Stop Counting



I really want you to know this because life will become so much easier and it’s the wrong approach anyway.

Angie and I were talking last week and I realized she had been counting (tracking) everything. Like calories – how much she was eating and how much she was burning. And her weight – she weighed herself every day and most days it was abysmal. And lastly exercise – how many days she did cardio and for how long, and how many days she did weights and for how long.

Many days she did both every day. And to the minute. Because she had this carousel of negative thoughts going around in her head that if she didn’t exercise to the minute, she wasn’t trying hard enough.

And she was still tired and so exhausted she’d have to sleep the rest of the day. And she was still so heavy. Her weight didn’t budge and neither did her energy.

I could totally relate. I starved myself. I wanted to lose weight so badly that I just didn’t eat for whole days at a time. Because if I ate I’d gain weight. And like Angie, I had this crazy mindset that I had to run to burn calories, at least to maintain my weight. And I was so tired. Sleeping 12 hours a night and I still didn’t feel rested.

It was so hard. Everything was so hard – and it didn’t work.

Recently I was speaking to a group of women about hormone balance, and afterwards, a woman came up to me and said she finally understood why she still didn’t feel well, even after losing all that weight. The key is to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy, even though we’re told that if we just lose weight we’ll feel better.


When Angie stopped counting she started feeling better. Because where calories come from matters, and how we exercise matters, much more than how much or how little. She no longer tracked calories, or hours and types of exercise or weighed herself everyday.

But she changed everything: what she ate, how she exercised. She added in specific nutrients and started becoming much more aware of how to take care of herself. She stopped pushing so hard.

And then finally one day just by chance she fit into her beautiful black dress again. She was so surprised that with feeling better came so much weight loss. What a crazy great side benefit of getting healthy.

And I did too. In fact, I ate way more than I ever had and felt so happy and satisfied. And my body became so svelte. For the first time in my life I could wear anything in my closet and look fabulous in it.

Stop counting. Stop tracking. Get back to eating whole, real, unprocessed foods. Start walking. Go to bed by 10pm. Get some advice on what nutrients will support you. What could be easier?

You’ve got this.