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So much of finding hormone balance starts with the food we eat. But in our journey towards better health, it can be easy to focus on what we put in our mouths and forget about what we put on our skin. Robin talks with Lindsay Chandler of Emerson Apothecary about her struggles with eczema and her journey towards healthier skin. After trying everything without success — including natural skin products and working with a dermatologist — she decided to create her own skin care line. Learn how you can support your skin with affordable, healthy ingredients, and how ditching toxic products can help you achieve hormone balance.

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  • Can skin care products affect my hormones?
  • Can I clear problems like acne or eczema for good?
  • What types of ingredients are safe for my skin?


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Hey beauties Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Let's just arrive for a moment

did good

nice, nice break in the day

Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday, I'm so excited to be here with you today. So we are moving to twice a month. And and so it'll be kind of every other week for hormone breakthrough Wednesday it's a lot to put these on and we want to make sure we have really good content for you. And so many of you were excited for my guest today and I'm so excited to share her with you. We're still suffering from 15 Day hormone reset withdrawals, I just want to say that we miss all of you from the 15 day hormone reset. And it's just been Yeah, hard not being with you. But we hope that you're here enjoying the natural solutions for hormone balance sisterhood. And we actually have our new dates for the May 15 Day hormone reset. So we will share those with you soon. And just have you mark your calendar so that yeah, you can be with us in may offer a nice little reset. So today's guest is the beautiful Lindsey Chandler and she and I were just talking about when we first met though she actually responded to an ad that I had looking for an assistant I think back in 2009. So it's been a long time and then and then we parted ways because I think she and her husband moved and they were off on big adventures and and then we found each other again, a few years ago. Probably been more than a few years ago now. And yeah, Lindsey you can share share when that was and you know, she had a lot of the same health challenges that I had and she's become quite the health expert over the years has three beautiful children does all of our food recipes in my private programs in the heal your hormones program, the hormone Harmony Program and the natural hormone Solution Program. She is our food advocate and she takes gorgeous pictures. Her background is actually in art. I believe like she's an amazing artist and so creative and her food is beautiful, her children, beautiful, her husband's beautiful. They're just an incredible family and she's gonna share her story today her skin health story and if she can heal, you can heal too. So welcome, Lindsay. Hi, Robin. Hey, it's so great to have you here today.

So happy to be here. Thank you for having me. And I
can't believe that you have a moment of grownup time right now you are homeschooling your three kids.

My kids are at my mom's Yeah, she offered to take them. She knew I was talking with you today. So I was so grateful. Yeah, we got school down this morning. And yeah, it's a nice little break.

Oh my gosh. So share a little bit about your kids. So how old are they? And? And yeah, just because it's so cute when when Lindsey post pictures for you know the recipe of the week. Her kids are usually involve like they're holding the food or they're cooking the food or something. So it's like all hands on deck when they do the recipes. So yeah, tell us about the kids.

So we have three kids, our son Parker, he's eight and our daughter Elle is four she'll be five in May. And our littlest is Emerson and she's two and a half. So and we're all home together homeschooling. So it's been the best year and Most challenging year and the most exciting year, but I would say like everyone is the happiest and healthiest they have ever been. And I'm so grateful.

Gosh, so, so share a little bit about your your health journey, if you would. So I think that when we first met, I don't know if you were thinking that you were going to work on your health issues when you responded to my ad. But that's kind of how it morphed, right?

Well, I mean, I'm so grateful that I had found you or you had found me. I mean, I struggled with so much my whole life, you know, not knowing that that was that hormone imbalance was what was driving all of those symptoms. You know, I was overweight for many, many years, I had digestive issues my whole life. I remember I tell my daughter who also has the same issues I do. I remember when I was a kid, my stomach hurt. You know, I just like I know, I don't ever want them to feel that way. But I had acne I had, I wouldn't lose hair chunks of hair in my 20s like chunks of hair. I was over exercising. I was tired, my joints ate. I don't know everything. Like the receding gums, I had cavities. I remember one day you told me, we're gonna get your hair to grow. I had really short hair. And I thought what is she talking about? And then here, like so many years later, I'm like, I get it. I like I don't think that I was choosing that haircut, that haircut was choosing me, because it just was not growing, you know. So. But I never addressed any of those issues. Really, I know, before I got married, I had followed one of your like, two week, detoxes. And I had lost a bunch of weight. Not a bunch, but enough where in the beginning, I had to let the dress out the wedding dress out. And at the end of the two weeks, I had to take the dress and you know, then I was like I think she knows what she's talking about. But then we really connected again, about five and a half years ago when I was having trouble getting pregnant with my second child. And that's when I had probably been been trying to figure it out for a year or so on my own. But it just I wasn't 100% committed, you know, to getting healthy. I was doing it maybe 50% of the time. But when I began that program with you then I had seen so many changes in a short amount of time, and I got pregnant. And so then I knew like I cannot wait until I get back on that program.

You know, so Lindsey is talking about the national hormone Solution Program. And she reached out to me and because, you know, I knew Lindsey I was like, Oh my gosh, this is awesome. You've been on like five rounds of Clomid over the past year which was awful like if you've ever done Clomid, you know how, how hard that is? And and she said, you know, Robin, what can I do? I don't want to do this anymore. You know, I don't want to do any more Clomid. And so I said, yeah, just join the National hormone Solution Program. And let's see, you know, and, you know, cut down on your exercise a little bit, a little bit more carb. And let's see, I think you were pregnant and five weeks. She found out in 10 weeks, but she had been already pregnant for five weeks. And then she became so fertile that she had not one more child, but two more children. And, yeah, so it was like, it's a great story. It's a great story. And then you know, she's just, you know, and things like that happen for you. You just become so passionate, you know about how often you are raising like three of the luckiest kids in the world, you know, going down this health journey with you.

Yeah, I mean, my daughter. Another point that made it so important to us is my daughter had colitis at three months, because I was eating a little bit of dairy at the time. And it was like really, like, you know, we gotta make sure that we are taking care of ourselves 100% And she's so sensitive to fragrances and things like that. So that's when all the household and cosmetic and all that stuff that we put on our in our homes on our bodies is that then we like we're really checking things out, you know, so from that point on the last five years, we've been really, you know, careful about what we're doing to make sure everyone stays as healthy as they can.

Yeah, I forgotten about the colitis. Yeah, that's a big deal. So tell us about skin. Like give us a little bit of background on kind of what you experienced with skin health because I know you know, I had acne for decades, you know, and I know how how debilitating that can be. It's not only unsightly, it's painful, you know, and it's embarrassing and you know, we kind of hide out because we can't fix it and share with us your your journey with so you had acne and then Yeah, talk about your skin health journey.

So I had acne in my teens, I cystic acne, my dad had cystic acne, I kind of just thought that was like a hand I was dealt that kind of skin. And I was a picker. So I was like, scarred my skin. And then I continue to have acne as I was, you know, in my 20s. And well, that's which was all part of hormone imbalance. But about four years ago, I started developing eczema on my face. And it began on the top of my forehead, and it just slowly covered, like all of my face. And
I can show up, I can show pictures, we shot through a picture. I never thought I'd share this photo. Yeah.

Lindsey wasn't planning on ever sharing this photo. Oh, hold on. I shared the wrong thing. We just opened it up. And so this was this started happening when you were pregnant,

before I was pregnant. So about four years ago, I started developing this eczema on my face. And it started on my forehead and it slowly moved down. It was dry and itchy, and scabby. And it was embarrassing. I, you know, the, when I take my kids to the preschool, their moms would always be you're always dressed at seven in the morning. You know, how are you dressed? It's I'm like, Yes, I don't want to go into the house without the makeup on. You see what's happening to my face. It was awful. And when I was pregnant with my third child, I it was so bad. I had gone to the dermatologist, two different ones. And both had told me it's some sort of eczema. And they can't do anything for me because I'm pregnant. And that I knew meant whenever they were going to give me was going to be heavy duty. Something I did not want. So I knew I had to fix it. And I had used natural skincare and cosmetics, I had used super toxic skincare and cosmetics, whatever I could do to try. I mean, I tried so many things. And nothing worked. And then Rebecca has shared with me that she made her own skincare and I thought I've never even thought about that. And then I started researching, and I started making skincare that I felt was gonna help my skin heal. And, and this was about a year ago, about a year ago. Yeah,
yeah, we're all together. We were all together for like,

on your face there and those little jars. I make my own skincare. I was like, okay, you know, and then I had a few hours to sit in the airport alone to head back home and I started looking, I'm like, How can I do this? How can I make something that's going to be like, so good for my skin? And, you know, not toxic, like something that can actually try to help me heal my skin and it and it worked. You know, so and then I shared it with Eric, my husband, you know, he has a coconut allergy. So if you've ever tried to find natural skincare without coconut oil, it's impossible. I watched him I was sitting on the couch with him watched him googling natural skincare for men and everything he'd be like, you know, like disappointed. I was like, I'll just make you some you know, let me just make you some. He's like all right, like he walks out of the bathroom. He's like, this stuff is amazing. You know, so awesome. Okay, okay, you know because you nervous a little bit to share like, you know, what's your you know? So then I felt like okay, I was excited but someone else was feeling like this could also help them there and he was not struggling with that. You know, no skin issues. He just was looking for something to keep his skin you know, looking healthy.

So that's so awesome. So you you she said, I'm just gonna do this myself. Right because Rebecca has beautiful skin and she too like struggled with acne, right? Like we've all struggled with acne. And you know if you saw her now or when you do see her her skin is just gorgeous. And you know, so she was making her own skincare and lens He said, I'm telling you to do that. So Lindsey, you know, started making her own skincare. And I think that you know, you, how long did it take you to sort of figure out the formula for you?

It was a couple tries, a couple of tries. So I'm probably about the last eight months is been what has like really worked for us. And Eric, too. So I mean, we've shared with friends, and we've been trying to get, you know, feedback, make sure that, you know, it works for everybody, not just for me, and it was important for me, because my skin was so sensitive to have not a lot of ingredients, but ingredients that worked.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So let's show the after picture, because you took an after picture, too. So let's show that. So. So yeah, I think that this is pretty, this is great. And this is what you have to do, you know, with when you are, you know, testing things out is you have to do the before and after. And so here is Lindsay's. I'll just blow this up. So you can see. So here's Lindsey skin after and I wonder. Yeah, I mean, incredible rate, incredible change. So beautiful. Cash and, and I love how you went to the doctor. And yeah, the doctor was gonna give you something that was so hard that you couldn't even use during pregnancy. And you said, Oh, you're not going to do that. Yeah, because you, you were so you'd been on this healthy path for so long. And, you know, it also goes to show that, you know, even if you feel like you're doing everything, right. There's still stuff to fix and stuff to work on. And, you know, Lindsey was working on her digestion at the same time. And, you know, trying to figure this out. But, you know, we can still have stuff going on that we have to figure out. And I love that you took charge and just made your own skincare line. That's so
cool. Yeah, we're really excited about it.

So Lindsey, I think sent me an email a couple of weeks ago. And just you know, very nonchalantly says, oh, you know, we have a skincare line now. And it's called Emerson apothecary. And we can post the link here. So you can go look into it. I'm like, what? I was so excited, and I and I'm trying really hard to be like her top customer right now. And so I said, Send me some. So she sent it to me, and oh, I got all the kids at first, I didn't know what that meant. But somebody else said they got all the kids and I said, Oh, I think that's all the products. So I got the moisturizer, and I got the cleanser. So it's called all the kids and you can get all of them together. And it's the toner. Right. So the and they smell amazing. By the way, I love the fragrances that you picked. And then and then she sent one for the we got the man kit. And, and it has beard oil, and it has a cleanser in it, I think. And I love how that smells. And the real it's so what I'm going to have you tell about this in just a second when I'm over my enthusiasm. But what I love about this, I love a lot of things, but what I love is the cleanser is is this nice like oil. And you you know, rub this a little bit in your hands and you rub it all over your face and it's so moisturizing. It just takes makeup off and everything, then you take a warm wash cloth and just wipe it off. And it's incredible. Like it's so much lovelier than, you know, soap or even, you know, the idea of, you know, not so but know that like the liquid cleansers, it's just a really lovely way to clean your face. It's so nourishing because, you know, I had acne and so my whole thing was, oh my skin's too oily, right? Like that was kind of what I've had in my head for years. And we're lucky because, you know, our skin is just going to age better, right? We have a lot of nice, nice oil and our skin but there are also a lot of dry spots, you know, so whenever I would go to have a facial, they'd say, Oh, you your skin is so dry. Well, that's probably because I use harsh crap on it all the time, you know, to get rid of the oil and then you know, you learn that you want that oil, right and so it's actually the the nice oils that help to make your skin nicer. So tell us about How you formulated these.
So I was just looking for the most nourishing oils for the skin. And I too struggled with acne and I think you think you're gonna take it all off, you know, get that really tight feeling, but it's truly the opposite. I mean, what you're doing is just stripping away everything good on your face, and then your skin freaks out and overproduces the oil. So really, the idea is that you are like with like oil with oil, and it's going to gather up the dirt and sweat and makeup and get it all in there. And when you wash it away, you know, it's going to leave behind like a little protective barriers, like how I feel, you know, and it just keeps your skin totally nourished. It's not stripping away anything, it's actually protecting it. And each of our products has like a little bit of a purpose, you know, so our cleanser includes the geranium oil. And that's to help a little bit with blemishes. You know, it's not really like an acne treatment, but you know, it helps balance the oils and helps with the blemishes. And we include beeswax and castor oil, and olive oil is really good for cleansing. And then Shea butter is my favorite. You know, so that's what's in there. But you know, and I wear makeup I wear I feel like I wear a lot of makeup and I cleanse twice, you know, each cleanse wants to remove the makeup and then I cleanse again to like clean my skin. And it's still you know, so nourished and moisturized when I'm done. It's not feeling you know, she was stripped away.

Yeah, it's just so beautiful. Like it just feel so beautiful. And then you have a toner that you follow up with, right the tone and

the tone the toner we make it's it's, um, witch hazel and aloe vera juice mostly and they're both super hydrating. And so for me toners never ever worked for me because they were too too drying, you know. So they again, were doing the opposite of what I really wanted. So I wanted to make this one, like still so nourishing, and it can includes a little bit of apple cider vinegar, so that helps, you know, balance with the blemishes and that's, you know, also very good for your skin. It has a little bit of the probiotics or fermented in it, you know, so that too, is just made to be super nourishing.

and Ph re Ph D skin's really important. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you'd never know it has apple cider vinegar on it because it smells so good. And we include

carrot seed oil, which is an amazing anti aging oil in there too. And, um, a little bit of tea tree oil.
Yeah, amazing. Amazing. And we know tea tree is a great antifungal, right antibacterial. Yeah. Then tell us about your moisturizer.

moisturizer is also made with shea butter and almond oil. Almond Oil is super nourishing for the skin also, and it actually helps improve acne or you know, reduce blemishes a little bit and help with skin. sun damage, reverse and damage a little bit. And there's a little bit of beeswax which is also super protective for the skin. A little bit of castor oil, avocado oil and then frankincense and rose in the Frankincense is for tightening a little bit. And the roses for hydrating and clearing acne. And it smells so good.

It smells so good. I mean, what I love so I love so much about this skincare line. But this scents are very subtle, you know, they're very subtle. And it's just like this just I don't know, it's just so beautiful. And you don't need very much right it's just because it's this beautiful oil

right on the tip of my finger. And that and I warm it like this you know, just rub it in.

And so is this like what you came up with for healing more skin? Yes. Yeah. Pretty incredible transformation. I mean really incredible. And, and you have one more product that I want you to share. But what I found was you know, I get poison oak really bad. And always have since I was a kid, so if I'm exposed to it, yeah, I just you know, it usually gets under your fingernails and then wherever you touch you get it and for some reason my face loves poison oak. And it's something similar you No, we used to I was taught to dry it out. But it's basically a chemical reaction on your face. And so when I realized that I'm like, Well, I don't want to dry it out, like I want to soothe and support my skin. And so I started using like some manuka cream. And this would be amazing. You know, because when you soothe your skin and help it heal. It's such a different experience than trying to dry it out. It's like you're trying to do the opposite of what your skin needs. And that's the same thing with acne with eczema like it is an inflammatory response. Right? What did the doctors first call the they didn't call it eczema. They call it something else like Titus topical dermatitis. Yeah, basically, I don't know what it is, but you've got some inflammation going out of your skin is the interpretation. And so we have to look at skin care in a different way. Right, we have to stop being so harsh and I love this approach for acne because even in my acne guide, you know, I talked about some harsh you know, ways to address acne, you know, when there's like no other option and not harsh, toxic but harsh kind of drying out. And, and I love the term you used, like, with like, yeah, and healing because our bodies can heal if we just give them you know, the right tools to do that. And so you have one more product that I have on order, because I just learned about it. I wasn't gonna

send you some anyways, but we're so excited about this one because it's awesome. Anyways, we called it so I hope everyone likes this name, too, but it's called before kids. It's an anti aging serum. And it has jojoba oil and we soak the rose hips in it. We infuse the oil with the rose hips and we've also added almond oil, carrot seed, frankincense, lavender, Rose sandalwood, essential oils in it. And it smells amazing. And it works. Amazing. I was I will just be honest, I was a bit nervous about today because I had a little bit of a hormonal breakout here. Because I ovulated a week ago, right? But I started putting this couple of times a day and amazing, amazing transformation. You know, in just a few days. I couldn't believe it. I was like it's so amazing.

So it went away. Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

I was like oh man.

When you figure these things out, it's like gosh, I was tortured for so long and I could have just like, had this.
It's amazing how my husband is using it. He's like, I love it. You know he's worried about his like fine lines. It's like we're so excited about it. It's such a beautiful product and it smells so so good.

And so when when would you use that do you use that after you use the moisturizer,

I use it I cleanse my face and tone my face. And then I what I do is in the evening then I apply it after the toner. And then I like put my kids to bed so it like soaks on in and then before I go to bed I add the moisturizer. I mean I'm all about putting the moisturizer on it feels you know it feels so good. And my just my skin has improved incredibly, you know? So nice oh

my gosh, well, I'm just really excited for you and when Lindsey you know first told me about her skincare line like oh my gosh we have to you know we have to learn more about this and you know I'm a huge organic, crazy person and I know you are too. You don't have this labeled as organic but the ingredients are organic.

Right so there's a lot of you can't label things organic, and let like certified organic unless you've been certified and we really hope to be certified. You know by the end of the year is our goal. But most on our website, everything that is organic is labeled on our website, organic we buy from certified organic manufacturers or producers. So the new anti aging serum is all organic I think might maybe one essential oil might not be organic, but we're working on getting there that every every thing is organic and then hopefully by the end of the year we'll be certified Yeah, it's super important to us too. So we're working really hard to make sure that our, you know, our prices are really good for people. And the quality is really good. And, you know, I hope to be certified soon, you know,

your prices are really good. They're so good. Yeah, compared to another company that I was using, they're, they're great are so affordable, and they're simple, healthy ingredients. And they really support skin health in a beautiful way. So, like I said, I'm trying to become Lindsay and Eric's top customer. They have an order. So, so yeah, I'm just so excited for you. And you know, I hope that, you know, I hope that you will give it a try, because it is so hard to find, you know, healthy skincare products out there so hard. And, and like you say, even when you do like, they have coconut oil in them. And, you know, same for me, I just don't metabolize it very well. You know, maybe because I'm so much Northern European. And, you know, that's a tropical plant. I'm not sure why that is. But anyway, it doesn't support me very well, either. I'm not allergic but my cholesterol just goes through the roof. Yeah, so I just just so excited for you guys. Anything else, you have so much wisdom, anything else you would like to share like these ladies to know? And, and Rebecca is pointing us today. Thank you so much, Rebecca, and Sam, if you would post the link again to Emerson, apothecary. And you do want the ladies to know something else?

Yeah, we do. What we're going to do is if you guys want to head to our website, and sign up in the little pop up into your email, what we're going to do is collect emails, it's through Sunday. So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, which I think is the last day of February, we're going to put them in a drawing. And we're going to choose one winner and we're going to send you guys are before the kids before kids anti aging serum. And then also when you enter your email in there, you'll receive a 10% off coupon discount in your inbox. And on top of that, we're so excited that we're going to offer free shipping on any order between now and Sunday to

so nice. So nice. Yeah. Okay, so so so you get free shipping, which is great. I'll save you like nine bucks, and 10% off. So just give your email address and then check your email inbox and you can use that coupon for your first order. And yeah, there's anyone that I would support would be Lindsay and Aaron. They are amazing. They do beautiful work and just a beautiful, you know, family to support so amazing.

And I think the code for free shipping is free ship. Can free ship

free. Okay. Well, if I had waited 12 hours, I could have had free ship on my orders. That's okay, I want to support you. I want you to be successful. It's so great to have beautiful products because we ladies like are beautiful skincare. We need that and our men to Lindsay and her husband Eric sent my Eric the men's version which I it's so funny. I have like tunnel vision. I'm like what's there for me? I didn't even look to see there was a men's and we just love it. And it's so funny because normally Eric wouldn't my husband would not use that sort of thing. He's like, Oh, this is so cool. And I'm like, did you use it this morning? He says yes. smell awesome. Hi.

My husband too. So cute. How do I do it? How do I do it? Like this? What? What if I want to take a shower? I'm like, Well, you just put it before you get in the shower. Like it's just what he loves it he loves it too. Yeah. So I mean, you're working on getting everyone on a healthier path. You know, cosmetics are so skincare cosmetics, hair products, they're so so toxic, they can be so toxic,

they are so toxic. And that's something that we didn't mention is that that's one of the things that you want to do is go to Environmental Working And you want to part of their website is called skin deep. And you want to click on that. You can just probably Google on skin deep ew G and it'll come up and then you want to check your makeup, your shampoos, conditioners, any of your body products, right lotions, anything that you put on your body and and see how it comes up right you want it to be below a three below Lower three, anything three or above is getting, you know, pretty toxic. And you'll see it'll tell you exactly the ingredients that are the problem. And it'll tell you what problems those ingredients cause. And so, you know, we worry about what we eat, you know, we worry that that's clean, and that's organic. And then we forget all about all the stuff that we put on our skin, which gets right into our bodies, right? It's like our biggest detox Oregon. And whatever you put on your skin, it gets right in just like you've eaten it, and can keep you stuck in hormone health. So really start paying attention. take this really seriously. And, and shift shift your products and, and you'll see a nice difference. Yeah, for sure. So any, any last pieces of advice for as Lindsey around skin, or anything.

Just it takes time, right to heal. And it's not just what you put on your skin. It's how you take care of yourself every other way. It all goes together. You know and just because you're doing like you said earlier, just because you're doing one doesn't mean the other is going to be working. Also, there's might always be something to take care of, you know, for me, it was my skin. I was working on so many other things but my skin was still a problem. You know, and then just be an investigator Right? Like you say you're gonna have to figure out, you know, how to heal yourself how to take care of yourself, you know, in a better healthier way.

Yep. All right, well, so great being with you here today. It's great being with all of you ladies, the ladies. I hope that you've taken away some good information today because we can totally have beautiful skin. If Lindsay and I can do it. You can do it too. All right, any you all so much love. Bye everyone.