How Your Mouth Affects Your Hormones

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Balancing your hormones starts in your mouth. In this video, Robin talks with the CEO of Primal Life Organics and dental health expert Trina Felber, RN. Trina shares her knowledge, insight, and expertise on improving overall health by making some simple changes to the way you care for your teeth. Learn how better oral hygiene can help you:

  • Feel better.
  • Have whiter, stronger teeth and healthier gums.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Have beautiful skin.

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Hello Beauties Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday Hi just arrived for a moment get grounded settle in take a deep breath so nice. The beautiful Heather Houston. Oh pretty arriving in show my how to lift mine. Again. I am. Take me All right. So welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Hello, I'm Robin Nielsen and I'm so honored that you've chosen to be here with me because I know there are a lot of ways you could be spending your time. My mission is to show women how to take charge of their health naturally, so we can heal and feel fabulous. We need us the world needs us. I'm here to help you take back control of your health. Your healing starts right here. And just by showing up today, your genes your genetics are already starting to express themselves for the better. You're already healing just by just by being here. Is that amazing? Let's feel more covenant vibrant and sexy together. Welcome to today's program with my beautiful guest, Trina Felber. All right, I'm gonna bring Trina on we'll turn down the music so nice. Please say where you're joining in from. Say hello. Yeah, let us know where you're joining in from. So let me tell you a little bit about Trina while she's joining us. She is an amazing woman. She's a dear friend back we just went on a shopping spree together. After one of our conferences. It was so much fun. She is the founder and CEO of primal life organics. She's a friggin rock star as a registered nurse with a master's degree in anesthesia Trina disrupted the beauty industry and exposed the hyper toxic personal care products poising us by big Cosmo. She started her natural dental and skincare company in 2008 and puts her nurses care into every product she makes. Trina is a multimillion dollar entrepreneur and the best selling author of beauties dirty secret. She has made the Inc 5000 list five years in a row and has been featured in Dr. Oz paleo magazine, ABC, CBS NBC Fox affiliates and on hundreds of podcasts worldwide. Welcome Trina. It's so great to have you here.
Hey, Robin, so good to see you. So good to see. Oh, are you wearing some of your sexy clothes that we got?
Yes, this is page.
Love it. It's so pretty. I realized that I didn't get any talks.
Oh, no. Well, I'm wearing the dress. I've got a dress on. But yes, I love page her pretty so pretty. That a lot of cute jeans were my sexy jeans. So nice. So welcome. We're going to talk about today the mouse, right? The oral microbiome is a little bit more scientific, but how it impacts our health and our hormones because we want to feel fabulous. And what a lot of us don't know is that our mouth can kind of take us out. So so we wanted to talk about that. But first, could you share a little bit about how you got into this
into dental health I got into skincare before I got into dental health. And I was really impacted by the way, using natural products actually resets the body back to normal so that the body can function normally meaning it can get rid of toxins, it can bring in nutrients and it can cause that healing modality inside the body, inside the skin inside every organ wherever it may be. I didn't get into dental care until I my daughter was two years old and had a molar come in that had a natural cavity in it. And it had natural defect. We were brushing our teeth one night, and my husband said something's wrong with this tooth that's coming in. Can you look at it so I looked at it. I had no idea what that is. So he took her to the dentist and the dentist took one look and said that's a cavity. It's natural. It happened in utero when the tooth was being done. created. And we can't do much about it other than treat it like it's a cavity. So we'll put a temporary filling in. She's too, the filling will last about two to three months. Every time that filling falls out, we'll decided now's the time to pull the tooth or put another filling in it. He said chances are good, we're going to have to pull the tooth within a year. So we were leaving. Yeah, we were leaving the dentist office. And he says to me, he knew I was upset. I know about the teeth Meridian and how every tooth is connected to an Oregon. And so he says, Don't worry, Mom, we put a temporary filling now we just hope for the best. And I know, I'm gonna hope for the best that way. So I went home and I started doing my research and I found Dr. Weston A price, who was a dentist in the early 1900s. Many of you may know who he is from his research. And I just created a dental program based off of his research and his knowledge that miraculously allowed that tooth to stay in her mouth for the life of the tooth fell out naturally at the age of 12 with that original filling that was supposed to last two months, lasted 10 years. 10 years.
Amazing story. That's incredible. Yeah, incredible. And we don't know that dental cavities can heal. Like nobody tells us that. And, you know, part of my health story is that when I was 19, I remember going off to work in Yellowstone National Park with my Sensodyne toothpaste in hand. Because my teeth were so sensitive to hot and cold. And my gums were receding. I had a lot of dental issues. And and I remember when I got on this healthier path and started like figuring my health stuff out. Not you know, every time we go to the dentist, it's like, Oh, your gums look terrible, you know, they're receding, and we're gonna have to do something, we have to do some grafting by all of this stuff. And I'm like, no, no, no, no. And I healed everything. And one of the side benefits was my gums got healthy. My enamel repaired itself. I didn't have to use the special toothpaste for the first time in my life in my 30s I could bite into something cold. I could eat hot, you know, really hot food. It was amazing, like incredible. So I know that these things can happen because I've experienced it firsthand.
Yeah. And it's impactful. You don't realize how horrible death until problems are? Until it happens, right? Whenever a tooth goes sensitive, you're like, oh, no, like, it's the worst thing. So gum tissue is extremely important, like you said, and so many people are of the belief including some dentists and high debt, hygienists, and it's not necessarily their fault. They just weren't taught that this was a possibility that you can heal a cavity if you do the right thing. So you'll never heal a cavity, if you continue using the things that you're using, because most of the products on the market are creating an environment where cavities happen where D mineralization happened, and recession of gums is created. But if you do the opposite, if you reverse that and use the right products, the products that create a really healthy environment, good bacteria inside the mouth, you can definitely reverse cavities, and you can definitely reverse gum recession, gums are made up the tissue is epithelial, basically the same tissue that's in your hands, your your whole body. If you if you cut yourself, it heals, right. So Why can't your body regenerate and your guns it can. But it has to be the right environment, there has to be some healing modalities instead of the reverse, which is really what most products on the market and a lot of food creates that environment where disease happens because it's all inflammation and it's bacteria related, right?
So post in the comments here or in the chat. If you're experiencing any dental issues, we'd really love to hear from you if you're experiencing any dental issues like what is going on for you in your mouth. Because it's it's very uncommon actually to go to the dentist and have the hygienist say, oh, everything looks really good. In fact, I think I would like to start a campaign to train hygienist to be more positive when they're talking to you about their mouth, your mouth, because I always just say, Oh, what have we got going on here? Or, you know, it's just like, Oh, seriously, like you're going to break me out while I was sitting here in your chair and I can't speak. Anyway, it's a little bit of a conundrum there. So let's talk about how what's going on in the mouth affects the rest of our body.
Yeah, that's mostly related. to bacteria, and inflammation those are the two main things acids inside the mouth. So most of the foods that we eat are acidic by nature that would be like the cough, the the tea the meat, processed foods are acidic by nature. Most dental products on the market if you're buying off the shelf especially are acidic by nature, the acids were away at your enamel, that acid causes minerals to leave the tea. Every time a mineral leaves the tooth, if it's not replaced, within a certain amount of time, it continues to degrade in degrade until you get that sensitivity. If it's sensitivity if that dT d. mineralization happens in a local area, and always like to use props, if it happens in a certain area, you'll end up with a cavity, which means that d mineralization has happened further down into the tube. When it happens all over, you typically get that sensitivity until a certain spot really goes deep enough with the with the demineralization. But the bacteria that thrives in that acid environment is the bacteria that causes cavities and causes gum recession. Once your gums are receding, or if they're bleeding, they're inflamed, that that bacteria and other pathogens as well can get through the gum tissue. And your gums are very vascular. So when when those junctions I call it leaky gum syndrome, we've all heard about leaky gut syndrome, your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system. So it's all the same, that whole tube is all the same. It's your digestive system. So leaky gut happens quickly after leaky gut syndrome has, it's all bacteria influenced and inflammation influenced. And the leaky gums when when the bacteria can get in through those leaky junctions into your bloodstream, that bacteria causes inflammation, it can either travel to a certain location and create inflammation in a certain location. Or it can travel throughout the body and cause an inflammatory type of response which then you really don't know where that inflammatory response is going to settle in. So that's why it's linked to every every condition has has a link back to the mouth, including preterm labor, preterm labor is directly related to mom's oral health. Infertility for both men and women is also directly related to the mouth. We we've heard heart disease, the connection there is the bacteria and inflammation as well. In fact, the plaque that is created the plaque is basically the bacteria creates this part like house, which is the plaque the plaque sort of becomes the house of the bacteria so the bacteria is protected. When you're brushing, you can't get to the bacteria can't kill it anyway. You literally have to get rid of the plaque before you can kill the bacteria. But the plaque in the heart has been linked or is very similar to the plaque inside the mouth. And it's just related to the same bacteria. So you when you think about heart disease, that's the link back. Alzheimer's dementia has been directly correlated thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, everything has been linked to the mouth and the bacteria.
Isn't that something that's really amazing. So I just want to say Yeah, hello to the ladies who are here with me on Zoom. Kelly is from Pocatello, Idaho. Hey, so, so great to see you here. And Amy's from Santa Rosa and Giordana is from Italy. Oh my gosh, I was talking about that yesterday. And Cara Lee says fillings from about six months ago that are causing pain. Yeah. Amy says thankfully no dental issues. I used to have very sensitive teeth, but that's gone away. That's so great. Kelly says my 10 year old son has a cavity just starting. The dentist wants to apply a form of silver fluoride to it but is willing to give some time to try to heal it naturally. So great. We have a good good dentist. Amy, I actually have my dental hygienist always tell me my teeth and gums look great. Oh, it's so wonderful. I don't use fluoride toothpaste. Yay. 12 years I floss my teeth every night. So good. Judy says My nerves are inflamed from biting at night. Yeah, okay, so a lot of comments here. Yeah. Yeah. So. So when we talk about the oral microbiome, which is so interesting, right? It's just, it's just like our gut microbiome. You have a lot of bacteria. In fact, we have like three to five pounds of bacteria in our gut and we have quite a lot of bacteria in our mouth and our mouth totally influences our gut bacteria. So that's why kind of our health starts here in the mouth. And and you know, people with root canals have special issue is right where the bacteria can kind of multiply and and find their special home in the root canal. And so and you know, and then I think about, you know, some of the products that we use like mouthwash, right? Like Listerine that kills the bacteria, can we talk a little bit about mouthwashes washes and how our breath is actually a result of something else.
Yeah, so any mouthwash that has alcohol on it, or even peroxide or triclosan, Mo, and that probably encompasses, like 95% of the mouthwash is on the market, are going to kill all of your bad bacteria, as well as your good bacteria. So it's going to be like a sterilization. And when you sterilize the mouth, not nothing good comes from that because you are exposed to bad bacteria all the time, which basically means if you're exposed to something and your mouth is sterile, you now have no immune system, you have no defense against it, because the good bacteria inside your mouth is where your immune system starts. It is supposed to actually kill and kill invading bacteria and virus in fungus and things like that. And it's supposed to keep your mouth healthy, because supposed to keep your breath fresh. So I always tell my customers or people that are thinking about being my customers, you know, they asked about, you know, what do you use for fresh breath? Because I don't sell a mouthwash. What do you use, and I said, You know what, if you use the right products, establish a good level of an alkalinity to your mouth, that will establish good back Tyria, which will then allow your saliva that you're producing to protect you 24/7 So your saliva is really the key to your overall health. But nobody's talking about that nobody thinks about it. I always say it's the secretion. No one's talking about your saliva is not just there to start digestive digestion, we have digestive enzymes in our saliva. In fact, humans are the only mammals that have that. No other mammals have the enzymes inside their saliva. But saliva also has antimicrobial antibacterial, and I buy real types of things in it to protect you. Your saliva is neutral, it's not alkaline, it's not acidic, it's supposed to help neutralize your mouth so that minerals can then that's present inside your mouth and in your saliva because your saliva does get minerals from inside your body. So the only way to remineralize your teeth, your body's natural mechanism to put the minerals back in your teeth is inadvertently through your diet. So it's not necessarily it's absorbing them through your gut, allowing a good level of like calcium and FOSS in your blood. Your saliva will then have a good amount of calcium and Foss and every time you salivate it will neutralize the acids, the calcium and the FOSS will go back into your teeth. Unfortunately, most, most people have some sort or a lot of people have some sort of digestive disorder where they have leaky gut syndrome, and malabsorption syndrome, meaning you're not even absorbing the nutrients and vitamins and supplements you're taking, you're passing those through, which means you become mineral depleted. And if you're pregnant, on top of that you become even more mineral depleted because babies taking so many and then your saliva becomes mineral depleted and you're not able to remineralize your teeth. So there's only two ways to put minerals back in your teeth. That is through your saliva, as well as through the foods you're directly eating, having contact those minerals having contact right inside your mouth. Because the minerals can't come up through your tooth. They have to be exposed on the outside to remineralize your teeth. I hope that helps.
Yeah, that's so helpful. Yeah, helpful. Yeah.
And healing a cavity. That's how you change. So your number one way for your body to heal your cavity is through your saliva, but also through your diet and the things that you're using to brush your teeth. So if you're eating healthy, and you don't have any digestive disorders, or or malabsorption syndrome, but you're still getting, you know sensitive teeth and your gums are still receding, there's a possibility that the products that you're using aren't doing you any good, because you can have both of those things. But if the products that you're using are destroying your good bacteria inside your mouth, then you're not going to have that good bacteria to support your healthy saliva. Keep your saliva more alkaline because remember, your saliva is neutral. In order to put minerals back in your teeth. It has to be alkaline and the bacteria that's healthy, creates that alkaline environment so that your saliva will then become more alkaline. And then while your saliva has those mint holes in it, those minerals can go back in your teeth. So that's the full circle. Here's the other key components to help your saliva and your bacteria inside your mouth are directly related to nitric oxide production. And nitric oxide is one of the key components to internal health. We talked about heart health, heart health, you need a big dilated blood vessel to get oxygen to your heart and take away waste products, you need that same thing with fertility, you need vasodilation you need it for brain health. Nitric oxide also helps with your your sleeping and your calming mechanisms. Unfortunately, if you don't have the trifecta, which would be a healthy saliva, good bacteria inside your mouth and healthy bacteria in your gut, nitric oxide production significantly declines. And then you'll have the ramifications internally from that as well.
Yeah, kind of constricted blood vessels and nitric oxide is is kind of law of aging, right? It's so important that it expands our blood vessels. It's so so good for us. And you know, even by second giving an example just by eating beats, you know, your beats the beat mixes with your saliva and creates nitric oxide based on the bacteria you have in your mouth, the bacteria are what makes that that chemical reaction happen. So it's so it's so amazing, right? And that nitric oxide opens blood vessels gives you energy helps things move through your body so much better. Yeah, it's so amazing. So you've shared a lot of really key things. I went to a new dentist recently, a holistic dentist, and for the first time ever, she tested that bacteria in my mouth. And they put a little strip in between my teeth and pulled it out. And they said, Oh, you have really good bacteria. And I'm like, great. Right? Anyway, so it's really good. That's the first time that anybody's ever tested the bacteria in my mouth, which I thought was really awesome that we can do that. And I imagine if they can do it, that we could buy that paper somewhere somehow or do something to figure that out. So what is coming up for you as Trina is sharing about the mouth and how we re mineralize our teeth. And I would imagine that the beautiful tooth powder that you have also helped to remineralize our teeth.
Yeah. And I was looking, let me see, I think it's Amy and Kelly have been having a lot of conversation and one of their kids has a tooth that has a cavity. Yeah, and can't do oil pulling because Amy mentioned oil pulling. So that's the same thing with my daughter and my daughter was you know, just too and that's the she had a cavity it was we had to have a filling put in because it was pretty deep. But the fact that the filling was probably going to come out every couple months. So basically, that's what I did is I created a tooth powder that has everything in it that your teeth need it has the minerals in it from multiple things, it has a blend of three different clays, clays are beneficial. Not only are they going to have the calcium and FOSS minerals, but they also have a bunch of other minerals that are found in the teeth, but at a very small amount. So silica and manganese could also be in your teeth. The problem with demineralization or cavity, if you will, or sensitive teeth is when you lose something a mineral like say manganese, you cannot replace it with a calcium that has to be it's a lock and key it has to fit into that spot. So while calcium and FOSS are great, and a lot of companies use calcium in their dental products, if you lost something other than calcium or Foss, you're not going to be able to fix that piece that was missing. So that's why clay is so beneficial because it has so many minerals in it that while you're brushing, you should be able to have a lock and key. That's why my dental products they've worked so quickly to convert that sensitive tea to non sensitive because it's got an abundance of minerals. We also use Hydroxyapatite Hydroxyapatite is another ingredient. That is what a lot of natural companies are using instead of fluoride. Fluoride should not be you know, it's not found in your body. Naturally. It's not normal to have fluoride in your body. Most babies are born with fluoride in their body because mom has fluoride in her body. But technically a baby should not be born with fluoride. It's not normal. So hydroxyapatite is the newer version, and it's technically the hydroxy this is what they call hexy apatite. They call it your enamel. It's the calcium and FOSS. So it's really a great addition but like I said it's not all inclusive. That's why I have Hydroxyapatite in a blend of three clays so we can really get that remote notarization to happen, but it also has to be alkaline. So most dental product might have calcium or Foss, but if it doesn't have something in it, that's going to make it alkaline. It's not gonna matter. It's not it's gonna you're gonna brush with it, and you're gonna spit it back out and all those minerals in that toothpaste spitting them back out. If you're a child, you're probably swallowing them. So the best indication that what you're brushing with has baked has is alkaline is baking soda. Baking soda is gonna make the pH so that it's alkaline. What's really interesting is plaque is pH based, it's acidic. And if you start brushing with something that's alkaline, you're literally going to destroy plaque and then kill the bacteria that's beneath it. So that's how my dental products were formulated. That's what Dr. Weston ate a price found. And that's how I formulated them to be alkaline, have the minerals in them, but also detox the tissues. You can do all of those other things. But if you're not cleansing the tissue, your tissues gonna get jammed up and junked up with all the toxins, impurities and things like that. So Clay is so good at pulling toxins from tissue, not just gum tissue, but oral tissues altogether, that many people notice so much better, healthier, gums, much quicker. And then that remineralization so for kids, I do make a fruity bubble gum. I don't know if you guys can see it. Oh, wow. That's awesome.
So the bubble gum is what most kids like. So it's sweetened with monkfruit. Xylitol is for me. I don't hate xylitol. I don't love xylitol in dental products for various reasons. It's not that it's the worst thing. I just don't think it's the best option I do use peloton one product, but I don't use it in my dental cleaning products like this. I use monkfruit Mantra it's an antioxidant. So an antioxidant is going to help with the free radicals formed inside them out and it's going to give that sweeter flavor. I do make two powders most adults buy the ones that don't even have the monkfruit in it. Like peppermint my peppermint doesn't. But for kids the the fruity bubble gum has monkfruit and then the essential oils are what flavors it so it actually does taste like the old Bubblicious, which I loved I loved like the old Bubblicious. So it tastes like that. So it's actually like it. Yeah, so my kids want it. And then what I usually tell this goes out of focus now there we go. Because I had my thing up, kids. And this goes for adults too. What I tell people when you have a sensitive tooth or someplace that hurts inside your mouth, all you have to do throughout the day is your finger doesn't even have to be wet. And then put that little bit of powder right on whatever might be sensitive. Just kind of place it on there. Do that as often as you can throughout the day. Most people within one to two days that sensitivity is gone. And basically what you're doing is just exposing Amel to an alkaline with with minerals, pulling toxins, and that's going to deep cleanse and help and I can't guarantee that a cavity will be reversed or healed completely because I can never do that because a lot of other things go into it. But I've had so many customers reverse cavities and reverse sensitive teeth including customers that have had needed root canals and then fixed their two three mineralized it to the point that we even need a filling that they were they were healing the tooth well enough on their own. So it really is. Yeah, it's a difference. It's a change of simply a change of what you're using most of the time. I'm not asking you to brush for 25 minutes you know nothing like that you brush for two minutes, twice a day. And then you know if you have trouble areas just dip in place wherever that that is until that sensitivity goes away or the tooth is healed. And it's a simple switch that's it.
Yeah and we need our teeth. We need our teeth our whole lives. You know I remember my grandmother had dentures you know I never knew her with any teeth but top and bottom right I can't even imagine you're taking my kind of my teeth out every night. We need our teeth we need them to last and you know chances are as we age it gets a little bit harder. You know to keep our teeth in good shape if we don't do the right things right if we don't do the right thing so I want to share Trina has so many great products we're actually going to give you the link today and I was that we can share this now for her I was just pulling that up. Yeah, yeah, pretty amazing. And fina will tell us about this but from this link you can also find all of her other products. She has a really amazing special going on. So we thought that we would offer this since we all want beautiful weight or just tea, but there are not healthy options for how to do that. So So then from this link, you can also check out all of our other products and she also has a Um, she was talking about, you know how when you just brush for a couple minutes, twice a day, you with the right tooth powder or toothpaste, you can actually break up that plaque because it's going to really support right, getting into the bacteria breaking up the plaque. And she has a great toothbrush for that. And I wish I have it. It's in the bathroom. I wish I brought it out. But it's really great for breaking up plaque too. So definitely go check out her things. And can you first before we get to the teeth whitening, I just wanted to clarify a couple things. You were talking about lock and key. And we sort of just like brushed over that. Can you tell us what you mean by lock and key? Like, what's the lock? What's the key?
I'm trying to get myself back in focus, because there we go. Yeah, yeah, he's focusing on my product. So lock and key, like when you have a lock in the door, only one key will open it. So say this is your two and you lost a man manganese mineral. It has to be a manganese that goes back in right so only a manganese will go back in and replace that that last mineral. So it's a lock in has to be the exact same.
Yeah, that's going to open the door to more gorgeous teeth. Okay, and then you say calcium and Foss and you're referring to phosphorus. Calcium. Yeah, phosphate. Yes. phosphate, phosphate. Yeah. Okay. All right, great. We just want to get all this lingo down and really clear. So as Trina is sharing with us, you know, what, what are you learning? Like, what's the big aha for you? I think this information is so amazing. So amazing. And, and our saliva actually also starts carbohydrate breakdown, right? So it has some digestive enzymes in it to start breaking down carbohydrates. So there was a lot of things that happened in our mouths that we're not really aware of anything. One of the coolest things is it is like the beginning of our immune system. Right when we have really great saliva on the right bacteria in there. It's it's a it's our first line of defense, you know, from things that I put in our mouth, so that's really important. Okay, so let's jump into the the LED light teeth whitening system.
Yeah, so it does, it's really an awesome system that I developed because I know that you know, almost everyone I don't know anyone that doesn't want whiter, whiter teeth, not naturally looking white teeth. So I developed something that whitens the teeth, but it actually does it in a different way. And it does so much more than whitening teeth. So let me go through really fast how peroxide whitens the teeth because that's the traditional way. In fact, most dentists will that's what probably almost every dentist will use is peroxide. And peroxide is more damaging peroxide will damage your gum tissue. It's an irritant, it will damage your good bacteria, but more importantly or just as important is that it destroys your actual tooth. So if you see the tooth, you can see this layer beneath your enamel is like a blue color and it's blue for a reason. This is your dentin and the dentin has either a grayish a bluish or yellowish tinge to on everyone. So what happens for a lot of people especially if you're in your 30s 40s 50s and older, your enamel starts to get thinner and thinner because we keep losing minerals, we're not brushing with the right stuff, our mouth is more acidic, we're eating all these acids, blah, blah, blah, our teeth whether they're sensitive or not start getting thinner and thinner and you start to see that tinge. So sometimes when you look in the mirror, you can tell that that's happened. When your your teeth look translucent, like you can almost see through them and see something else like a color and that's typically this dentin layer that you see peroxide so dentin is fluid filled. It's got some substance to it. So it's not it's not completely fluid filled, but it has some it does have some minerals in it. It has some antibacterial proteins, things like it in it, but it's primarily a little bit fluid filled because it's your shock absorber. Every bite you take, if you didn't have fluid in your dentin would hurt because that layer beneath is your pulp has your blood vessels and your nerves in them. So it's kind of like your protective mechanism. Your shock absorber helps to keep the infrastructure your of your too strong and your enamel in place. How peroxide works they realize that perhaps that this color is not what you want to see. If they pull the fluid out. dehydrate the dent in your tooth. It will make this look more opaque. The color will be gone because the fluid is the color and your teeth will look wider. So that's how peroxide work at dehydrator holes, the fluid out of your dentin makes your teeth look wider hurts because once it gets into the dentin peroxide is caustic or painful to the nerve. So that's why you've, you know, it hurts sometimes when we use peroxide, it's it's irritated nerves. But more importantly, it's reduced the structure it has made the infrastructure of your teeth weakened, and you're more prone to fractures or breaks in your teeth splits in your teeth. So that's how it does work to whiten your teeth. But it's not the long term solution because your body wants to go back to normal not and it's going to rehydrate your dentin, which means it's going to start to look discolored again, your teeth will start because you haven't done anything to strengthen the enamel rebuild the enamel, which is the strongest and widest part of your tooth. So when I realized all of this is going on, I wanted to create a product that actually strengthens the teeth makes them wider because they're stronger and thicker. So I created a whitening system that uses a peroxide free gel. So it's an olive oil base, what's different going on, olive oil is slick. It's not smooth. So it's slick going on. But it's made with it's got two different clays in them for the minerals has some baking soda, and it also has a little bit of Hydroxyapatite. So we're gonna have that alkaline with the minerals present. And then it has essential oils that are going to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, help with the bacteria and whiten the teeth. So you're going to be getting that whitening effect over time, it may or may not whiten your teeth significantly. At first, what it will do is remove surface stains like peroxide peroxide will do that too. So you might see a whitening effect just by the removing of surface stains. If you're an enamel thin, it's going to just take some time to rebuild the enamel. But that's going to be a double bonus because when you go to the dentist, you're gonna have better checkups. But the lights, I did develop the mouthpiece with LED lights, so it has 16 Blue 16 Red, and then you can use the combination, it's hard to see on video, but this is 32 lights lit up, you put this inside your mouth, and the blue light helps to kill the bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease. This The nice thing and I know most people realize light therapy is used for like skin, improving wound care, that type of stuff. But light therapy doesn't just hit the surface and bounce, it actually penetrates, which is really nice. When you're talking about blue and red light therapy, that means you can get into the pockets of the gum potentially. And you can get to some degree between the teeth, which is almost impossible, unless you're actually doing a really good job at doing a floss. So the blue light, Harvard did a study, I always use my little guy I love prompts. So these little guys, let's just say this is the bad bacteria that causes inflammation or cavities. So these little guys have a little piece to them. It's like I always say it's like a little iron piece to them that when it's exposed to blue light, it causes that piece inside them to explode, and the bacteria dies. Imagine if you have bad bacteria all over your mouth. You put this in for 15 minutes, you expose all of that to the light. And all of that bacteria is instantly killed inside the pockets between the teeth everywhere. That would be phenomenal. And you just do this. Initially it's five treatments a week for a month and then after that it's one to two times a week once you get it under control to where you want. That's what blue light does. So blue light will ultimately whiten the teeth as well because what it does these guys that cause plaque if you've ever seen plaque chipped from your teeth, plaque is yellow, it's not white. It's like that yellow tinge. So these guys are yellow tinged on your teeth and tissue. So when you kill these guys, your teeth will actually look whiter primarily because you're getting rid of all those guys as well. So you're not going to you're gonna get rid of that film. The red light red lights really cool. Red light has been used for years on this skin, heal wounds stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation, increased blood flow. You put that inside the mouth and remember your your gum tissue is the same as your skin so it's going to do the exact same thing. Regardless of whether you have gum disease or receding gums or your gums are healthy. Red light therapy is unbelievable for keeping your mouth healthy, healthy or reversing those. I have a dentist my dentist that I go to is functional medicine. Dr holistic dentists and talking to her hygienist one day and she said that the cause that their clients that use the red light inside their mouth, their gum tissue becomes so healthy so fast. She had one that she didn't even know is using red light. Had a had a an appointment, her gums were not very good they were not very healthy three months later came back and her gums are so healthy and she said what are you doing she goes on just added the red light. So it really does work because it reduces the inflammation. It increases blood flow. So think about blood blood flow is a two way street. It's going to increase oxygen and increased nutrients but it's also going to help get rid of toxins and waste as well as it's leaving. So red light therapy for that but it also stimulates collagen which is important for your bone and your and your gum tissue. Especially like the pockets of the teeth, between the teeth and the gums. You want to be able to get that healthy as well. You reduce all of that you get your gums healthy, you're gonna have less you're gonna see less illness not just like the inflammatory illnesses that we're talking about, you know, reversing some of those disease processes. But you're also not going to get sick as often like you think about common cold. The other see that now just did away with the common cold. You know, the flu, you're not going to get as sick because those things can now be killed inside your mouth not just with blue light, but also just that good bacteria that good environment that you're harboring.
So amazing. I just I just absolutely love the teeth whitening kit and love it and while you were talking I was also looking up a couple of other things that you have access to so not only and just there's a great discount that you're giving us what is it like 30%
Yeah, so for the for the teeth whitening system if you you just have to click through Robins link because if you click through and go to the website, you won't get this discount so it's all because you You found me through Robin, it's a 60% off 60% on and you will get the opportunity to purchase also my dental detox kit I was looking to see if I have one around me. Okay, oh shoot.
I do have one that I could go get. We also posted Trina's Dental Health Guide so be sure that you grab that for your family and and you know some of these things need to be gifts for Christmas or for Hanukkah. Because they're amazing, right? I mean can you imagine giving one of these gifts for the holidays it'd be so fantastic. And then we also have let's see, yeah, we have the dental detox but for some reason we don't have the right link for you. So we'll get that link. We have a disk if they
Yeah, we'll get that because you can either get the dental detox, which is a 60 day supply of everything you need to to get your mouth cleanse, and I saw someone wanted to know how long the gum the path the toothpowder will last. This is a 62 it's about a two month supply in this size jar. I do offer three sizes I offer a one month supply. This is a two to three months supply and then I also offer off your refill for families or somebody that just wants to purchase one bag. But yeah, they're they're great. They're easy to refill in the detox kit you get a morning one and a nighttime one. The nighttime has charcoal added charcoal is going to help get rid of more toxins while you're sleeping. And then you also get a copper tongue scraper as well as my gum Serum. This replaces when people say you don't have mouthwash I say I have gotten serum. It's a concentrated oil that will you rub on your gum tissue and it helps to nourish the gums and help support the good bacteria. Then you also get my floss picks which are all biodegradable, super easy to use. And then the toothbrush there's a bamboo toothbrush that's like a travel or annual toothbrush now and I also have a sonic toothbrush that is made. The brush head is made from bamboo as well because bamboo is biodegradable.
Yeah, I use all the dental detox kit I take that toothbrush traveling with me. It's so great. We gave the dental detox kit to all of our heal your hormones, ladies and our 12 month program. They're fantastic. Fantastic. We'll get you the link for that. Yeah, we don't have any any risks so great. It can be great for every family member so good. Oh my gosh.
But if you are if you are interested in getting the teak whitener, we do offer the kit as well through that so you don't have to order them separately. You'll get a good discount. Yeah. So once you get this, it'll ask if you want the detox kit, okay, and and here's another extension you know, if you order I think through when you order through that link you can order are an extra teeth whitener if you want, okay, at the same price, if you need more for gifts, just email my support team at support at primal life And we will do it at the same price for you that you we won't charge you the full price. So if you wanted to get multiple ones for guests are great. And like who doesn't want it to you open that up for Christmas? And you're like, oh my god, that's amazing. They're great Christmas gifts. So get it before Black Friday. Pizza, right?
Yeah, thank you so much just for sharing, you know about about the oral microbiome biome, you know, because I wanted to, really tied into hormones, you know, and how it can really, really stress us out. You know, we talk about, you know, how, how it could be potentially a root cause of why you don't feel well. And it can really just be the beginning of all sorts of imbalances throughout your body. And Trina was talking about, you know, the tube, right, the, you know, your mouth, to the esophagus to your stomach, to your small intestine, your colons, your anus, right, that's all kind of outside of your body. And, and, and those toxins from that system can be leached into your body. And so, you know, this is where we've got to have a healthy oral microbiome, whether we want healthy teeth or not, we need to have a healthy oral microbiome so that we can be healthy, right? Really important. So anything anything else that you would like to share before we close today?
Um, gosh, I can't think of anything I you know, I just I appreciate Robin and all I gotta get myself back in focus. It drives me nuts when I might. Come on camera.
Yeah, yeah. All right. Thank you.
There it goes. So yeah, I appreciate you so much. Women need all of your help and your guidance, because you have wisdom that helps so many women heal themselves. And yeah, the one of the basic root causes, if your mouth is not healthy, you really don't have a chance of being healthy anywhere else. That's the that's the main thing. And it's super easy. It's so easy to heal your mouth. It really, really is. But we have to step away from mainstream Dental, especially dental products on try and look for a dental, a biological, holistic dentist near you. Even if you have I tell people even if you have to drive or so in depth, and I've always Sandell now do those microbiome testing. So important to understand that stuff. I travel. I live in Ohio, and my dentist is in Arizona. So that's how important it is for me. Not that there's no one, you know, closer. But she's a friend that I know does a really amazing job. She's very phenomenal. So I traveled to my dentist very far. But it's also great. I tell people, that's the best like vacation planning twice a year, find your practitioner somewhere, you just want a vacation, and then you just have to go twice a year, right? That's a dentist appointment.
I love that. Yeah. But yeah, your dental health is so important that if you fix your dental, other things can fall in line, if you're someone who's had digestive problems for a long time, and you've you've done so many things, you're you know, taken your supplements and your probiotics and your diet has changed, and you still can't fix it. The root cause could be because what you're swallowing all day long is bad bacteria. And that bad bacteria is an acidic bacteria that multiplies when it hits your gut because your stomach is nothing but acid, right? So it's gonna multiply hit your small intestine. And that bacteria isn't supposed to be there, it's supposed to be killed and are not even supposed to be present inside your mouth. So really, if you can start with your mouth, heal your mouth, swallow good bacteria all day long, you can start to heal your gut, and then start to heal the processes of everything else inside your body. So thank you so much for letting me come on and share some time with everyone.
Thank you so much for being here. It's something we don't talk about much you know, our mouth, who talks who wants to talk about your mouth? It's not as sexy as some of the other topics. But you know, you can tell the health of someone just by looking at their mouth, right? And we're, you know, we're looking at each other's mouths all day long, because that's how we talk to each other. So it's really, really, really important that all the women here want this information. So, so great to have you. You're so brilliant. She has so many great products. Let's give her a lot of love. Yeah, both in Facebook, we're on Facebook, and we're here. So we're in a couple places. And we're definitely going to order all of these things for Christmas presents for our families because we all need to be healthy. And what I love about the work you do is that you're spreading the word about how we can heal, right we can heal our teeth, we can heal all of the you know microbiome in our mouths. We can have healthy teeth, even if they're not healthy right now. Right? It can heal. Yeah. It's just like just like mine did. Right. And just like, I think it was Amy who said, yeah, yeah. All right. So great. So I'll give big kisses to Trina. Thank you so much, sister. You keep rocking it. Okay. We will see you soon. All right, bye, guys.

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