Feng Shui Your Kitchen for Better Health

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By Terri Negron – Feng Shui Consultant

Nourishment starts long before you put the fork to your mouth.

You can’t nourish the body if your kitchen is cluttered. With that in mind, let’s take a look at an easy Feng Shui recipe for a clean kitchen and a healthy lifestyle by de-cluttering the space.

The kitchen is a hub in the home. It’s where many of our most important conversations take place and truly the spot for memories that last a life time. For that reason (and because we all gravitate toward the yummy things in life), it’s an easy place to put that paper you’ve been reading, or unopened mail, or even the back pack that you carry around. It can be a hot spot for dumping items. In other words, we drop what we have and seek to fill up on food.

Speaking of food, not only do we have our spare items in the kitchen but we even hold on to food way past it’s expiration date. Maybe we just don’t see it way back there in the fridge or maybe we think we want to save it for a snack later. Food clutter is really stuck energy and we all know that’s something we do NOT need.

So for this recipe here are your ingredients:
– an egg timer
– a trash bag
– cleaning supplies (healthy and eco-friendly, of course!)
– the will to make your kitchen the first step towards nourishment

Take the egg timer and use it daily. Set it for 15 minutes only. Start with one shelf in the fridge or pantry and toss, toss, toss. Then clean the shelf with the cleaning supplies.

Here’s what you ask yourself … “Does this jar of Nutella, which should now be called Oldtella bring a smile to my face or is it past the time on my shelf? Does this “food” support my health goals?”

Once you get honest with yourself and decide, you know enough to throw away food that’s no longer edible or supporting you. You know that there are boxed items, non-perishables that would be great for the food bank or your local food drive. You know that getting rid of those unappetizing food items will make room for wonderful meals to come. See how much you already know?! If your 15 minutes are up, stop for today and return tomorrow with resolve to get another shelf de-cluttered.

Then there’s the extra, non-kitchen items. We’ve all seen them. Sometimes we write our bills on the kitchen table so our check book is out on the counter. Or the kids work on their school art projects there because the kitchen has the best lighting and the table’s big. Well, it happens to us all. We use the kitchen for tasks that are not food related but maybe we would find our meals more appealing and feel the nutrition flowing through us if we just kept the kitchen to the basics, cooking and eating. Hmm, crazy concept huh? Does this mean to change your life’s habits? Well, you could consider using the office for bill paying and the kids could use their desks for coloring but more realistically, there could be a group resolve to at least remove all non kitchen items when done with them to keep our hub free from things that might bring us down, while eating.

Now maybe your issue is not so much that you have an over abundance of food items but instead your cupboards and fridge are bare. According to Feng Shui food equals prosperity! Buy fresh healthy produce to munch on when at home then you won’t have an empty fridge or an empty belly! This will bring you health in ways you cannot imagine.

Oh, and did I mention old blenders or kitchen appliances you never use? Yes, the key word is NEVER… so recycle them or give them away. You won’t miss them and you could make someone’s day. I hope this recipe gave you enough to chew on and will be just right for your palate.

Bon Appetite.

Terri Negron – Feng Shui Consultant

About Terri:

After a successful career in advertising and marketing, Terri turned her attention to practicing the Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Feng Shui. Her interest in this art sprang from seeing changes it made in her own life and grew when she saw the difference it provided for her clients. Terri went for her certification with the idea that she would go into people’s homes literally or virtually and create a new balanced environment that would bring growth to the many aspects of their lives. Her consultations often would be about creating more work, prosperity and career success. After noticing that her clients wanting to gain new ways of expanding their life’s work, it was then that Terri began designing marketing materials for them, utilizing Feng Shui principles. What a wonderful way to marry previous advertising and marketing experience with a new love, Feng Shui.

For the past 10 years, Terri’s graphic design business has sky rocketed. Terri designs brochures, logos, business cards, and websites and combines the client’s personal style to Feng Shui inspired design and create meaningful marketing materials to promote their business. While graphic design does keep Terri very busy, she still has time for a list of varying Feng Shui services including: in home and online consultations, corporate seminars, Feng Shui parties and many more.

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