Hair Loss: Discover Your Root Causes & Learn How to Heal Naturally

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If you’re a woman struggling with hair loss, you’re not alone. According to Harvard Health, 1 in 3 women experience hair loss or alopecia at some time during their life. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this video, Robin shares stories of women in her family and discusses how our hormones affect our hair. She explains how hair loss in women is often a symptom of other underlying problems like stress, inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance. Learn about the two main types of hair loss in women, what causes them, and how you can stop hair loss and begin to grow new hair. Despite common belief, you can regrow the hair on your head!

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  • Why am I losing my hair?
  • Is it possible to regrow my hair?
  • Can birth control reverse my hair loss?

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be here with you today. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Such a fun fun time that we get to spend together. And I'm so excited to share a really important topic today that many of you are so concerned about and rightly so. So I'm really excited to dive in to our topic, which is I wrote up these really cute little Pfizer to make it more fun hairloss discover your root causes, and learn how to heal naturally. Okay, discover your root causes and learn how to heal naturally. Maybe we should hold it back here. For some reason it gets really dark, okay, and learn how to heal naturally. So it's a big, huge topic. But before we get into that, I want to share why I'm wearing this really cool, sexy unicorn thing on my head. Actually one of my private clients who is amazing, I'm sure you know of her Christie Dorf. She is in many of my communities and is a friggin rock star. She introduced me to these very beautiful headbands. Because we're all amazing unicorns. We're unique, we're individual, we're sexy, we're brilliant, we're beautiful. And we are going to be having a sexy unicorn headband day for the 15th day hormone reset, which is coming right up September 14 through 28th. So make sure that you completely clear out your calendar for those dates 12pm Pacific every day, do what you can to show up live, you will see incredible results and it's time for you. So we're going to open up registration actually, for this group specifically, and my private clients. Well, actually, we're going to open up this group specifically for the 15 day hormone reset on August 17. So look for the post here, look for the information in your email. Because you're going to get the program for $15. We're not offering it to anybody else. For that price, just this group for $15. mean you can see some really profound changes in a really short period of time. So I want to hear from you with a thumbs up or a heart that you're in that you're going to do this. Ah, it's gonna be so much fun fact that we just have a love fest in there. It's incredible. And when we show up in a place of love or energy absolutely increases, so automatically, your hair is gonna start to grow back in when you show up in a place of love more often. Like that's the probably the biggest tip of my talk today. How cool is that? And I just want to give you a heads up. I don't remember which day it is yet. But I want you to get one of these because we're all going to be wearing them on the special unicorn sexy unicorn headband day, right? It's not just any headband. It's a sexy unicorn headband. The unicorn little thing is sticking. These are These are really cute. They're handmade. They're super simple. I think they're for little girls, but but there is a little girl inside every one of us, right? It's very special little girl. All right, so we're gonna get down to a little bit more serious business now because we need to have beautiful, gorgeous hair. We want to stop hair loss and we want to regrow our hair because for women it is a big, big deal. You know? For men, it's not as big a deal. I'm sure that you know men don't like losing their hair either, of course, but it's much more acceptable in society than hair losses for Women hair really helps to give us our identity, it helps us to feel beautiful. And I just want to send so much love out to you, if you're struggling with this right now. It's a big deal, I just hope let's just breathe into that for a minute. Huh, let's just let go the tension around it, you know, the tension around, you know, losing, you know, handfuls of hair in the shower each morning. Let's just shake off that negativity, the bad feeling around it. And let's just pivot for a minute, let's talk about how it's kind of a wake up call. You know, a lot of the things that we experience our wake up calls, but a turn off some things so that I stream really easily. So a lot of the things that we experience, the symptoms or wake up calls, and none of them, like you know, I look at a lot of the posts in this group, and none of them are, are simple symptoms. They're all complex, they all are painful, they all are embarrassing, shameful, shouldn't be happening. They're not normal, but they're common. And hair loss is one of them. Hair loss is one of those the most common symptoms that affects women. And I shared how every woman in my family over the age of 60 had lost her hair. So I even remember my grandmother, when I was younger, had really beautiful thick salt and pepper hair. And she grew it longer. And she would wear it in a ponytail sort of like this. And she was a tennis player too. I'm a tennis player. I never got to see her play tennis, but she told me a lot of stories about her tennis playing days. And then at some point, she had the short hair with the you know, the perm. So the tight curls to cover up the bald spots, and migrate and had that my grandmother on the other side, she had her hair like that. And my mother from the age of 18 had her hair like that. And when I when I asked my mom about it, I said mom, I see in your pictures from when you were a little girl that you had just this long, thick red hair. And then you know your wedding pictures, you have this short hair permed hair. I said you know what happened? And she said, Well, when I was 18 she said I was very sick. And after that illness, she said most of my hair fell out. And I can't imagine how devastating that was for her. Although if you are also experiencing this, then you know, but unfortunately, no one ever helped her figure that out. And as a result she suffered for awhile, she suffered for Lidsey, 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 70 years with the symptoms that not only have hair loss, but all the other things that happen because of the same root causes that cause causes your hair to fall out. So I'm gonna say that again in a different way, because this may be confusing, but hair loss is not your only problem. Can I get a thumbs up on that? Just so that I know that you're hearing what I'm saying? Hair loss is not your only health problem or health symptom. I just feel like we need to. Just yeah, we don't want to focus on what's not working. So it's just too busy to shake off some of that right now. Okay. So take a note of that and start thinking Okay, what else is going on for me? Aside from losing my hair, right? Aside from aside from my hair thinning on my head, what else is going on? And I'm going to give you some clues so that you'll be able to kind of understand what goes together when it comes to losing your hair. So because of my heredity, right, my genes my DNA, I am acutely aware of what I may be headed for. I'm not 60 years old yet. Okay.
But I've been on this health track for about 20 years now. And I get you know what causes hair loss? And I'm not immune to it by any means, but I'm paying attention and you know what am I big things are frozen shoulders, right? So I am acutely aware of how to keep my shoulders and my upper back and my neck happy and healthy, and they are happier and healthier than they've ever been. And I expect them to stay that way. Because I'm really focused on what's working. And I celebrate my successes. And I keep my brain thoughts as positive as possible. And that's what we want to do from this day forward, is really embrace the concept of thoughts become things, right that in the comment section, Thoughts become things. And before I go on about hair, I want to just do a quick little reset here. We have so many new women in this group this week, just want to say welcome to all of you. So excited, you're here from the incredible line Summit. Wasn't that amazing? Absolutely incredible. And I am so excited that you're looking to balance your hormones naturally. I am so excited about that. And we have women in this group from all over the world, all ages. And so I just love for you to say hello, and maybe put where you're from. So awesome. And then the 50 day hormone reset, we too had women from all over the world. And it was incredible. And we got to actually have them on live. That's why that 12pm Pacific works pretty well, Australia and New Zealand, it's a little tough, but a lot of areas of the world that can work. So I try to stick with that time. But just say hello and where you're from, and I just want to send you a huge kiss just for being here. I was very, I'm very curious about the ladies who say that they're interested in a program or a talk like this. I'm very curious about that. Because I just want you to acknowledge those of you are just kind of raise your hand if you said you were interested in today's talk, because it's a little bit apathetic. So you may not be feeling that way. But to me, it feels like you're indifferent about showing up or not. And I want to encourage you from this day forward to be a hell yes. When it comes to your health, like don't be interested, be passionate, right? Or be interested and passionate about that. Because when you're interested, you're not necessarily going or you're not necessarily going to show up. There's no shame shaming here is always coming from a place of love from my heart to yours. I just want to encourage you to say yes, to say yes, when it comes to your health, because as you'll discover today, and maybe you're already thinking about this hair loss is a much bigger problem than just hair loss or thinning head hair, much bigger problem. And so we've got to really jump in with both feet to figure out what's going on. So I really encourage you to say hell yes on there. Because it'll serve you so much better. In fact, when we say yes to ourselves, it changes the way our genes express themselves for the better. Immediately, just by saying yes to yourself. Isn't that so cool? Okay, so I'm going to share as much as I can today in the next 20 minutes that we have together. This is really like an entire weekend conference on hair thinning. But you'll get an idea of where you need to start looking to support your body to stop the hair loss. Does that make sense? So I'm gonna help you kind of figure out some of those root causes, and then show you the steps to healing and regrowing your hair. How does that sound? Good. Okay, so I was sharing how my genetics are really predisposed to me losing my hair. I don't know one woman in my family who has had beautiful hair until she passed away. I don't know anyone. And as we age, we naturally our metabolism naturally slows down, our energy naturally slows down we naturally become more insulin resistant. So it may be a path that most of us are headed for. But if we pay attention, you've seen older like women with beautiful, gorgeous hair, right? Yes. And you can be one of them. Totally. Absolutely. I haven't had one private client yet. That hasn't stopped her hair loss and regrow new hair. Not one. So I know you can do it, I totally know. So, um, I just want to share what, you know what Harvard, women's health really talks about around hair loss. And that is that about 1/3 of women experience hair loss or alopecia at some time in their lives. And among postmenopausal women, as many as two thirds experience hair thinning or bald spots. So you're not alone. If you're experiencing this, it's a very common thing and just, you know, reach out to some of the other women here, you know, love up on each other really support each other hair loss, and women often has a greater impact, like I talked about than it does on men, because it's less socially acceptable for women. And it can really affect a woman's emotional and well being and quality of life. So you know, I just want to say, You are loved. You are loving, you are lovable anyway, right? It's not about your hair, but it does make a big difference. So there are there are, there are two types of thinning hair. And then, towards the end of my talk, today, I'm going to show you how you can really dig in and have a solution. Okay. All right. So there are two types or two reasons why women lose their hair. And so two types of alopecia one is what I call, it's the d h t, the DHT, which stands for D hydro testosterone pathway. And I'm gonna show that to you in just a minute. That also goes along with insulin resistance. And then there's number two is the metabolism, or energy type metabolism or energy. So it's the DHT, slash insulin resistance or metabolism, slash energy. So there are two types. And those are the two types. So right now I want you to get out a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen. And we're going to do a quick quiz a quick hairloss quiz. Can you ready? I'm going to share my screen

okay, so you're just going to track your yes, your yes answers. So the first one is hair loss, you have hair loss and one or more of these places, diffuse thinning all over the head, overall widening of the middle part of your hair, thinning hair just behind the front hairline, or thinning hair at the temples. So if any of these are true for you just put Yes. Or you can put a tick mark. We're gonna count all of your yeses up at the end here. I have low energy especially in the morning. My fasting insulin is higher than 5.4. Many of you may not know the answer to that because it's not often tested. I feel stressed out often. Agitated anxiety, you can really feel it. I have dry skin lack of moisture everywhere. I feel like I'm retaining water. So fluid retention like swollen ankles. My cholesterol levels are elevated. I tend towards constipation. I have a sensitivity to cold I tend to have cold hands and feet. I have difficulty concentrating. I tend towards depression and moodiness. Sometimes I have difficulty swallowing. I sometimes times have painful or swollen breasts. I have a leaky or overactive bladder. I have vaginal dryness, irritation or loss of feeling. I have emotional fragility, sagging breasts or loss of fullness. I have easily disrupted sleep at night. I have increased clumsiness or coordination. So total up your total yeses? How many of these are yeses for you? And then post your score right here in the comment section. And of course your score only is a starting place. There's never any judgment around any one score in this group. Never any judgment. Right? We love up on everyone and I always say that. If your score is high to start, you have nowhere to go but down right with your score. So you have nowhere to go but to, to heal. So it's great. All scores are wonderful low Hi, wherever you are. So post your score. So you can see some of the other things that are associated with hair loss and hair thinning. Energy is a real big one. So one thing that I want to share is that you just bring this up here

when you fix your hair problems, you also fix so many other things like, you know, as you can see, your skin becomes more beautiful, you have more energy, it's much easier for you to lose weight, your if you're still menstruating, your menstrual cycle becomes more regulated, your hot flashes go completely away, you sleep better, like all of these great things happen, because it's related to insulin resistance and, and your metabolism, right, or this potent Dihydrotestosterone pathway. So what I want to show you about that pathway, let me just share my screen again here. Oh, hold on just one moment, I just need to bring this up. Yeah, sharing a lot of things because it just makes it easier for me to show you. So this is the this is a potent de hydro testosterone pathway. If you were to do a very comprehensive hormone profile, it's actually a more potent androgenic pathway. And let me just share a little bit about that. So what let's see here. So, so the DHT pathway was gonna close some things on my screen is is, is caused by most of the time in women it's caused by insulin resistance. So that means that we have higher inflammation in our bodies, let me see if I can make this a little bit bigger for you to see. So we have more inflammation in our bodies. And so we end up producing more androgens or male type hormones, and then we end up actually converting them that androsteNONE, a diode down the more potent androgenic pathway. So you'll see here that when we when this five Alpha pathway on the right to Andhra sterren is actually the more potent pathway. And it's this DHT that is the more potent androgen that causes things like thinning hair, acne. And here's the Tizen, which is you know, hair growth in places where we don't want it. So you can see that the five Alpha metabolism makes the androgens more androgenic. And is that five alpha reductase DHT, which is the most potent testosterone metabolite. And so we want to block that pathway, right. And so, so how do we do that? Well, we have to take a look at what's driving that pathway. And in this beautiful group is a an incredible handout, on the left hand side under files called the top 10 things that throw your hormones out of balance. And it's those underlying stressors or root causes that cause the insulin resistance aside from right, a high carb high sugar diet. So it's also those stressors that that actually can increase insulin, and cause that more potent androgenic pathway to happen causes our hair to fall out. So I think it's super interesting to note that so, you know, I also want to just say that, that hair loss is not simple, like root causes and hair loss are not simple. You have to like figure out what's going on. So I'm just going to give you some facts about hair loss to make it a little bit easier. So our hair thins because we're potentially in an energy deficient state. So I want you to think of it this way. You know, if your body is trying to run from the tiger all the time, or make energy just to survive, it's not going to grow hair because hair is not necessary for you to survive. Hair is not necessary for your survival yet it takes a lot of energy. So you're actually going to lose hair because your body's trying to conserve energy to use for more important processes. Because hair growth requires a trim endless amount of energy. So guess which hormone you need one of the most important hormones to grow beautiful hair. If you know what it is put in the comment section right here. If you guess progesterone, you are just right. So progesterone actually is our beautiful hair hormone. And that is the hormone that is deficient when our bodies are constantly stressed out. So so it's root causes that are constantly stressing our bodies out. So when you pull up the top 10 hormone deal breakers, you'll see like things like the wrong diet for you the wrong food for you. Not enough nutrients, right poor digestion, toxins, poor relationships, poor digestion, you know, all of these things are underlying stressors, chronic infections, it could be that your life is just too busy. So when we have all of these stressors going on, we are not making progesterone. Because what happens is we actually use progesterone to make more cortisol so that we can get stuff done, so that we our body can address the underlying stressors. And so we're constantly deficient in progesterone. Does that make sense? So, um, yeah, it's a little bit complicated for me to show you the hormonal pathways, but something happens called the pregnenolone steel, where our bodies take the hormone pregnenolone and use it to make cortisol instead of progesterone, and our other sex hormones. So too much DHT caused from too much inflammation is one of the other issues. So there's the energy issue, and then there's the inflammatory issue, which is, you know, where we're making too much of the potent androgen dihydrotestosterone. So the DHT actually is a potent androgen that miniaturize your hair follicles it actually shrinks them to the point where they become velis, or soft, light colored hairs causing thinning and eventual baldness, and it can also shrink your hair follicle right, so miniaturize your hair follicle. It also causes downstream pro inflammatory cytokines. So it increases inflammation that attack healthy tissue. Okay, so So insulin resistance is an inflammatory state. And so you might also find that you're not only losing your hair, but you're gaining weight, you're getting more tired, right, your energy is going down your weights coming up. So I'll share this in just a minute. So the triggers are too much stress, right, so you want to take a look at those hormone deal breakers. And this creates a chronic inflammatory response that actually controls the hair growth cycle. So I'm going to take just a minute to talk about the hair growth cycle. We're gonna get a little bit scientific here, so bear with me. So telogen is the cycle of rest in hair growth. antigen is the cycle of growth. catagen is the cycle of death. And exigent is the cycle of shedding we're always shedding some hair, right. And the hair follicles very sensitive, it's considered a mini Oregon, and hair grows requires a tremendous amount of power, like a power plant, right? So even though you may have all the parts you need to grow hair, you still need healthy Mito contrail activity, that's your power supply. So every cell in your body has what's called a mitochondria. And that's a little energy powerhouse inside of every cell. And for many of us, like there's so many reasons why our mitochondria or energy might be deficient. So you want to take a look at those top 10 stressors. So too much stress in our lives from all those different places, really inhibits thyroid stimulating hormone, it inhibits your thyroid, which then inhibits the production of your thyroid hormone T four, which then inhibits T three which is considered the beauty hormone that's our active thyroid hormone. And T three then becomes an inactive form of thyroid hormone because it converts to reverse T three. When your stress is too high, you convert to reverse T three which makes it inactive and that shuts down your metabolism. mind shuts down your mitochondria shuts down your energy, period. Now this may feel a little bit too technical. But I've drawn this little thing for you here. Let me just show this to you. So when stress goes up, or stress scores go up, your thyroid or metabolism goes down, and your insulin resistance goes up, all these bad things happen,

right? So when your stressors go up, your metabolism goes down, and your insulin resistance goes up. So you end up with more inflammation, not less, and you end up more tired, potentially heavier, because you're gaining weight, right? All these bad things happen. And it's because of those underlying root causes. And I know that you're here in this group, because you want to heal naturally. So what are you thinking right now, I mentioned a bunch of the top 10 things that throw off your hormone balance. So the stressors, what are some things that you are thinking might be causing your hair to fall out. And I want you to be open minded, because a lot of us in this group are pretty darn knowledgeable. Right? You're here because you know, some stuff, you know, that natural is the only way to heal. So what are some of the things that you think are blocking your way to good energy? Or what's blocking your way from having a good metabolism? Right? Okay. So let me draw you a picture, this might help, you're feeling stressed, right? Maybe you're in a bad relationship. Maybe you don't have a good partner or somebody, you know, who's really support you. Or maybe you live with someone. I mean, this whole sheltering in place thing has really thrown relationships up in the air and, you know, really, has really tested our patience muscle, right. And so especially now, things are a lot different. So I'm sure that many of us have relationships that are a little bit on the fringe a little bit stressed out. So then your liver produces higher levels of thyroid binding globulin that binds to your free thyroid hormone, which leads to lower levels of active thyroid hormone T, three lower progesterone levels, causing estrogen dominance. So all these funky things happen. So I just want to share that it's not about your DNA or genetics necessarily. It's about something called epi genetics, right? All those things that are happening to you, that are really in your control. But sometimes we think that they're beyond our control. So it's the foods we eat, the relationships, the toxins that we decide to expose ourselves to the sleep we get, right? How we eat, when we eat all those different factors. There's another myth that there is no. Yeah, this is no, this is not a myth. This is true. There's no medical cure, there's no one solution. There's no magic bullet to reverse hair loss, like there's, you know, no topical solution that you can rub on your hair, and it's gonna grow back or rub on your scalp. It just won't happen. Just blocking that DHT, five alpha reductase enzyme pathway, it won't lead to new hair growth. It's a whole body fix, right? You really have to support your whole body using birth control to manage hair loss. Many women try that. But hormonal birth control shuts down your own hormone production. It's not an answer, it'll just make things worse, you'll have other problems. And the topical solutions don't work because you're not addressing the underlying root causes. So you just want to take a look at everything that influences your gene. So this is like the though you know what you do next? You've got to reduce your stress hormone. So you've got to reduce cortisol. And you do that by really setting a beautiful circadian rhythm throughout the day and getting really good sleep at night. And you want to bring down your cortisol so that your insulin calms down, and so that you can become more insulin sensitive. We now know that even toxins like BPA, right, that's in plastics, bind to our insulin receptor sites, and make us more insulin resistance. So toxins are a Big friggin deal when it comes to hair loss. Huge, because it's that inflammation that drives up that DHT pathway, that more potent androgenic pathway that miniaturize is our hair follicles. Okay. So yeah, you want to address what's messing with your blood sugar, your insulin, your cortisol, what's causing your progesterone to go too low? Why are you constantly making more cortisol? You might have poor estrogen metabolism, which is super common in women with symptoms of hormone imbalance. So you want to support better estrogen metabolism that comes through healthier digestion, and healthier liver function. So before I share a few more what to do's let's take a break for a second and just breathe. Sharing a lot of information here. What's one thing that's coming up for you right now that I've shared so far? Just share one thing in the comment section that's coming up for you like what's one? Aha, maybe you had no idea that this was happening, or this is why it's happening. What's one Aha. And maybe along with that, could you write down like, what is one major stressor in your life right now that you can totally put your finger on? Like, that's a no brainer. And I want you to think about like, how can you shift that one stressor? Who could you delegate that to? How could you resolve it? If it's a conflict? How could you improve your relationships? How can you delegate that big stressor? How can you shift your brain to gratitude, right, which is amazing for growing new Heron amazing. I look forward to reading I read every single comment here. So I look forward to reading what that is for you. So you want to reduce stress from everywhere you can think of because they all dis regulate the signaling that controls how our hair grows. And then the two hormones that modulate your mitochondrial activity, the energy and every cell that you need for hair growth are T three, so your active thyroid hormone, and progesterone. So you want to look for ways to build these because they're powerful regulators have energy. Without these two hormones and ample supply, your mitochondria will not be activated, and you will not have sufficient energy to grow hair, if energy is your issue, okay. So in order to have, you know, really good basically, it's interesting because we actually convert our T for their thyroid makes into T three in the liver, and, and peripheral tissues and some other places. So it's not necessarily your thyroid that needs support, but it could be your adrenals that could be your digestion, that really helped to support converting T four to T three so that you have better energy. And we know that by reducing the stressors, you're going to make more progesterone all that's all it's all self care, all self care, bills, progesterone, all of it. So when you are not giving yourself enough self care, just time to do nothing during the day, to read a book for 20 minutes to go for a walk to put some beautiful sesame oil on your legs, right all that in the morning after your shower, give yourself some self care. Without that special self care, you're going to be deficient in progesterone. There is no other way. Because that progesterone right now if you're losing hair is being used to make your stress hormone cortisol, which is causing your hair to fall out. Okay. And then you've got to replace missing nutrients like that is one of the biggies. So when you replace missing nutrients, so many of us in this group are rock stars, like we're here because we want to G s d we want to get stuff done. And we power through our nutrients when we do that. And we might have a hard time even utilizing a lot of nutrients. So we need more nutrients. So if you're one of those je s d women who have a lot that she wants to do and she's passionate In about life, you just need a lot more nutrients. And of course, if you're losing your hair nutrients are going to help you so much. So I just want to share, I just want to share a little bit about the natural hormone Solution Program, because it's in your hands to take action and restore your beautiful hair, you can totally do it, I'm gonna show you one of my clients in just a moment who totally regrew her hair. And she's post 40. Um, it can happen at any age, I want to say many women in their 20s, my mom when she was 18, right? Like no doctor helped her. Because they just weren't equipped, you know, with her hair loss and nor probably to her parents even take her to address it. So I just Rebecca is going to post the link to the natural hormones Solution Program. Right now it's a it's an incredible program that has three supplements in it, poly plus rejuva plus and intellects that help you to regrow hair. And all of the you also get with the program, all of the modules to address the top 10 things that throw off your hormone balance. Now, this program might be not be everything you need to regrow hair. But it's an amazing start. So many women have said that their hair stopped falling out and they started growing new hair. So what you want to see is all these little hair pieces, they're sticking up and they're uncontrollable. Because they're their new hair, right, that's what you want to see in the mirror. Because then you know that your hair is the falling out part is slowing down. And now you're growing in new hair. And and when you jump into the natural hormone Solution Program, you actually get the 15 day hormone reset program at no charge. You just get it. It's so amazing. And in that program, that's the 50 day hormone reset, you're going to start to really establish some very powerful habits that are going to reset your cortisol, reset your insulin resistance, help you to make more progesterone and really rock your beautiful hair. How does that sound? Oh, and through the link that Rebecca is posting, you get an incredible deal. On the natural hormone Solution Program, it's already so inexpensive. We actually have it priced only for the supplements. And then you get this whole incredible community with it. And you get constant support and you get a ton of modules to help you on your beautiful journey. It's a self paced program that you will absolutely love. And yeah, here I'm gonna I'm gonna hold this up because it's so because I did it, I wrote it natural hormone Solution Program. So at the very least, check it out and see if it's something that might really support you. I want to show you a couple of pictures now one of my clients whose really main goal in working with me was actually to lose weight, and regrow hair. And of course, you learn today that those two things go together, right? So let me share my screen with you. I'm going to show this was on her wedding day. I don't know how long ago this was, but this is on her wedding day. And you can see, you can see how her hair was really starting to recede here. And even in her part. Look how gorgeous she is. Oh my gosh. And I love that she just like rocked her wedding day, right? She just rocked it even though she wasn't feeling that comfortable about her hair. So then I want to show us the after right after she did the natural hormone Solution Program and started working with me privately. You can now see the incredible hair growth here. So look how much this has filled in. Oh my gosh, amazing, right. Amazing. Look how much that filled in. It was just incredible. And I have one more picture to share with you. Oh, hold on just a second. It's not that one. Oh, I lost it. Let me see if I can find it. Because I think you'll really like it. So hold on just a second here. I'd love to know like what what questions are coming up for you as I look for this next photo. Just post your questions here and I'll be sure to answer them for you. Around your hair. Yeah, let me just pull up her hair picture will just take me a second
let's see think it's actually right here. Yeah, it's a really, it's a really well, it's very similar to the one I just showed you. So you'll just get a better look at it. So what I want you to know is that it is just so possible to regrow your hair. I don't want you to self settle for a minute. Accepting hair loss as your fate not for a minute. Okay. So you can see with this picture, her beautiful hair growth, just incredible rate. Yeah, I don't think that I showed you that one yet. So they're similar. So don't accept for a minute that it's part of your plan to lose your hair. I want you to fight back. And I want you to figure out what your root causes are. And I want you to keep going with it until you figure it out, and until your hair stops falling out, and you have new hair growth. And I want you just to keep it going. Because it's that important, because we know now that if we're losing our hair, many other crazy bad things are happening in our bodies. And when we lose that energy, that mitochondrial energy, everything goes sideways and downhill in our bodies, everything, not just hair loss. And when we actually are metabolizing into more potent androgens, our inflammation skyrockets, and we know what inflammation does to our bodies, it creates havoc, havoc, it increases free radicals, and it makes us feel sick, really sick. And then we start, you know, going down that degenerative path, degenerative diseases pathway, right? Things like high blood pressure and heart disease and cancer and diabetes. Right and obesity. So don't take hair loss lightly. Okay. Promise me. Promise me just write in the comments. I promise not to take this lightly. Okay. Because I really want the best for you. I want you to feel amazing. Maybe just writing I want to feel amazing because whatever you want, you get. All right. So I Bless You sister was feeling amazing. I bless you with beautiful hair. You've totally got this, and I hope to see you in the natural hormone Solution Program. All right, sending you so much love. Bye everyone.

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