Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling

I’m going to Las Vegas for a conference today and am packing my “sleep tools” for noisy, bright hotel rooms. (I never thought Las Vegas would be a destination for me – kind of far from the surf…)

I’ll be taking my sleep mask to block out all lights from under the door, through the cracks in the black-out curtains, from the electric clock, light on the TV, etc.  I will then unplug anything that isn’t absolutely necessary as all electronic devices must be at least 3 feet away from me while I’m sleeping so as not to disrupt my melatonin production. (Melatonin is our sleep hormone.) I have packed my ear plugs for blocking out the annoying little noises that I am not used to in an unfamiliar place.

I will make sure the temperature in the room is closer to 60 degrees because cooler is better when sleeping.

These simple travel tips can really help me to get a good night’s sleep in a strange place so I feel great all weekend for the conference. Do you have a sleep travel tip that works well for you?