. She also plays hard. She is an amazing water woman, beach comber, gardener and creative. Years of pushing hard had taken its toll.

Mel has experienced horrible sinus congestion for years. Allergies, on-going sinus problems, extra weight, skin breakouts and burnout were nagging constant challenges. On and off of antibiotics for sinus infections she had finally scheduled sinus surgery for earlier this year.

Stress, stress and more stress defined Mel’s life. Taking care of aging parents long distance, raising two teenagers, working more than 60 hours most weeks and still trying to have some fun made balance almost impossible.

Late last year, November 2011 to be exact, right after my Rejuvenation Retreat, Mel decided to make herself more of a priority. The results have been nothing short of a miracle. She looks at herself everyday in such a grateful, loving way and is so appreciative of her journey. I know because she sends me at least two emails a week saying just that!

Here were Mel’s health goals:

  • Coughing/allergies under control
  • Lovely skin and hair
  • Buff bikini body
  • More balanced – less stressed
Congratulations to you on your amazing journey…

Mel now is a sexy, vibrant rocket scientist!

Here is what Mel has to say about her amazing, juicy journey…

“I could not drop weight and KEEP it off alone. I’ve done all the different diet programs: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems, fat burning pills over the counter/internet sales, work out programs in gyms/at home, massive amounts of stress causing weight loss only to be found again…..I just know that I have been fighting my weight my entire life.

Doing the entire Fabulous Body™ program and being accountable worked! How she has it structured and the entire program was perfect!

I haven’t been this weight since I was like 23 years old, so almost 30 years (yikes!) I dropped 20 lbs, which may not seem like much for a 30 year time period but it stuck to me all these years as I kept trying to shed the pounds and they kept coming back!!!!!

Robin has helped me with my food allergies and now my body is calmed down and not inflammed. With this program I was able to cancel my sinus surgery. Additionally, my moods are more stable now and my skin does not have the flare ups I was having regularly.

My hair appears healthier; shining, soft (not dry), nails grow fast and are thick and skin cleared up! Weight released….and never to be rescued!

This Fabulous Body™ program and Robin’s close one-on-one guidance with her knowledge of what to do with all the info (Dr’s, bloodwork, adrenal testing, personal questioning) truly got me where I am today…. I am balanced, energetic, calm (I was known to be hyper/ADD) and happy with my self image. Yay! I still cannot get over that it’s me in the mirror.”

Mel McNair, Santa Cruz, CA

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