DIY Waterproof Sunscreen

I came across a great article on making your own, non-toxic sunscreen. I have been reading more and more research on the negative hormonal impact from toxins in our environment…toxins that we are actually liberally applying to ourselves on a regular basis.

We all need to be more focused on removing hormone disrupting toxins from our environments, especially our skincare and personal care products. Making sunscreen from natural products seemed like such a good idea, I had to pass it on.

The ingredients sound healthy and delicious. Coconut oil (we all love coconut oil!), sweet almond oil, lavender… the author says it is cost-effective and easy. I’m going to try it soon…let me know if you give it a try, too.

Check out the author’s recipe and comments, as she has suggested alternatives to the almond oil (for people with nut allergies).

Non-toxic sunscreen that you can make at home!

Non-toxic sunscreen that you can make at home.