Feeling Good Again: What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself Anymore

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Have the demands of work and life left you feeling lost? It may be a sign you need to make room for better things. But change can be scary, and it’s easy to feel like you’re going through it alone. Meet Allison Lecuivre. Allison struggled with symptoms of hormone imbalance, including mood changes, insomnia, hot flashes, and loss of motivation. She wasn’t feeling herself and knew something had to change. That’s when she tried Robin’s Hormone Reset program. In the program, Allison found the support and confidence she needed to start taking steps towards better hormone balance. Listen to Allison’s inspiring journey that led her to leave the world of corporate finance and prioritize her health.

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Hello, and welcome. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Yes, I'm Robin Nielsen. And I'm honored that you've chosen to be here with me because I know there are a lot of ways that you could be spending your time. My mission is to show women how to take charge of their health naturally, so they can be in a place of wellness, happiness, peace and love more of the time. So this spreads to their families, to their communities into the world. I'm here to help you take back control of your health, your healing starts here. And just by showing up today, your genes your genetics are already starting to express themselves. For the better, isn't that amazing? You're already healing. So let's feel more competent, vibrant, and sexy together. Welcome to today's program, I am so honored and excited to have a very special guest today. But before we get started, I actually want to tell you about some things that are coming up. So we have the beautiful Robins hormone reset coming right up, we start on Monday. So you know if you've been around the block a few times, if you you know, feel like you know what to eat, and you've been taking supplements, and maybe you've seen a functional doctor or two, this could be the perfect right program for you. But I've heard other ladies say is this program kind of pulls it all together, if you're looking for hormone imbalance, or if you are experiencing hormone imbalance, and you're looking for hormone balance, this program is the perfect right place. Because everything we learn in the program is actually about how to, to do our lives in a way that really supports us in a hormonally balanced way. So that we stay, we stay right here, instead of being taken out all the time. I've had a couple of client consults today. And, you know, what I hear is that they're just becoming so much more stress resilient. And what that means is that when something comes up in their lives, that doesn't take them out, right, they don't, they don't go into overwhelm immediately, they don't get completely stressed, they can still sleep at night, you know, things aren't keeping them up, things aren't going round and round around in their heads. So it's really important to build that stress resilience. And the way that you do it is by learning how to do your life for hormone balance. And I've seen so many of you in this beautiful community, you know, post really like important questions. And then what I can remember recently, I think Jenny posted, you know, about how do I, you know, resolving anxiety, how do I get off of I think Xanax she had said, and you know, the reset is the way that you do it, because well, you know, it'd be nice if it were just, you know, one natural pill that we could state take instead of a medication. Unfortunately, it's way more involved than that, right? There's a lot more to it. So anxiety, weight, and energy are the promises of the reset, right? I'm eliminating anxiety, boosting energy and releasing weight. And we have to get healthy to lose weight, which is a really great way to think about it. Because then you no longer have to focus on how to lose weight, you just have to focus on how to take care of yourself, but it's magic. So if you're joining in today, either live or you're listening to the replay, I would love to have you say hello, and just where you're joining in from. And maybe share with us your you know, one biggest health challenge, you know, what is you know, the one thing that you're hoping that the reset will help you with and when you join the reset if you join the reset, let us know they've joined joined in and and if you join the reset, we actually asked you to post your top three health goals. So your top three health goals. So think about what they are and you want to express them in a way so that they can happen. So instead of saying a sentence with a negative in it, like I don't want to be fat anymore or or I want to get rid of facial hair, you would say I want to have, you know, clear beautiful skin. I want to have a healthy body composition. You know when anxiety and depression come into play, you want to have happy more balanced moods, you know, things like that, and then you can bring it in, right you can bring it in. So we learn that actually in the first day of the reset kind of how to form things so that you can have it so good and there's some great, great goals great health goals in there. reset already and we have over 500 Ladies signed up for the reset. It's so magical. It's just really a magical time. So post right here if you're joining in post your your number one health challenge that you'd like to get resolved and just want to see. Oh, yeah, he was that strain from Wake Forest North Carolina so great. And then number one health challenge and then yeah, think about what your goals you know what your top three goals would be. Alright, I have a beautiful guest on with us today. And Allison. Oh my gosh, you're gonna have to pronounce your last name for us.
Hi, Robin. Thank you. Hi, everyone. Hope you're having an awesome day today. My last name is Liqui Yves

le queen. All right, I was gonna say the couvre. But leave that's so beautiful. And share with us where you're joining in from.

I'm in Massachusetts, out near Worcester. Oh, awesome.

Awesome. And we just so appreciate you being here. Because, you know, when we can sort of hear someone else's story, it really helps us believe that it can happen for us to you know, and so you you actually joined the reset. Was it last year was the first reset that you did last year? Yeah. And tell us kind of a few things that were going on for you that said, Oh my gosh, I really need this. Yeah. Think back I know it kind of brings I can

put myself right back there. i i for a couple of months leading up to that point. I was experiencing me major mood changes. Sleeping sleeping is hugely important to me. I've always been a really good sleeper. I was waking up sweat drowning. I you know pounding heart like pounding. And I'm sleeping. I'm not running or sprinting from you know, a truck is running, you know, driving behind me it was I couldn't sleep and I was moody and and I just didn't feel comfortable in my body anymore. And yeah, it was very, very difficult time. Very difficult. I Yeah. Memorial related. I knew it was, but I had no idea. How am I going to fix this is awful. Yeah.

Yeah. So smart to know that like heart palpitations are hormonally related. You definitely want to have it checked out by your doctor and make sure it's not a hard thing. But most often heart palpitations are a hormone imbalance, right? Yeah. So you said hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, you'd wake up more multiple times during the night. And then you also shared racing thoughts, which you're still kind of working on yet racing thoughts, lack of motivation, feeling of stress anxiety, you said you just didn't recognize who we were anymore?

Absolutely, absolutely. It was. It was just amazing. I, I did all the things I cared about before my GPA, whatever. That's not me. I knew I was in trouble. I would knew I was in trouble. And if I kept that going, um, you know, now dis ease becomes an issue when I don't want any of that. So yeah, it was very challenging. Very challenging.

Mm hmm. Yeah. So you were a little bit afraid, you know, of what was to come. And I love that you recognize that? You just weren't yourself?

Yeah, and, you know, people around me, you know, it's not fair to them. Because I'm off the planet. You know, I'm snappy and moody. And you know, where did I go? Is what happened? Really, truly? Where did I go? What's going on? Yeah.
Yeah. If you're listening in, you know, can you relate to this? You know, can you relate to what Allison is saying? That was me for sure. You know, I was thinking about that, too. Like, where is Robin? Where did she go? You know, when we're completely taken out? We have all these symptoms, you know? Yeah. So, so I don't remember how you found the reset. Was it a Facebook ad? Was it through a colleague of mine?

So I have followed your way back. I was introduced to you back in 2012 by a nutritionist that I was working with at the time.

Okay. That's right. Yeah. And,

you know, after many years, you know, I kind of went did my own thing, and I was in very good shape at that point. And then I hit boy, nine and a half and I went out of whack. And so I said, you know, I I need I need a hormone expert. And my daughter was wonderful, but she's not a hormone expert. And she ran all these tests, but I needed answers. And I needed to meet fast. I can't live this way anymore. So the minute I thought, oh my gosh, Robin Nielsen, I wonder if she's still doing this. So I Googled you. And when I saw that you're still doing I felt like, I was thrilled. So I know where and I spoke to I'm not sure who I wish I remember. And that's when they explained, you know, would you look as a reset coming up? And this is how it works? Would you like to join a nice ad? Yes, I need something. Yeah, that's
so great. You probably talked to Jessica, she's our customer service gal, and absolutely adorable. And how magical that you thought to do that. That's so awesome. It's

really amazing. Because, you know, there's many as you know, you know, that are well known out there. But I don't know why you just you came right. Right to the forefront right to the forefront. It you know, it was really, I'm thankful it was it was a blessing. Yeah. That's so nice.

And you now today, yeah, diverge a little bit, but you say that you work from home now?

Yes, that's over. We are now 100% from home.

Yeah, well, that's so nice. And remind, remind us of the work that you do?

Well, I'm in corporate finance, and filing last position. I had to leave it. I had to, because I can't believe I quit my job. But I had to. And I did that for me. And it was a very scary, you know, scary thing. But I had to it was the stress was over the top. And my, you know, I did the cortisol profile, though testing. And it was high and low and every day. And, you know, I'm waking up at one o'clock in the morning, waking up at two o'clock, waking up at three o'clock. And on top of that, the sweating and the pounding. And yeah, so I,

and how long ago did you quit your job.

So in December, I made the decision I have to go. But

this was after you had done the reset? Correct.

So I did the reset I got into this year, in January. And then I was like I really need to December was when I really made my decision that I need to do something else. And then January came and February came and. And then in March, I I finally said no more, no more. And I really said yes to me, is what I did. And I can't sit here and be part of this group and live with integrity while still living that way. So I had to do it. And I'm glad I did it. And that's what happens
when you start to feel better is that you start getting messages clearer. And sooner. And every cell in your body is like no. You know what? I wasn't feeling well, I wasn't getting any messages, right. But as you start to heal, you can just feel it in your body. You're like, oh, this just this is not in alignment. I just can't do it anymore. I know it's taking me out. So people, you know, fix relationships, change relationships, change jobs. I mean, it's really a brave thing. But I love that you said yes to yourself to change your job because that's a scary thing. Right? But what you did is you made room for something better to come in. Right? Isn't that incredible?

Yeah. The magic one day it's it's right here in my office everyday Robin? Yeah. We need

our magic wands for the reset. So we're gonna use them again for this reset. Yes. So great. All right, Allison. So you showed up for the reset. You decided to you joined? You knew you needed help. You showed up? Did you show up every day?
Absolutely. I did. 100%.

So you showed up every day you started implementing the things that I was sharing, and you have something you want to share with us?

Well, I was stressing, you know, that's not quite the right word. I was concerned that I after the first reset and then getting into this year that I wasn't doing it right that I needed. And then I thought you know what, stop overthinking of it. And can you see that?

It says Enjoy the journey. Yes. All right.

Put my assessments now. I love it. It's it makes me You just feel good, because I don't know, it just makes me feel good. And that I'm that I care enough about myself because, you know, we, we, I only have this body on this earth to live in. And I want to feel good Robin, you know. And not only do I want to feel good, but if I just when you feel good, all those feel good around you. And life is just so much better. When I felt the way I did a year ago, I don't want to go back there. Sorry, I don't and I'm not going to. So I'm not going to beat myself up when I'm like, You know what, I'm not doing this, right? Not doing this right now. Just Just chill and enjoy. So I love

that it's a constant reminder to just give yourself some grace and enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process. So will you share with us some of the things that have improved for you since you did the reset?

Yes. So I felt I'm in the right place, which made me feel calmer. And when I felt calmer, then I could relax a little bit more, I felt that I was being taken care of I'm giving the right tools. And as my awareness became open, my motivation started to come back. And I felt like I wasn't losing my mind. You know, just as crazy. Ping pong. The ping pong tables put away Thank gosh. And then I felt hopeful as well. And as I started to feel that and uplifted now, I guess, you know, the cortisol started to drop, apparently because I I wasn't waking up with this horrible pounding. I'm sleeping and I'm not running from, you know, whoever had more focus. definitely much more clarity. And then a lot of the things you teach or you taught, at least, you know, opened my eyes. That's why my body's doing that. It's not broken. It's not that I'm all screwed up. Now, it makes sense. Ah, it was just this light that I so, so needed. I felt like I was in the middle of the ocean in a raft. And there was nothing around me about water. And I was just not okay. And now I became okay. And it's just it was an absolute blessing. And really when I needed I thank you so much so much.

You're so welcome. I've just got like chills all over my body. You have so much passion around this Allison. Oh my goodness. Yeah, so much passion and I love your sort of visual, you know, where you kind of were in a life raft, you know, alone, no support, maybe sharks were circling? I don't know. But yeah, and it kind of a scary place, and it does feel scary, you know, and you don't feel well. It's, it's really hard to know where to turn to get support. And that's why I absolutely love this sisterhood group because we can, you know, really kind of wrap our arms around each other and really support each other in a really powerful way. And, and, you know, you're just a real inspiration for so many of us who decided to say yes to herself. And, and I think what happens is we we kind of make make a declaration, right? You made a declaration yourself, I've got to fix this, you know, and then you know, I came into your mind, right? So you made that declaration and then the universe starts providing Yes, and and what I'm taking this course on, on really, it's changing the dream of the modern world so that we can support the earth and all of us on it a little bit better. And I was listening to an indigenous man talk about how human beings are special. So we have a special gift in that and I'm going to see if I can pull up his exact words. Here we have a special gift because we're two legged and the two legs allow us to walk either forwards or backwards. though what you decided was you wanted to walk forwards, right? You made that declaration like this is enough. I, so you were walking backwards before that time. So we can walk forwards or we can walk backwards, we have two choices. So if your two legged, the two legged beings on this planet, have a choice, they're gifted with choice. And so we can walk forwards or backwards. When we're walking backwards. We're walking in to the darkness, we're walking into misery, and we're walking into despair. But the beautiful part is about being these two legged beans, is it anytime we can make a choice to walk forwards? And that's what you did, you made a choice to walk forwards. And when we walk forward, we're walking into the light, which I think is so beautiful. We're walking into peace, and happiness, and joy, and wisdom. And I so that's, you know, that's what I learned from this indigenous elder. And how that translates for me, and what I always say is that we have to say yes to ourselves, like that's walking forward. Right? And, and it is like, it's so powerful. We don't, we don't really understand we completely underestimate the power of saying yes to ourselves, our genes, our genetics, start to change themselves for the better when you make that choice to walk forward. And you said yes to yourself, not just once. But since you started the reset, you said yes to yourself every single day. Right, because every single day is a recommitment to you. Right? In order to keep walking forward, right, we need support, we need support. So I want to go back to some of the things that improved for you, I have a list because I really want the listeners to get clear, your sleep improved, so much, right? You no longer have hot flashes, no more heart palpitations, no more night sweats overall, you feel calmer. And I get the sense that you're also really able to check yourself, you know, we're so we're a constant work and process, right or in progress. Constantly, we need to work on ourselves. This is not like a one and done right. It's sort of like the mentality of doing a diet, and then you know, losing some weight and then expecting to keep it off. By going back to your way of being right. Not going to happen every day is a choice to stay on track. And so you've continued to walk forward. And that's what's so inspiring.

Your Well, thank you, you was that Robin? Oh my gosh, you guys. It's just been awesome. And the group was great. You know, and the support because getting back to that whole, you know, on this little life raft. I felt alone, you know, I have, you know, wonderful people in my life, but they're not in this body. And they, they don't know what I'm feeling. And, you know, if I go to speak to somebody about it, sometimes it's brushed off, and you know, that it might not be a big deal. But right now, it's a big deal. And it's a big deal to me. And it's important. And with this group with with the reset, it's like people are right there with you. And even if they're not experiencing x and I am experiencing X, you know, the support that you get in you know, you just feel it. And that just it's it's just so hard and uplifting. It just it feels so good.

Yeah, well, it's a bunch of like minded women, right, who really are on a on a mission to resolve their health issue. That's why it's so special. We've actually had over 11,000 Women sign up for the program, if you have if you have signed up or registered before you're in for life, so you can come back and you know, get a tune up anytime. It's really a beautiful experience. And it is a love fest, you know, that is actually one of the rules of the reset is that you know, we may feel grumpy and irritable and a little, you know, it's the Seven Dwarves of menopause, I call them you know, bitchy, witchy, irritable, grumpy, sassy, whatever it is. You know, that's how we're coming in, right? But we have to show up, you know, at our highest self, you know, we have to find the love, because that's what pulls us forward instead of taking us back. So oh my gosh, Ellison. So. So for those of you listening, you know, what's one thing that Allison has shared with her beautiful, passionate heart? That has really resonated with you? I would love to to hear your feedback on that. What's really resonated with you? Of a couple ladies on zoom here, April and is it corrosion or care? Carrie? Maybe it's Carrie. I'm getting off fancy. But anyway, what's one thing that Alison has shared? That is that is really resonating with you? Yeah, I would love to hear. So Allison, what would you say to a woman who is struggling right now like with with, you know, with, with her health? And she's thinking about the reset, but she's just not

sure? Well, Mike, the very first thing that comes to mind is, if you're at this point, and you're hearing this, you're hearing this for a reason, you're looking for some help, or or guidance or something. And I think why not? You know, why not? If especially if you tried all these things, and it's not working, whatever it is, why not give yourself another shot? This is absolutely, absolutely fantastic. This, this this reset is is just wonderful. And the I, I can't even I can't even get the words to come out. It's just it's, for me, it's the right place to be and you are so worth it. You're here for a reason. Your family friends. You know, I'm sure I'm more than sure. To my heart of hearts. You want to feel good. And in order. Great. Let's make it bigger, right? Give it a shot. Why not? It's fun. Robin is hysterically funny. You'll be laughing all week. I'm more than sure of it. You deserve this. This. You really truly do. You really truly do. And I just I hope you like I'm sure you've heard say yes to yourself, even just for a week.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So well said it's just a week. And, you know, almost every woman comes in skeptical, right? Because we've tried just about everything. And, you know, I hear a lot. I was really skeptical. But you know, I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose. I mean, if you're in this sisterhood group, you're listening to this, then you're not as skeptical because you've heard me speak probably a lot. But if you're watching this on YouTube, you may be somewhat skeptical. So just say yes to yourself. The one caveat is you have to show up, right? This is not a program where you sign up for it, you don't show up, then you expect results. Of course not, it's not going to happen that way. But when you sign up and you show up, oh my gosh, magic happens. And I love that you said I'm funny. I really appreciate that. Because we do try to make it fun. I don't think I'm as funny as Allison says, but we try to make it so much fun. I can't tell you the last reset. Some have a little magic, one idea came to my mind. And I created a graphic image, you know where we're going to do q&a On the weekend. And I call it the magic wand weekend. And somehow I found this little thing that made the little one to go up and down on my hand. I was so enjoy for probably 30 minutes over that I was like, This is so much fun. And that's what we need to do. You know, we need to get back into our bodies, right? We need to get out of our heads and into our bodies, because that's where women reside. And this program helps us do just that. Well, let's give Allison lots and lots and lots of love. She's such a dear soul, isn't she? Oh my gosh, we're so grateful that you joined us. So grateful. Yeah. And I just love that you're just saying yes to yourself over and over and over again, that you're so joyful yourself that, you know, we're still working through our challenges. We all are right. But we're in such a better place to do that. We're way more objective, right? We learn all about being the objective scientist in the program. And so your body's just a chemistry lab and we're just trying to, you know, mix it up so it works better and better and better. Alright, so much love to you, sweetie. So great to see you. Thank you for being on with us today and we'll see you in the reset.

Absolutely. Thank you.

Yes All right. Oh, all right. So I'm going to just share a little bit my team wants me to share about the help a girlfriend contest. Because this is the way for those of you who are super excited about the reset, whether you've done it before, or whether it's a brand new experience that we bring our friends, and we have incredible prizes when you bring your girlfriends to the reset. And let me just tell you what they are. So for the woman who brings the most girlfriends, you know, we have a little saying that we go much farther when we go together. You know, I love the whole concept of kind of walking, walking each other home, which is kind of what we're doing, we're wrapping our arms around each other, and walking each other home. So for the woman who brings the most girlfriends, you actually get the natural hormone solution plus program, which is an incredible program, you get the Emerson apothecary, all the kids skin care kit, which they are one of our sponsors. And Lindsay is actually on our team, and she makes all of this skincare herself, it's incredible. You get one of our hormone balancing protein powders, and the total value of this prize is $689. For prize two, for the woman who brings the second most friends, you get the natural hormone solution, that basic program, the Emerson apothecary all the kids skincare kit, and one of our hormone balancing protein powders, and that's a total price value of $538. And then for the woman who brings the third most girlfriends, you get the natural hormone solution basic program and the Emerson apothecary all the kids skincare kit, we really want you to be well cared for. So make sure that that you grab your special link. So with that, we'll post the link to the help girlfriend contest page where you can see all the prizes. But you also need to get your special link there that you can share with your girlfriends. So I know that those who are most successful with sharing it, post it right on their Facebook page. Talk about how excited you are about this program and ask your friends to join you. It's magical how that works because we want to do things together. So post it right on your Facebook page. Ask your girlfriend's to join you and celebrate them when they do say yes, like say congratulations. I want to celebrate you. I can't wait to do this together. So excited. All right, and we'll be sending out a couple more emails before we begin on Monday. Sharing the leaderboard with you. All right, it's been so wonderful being with you here today. Sending you so much love