Here is a fact that might get your attention: managing stress will help you lose weight! It will also make Valentine’s Day much more pleasurable 🙂

When we are stressed we

  • Are more likely to eat quickly or to binge.
  • Are less careful about what we eat (A survey showed that 46% of Americans make poor choices when stressed.)
  • Overeat. The messengers in our body that tell us when we have eaten enough work much less effectively.
  • Definitely much less likely to be intimate

Guess what organ of your body is the major reactor to stress?  Your HEART! 

Your heart sends messages to tell your brain how you are feeling. Your brain interprets the information and then decides what to do.  So, if we can get out of our heads and focus more attention on our hearts, we can rid ourselves of stress!  How nice would that be?!

Too often, people try to relieve stress with a quick one-time “cure”, like a massage or going shopping.  These short-term, one-time activities will not change how you habitually react to stress.  It is much more effective to manage your emotions WHEN you experience stress, rather than AFTER the fact.  Living a lifestyle that reduces your stress can be a heavenly experience.

Here are some aspects to a healthy, stress-free lifestyle:

  • Eating healthy
  • Taking time for yourself

Here are some tips to help you eat more healthfully:

  •  Eat mindfully – taking time to enjoy and taste each bite of food
  • Take time before you eat to appreciate that you have good food to eat (connect your heart and your head during mealtimes)

Use these tips to help you manage your stress and manage your weight!  Remember to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy your food and enjoy your life!

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