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We women love our skin care products, but many contain toxic ingredients that can interfere with our hormones. If you’ve taken steps to change your eating, sleep, and other lifestyle habits but still feel stuck, you may need to look at what you’re putting on your skin! In this video, Robin talks with Alicia Muchow of Annmarie Skin Care about their small-batch, wildcrafted products and their commitment to supporting your health. Alicia shares the 3-step process that sets Annmarie apart, how to spot harmful ingredients, and how to naturally target common issues like acne and signs of skin aging.

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  • How can I check if my beauty products are safe?
  • What skin care ingredients should I avoid?
  • How can I transition to healthier skin care alternatives?

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this is David


right, welcome everyone. It's great to be here with you for hormone breakthrough Wednesday are you living glasses should have. Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you so. So these glasses, I just bought them when we were on a trip up to Mendocino last week because when we did the 15 day hormone reset. A few weeks back, it was sexy glasses day and I didn't have any, I couldn't find my white rimmed glasses. So I bought these special for our next 15 Day hormone reset, which is coming up September 14 through 28th. So mark your calendars right now. And it's going to be in the 12pm Pacific to 1pm pacific time slot, some couple of the days we're going to go a little bit over that. So we have a couple of fabulous Fridays in there. So make sure that you get some sexy glasses and I love these because we always show up in a place of love. Right? This is a really loving safe space where we support our sisters in a really powerful way. Okay with so so so much love. All right, so because I can't see you well with these and I love it. They're rose colored, you know because we get to see see life through rose colored and it's great for you know, blocking the blue light. I'm sure they're great blue light blocking glasses to for when it comes to sleep because they're rose colored. Alright, so I have a really special guest on today. And I just, I just want to introduce her before we dive in. So it's Alicia. Moko did I say that right?

You did. Yes. Perfect.

So so, so grateful that you're here with us today.

Yeah, I'm so excited to join you and be a part of today's discussion and talk about clean, beautiful skin.

Yes. Oh my gosh. So let me tell you a little bit about this rockstar woman. She is passionate about skincare and women's health. She oversees the collected insider program, and maybe she'll share with us what that is today. I'm at Ann Marie skincare, and is that retention and sales managers. So we got one of the rock stars at the company today to share with us all about beautiful skincare. She knows firsthand why it's so important for women to seek out healthy options for taking care of their delicate, beautiful skin. Not only for glowing, radiant beauty, but also for overall health. Alicia skincare routine is one of her favorite parts of her day and night. She'll share with you what it is and how she keeps her skin and all the beautiful clients at Anne Marie glowing. So welcome, Alicia.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I can't wait to share all of that with you and just speak overall about healthy skin and why it's so important of what you're putting on your skin is going in your body and we'll share all that today.
Awesome. So excited. So I invited Alicia to speak a week ago I don't know it just came to me that we needed to be talking about skincare and so the company jumped to and said Alicia can be on with you and I'm so grateful. So I actually know about Ann Marie skincare because I know the founders and the owners, Anne Marie and Kevin Gianni who are just the most beautiful people have the most beautiful family and really saw the need in the natural health space world to provide beautiful clean amazing skincare products. Because skincare. You know, as I said in my emails, we women love our skincare products. We love them. You know when I was a teenager, I remember buying skincare cream, anti wrinkle cream, and now you know that I'm in my 50s I think that's so funny, but I was like really aware of that at a very young age, and I'd put on, you know, my anti wrinkle skincare cream for years and years, and I'm sure it was so toxic, but I just had no idea. And, you know, as you know, if you've ever heard my story, I had so many hormone challenges that were just kind of devastating. And I'm sure that added to kind of my my illness, you know. And so, I actually posted this in our group, the top 10 Worst beauty ingredients to avoid. So it's under Files, it's only available this week through Friday. So if you want it, please download it ASAP. And in it, it's going to share really the top 10 Worst beauty ingredients to avoid and I'm gonna go over those right now. And then at the end, it's very awesome. We actually have a link in there for where you can go to check out your skincare products and cosmetics. Because you want to know if it's actually something you can put on your skin or not. So one of my private clients a week ago, was telling me the, the beauty care products that she used. And I said, Well, have you checked them on skin deep? It's Ew, Skin Deep is a part of their site. It's the Environmental Working Group. And she said no, but that she would and she checked them out as Chanel, you know, one of the really popular makeup brands and super toxic like it came out a five you don't want to use anything above a three right? Nothing above a three and a three is getting a little bit questionable, questionable. So she's threw it all out. And she has, you know, restocked her cosmetics with something much, much healthier. And so, you know, if you don't know, to look for that, then you know, you're gonna keep poisoning your body basically. And if we don't change out our skincare products and our cosmetic products, and actually a lot of other products in our house, we could stay stuck in hormone health forever. No kidding. And so

Oh, I was just gonna say and it can be kind of deceiving or tricky when it does say it's uh, you know, healthy cream or it's organic, or it's good for you or, you know, depending on the reviews, but it can have just one organic product or ingredient in it. And the other ones may not be as good for you as you really do need to take the time to educate yourself to help overall and you know, for the longevity of it.

Absolutely. You can say natural and can be and and can be completely toxic, like so toxic. So, one extreme example that I want to share with you is one of my clients was very estrogen dominant. And no matter what we did, we couldn't get her estrogen and progesterone balanced. And it really kept her, you know, in kind of hormone hell. And so we finally sent her face cream to the lab, and it came back with so many Xeno estrogens and Xeno estrogens are environmental estrogens that we take in from the outside that actually bind to our estrogen receptor sites. And they're way more powerful than our own estrogen and they can really cause hormone havoc. So you know, if you remember from the 15 day hormone reset, when one hormone is out of balance are all out of balance. So it's a really big, big deal. And so you can just go through this, but you know, you can see that the parabens, synthetic colors, fragrance, phthalates, triclosan. triclosan is in a lot of our hand sanitizers. Right, and it is it's an endocrine disruptor and it's an antimicrobial chemical but it is specially disrupts thyroid and reproductive hormones. So you know, use just alcohol, right? Alcohol kills like Well, yeah, there are products with 60% alcohol or more very, very effective you don't need these toxic chemicals. And then there's sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. It's the chemicals that foam up your shampoos and you know face washes and other things What were you saying Alicia?

Well yeah, I was just saying in facewash you think that you need that you know foaming property to really get a good cleanse for your skin but that's not necessary and those all of those products do contain that you know, chemical that is harmful and too abrasive for your skin.

Yeah, yeah, you're gonna elaborate on all of this for us for sure. And then So sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium sodium lauryl sulfate and then from Malahide. I mean formaldehyde is is basically a when I say it's like a pickling chemical, it puts a prison derivative you know, I remember my grandfather, he was he was a zoologist. And you know, in, he was actually a professor and in their lab at Santa Monica City College down in LA, they had, you know, all the specimens in formaldehyde and my grandfather actually died of cancer and and so I'm, you know, formaldehyde is a carcinogen, a carcinogen and I'm sure that that's one of the reasons why he died at such a young age. He was 72 and then Tallinn is another one and I think there's just a couple more propylene glycol and then chemicals in sunscreens. They are horrible endocrine hormone disruptors. And so you know, even though we're talking about you know, beautiful, a beautiful face, right, because that's what we're focusing on today. We went on a river raft trip on Friday this last week when I was taking a mini vacation. And this woman next to me was spraying sunscreen all over her legs and bottom and she just kept spraying it and the wind was coming my way and I finally had to say, could you please step away like I was, I was, I just felt it was so toxic, she was a young woman. A spray sunscreen cannot be good for you. It can't be good for you. So please use zinc based sunscreens that are very simple ingredients that have no toxins and and get sun on your skin. We need the vitamin D, right, I don't use any sunscreen. I use zinc internally and then I just cover up if I'm going to be out in the sun very long. I don't use sunscreen. So you know be smart wear a hat wear long sleeve shirts, but get sun on your skin so you get vitamin D Okay, so I'm gonna let you take it away Alicia. So tell us just your take on on some of these ingredients that we need to avoid and lengthen. Let's start talking about some really fun stuff.

Yeah, of course. So welcome everyone so excited that you're here and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to chat and connect with you guys today. As Robin said I am from an MRI skincare but at Annemarie skincare we are very well invested in creating and using products that are you know completely natural organic and wildcrafted absolutely no chemicals like Robin mentioned we would never use the formaldehyde parabens, fragrance, you know anything synthetic. Because we stand from a philosophy and regardless of what products you use whatever line it may be, you wouldn't ever put something on your skin that you wouldn't put in your body because anything that you are putting on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. And then you are you know absorbing that in and it can we of course can't speak due to FDA regulations to exactly you know any chemical or I'm sorry any, you know hormone balance imbalances or anything that may be going on but we do strongly believe that in not using those things, it definitely helps keep things in balance, you're not going to be as susceptible to some things with all the products that do have those ingredients and a lot of products out there. As we said maybe listed as all natural or organic or you know create a healthy glow, but they can get away with saying those things if they have just one or two or a few good ingredients but then some other chemicals or fillers and to help increase the shelf life is another reason why a lot of products have those and we're very committed to not doing that. So everything is made in small batches we have a very Annemarie skincare in particular we have a very dedicated three step proprietary process so we curate infuse and create all of our ingredients in small batches, using botanicals and herbs, infusing them with aloe vera and other skin nutritive oils. So we use oils for the base of our products rather than water or any fillers. So you just really want to be cognizant of the ingredients that are on a product and then just learning about that company you know and standing behind something that is in line with your values and making sure that you're taking care of yourself because you might not think about that you know, the blush I'm using or the eye cream, it's you know, it's not going to make that big of a difference but I like the way it smells. So it smells really nice. And I know that that can be something that that people can get hung up on but you know when you are using essential oils and natural herbs, those things smell lovely as well. So just be really aware of that stuff. And like Robin said, I remember when I was I think a freshman in high school my mom said oh you want to use eye cream, you know you might not have wrinkles now but it's important to take care of your skin and so I was I was you know lather in that eye cream on I was 15 And I'm sure that it was not, you know, natural and peer, but you learn a lot and it definitely ties into other components and aspects of your body and your body will speak to you if it's not imbalanced and things aren't right and a good start of that is what you're putting on your skin. And it'll just it'll just show and radiate out and so then we curate, we infuse them all of our products are in nutritive oils at a very low heat never over 95 degrees for up to 30 days so we really seek them and then we create that with seed oils, antioxidants, any additional essential oils and then all of our products are stored in American glass so that no UV light can get in because if you are looking for a product, whatever the line may be, you do want it to be preserved as best as possible so that helps reduce the UV light coming in. And then I'll you know made out of recyclable or post consumer waste and then it's all produced at a wind wind power facility so kind of from start to finish we're very cognizant of the whole process and you know, when you do decide to switch to more clean ingredients and clean products and healthy living, it's, it's interesting to kind of see the the full scope and process there.

Absolutely. And you know, we are both wearing nail polish and nail polish can be very, very toxic, so you have to make sure that you get that you get healthier nail polish, which there are a lot of different brands that help polish now. So, you know, whatever it is our skin is our largest detoxification organ, it's also we also absorbed anything we put on our skin right into our bodies. So wherever your skin wherever you put it on your skin, it's gonna go right in and your liver has to capitalize it, it's either going to really support you or it's could really harm you. So we have to make sure whenever we put anywhere, right is really really healthy

that we might not think about as far yeah, nail polish makeup toothpaste, hair color, you don't forget your hair colored there's a lot to consider and it could be overwhelming you're like oh my gosh, I need to change everything in my life it and don't don't let it you know all consume you like that I think that if you just take one you know item that you're using at a time and just review it see if you're comfortable with it, see if there's a better alternative and kind of do it in phases and then before you know it, you could transition out some of those products that have toxins and chemicals and fillers and parabens for a cleaner more natural alternative that you may like even better.

I love that I

love that. I'm kind of like do it all now. But I like that you

know just just again you know small changes over time right equals

less overwhelming and then you might have a higher likelihood of having it be successful you know if you do it in phases rather than like, oh gosh, that's way too much. I can't I can't do it. I'm not going to succeed at that. But you can you absolutely can and a big part of it is just educating yourself on on what the important things are and what to look for.
Yeah, I meant to bring my anti aging serum. Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful. It smells so good. I put it I put it a lot of places I was gonna put to show it today but yeah, I want to anti age everywhere. So I brought this i their their slogan and race slogan is wild and beautiful. Oops, look how pretty that is. Isn't that pretty? Yes,

that is so share a little bit about that. So our values at at the company are honesty, wild and beautiful. And then of course, we have wild and beautiful on all of our products and that comes from a place of we are honest with ourselves and we're honest with our customers we want there to be transparency, everything that's in the product is on the label you would never have to worry about something not being in there. We will share with you our exact process and then just being honest with each other as teammates and members of Anne Marie skincare and then wild is just having the flexibility to be as creative as you want to think of how we can think outside the box and you know move the meter just a little bit further. And using wildcrafted ingredients and everything in nature. You know nature provides so much for us that is so good for us and so enriching that why not use what we readily have available to you know in our daily routine at home. And then beautiful is we're beautiful, we're beautiful as a team. All of our customers are beautiful everyone deserves to feel and looking beautiful and we our promise is to provide healthy glowing skin in using the product. So yeah, if you've never heard of emery skincare you can totally check us out. I know Robins a fan, we have our signature line. So we have a lot of products from cleansers, toners, matte, serums, masks and scrubs, we do facial oils instead of moisturizers. Your body really recognizes oils versus gels or creams because oftentimes gels and creams have have those fillers have those parabens and added fragrances. And so we use oils because your body produces oil and it readily is absorbed. So that's one difference with us. But we also have shampoo and conditioner, we're reformulating our sunscreen, which has just very few ingredients. So Robin, I think you'd like it. We have a mineral makeup that you can use a sample kit that you can try all the colors and use it for you know, brightening and lip tint and I you know I shadow. And then we have our wild alchemy collection, which is a little bit more of an elevated experience, and has some more refined ingredients. So Kakadu Plum is in our wild fruit syrup, we have mango seed extract, in our Phyto nutrient cleanser, and lots of you know wonderful products there. And they're diffused in copper water instead of just distilled water. And the facility where all the products are made has very strict guidelines. And you have to walk in with an intention set an intention for your know your purpose of being there. A lot of the products in the wild Acme collection are crystal and Crystal infused water. So it's a really, really unique experience from start to finish. That kind of goes into the products that we sell lovingly handcrafted in small batches for our customers. And then inside our program, I'll just share a little tidbit about that since we mentioned that at the beginning, that is for anyone that subscribes to our products. So if you subscribe to a product that you absolutely love, and you want to get it regularly, you do get 10% off each shipment. But it's so much more than that. It's a wonderful community. We have a Facebook group as well that insiders can correspond with other insiders. We do monthly Promotions we have different affiliates and partners talk to our insiders on educational pieces. We actually as a team do monthly happy hours virtually and we also invite our insiders to some of them so it's just a wonderful community to further be a part of with other like minded, sustainably conscious individuals.

I love that so you get to be an insider just by putting a product on auto ship.

Yeah, just by subscribing to a product and you can switch that product at any time if you're thinking oh I want to get the cleanser regularly and then you want a different cleanser or you want to switch to a serum. You can skip a shipment you can change it and modify our we want we have a insiders Concierge Team you can call and email them for any help you can take advantage of multiple promotions at once that we may be offering you get a welcome box when you join we send you a box of really awesome goodies we do like a right now I think we're doing a small Jade roller, we're doing a custom eyemask a tongue scraper from the dirt which is a company that we really love and and have similar views with so there's like six or seven different items that we send you a gift box of but it's a really wonderful opportunity and all you have to do is subscribe to one of the products.

I'd love that very, very simple. It's a very simple way to get in. So I have a question for you. So I know that you know you guys don't talk specifically about healthcare issues. But if if a woman you know listening today has let's say she has acne, what like what would be a great routine to support you know, less inflamed skin.

Yeah, absolutely. So it would depend on if she had we could kind of create we do one of two things we can share the essentials kind of routine and then we have an extended ritual routine. So we would suggest a cleanser, toner, depending on if she has dry skin or oily skin for more dry skin or aloe or cleanser is very gentle and can be used in a morning and night. The toner we have our Neroli toning mist which has an enrollee essential oil which is really calming. The rosemary is great. If you have more oily skin it is a great kind of helps to purify the skin a bit more. All of our products are pH balanced So typically people think, oh, I need a toner to bring my skin back to pH after cleansing. But that's not necessarily the case with the Anri products because they're already pH balance, which is important for maintaining oil levels and comfortability of your skin. We do have and also with toning, because you're putting a serum and the facial oils on you want to put a toner to kind of create that base and foundation for your skin to absorb those future products that you're going to put on. Otherwise, it would be too abrasive and rough to just throw a serum and an oil on. But if somebody had problematic skin, we do have a probiotic serum that has tremella mushroom extract. And that's really good for if you are breakout prone, or if you live in an area that may have a lot of environmental stressors that might increase breakouts. If you live in, you know, a big city and there's pollution there are such, but that's a great product, but you kind of just want to look at your full routine and see, you know, what could we tweak a toner is great for helping to get off some of that excess bacteria after you cleanse. And then always be sure that you're using, you know, a clean towel or a clean washcloth or, you know, if you have maybe a smart you know, facial device that you're using make sure that that's clean. And then of course diet is always another thing that we diet and stress can kind of contribute to to breakouts as well.

Absolutely. So you brought up a really good topic. And I just want you to share a little bit more about that, which is pH. So can you just talk about the the like the pH of the skin? And then how your products are there, all of them are ph dalens. But why that, like, why that matters? And what is the pH of our skin? Or what should it be?

Yeah, so the pH of most skin should be in between, I believe it's roughly four and a half to five and a half percent. And so all of our cleansers are it's a little over five and a half for the top of the line. So our cleansers are about five and a half percent. And you don't want anything to be too acidic or too alkaline to dry out the skin or, you know, cause any disruption disruptions and a lot of cleansers that are on the market today that do have fragrances or the parabens or sodium lauryl. Sulfates do tend to run more acidic or too alkaline depending on what's in them to help preserve them. So then it does dry out your skin. You know if it's if it's too acidic, and then if you don't use a toner, and then you feel like oh, I have to you know that my skin's too dry when really it's just pulling out all of your natural oils. So you want to kind of maintain a base there because oftentimes, we take out oils that are good and healthy. Or it can cause overproduction of oil. And and so it's kind of a fine line there. So it's very important to make sure that you're maintaining the pH.

Yeah, that's one thing that happens with with those of us who experienced acne, right is we're busy trying to dry out our skin. And then it causes an overproduction of oil, right.

It's a vicious cycle that you're in.

Right. We have to be really careful with that. Yeah, yeah, I love that. Okay, so um, so let's go the other direction then and let's talk about aging skin. And kind of what are your recommendations? So we know of course the diet and lifestyle are super important but what are your like recommendations or what is the routine for aging skin?

Yeah, of course. So you want to you want to do it morning and night so whatever your kind of ritual is and your your regimen that's why I said my I love doing my routine in the morning and my routine at night. They're similar but slightly different. Like I use a vitamin C type based serum in the morning I love our although it's not truly a vitamin C serum or citrus stem cell serum is very energizing. It it does have citrus derived stem cells in it in the morning and then I'll use something like our anti aging serum at night. So if you are wanting to focus on more of an anti aging approach or to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or diminish the appearance of them, we do have several products that would be great for that. You know the aloe or cleanser, the Phyto nutrient cleanser if you want to take one step up any of the toners really would be wonderful since they are all pH balanced if you have really sensitive skin maybe lean more towards the botanical hydration mist or the rosemary Tony miss and I will say just a little tidbit our Botanical hydration mist is made with we are making a slight modification to it here in the coming weeks but it is a complete hydrosol so it's 100% hydrosol of the essential oils and it's got Immortelle which is also known as Helichrysum or life everlasting flowers. And so that is very, very refreshing. And then always important to use the serum. So a serum is your hydration step and the facial oil would be your moisturizing step. So some people are like, Oh, do I need that? Do I not your skin always needs, you know, the hydration and lock that in and then the moisturizer, to seal it. So they are definitely different. Eye Cream is always I mean, I think everybody needs to use an eye cream just because that skin is so delicate and so thin. You might think oh, I'm using a moisturizer, I have a CRM and I'll just put it in that area as well. Because it is such finer skin and you want to end it ages a lot faster the skin under your eyes and the skin on your neck. You want to use products dedicated for those areas, because they are gentle enough for them yet potent enough to help reduce the appearance of those, we are actually launching an eye serum in addition to our anti aging eye cream, but you can find whatever works best for you if you know puffiness was an issue for you or fine lines and wrinkles or dark circles. You know there's there's options out there. And then of course, the facial oil, so a moisturizer. So I just really think in an anti aging effort, you really want to use a good hydrating anti aging serum, which we do have our anti aging serum, a good eye cream, and then just definitely make sure that you moisturize because you want to keep your skin you know as lubricated and balanced out as possible.

Sounds so lovely. Oh my gosh. And then the products, you know what Lee, she was talking about how they don't have any fragrances in there. But they do have essential oils and these smells so good.

plant extracts. And so yeah, you might think that there's added fragrance, but they're all natural wildcrafted and wildcrafted isn't coined as organic, just because it's not a term regulated by the FDA. But it technically is, you know, organic or wildcrafted ingredients, but the botanical infusions, and then they're steeped for up to 30 days. And it's just a very, very thorough, strict process that we follow and guidelines and we work with farmers all over the world to harvest you know, the best ingredients from the best locations, that Yeah, it's like a real spa retreat, you know, every night when you're going to wash your face. And we have our restorative cleansing oil as well, which is a great new product and not something that you know, not everybody knows about and it's a little bit newer out there, I feel like and you can do it in the form of a double cleanse, so you can use a cleansing oil. And then it's an oil consistency, so it's thicker, you wouldn't leave it on your skin, you would definitely wash it off. But you kind of massage that in, it's great for, you know, taking off if you have eye makeup or you know, if you had lipstick on or something, it's castor oil, manuka oil, there's tea trees, so that helps kind of calm the skin and cleanse it. That would also help with any blemishes. And then you could follow up with the second cleanse with your regular cleanser. So that just kind of deep cleanses if there's a you know, if you're gone and night out and you have some makeup on, and you want to really make sure that your skin is cleansed. Or just daily. I like to use it every night, honestly.

And what is that called Alicia?

It's our restorative cleansing oil.

Oh, that sounds really nice. So what happens if someone listening? is a bit confused on what routine might be best for them? How? How do they get help?

Yeah, so that's a great question. Um, we actually offer complimentary skin consultations. So our team, we have actually two specific ladies that love to do this and are fully trained in all of our products and can answer based on your skin type your concerns, what you want to focus on, we can give you both the essentials ritual and the extended that I had mentioned earlier. So you can know like, if you just want to start with the basics, let's start there. I want to get comfortable, get my feet wet. And then we'll give you you know, kind of the 2.0 version of the extended ritual if you want to expand upon that. And then you can try them and see how they work for your skin. But we're here to guide you along the way. So if you do have questions, if you want to set up a consultation, you can actually click on our website on the very top there is a link that you can schedule a consultation at your convenience. Or you can just call us when when it works for you.

Yeah, we're gonna give you a link right now. And so you can use that link to visit their website and check them out. So Rebecca, Will you post that link for us and it's a very special offer that Anne Marie and Alicia put together for And it's the glow and go do Oh, so tell us about that.

Okay, so I'm super excited that you guys have this offer because these are two of my absolute favorite products. And I'm not just saying that they're both part of the wild alchemy collection. So that is that a little bit more elevated. Like you are going to get the full size of our newly designed antioxidant lip balm, which is cocoa butter has seabuckthorn fruit oil, it's very moisturizing for the lips, and creamy cocoa butter extract. So it almost is like a little chocolaty for some people, and then also a deluxe dropper size sample of our wild fruit serum. So that has the Kakadu plum, it's very rich, antioxidant serum that is good for just about all skin types. I don't know anyone that does it, you know, farewell with it, it smells amazing. And that you could use Morning or night. But that would be your serum step. So that would be your hydration. But you would get both of those. And it's it would be as 60 pounds. It's a 1999 offer. So
that is so wonderful. Thank you for putting that together. For us. That's really special. That's so special. It sounds really beautiful. I can't wait to get mine. Yeah,

it's a brightening facial complex. So it's great for brightening, hydrating, and really rejuvenates the skin. And as I said it has that Apple extract the cockatoo Plon, which is a very rare but yet potent form of natural vitamin C, has Madonna Lily, plant cells. So there's around I just looked this up just to confirm, there's around 1.5 million active plant cells and every bottle of this formula. So really helps create a glow and you know, gives a lot of wonderful antioxidants

to your skins. You

just imagine the essential serum that's in the wild crude serum. Yep, the brighten the

wild pro serum. Okay. Oh my gosh, well, all your stuff is so beautiful. I've just always loved it. So and I'm so glad that you could, you could join us because I think that, you know, skincare or beauty care is just one of those things that, you know, we we do everything else, you know, we get the eating down and you know, we we get our sleep down and some of our lifestyle stuff. And then we forget, you know about the the makeup and the shampoo and you know, the cause the the skincare stuff, and then that really keeps us stuck.

It does, it does. But it's just such an important component. And it absolutely can be conquered. And there's options out there. And we'd love for you to try the and re products and like we said, if you have questions and you want to schedule a skin consultation, you can do that through the website.

Right? And this is probably only available for women who live in the US. No,

you can we we have customers all over we have a large customer base in Canada, but we ship to just about every country. But as far as this particular offer, I would have to double check. Let me see here if it says for this particular offer, it is free shipping on US and Canadian orders.

Oh, that's one. Wow. So free shipping to on US and Canadian orders. That's Wow, gosh, thank you so much. We're so grateful. And you know, thank you for sharing, you know, what, what, what it looks like, you know, to, for when we're looking for skincare products, because it's confusing and, and I think that now you can actually, there is an app, and I don't remember what it's called. But it is an Environmental Working Group app. And you can download it to your phone, and you can actually scan the barcodes on the products, and it'll give you a rating. So if and here's the worst thing, this is the worst thing. I have gone to Whole Foods before looking for a skincare product. And look skincare product lotion, face cream, shampoo, nothing is healthy.

Yeah, that would be a good place to get that, you know, on the on the surface, you're like, oh, that's exactly where I can, can go or need to go. Yeah, it's, it's really important to just self educate and looking at labels. And I always say you know, even with food if it has ingredients that you can't pronounce or look really complex. Of course, every every word ingredient has a scientific term for it. So maybe that could be it. But if it has too many ingredients or once you can't pronounce then it's probably not something you want to you want to put in your body without looking it up first.
Right and if it's on your skin, it's in your body, you're

going into your bloodstream, so yeah, we should

be able to eat it. So it's Hold on your skin used to be able to eat it. Well

what are products so you technically could eat everything not that you would some of them smell very good and you would like to but yeah you you could because they're they're totally good for you. Good

Alicia thank you so much for being here with us today and educating us on skincare and skin health. We are so grateful for you.

Oh you are so welcome. Thank you so much for inviting me it was a pleasure and yeah let us know if you have any follow up questions but definitely very important to take care of your skin and it'll show on the surface

great and I think if you click on the link that Rebecca provided for the go and glow, do a special if you do want to talk to a skincare expert who can help you pick out your own routine I think you'll just go to the top of the screen on their website and and schedule an appointment. Yeah, absolutely. All right. was sending you Alicia so much love and sending all of you out there so much love and way to go for showing up today and taking that next step in your health and feeling fabulous. Alright, love to everybody. Bye

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