Even “God” Knows that Cereal is Junk Food

By Robin Nielsen Food No Comments on Even “God” Knows that Cereal is Junk Food

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I came across the 1977 movie with George Burns, “Oh, God!” a few nights ago on one of the movie channels. I did not remember the movie well from when I watched it years ago so decided to watch it again. It is a simple movie with a great message. In one of the scenes God (George Burns) is standing in the cereal isle at the grocery store with a box of cereal in his hand saying,

“Chemicals, chemicals, turning kids into garbage cans.”

If you read the ingredients on most cereal boxes and understood what they meant you wouldn’t want to feed most cereals to anyone. They are so full of toxins. Toxins disrupt our sleep, overloading our liver and detoxification pathways making it hard to sleep at night. The more toxins we put into our bodies such as: artificial food colorings, flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, additives, GMO (genetically modified organisms – food) foods, hormones and antibiotics from animal products that were not raised in a healthy way, the more we will feel and be sick. Read labels and eat whole, real, foods!

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