Food Inc. – A Must See

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My husband, Eric, and my son Nick and I went to see Food, Inc. last Friday afternoon at the Nickelodeon theater in Santa Cruz. This was right after a lovely surf outing and a delicious lunch I had made and brought with us (good thing!) It’s only playing in select theaters so pack up the family, relatives and all the friends you know and love and take them to see this movie. If you miss it be sure to rent it on DVD (It’s not for young folks under the age of 9 or so because it gets fairly graphic with animals.) Rolling Stone gave it 3.5 stars out of 4. While ratings are important, it’s more about the message. The massive amounts of food we produce in this country are full of toxins, void of nutrients, inhumane to our animals, toxic to us and the process is destroying our environment. Bottom line is: it’s big business, and like always, you want to follow the money to find the why.  We vote with our pocketbook every time we buy food. It’s like everything else we buy – if there’s a demand someone will fill it. So, go see this movie. If nothing else it may change your eating habits for the better, for good! And…you may help to save the planet just by eating better.

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