How to Practice Self-Love for Better Health

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With all the pressures and temptations of everyday life, it can be easy to reach for quick fixes and forget to practice true self-care. Stress and anxiety can keep us stuck in a cycle of focusing on what is wrong instead of what is right. In this video, Robin invites you to create your “new health story” by shifting your mindset from scarcity, victimhood, and negative self-talk to a place of self-compassion and self-love. She offers tips for replacing harmful “rewards” with healthy alternatives and shares some products to help jumpstart better self-care. By taking actions that are truly nourishing, you can begin living in the present moment by falling in love with yourself.

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Hey beauty stream Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday

right here

oh cuz I know that I have made snow and that I am the love that I'm looking for really knowing that my heart is my home. And I'm so small Oh cuz I know that I am made of stars I am, I am the love that I'm looking for knowing that my heart is my home

oh my gosh they're made of stars and my heart is my home. And it's so perfect for today, right? Oh, so perfect, because Valentine's Day is coming right up my favorite day of the entire year. I just think it's so romantic. I don't know where I get that from my grandfather was very romantic. He made this beautiful heart for me out of a billiard ball. So billiard balls, I guess used to be made out of ivory. And, and he made it out of the eight ball, I guess and inscribed it on the back, it was just so beautiful. And such a reminder of beautiful reminder of love and connection. And first and foremost, loving ourselves. So I would just love to hear from you. So many of you said I'm in for today. I'm so excited about that. Just want to honor you for, for saying yes to yourself. And still missing the 15 day hormone reset so much. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful, beautiful community we created there. And they want to keep that going here. So what I invite you to do is to love up on at least three other women, every time you show up, just give them a heart, respond to their comments, so that we keep the love going. You know what I realized when I was doing all of my relationship work when my hot sexy lover and I are doing our relationship work that really our journey is to is to get our bodies and minds in a place where we can be in love in the present moment, more and more of the time. Because I was always living in the past with my brain going round and round. And I was always living in the future, worrying about things. So I was worried about things I was worried about things I couldn't change both past and future. I was never right here right now. Can you relate to that? So for you, is it more? Is it more that you're like worrying about things going forward? Or is it more that you just keep obsessing about things that are wrong? Because I would do all of it, I would do all of it. So today is about loving ourselves, loving ourselves. That's it. And that's how I see Valentine's Day. And you know, we think Valentine's Day is about, you know, having a special someone. Valentine's Day to me is about having a lot of special someone's and it starts with you as your own special someone. And when I say my little prayer every morning to the Divine beloved, what I asked for is they ask for support, to be in a place of love. And the present moment with everyone I come into contact with. Right? I just want to be I just want to be there. I want to hold space, I want to be present for whoever I'm with. And it's just completely, like changed my life. Because I used to be always like trying to be one step ahead. You know, that's just how my brain works. It just was trying to go faster and faster and faster and faster. Can you relate? And that's, that's, that's, you know, that's really a form of anxiety. So I really suffered from a lot of anxiety, and I just don't want that anymore. So we're going to focus on being in a place of love with ourselves right Right here, right now, starting today, are you in? Okay, I want to see who's given hearts here. So I thought I would just share a couple of things, we're going to keep this really short today. So, so so it's really like this. It's really like this belief shift from talking to Rebecca, Rebecca's supporting us here before this call, because she had a really great perspective on, you know, the idea that, that we're, you know, when we think about loving on ourselves, we think about giving ourselves like treats and, you know, it's kind of it's kind of a short term satisfaction, right? Short term. Pleasure. So maybe eating something. I mean, our society is geared around, you know, celebrations are really geared around sugar. All celebrations are geared around sugar. So it's really making a shift. So we think of when we're celebrating ourselves, you don't have to be like, with like, the, the things that we love the most, right, which, you know, when you think about the food that we love the most, it's the that's the food that harms our bodies the most. And I don't know about activity so much, although it might be that you're just sitting on the couch, you know, eating a half gallon of ice cream, you know, watching TV, I don't I don't know what that looks like for you. When you think about all women are really like splurge, right? What does that look like? I'm gonna really splurge because it's Valentine's Day, and I'm going to really take care of myself. So I want to encourage you to shift that, to what does it look like to really love yourself? What does it look like to really love yourself? So think about that for a moment. What what is just one activity that you could do that would tell your body I love you. What's that one thing I can think of so many that would tell your body I love you. So could be having a nice tea, it could be making a really beautiful lunch with like, like incredible herbs and spices. It could be taking like a hot luxurious magnesium salts bath I call it my sweet dreams bath. You know, with some essential lavender oil. It could be having like a bar of or bar, it could be having a few squares of a bar of dark chocolate. You know. And savoring, like letting it melt in your mouth. And just like savoring the flavors. It could be calling someone you love and reconnecting. It could be writing a letter to someone, you know that when we when we do actions like that. They fill us up, they help to make our brain chemistry so much happier. When we give our bodies actually producing GABA, which is our really calming, relaxed neurotransmitter. So when we when we give from our hearts right now because we have to, but when we get to give, it's loving ourselves. When we dress up like I wore this sexy red top today, just for you with this beautiful heart. I'm like I have to show up as if I'm in Valentine's Day, right? And when we get all dressed up, that's loving yourself. Because it's so easy not to give yourself any self care right now. You might not see one single person today. Why would you want to get dressed up that when you get dressed up and put together? Do you feel so amazing? Right I'm feeling pretty sexy right now. I got my shoulders sticking out here my sexy shoulder. My heart pendant on got my red talk. All right. So you know when we get made up. We just feel so beautiful. Right. You know, maybe there's like a pretty pillow or, you know, like flowers or making your environment beautiful that says, to your spirit and your soul, I love you. Who is it? Elton John, he was like, flowers in every room. I'm so jealous. I want that I want flowers in every room. Right? We women love flowers, right? So we're making this shift from, like scarcity, and you know, victimhood, and I, I'm not good enough to, I love myself, I love others. I show up in beauty, no matter, no matter what's going on for you, right? Like, we all have our issues. Right? Maybe you're feeling heavy today. You know, maybe you're feeling anxious, maybe you're feeling depressed, maybe. Maybe you have acne, and you know, you're you're not feeling pretty, right. Maybe you have psoriasis, or eczema, or maybe your hair's falling out, we can still, we can still love ourselves. And, and, you know, in a 15 day hormone reset.

You know, we created what's called our new health story. And so we are telling ourselves what we want for ourselves. So instead of waiting until we get there, we're acting as if it's happening right now. And I know some of you ladies listening in, we're in the 15 day hormone reset. And I want to make sure that you're continuing your new health story that you read that yourself every day, because that is loving yourself. You're telling yourself a new story. And your perception is going to start looking for all that you've just had. And the more you say, your new health story, as if it's happening right now, the more your entire beam will start to believe it. And the more spark you're gonna have in your, in your soul and your eyes, right, you're gonna have like this inner spark that is not going to be stopped. And that's self love. Self love. So I want to know a couple of things that you're going to do for Valentine's Day that are self love. And I may share a couple of two things with you. So I also want to share like affirmations are a great way to express self love. You know, so whatever, whatever you need to hear right now, say some affirmations around it. I am beautiful. I remember I walked into this bathroom. I was recording my song. You are the magic. I was at the recording studio. And I walked into the bathroom there and there was a sticker on the mirror that said You are beautiful. I was like oh my gosh, yes, I am. Like I loved that. You could put that right on your mirror. You are beautiful. You could write it in red lipstick if you wanted. And then every time you walk into the bathroom, you see that? Here's another I want to tell you this, this brief story. One of my clients came into my office, this is probably 10 years ago. Beautiful woman, oh my gosh, so beautiful. And she said, You know what, Robin? She said, I hate walking into the bathroom every morning. And I said, why is that? She said because we have this mirror that we haven't hung on the wall yet. And when I walk in the bathroom, I see my stomach. And she said, it makes me feel so upset that I'm so big right now. And they said, Well, what do you like about your body? She said, Oh, I really love my breasts. And like, that's awesome. So I said, Why don't you put the mirror up so that when you walk in the bathroom, you see your breaths. I said that's your homework. She said, Okay, so next time she came back to see me I said how's it going in the morning when you walk into the bathroom? She goes, oh my gosh, it's the best. She said I see my girls when I walk in the bathroom in the morning. She said it's the best. So those are the little shifts I want you to start making and I want you to love your tummy anyway. Like that's where that's where your creativity happens. Let's just hug our tummies oh my gosh, I know for me, I've spent a lot of my life not loving my tummy. So let's just love our tummies. And that's where all the creativity happens. That's where our womb is whether you have a uterus or not. That's where all the good things happen. So we're just gonna love on our tummies for a minute. But yeah, like, what do you love about yourself? What do you love about yourself and focus on that? You know, so affirmations can really help. Treating yourself well, you know, so we make so many choices every day. And you can just ask a question, is that treating me well? Is that treating me well, so if I'm going to go for the bag of chips, is that treating me well? How will I feel after is that giving me the nourishment? I need to feel great, right? If I'm gonna, if I'm gonna binge watch a, like a, a murder show, or if I'm gonna, you know, watch something negative on TV, the news or you know, something that's violent? Is that nourishing? Me? Am I nourished by that? Do I feel better by doing that? Yeah. So just ask yourself some questions around that. And yeah, you just want to make just like a little a little mental shift that that starts, you know, asking the question, is that taking care of me is that loving me or not? Think that's simple, right? Really simple. So the two things I want to share with you. One of them is a recipe, or Rebecca is going to post that for us and it is the sinfully chocolate mousse. I'll share my screen here. So you can see the sinfully chocolate mousse. So for my clients, I have the decadent chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day and we're going to share one of these with you. So it's so good, it's so good. And it uses two ripe avocados, a third cup cocoa powder, a quarter cup to a half cup coconut, or almond milk, unsweetened, some pure vanilla extract, a little bit of sea salt, and then some stevia drops and you could also use a little bit of a little bit of monkfruit you could use the locanto it does monk fruit and erythritol if you want whatever you want to sweeten it, that's not sugar. You could even use a couple of dates if you wanted to. But you want to keep the sugar content as low as possible because you want to be hormonal II balanced right? And then you can make some coconut whipped cream to put on top it's so delicious. So we give you actually the whole all the directions on how to do it. It's so easy to make coconut whipped cream and it's so delicious. So we're putting that right here under the video or we might put on top of the video um later I'm not sure so you can make yourself some sinfully chocolate mousse for Valentine's Day. And if you don't if you don't like chocolate then make another flavor you know maybe you maybe you blend up some fruit some berries in there you know maybe you make it a strawberry mousse or something else. Yeah, so experiment. It doesn't have to be chocolate it just happens to be what I love It's chocolate. And the other little treat I want to share with you is the job of a cream so the Java cream is is pretty amazing and and Dr. Annika Becca formulated it she and I worked together for a number of years in the sexy younger you programs and conferences. And I love it that I have some on right now sisters. I love it because it's a D H E A cream. It's a hormone cream. And DHEA can be anti aging, and it's for our pelvic floor. So it can really help with muscle integrity on our pelvic floor. It can help with vaginal integrity. So you can actually you just put a pea size amount on your finger and you rub it on your pelvic floor and up into your vaginal cavity. As a doctor Dr. Anna cannot tell you to do that but I can because I'm not a doctor. You're supposed to have a prescription for it. Putting DHEA inside the body like that, which is crazy because you can buy DHEA over the counter, so I don't get it. But anyway, you do want to rub it on your pelvic floor and up into your vagina. And it helps with muscle integrity, it helps with the the tissue, both on your pelvic floor and up into your vaginal area. And it helps with urinary incontinence, it gives you a little boost of energy because it's DHEA. And DHEA can be energizing, so you use it in the morning. And it also helps with libido. So it helps to get your clitoris a little bit more tingly. And it also helps to get the tissue in your vagina more balanced so that you don't have pain there. And so that you have more or less diversity, it's really lovely. And so you can use it as you need it. And I like it for Valentine's Day. Because whether we have a partner or not, it's really important to take care of our pelvic floor, just like we take care of our face.

Just the same, it's very delicate tissue down there. And so many women suffer from urinary incontinence, so many women, and you don't have to. So for most women, this DHEA cream can really help, it can completely stop urinary incontinence. So I don't want to keep it a secret, right, we need to fix that. We don't need to be hot tortured for years, you know with urinary incontinence, let's just fix it. And then we need to have a tingle down there. Yes, we do. And the other little tip I'll give you for some soft pleasure or pleasure with a partner is I just buy a little bottle of almond oil. They come in these little plastic bottles, and I add some sensual essential oil essential essential essential oil drops. So just get an essential oil that you love the smell of it's so sexy, and then put a few drops in it. And then you have this wonderful lubrication for touching. And so between the Java cream and the almond oil that you can even rub on your nipples or wherever you want. You can have a pretty sensual sexy Valentine's Day. And so those are my two tips and you know, just light a lot of candles. It puts us in the parasympathetic rest and digest nervous system. flowers, candles, make your sinfully delicious chocolate mousse and a beautiful dinner and a hot bath and you know, whatever just sounds amazing. We women need more than one fabulous thing to satisfy our, our needs. So be a really good receiver set. set the tone. If you have a partner, you can invite them to help you. We have to ask for that help because they don't read our minds. Took me a long time to acknowledge. So ask ask for what you want on Valentine's Day. And I know that you'll make it the most special day ever for loving yourself. Alright ladies sending you so much love. And I can't wait to see what those one or two things are. That you're gonna do special for
you on Valentine's Day. All right, sending you so much love. Bye for now.

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