Wet sand, immune support and the beach?

Summer is upon us and it’s truly a vibrant time of year here on the California coast. Fresh produce is abundant – yum, yum, and beach bodies are everywhere.

I’m a ‘toes on the sand’ kind of girl. I love walking on the beach as often as I can. And I love sitting on the beach. I take a chair and a book, but I never get to read my book because I’m truly mesmerized by the rhythmic flow of the waves, and the people watching.

Does this happen to you?

And the ocean is so healing. When I go surfing I feel amazing afterwards. I surf to nourish my soul. It’s a kind of meditation for me, a bonding with nature, a sort of forest-bathing. I’m at peace for the rest of the day when I go surfing in the morning.

Do you fear the beach? Many of us fear the beach because we don’t feel good about ourselves.

We are so self-conscious about showing any skin, let alone wearing a bathing suit. Putting ourselves out there for everyone to see…and judge. I know because I used to be so self conscious of my body – from the time I was a teenager. I always felt I was too fat, and I had acne on my chest and back. I didn’t want anyone to see.

My reality has changed – I am much more willing to put myself out there now.
When I surf in Mexico, the water is so warm I wear a bikini – the bottoms are more like boy shorts. And no, my body is not bikini-ready but I don’t care. I have learned to love my body exactly as it is. In no time I get a little tan, and every day I get out there I feel better about my body because I am nourishing it by bringing it out of hiding from the cold winter and spring. And when I think about being judged – I remember this saying:

“Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”We are beautiful – just the way we are. And when we get out there in our sexy bathing suits, other women see us and think “Wow, if she can do it I can too!”

Here are some tips own the beach this summer and improve your health all at the same time:

  • Get a sexy bathing suit, cover up and hat – you’ll feel amazing!
  • Start nourishing your skin with coconut oil for moisturizer outside and fish oil inside so you look and feel fabulous
  • Ditch the sunscreen – it’s not good for you and the sun is! It’ll raise your vitamin D levels for an immune and mood boost. Take Zinc Supreme for internal sun screen, 1 cap with B&D, wear a hat and a long-sleeved light-colored cover-up after you’ve been in the sun for 20 minutes or so (and if you really need sunscreen or else, Badger is my favorite)
  • Walk on the beach barefoot – your feet have thousands of nerve endings that awaken when you walk barefoot. It supports your immune system – and when you walk on wet sand, it acts as a natural exfoliant – leaving your feet softer and much happier.
  • And if, as a bonus you want to trim your waistline a bit,  Here are 5 Tips – but don’t let this keep you from going to the beach.
So when are you going? Drop me a line and I’ll meet you there.