Hot Hormone Tip: How To Fix a Sluggish Thyroid

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More women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism during perimenopause and menopause due to a condition known as estrogen dominance. When this happens, our metabolisms slow down, leading to symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and irritability. But estrogen dominance is often misunderstood. This can lead many women to seek the wrong treatment, making symptoms worse. Thankfully, there are simple ways to fix this.

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Hello beauties. Oh my goodness. Gosh, hey, this is Robin Nielsen and I wanted to give you your hot hormone tip for today I'm so excited the perimenopause, menopause solution program starts tomorrow. And today, we're actually filling out the day one hormone assessment. So you'll get your score. And then tomorrow I'm going to share with you which hormone it is, what the hormone does, and what's going on when you're experiencing those symptoms that were on the assessment. So you're going to become really knowledgeable about how to take care of yourself, and really learning how to come home to yourself. So I'm really excited about this program. We already have, I don't know 2600 ladies in our beautiful Facebook group for this program, over 7500 Women sign up, it's an epic journey, we're gonna have so much fun, definitely join us. It's a free event, we would love, love to have you it's an incredible way to get started on taking charge of your health naturally, because pretty much anything that you're experiencing, you can heal all by yourself with just the step by step that I'm going to share with you. So what I want to share with you today is that about 26% of women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism every year. But as we get into our perimenopause, menopause years, that number increases substantially. And one of the reasons it increases is due to a condition called estrogen dominance. So a lot of us have heard about that term, a lot of us say that term in this group or use that term in this group. But it's kind of misused. So I'm going to share exactly what estrogen dominance means. Now, I'll give you a little bit about it now. But I'm also going to share a lot more in the program that starts tomorrow. But estrogen dominance does not mean does not mean that your estrogen is too high. I want you to get that because we need estrogen for so many different things. It doesn't mean that your estrogen is too high. What it means is, is that your estrogen is unopposed by enough progesterone. So you don't have enough progesterone based on how much estrogen you have. So the estrogen causes all sorts of problems with your metabolism. So what that means is it slows down your metabolism when there's too much estrogen compared to not enough progesterone. And so the ways that you fix that I'm going to share with you and the perimenopause menopause Solution Program. They're very simple ways to fix it. Right? Very simple ways to fix it. You don't. So one of the things that happens as we get into perimenopause and menopause is, you know, our hormones get lower. And so, you know, oftentimes we decide that we need some estrogen. And what happens if you take estrogen when you're in perimenopause and menopause, you're often exacerbating the estrogen dominance problem, because I guarantee you that your progesterone deficient, so you decide to take estrogen and now you're making the problem worse. So you're putting on more weight, your metabolism, your metabolism gets more sluggish, which means that you're putting on more weight, you're getting more tired, your brain fog is worsening, you're getting more and more irritable, right. All these things that you don't want start happening tenfold because you've added estrogen in. So let's be smart ladies. Oh my goodness, join the perimenopause menopause Solution Program, I'm going to share all about like this phenomenon was happening, how you can boost your metabolism all by yourself. Because what happens is that on your thyroid test results when you do your blood work, you know, when your doctor says oh, your thyroid looks fine, that's because your thyroid is fine, but estrogen is blocking those receptor sites. So it slows down your metabolism. So I'm gonna meet you over the program, we're gonna have so much fun, the program is absolutely free, you can upgrade to the VIP experience where we're going to have hormone after hour parties. Sorry, hormone happy hour, after parties. We're going to do a deeper dive into weight and metabolism. So there is a charge for that. If that is an issue for you, and you really want to work a little bit more personally with me. We're gonna have a lot of fun, but you'll get everything you need from the free part of the program. If that's all you can do. So let's step up our game a little bit. Let's learn more about ourselves. Let's come home to our beautiful bodies and live a life that's full of joy and connection and feeling pretty darn fabulous. Alright, post right here. If you've already joined the program, I want to see who has joined and and if you We're gonna register post right here all right sending you so much love.