For the Love of Food

During my two Surf Sol Sister wellness retreats here in Baja over these past two weeks, I was reminded of how amazingly powerful it is for the body and soul to create and enjoy delicious meals. Fortunately we have a beautiful home here and a lovely kitchen to cook in.

To prepare for the two retreats we visited the farmer’s market to get inspired for the delicious meals that were to be created. We found organic greens of all kinds, squash, herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme and beautiful sea salt mixes – one picante and one with Italian herbs that added so much to the dishes. We then visited the newer organic market to pick up fresh chicken, tomatoes, carrots, beets, potatoes, limes, jalapeños, onions and almond milk.
There is a “Cocos Frios” truck that is stationed at the “Mirador” which overlooks our surf break, “La Roca” (the rock), where we picked up fresh coconuts after surfing to drink the coconut water to rehydrate, and then used the coconut meat to make fresh coconut milk. I dried out the shredded coconut meat left over from making the coconut milk to use for breading the ahi tuna that my husband, Eric, and my father, John, caught right before the retreats.
Each day beginning at 6:30am we chopped, stirred, blended, baked, squeezed and assembled in preparation for the day’s meals, while we sipped on hot chai tea with fresh coconut milk. The smells from the kitchen were amazing and we found that a touch of lime juice added so much to many of the dishes we made.

Many of the participants learned how easy it is to prepare yummy, whole food meals quickly, and how delicious they are. They also discovered how great they felt after eating this way for a few days. Robin’s secret yum factor: taste your food and adjust ingredients accordingly, after all it’s all about the taste and texture!

I was reminded of how wonderful it is to eat local, fresh food. We ate a lot of avocados, papaya, pineapple, fish, chicken, shrimp, greens, jicama, garlic and peppers. I learned how to quickly stop my lips and fingers from burning after touching the seeds from the peppers! (Use soap and water and scrub hard to get the oil off the skin – I’m sure something as simple as vinegar would help too.) Julie, one of the retreat participants (and now an awesome surfer girl) helped me do a lot of the cooking and she is now one of the best guacamole chefs in all of Mexico! Her recipe goes something like this…

Julie’s Yummy Quick Guacamole

  • 2-4 avocados, peeled
  • freshly squeezed lime juice to taste
  • 2-4 garlic cloves
  • sea salt
  • cayenne pepper

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend away until smooth. Use ingredients to taste. That’s the secret! Add some sliced jicama, bell peppers or tasty corn chips for dipping and heaven awaits you.

I invite you to fall in love with food again. Tis the season.