Are Your Face Creams Creating Hormone Imbalance?


They could very likely be why your estrogen is too high, you feel anxious and you can’t sleep at night.

Even though you paid a gazillion dollars for the best wrinkle cream at the Nordstrom counter…

Why no matter what you do you don’t feel balanced.

They say you are what you eat.

So hopefully you are cutting out the “white stuff”, like gluten, flour and sugar; as well as eating organic and free-range products to help reduce the ill effects from toxins and hormones found in your foods. Even better, would be to consider taking a probiotic and nutritional supplementation: what goes in your body truly is key to your health and your body’s ability to grow younger.

But what about things that go into your body unintentionally?

Every day you inhale, ingest and absorb toxins. Your make-up counter and bathroom cabinets – it seems – are very toxic environments.

The average American is exposed to 126 unique chemicals in their personal care products alone, every day. Now consider that your skin is basically an absorbent and permeable sponge for so many synthetic chemicals that we come in contact with daily.  And studies have shown these many of these chemicals do not break down, but simply accumulate in your body. (Source: Environmental Working Group).

You cannot shut out all external poisons, but you can limit what you eat that could be toxic, and you can help your immune system and skin cope with the heavy burden of chemical buildup by using skincare products that are truly organic, non-toxic and that don’t contain chemicals that literally disrupt hormone function in your body.

Parabens—methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben and butylparaben, as they appear on ingredient labels—are synthetic preservatives that can be found in everything from moisturizers to makeup.

Parabens are used to kill bacteria in personal care products; they are known to disrupt hormone function. Hormones control your physical and mental health. The body cannot break down parabens.

Along with parabens, most fragrances found in personal care products are artificial chemicals, which do not have any skin benefits and can be allergenic for people with sensitive skin.  Most are derived from petrochemicals or contain phthalates, suspected endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogens.

And the list goes on of potentially damaging chemicals in personal care products that interfere with your body’s hormonal balance. And no matter how well you eat; no matter what healthy regimen you are on with exercise, meditation, etc.… it is hard for your body to decrease its inflammation – and heal itself – when chemicals are making their way into your endocrine system.

So what can you do?

Be more selective about what you are putting on your skin. Find products with whole food nutrients from botanicals, that don’t use genetic modification. Read labels! Do some basic research, provides a lot of great consumer information.

Try not to purchase products that contain: Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Triclosan (anti-bacterial soaps!), hexanne, formaldehyde and other solvents, synthetic fragrances and colors, sulfates…even gluten.

Just a little focus on what products you are using can help. We’ll talk more about this in the coming months, such an important topic.