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All too often, a fear of showing up and asking for what we need keeps us stuck in unhealthy relationships. For many of us, this stems from learning to suppress parts of ourselves in order to avoid getting hurt or hurting someone else. But you deserve to have the love you want in your life, and getting there starts with your relationship with yourself. In this video, Robin talks with “love coach” Junie Moon about how to uncover the reasons behind behaviors that are not serving us and how to start attracting the right relationships by cultivating self-love. Learn how techniques like “dating yourself” can help you discover what you really need, and how you can use this to start taking responsibility for your relationships.

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  • How can I attract the right partner?
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fine and we will fly higher and higher and higher and we will stand in solidarity and we will lead with compassion
Hey beauties This is Robin and this is hormone breakthrough Wednesday and I am so excited to be here with you. Wow, if you were part of the 15 day hormone reset, then you know that it was amazing, amazing. And I'm missing it already. We had a beautiful call last night with the VIP lifetime access ladies, it was so wonderful to see their faces and see some of you who participated and the things that they love the most was just the beautiful community there was so much love in there so much love. And that's what we're going to talk about today is love because Valentine's Day is coming right up. And it's my favorite day of the year, whether you have a partner, whether you're, you know, all by yourself, which is quite possible. It's still like my favorite day of the year and I'm wearing this gorgeous. I was trying to decide what to wear today, right? And turns out red is not my color. I'm really bummed about that. Because I love red. But it's okay, it's okay. It's okay, I'm wearing red today for Valentine's Day. And, um, and I was trying to figure out what jewelry to wear. And I like I've got this gorgeous heart that my grandfather made out of a billiard ball. And the billiard balls used to be made out of ivory. And it was I guess it's the eight ball. And so he made this gorgeous heart. It's up. It's to two parts and and he inscribed on the back. He was an amazing artisan. And so I'm like, Yes, I'm wearing my heart. Today, I'm wearing my red because we're talking about love. And that's one of the things that we learned in a 15 day hormone reset that we got to love ourselves, we've got to love every nook and cranny of our bodies. Mind spirit, you know, stop the negative self talk and really show up, show up in love. And if there's one thing that I've learned in all of my, you know, work with other people, getting help myself, it's that when we can be in a place of love, and the present moment, more of the time, life is just better. Right? Because I used to live in the past, right? My mind was worrying with things that were wrong and and then I'd live in the future, worrying constantly about things. And it wasn't until you know, I got healthier, I got my body healthier, I got my mind healthier, I learned that we've got to focus on what's right and not what's wrong and and learn that I needed to be in a place of love in the present moment more of the time and that's when my life really shifted for the better a lot. So I have a very special guest for you today, which I'm so excited about. She is She has the love woman. And I'm going to tell you a little bit about her. June Her name is Junie Moon she was on with me dancing earlier. She's the love coach, and she teaches women in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience next level love using her unique heart centered dating strategies coupled with some powerful mindset tools that helped her magnet eyes the love of her own life. Women learn to embrace this precious stage of life with competence, playfulness, and ease. Doesn't that feel so good? Feel so good. Junie is an award winning international speaker Best Selling Author of loving the whole package, shed the shame and live life out loud. She's director producer of the film shed the shame. host of the podcast. Midlife love out loud, which is amazing. And she's a certified Shadow Work. Facilitator. You can find her at coach Junie Moon Jae, you and welcome Junie

Thank you. And it's ju N ie just to make sure if somebody's going, where is it? And I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for having me. And yes, love. Great topic.

Great topic. And Judy, you know, plateful out in the 50 days on reset. So like she is totally on board with all of the hormonal balancing stuff. And love is a big piece of that. It is a really big piece of that. So, so Junie give us a little bit of background on you like how did you become like the love Coach,
you know, similarly to what you were sharing about mindset and not being nice to yourself and all the stuff that you had to let go of to feel better. That's kind of been my journey as well. And what you may not know, I don't think we've, we've talked about this, you and I that 17 years ago, literally 17 years ago, I was 200 pounds. And I was miserable. I had so much self hatred. I walked on eggshells in my marriage, I was so scared to rock the boat, I would walk around with knots in my stomach, and I was holding back my truth. And I ate a lot of food and food, you know, comfort food to get me through. And I thought I had a food problem. But what I discovered was it wasn't about the food. I mean, yes, we know the power of food. And certainly eating all the crappy food certainly affected me. However, the food was a symptom of something so much greater. My Self Love was rare. And the inner critic was so loud and I was terrified to be me, I was so scared to just show up in my relationship or show up in life. And I had done a lot of personal growth work. I had read lots of books done lots of weekend workshops, but nothing ever stuck and never took place and never just stuff. That's the word I'm looking for. And then I was always doing diets. But that never like really stuck either. And I was rock bottom. And so I found this body of work called Shadow Work. It's specially designed processes to shine a light on the parts of us that had been shamed parts of us that we've let go of because Oh, I better not express myself because something bad will happen. Or I better not be vulnerable because I might be squashed. And it shifted everything for me. Not only did I lose all the weight and kept it off for 17 years, which is like oh my god, I found my voice. I found self care, deep self love. And I knew I had to share it with other people. So it was a no brainer. When my son left the house. I'm like, Okay, I'm starting over what do I want to do? And I'm like, I really want to bring this work out into the world and help people love themselves more and have better love lives.

Yeah, that's so true. And gosh, congratulations for like figuring out your stuff and getting your your you know, shit together. Yep. That's hard. You know that. That's hard. And that's amazing. Like, that's an amazing story that you stood in your power. And you You took charge of your health and you took charge of your life. And you said I can totally do this.

Yeah, yeah. And I thank you for that. And what I found out that what was harder, then the shift was being in the pain, and just how I was treating myself and the life that I was living. That was really hard. And once I really hit that rock bottom and sound, great mentorship, everything changed. And I was able to really put a stake in the ground and say, My life matters. And I want love beyond my wildest dreams. And I was able to learn how to find that. But it started with me. It started with me.

Yeah, yeah. So I just want to say hello to all of you joining in live and I want to say hello to those of you who are watching the replay. And what I'd love for you to do is just say hello, in the comments here and I always love to see where you're joining in from. So if you could just say you know, the the state or the city state, that would be wonderful because it's really fun to connect with each other when we're in similar areas, and I just love love to do that because the more connection we have here, the healthier we're going to be the more we're going to thrive and unique are just going to change Interview here so that we're more interview view. What is like one question that we could have the ladies ponder right now about where they are around love or anything around? Yeah, like like what's like what would be a powerful question to ask right now around love?

I think to start with not to post this yet but to start with thinking what is it that you're desiring? What is it that you're really, really wanting that you don't have? And then in the comment box, maybe get a little vulnerable and post how you get in your own way? What's one way that you sabotage the very things that you want when it comes to relationships? Do you hold your voice down? You know, do you not speak up? When somebody's stepping on your toes? What is it that keeps you from really feeling fulfilled and happy? Yeah,
I love that. So for me, it was resentment. I was full of resentment. And I was righteous about it. I was like, I have to do everything around here. But I do it because I can do it better than anybody. And you just can't read my mind. And you don't know what I want. And I can't believe it. And I'm really pissed off about it. And so I'll just have to do it myself.

Yeah, I'm sure that was peaceful.

Productive in so many ways. Oh, I had a wall. Right. I had this wall up. It's like, Don't touch me. I'm busy getting stuck on. Like, you know, I have to roll up my sleeves and do all this myself. Because you don't know what I want or need. Yeah. And I was just so like, I was just so holding on to that. Because, you know, I don't know, it was just like, I was just being very. I was being very right.

Yeah, a lot of us do that. A lot of us do that. I called myself, a micromanaging expert, myself, perfectionist, and I did everything myself, the last thing I ever wanted to do was ask my husband who I'm no longer with anymore. To support me to help me. That was too scary for me. Like if I really asked, Hey, can you help me with this, the history was, I'm not gonna get it, it's gonna go sideways, I might as well just do everything myself. And so the resentment did build. And then the littlest thing would go off, maybe I was tired. Maybe something was, it was a hard day. And I would below so I was pushing down all of that anger. And then I would find myself beating on his chest, because I just would just rage. And that's the work I do, get that rage. But be able to take the energy of that the anger and use it in a healthy way. Because when we're pushing down anger and resentment and shame, it's going to come out in some way. It's going to come out into behavior, it's going to come out in an illness. So yeah, we might have micromanage and taken care of everything, but we were swallowing the poison. And then I'll speak for myself, I swallowed the poison, and then it would come out really messy, really messy.

It's so messy, and and it keeps our health stuck. Yeah. Because I thought that if I was, you know, resentful, and angry and holding on to all my stuff that it would hurt him. Yeah, you know, and, and that was so that was so silly, because it just hurt me, right? It was just me. He had no idea what I was feeling. Oh, my God. Right, right.
I mean, I remember putting a laundry basket right on the stairs, because it was heavy. And I did, frankly, I was doing a million things. So I'm like, I'm gonna put it right on the stairs. So he'll just bring it up. He stepped over it. I mean, he stepped over it. And so I would get so angry. But there was also this part of me that just kept hoping he would see how much I was doing that he would have that understanding of how much I was holding, taking care of the kid that was a challenging kid and the home and my business. And it just didn't happen which then built up the resentment more and then I felt so disconnected and so unloved which put me in the food and feeling horrible about myself. Yeah, it's a vicious cycle.

Yeah, and there's there's definitely like, I don't know, a part of us that wants to
do that needs to be acknowledged, not wants to be acknowledged. It really needs to be acknowledged. But we're not asking for it. Yeah, you know, and we're expecting others to know what we want and so we're gonna we're gonna not do that anymore. Judy's gonna gonna take a stand for us. And so yeah, we're not doing that and so that we can that we can heal and we can have the love in our lives that we want and it's, it's even just the love for ourselves. So, so can you talk about how, I mean, obviously, if I was so resentful, and, and projecting all of that crap, I wasn't loving myself very much, because I have this little saying that resentment equals lack of self care. Right, so, so I'm taking you off on a tangent. But does that resonate?

It does. And there's so many pieces there, I love it. So what I usually share with people is, and as you were telling my bio, the word shame kept coming up, shed the shame, you know, live out loud. And we want that. And yet so much of what we've learned about how to be and how not to be lives in our unconscious mind. So subconsciously, there's all these messages and experiences that have shaped us from when we were little, like the first seven years of our life, how look, good little girls are supposed to look how we're supposed to behave. And that just builds and then we take that into adulthood. And then we try to cope, we try to fit in, we don't want to fall down, we don't want to be criticized, we don't want to be judged. And then we start to do these behaviors, like squash or a voice asked for our needs to be met. And as a shadow worker, what I'll say is, the shadow is a part of us that we have said, I better not be like that, or I'm gonna get hurt, or I better not be like that, because someone else might get hurt. We learn this somewhere along the way. And so we need to take back those parts, but we have to uncover them first. Why are we holding that resentment? And take some of the shame up so we don't beat ourselves up anymore? Because we can go, Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm projecting I can't believe I'm holding on to this behavior for all these years. Well, why is that? Because there's a part of you, we all have it, we call it the Risk Manager, there's a part of you, that is constantly assessing whether it's safe to be you safe to ask for your needs to be met. I mean, in this culture, asking for our needs to be met is deemed as weakness. And if we've been taught that message, and we're taught that over and over again, we don't want to look weak. So we don't ask for our needs to be met. But what if we were to say, you know, what our needs matter. In fact, everybody that's, that's watching right now, just take a breath into that, like, your needs matter, your voice needs to be heard, what's important to you, is important. And yet underneath it, you might be going Yeah, but who's gonna love me in this 56 year old body, I'm not as pretty as I used to be. If I express, I need something differently in my household, my partner may not be thrilled, I mean, we want to keep the peace. So at the end of the day, we need to uncover our fears of why are we acting this way, because if we stopped acting this way, things would really shift. So
there are many ladies in this beautiful sisterhood now who participated in a 15 day hormone reset, and we have a day on relationship. Right. And they have really shaken things up in their relationship they have, they have really put a stake in the ground, and said, This is not working for me anymore. And I'm going to use some of these tools that Robin has taught, and we're going to, like, I'm going to get a better relationship. So they're primed and ready to take charge, right? Because because I was very, it's a very passive aggressive place that I was in, you know, feeling really resentful, doing too much being worn out and really grumpy about it and family husband having no clue why. Right. And, and, and so, you know, deciding not to live like that anymore, is a big first step, but then also, you know, deciding that you don't want that type of relationship anymore. And you know, we have to get to that place. And, and, you know, one of the other things that I teach is that we have to take responsibility. Yep. For all of our relationships. So, you know, these tools that Judy teaches are incredible for doing that. So, so share about, is this a good time to ask like another question of the ladies listening?

Sure, sure. In fact, it was tie in to what you just said, putting a stake in the ground and saying, I want something different. I want to stop this and have something different and have that awareness that something's not working. That's shake us up because we have to like really stand in that that that power of Yeah, I want to do something differently. And that is the first step. And there's this risk manager in the back going. I don't know if you really do this, this My cause some challenge. So a good question to ask is if you really stand in your, your, your desire stand in that I want to change my body and my health and take it to the next level. What might be risky for you? What might change for you? That might be uncomfortable? Maybe there's a part of the it's going, Well, how do I go out to dinner now and eat my the foods that I love? I don't want to let go of X, Y or Z. Maybe there's a part of you that thinks, oh, I don't know if I can really do it. I've tried these things before, like, what are the creepy crawlies in the background? So what's it risk for you to fully say yes, to this next step with with Robin and your health? So what is risky if you actually go for it? Because we need to shine a light on what you're scared might happen, not just the good stuff, because the good stuff is good. What's scary of what might happen that might be challenging for you might be hard for you? I think that's a good question to uncover.

That's a really good question. Yeah. So if you if you decide that you want to have a different relationship with yourself, if you decide that you want to have a different relationship with others, right, that you want to show up, as you are fully and completely, right? No, what are you afraid of? Right, right.

If I really asked for my needs to be met, what might happen? I may not get my needs met, maybe I'm going to see certain people aren't going to be there for me. Maybe I'm going to feel so vulnerable. And I'm going to be uncomfortable about sharing my vulnerable self. So what is it that might happen? What's scary about really saying yes to you, and deep self care and deep love for you? What might happen? That is scary for you? Yeah.

Yeah, I kind of had to hit rock bottom in my health and my relationship to just say, I really could care less was it riskier? Totally. I was like, I don't really care anymore. Like, if if who I am isn't right, then so be it. Exactly. I had to also get more comfortable with myself, you know, we learn what we're taught. So I was learning behaviors from my mother, right? She was very passive aggressive. She didn't, you know, my parents never communicated well. So that's what I learned. You know, I learned to keep everything to myself and be miserable.

Yep. Until that was just too much. And then you're like, something has to change. And that's the wake up call. And hopefully, we don't have to hit rock bottom. But I hit rock bottom 200 pounds and miserable, I got it, you know, like, that's it. I'm going to do whatever it takes. And I had, I had to let go of my marriage, ultimately, because he wasn't going for the ride. There was no way I was going to be bullied anymore. There was no, because he was a bully, there was no way I was going to keep my mouth shut anymore. And I really was going to stand up for my kid in a way that I didn't stand up before, which was painful to see that I didn't stand up for my kids the way I wished I could, but I couldn't I didn't have the tools. I didn't have the muscles. And that's where we start is going Ouch, this sucks. I need to do something differently. And that's the beginning of the journey for sure.

Yeah, that's so that's so amazing. And it's, I think what's even more amazing is that we tolerate it, you know, that that we tolerate not living our best lives? Yeah. Because of the fear. You know, so it'll be really wonderful to see what you've posted is your, you know, is your is, you know, your main fear around. Yeah, showing up as you really are. Yeah. What's your fear around that? And? And yeah, what would happen if you, if you face that fear, you know, what would happen? If I always look at, you know, I'm the, well, I'm the A to B gal. So, you know, I just want the steps to to learn anything to get anywhere. It's like, how do I get from here? Like, a really shitty relationship to a really fabulous one, like, what are the steps, you know, and that's something I could not get from a counselor. I was I was so frustrated and counseling. But I did find, you know, a coaching mentor eventually that just said, here's the steps right? Here's how you do relationship guy that was so helpful. But that's what we need, you know, we need those those steps to, to figure it out, and we have to be willing. For I think where I was going with this is the if plan A doesn't work. Then I go to plan B, right? If Plan B doesn't work, I got a plan C it's like, I don't really care. Like I just look at worst case scenario. And if I can live with that, like it's a go.

Yep. Yep, have your eye on the prize and keep moving. Yes. And yeah, therapy has its place. And I learned a lot from therapy. However, neck up, I understood a lot, but I wasn't able to transform my life. And that's you know what, when the women come to me, I work primarily with single women that are starting over though I work with people in relationships as well, I'm a relationship coach more than anything. You know, it's about love across the board. However, when women come to me and say, I want to find my partner, tell me what to do. How, what do I do online? What are the ABC and I go, I could tell you a, b, and c about online dating, I could give you great strategies that will save you time and energy, and definitely call it a very different person. And if you haven't emptied out the past, if you haven't healed those shadows, you're going to attract the same guy, you're gonna fall down the same rabbit hole, and you're gonna have the same relationship that you had before. So we I'm like, let's, let's start with getting you right. And it comes with that self love and that clarity about what is it that we desire? What how do we want to be what kind of relationship would like make us happy when we wake up in the morning, I'm so glad that you, you were able to ride the storm of that resentment and that shift for you for your, for your marriage. That's like, like, good for you. I've always envious of people that were able to go the distance. My partner, Mike, my husband, and I didn't, we're still really good friends. But
I tell women like it, it it you can go the distance. If you both really want it both. Both. You both really want it and I was ready at any moment to let go. Yep. The moment like you don't want this. Fine. We're done. Right? You want this? Then we have to do the work. Yep. Right. So so we both really wanted it. And so then then you can do the work right, like beautiful holding space for that other person. Yeah. You know? Yeah, so. So you were saying some really important things that I wanted to follow up on that. Because what Junie is talking about is really like, loving yourself, you know, this, this is about love. And it's really like getting to know yourself and loving yourself and letting go of that perception of yourself. That doesn't serve you anymore, right? That never really served you but you you held on to it, because you didn't know any better. But now working with Judy, like you would know how to show up authentically how to let go of what's not working, what's not serving you how to uncover those things. Because sometimes we just don't know, you know, it's a, it's just all these unconscious behaviors that were that were that we're participating in that don't serve us. So that like you have to get in a really place a beautiful love for yourself. Yeah. So that you can then like, figure out who you want to attract, which I'm sure it's part of your work, right? Yeah, like, Okay, now, like, Who Who do you want to attract and then, you know, that vibrant, beautiful self of yours is going to just attract the perfect right person,
right. And they want intimacy, you know, and I say into me, see, if you don't know who you are, and you want to let somebody in, you need to know who you are. And you need to be able to have that balance of what you allow. And I call it strategic vulnerability, the ability to open up in a way that's conscious, that isn't so risky, because it's not just about, okay, I'm going to just share everything. It's how to share how to show up. And it starts with getting healthier boundaries, and really taking deep self care, so that you really can let somebody in, you know, quick story, I had a client that worked with me in my in my program. And when she came to me, one of the things she said was, I don't think any man has ever loved me, they never really told me that I was that they loved me. And when working with her, what we found out was her self esteem, her sense of love for herself, like was non existent. And people did tell her, they loved her, but she couldn't take it in. She didn't believe them. She didn't trust them. This guy is saying I love you. What's he about? You know, why is he saying that? I don't believe that, because she didn't believe it. And so we really needed to uncover empty out. And now she's in a two year relationship. After working with me for several months, she met this guy and a two year relationship and she's so happy now. But before that, before she was able to reach well, to connect more beautifully with somebody to be able to have that deep connection. She had to have it first for herself, because she couldn't see it. Yeah, couldn't see it. It didn't exist for her. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh my gosh. Okay, so So let's say that you're I just want to talk Valentine's Day for a minute since it's all about love. So let's say that you're by yourself for Valentine's Day. Yeah, um, But what what are some things that you suggest? Because we had we had pleasure day, ah, for the 50 day hormone reset, what are some things that you suggest that ladies do to make it like a really special day full of love? Absolutely.

I always say date yourself, date yourself first get to know yourself first. And so give yourself the most amazing date. I did this, this exercise years ago and it's just it's it was I was single at the time. And even though I still have my little date nights with myself sometimes. And it was it was a prompt in a in a workshop I was doing and what would you love to drink? What kind of music would you love to hear? What's your favorite dessert, create the date of your dreams with yourself. And when I tell you I had the most ridiculously delicious dessert, I still want to go back and find the place it was so good. And I had the most I'd danced and I had the most beautiful evening. And then I solo pleasured you know, self pleasure. And I had the most amazing orgasm and orgasm does not come easily. For me. It was amazing. And it was just and it doesn't have to have sex. It's just what would your ideal date be like? And again, it's about focus we could focus on I'm by myself, no one loves me. I can't believe I have this trajectory, another valid, you know, what are we telling herself, or I'm about to have the most amazing date. And I'm going to feed myself the most delicious food and watch my favorite movie, and play and dance. And so that's my suggestion is how can you make this day so special for you? Because at the end of the day, it is about your relationship with you. And then you can train other people to give to you what you love.

Yeah, I love that journey. So so that's something that you teach, I'm sure how, how to train other people to better support you. I love salutely Absolutely, that we have to do. Like we have to train those around us to support us better, right?

They have to be willing to be traded. I mean, my training, you know, but my partner I mean, like we wouldn't be together if he wasn't willing to be coached, you know, and I don't do it like weren't weren't. It's like honey, you know, what would make me so happy? You know, and he listens because he loves me and he wants to show up for me. So we need to know what floats our boat and then we could gently and directly because we do sideways stuff directly go honey, this would make me so happy. Can we go out? Or can we do this thing or you know, when you do this thing? I would love it to look like this is how possible such a different energy then, you know, you're not doing anything for me and
comes from without What's the matter with you? What's wrong with you?

Yes, you should know this by now. Don't you read my thoughts? Don't you see how miserable I am?

Oh my gosh, God, those are the exact words I use to you.

I love you to me too. And so
what is one I'd love for you to post right here in the comments. What is one thing that you would like to do for yourself on Valentine's Day that you think so yummy and delicious? Just one thing because we need some ideas here so that ladies when they look at this and I'm like oh that looks like so much fun. Hey, I love this recipe. You could post your favorite song you could you could post anything that feels really good like when you were talking about that? I would I would definitely take a bath I would start my night out with a bath with a candle and some beautiful music and some you know magnesium salts and some beautiful essential oil in my bath. And yeah, I have some beautiful food I probably have yeah some nice oil for after my bath and flowers.

Oh my god right make your environment beautiful. Like this is this is for you. And the other thing is you can have a gallon times party I did that last year I had an event called gallon times day. And well it was an event and you can do it with your friends think about your single friends or or women that you might want to share some time with to give yourself the pleasure of connecting with your sisters and maybe have a dance party with your sisters have a glass of wine or whatever makes you happy. So there's there's so many options. Yeah, definitely posted in the comments. I think that's wonderful. I love the
gallon tines day so I'm like what is right with your girlfriend? Yeah, Valentine's Day and yeah, you could you could get on Zoom together and I love the dance party idea.

So many ideas. Yeah, I can't wait to see what everybody posts. That's awesome.

So much fun. Oh my gosh. Okay, so, so June. He tell us, is there anything else that that you want to share? Because I really want the ladies to know about this wonderful opportunity for them to, to. You know, I think that 2021 is the year that you get whatever you want. Like, like, you know, decide what that is, what is it that you want, and need, and then figure out how to get it get like, what are you waiting for, but stop putting things on the back burner. It's, you know, especially now like, so we haven't really talked into dating right now. Like, it's, it's a scary thing, like we're talking a lot about love and, and, you know, magnetizing love. So it's about definitely getting our stuff together. But it's also, you know, there are a lot of ladies who are going to want to find someone. Yeah, right. And how do you do that in these
times. It's actually an interesting time and, and in the events, my love Athan, which we're going to talk about in a couple minutes, we actually I actually bring in a dating guru who talks about online dating and how to have success online, and she talks about COVID and how to manage it. People are meeting people, everybody has to have their comfort level, you know, if this is a time to just Nope, I don't want to go out or do anything at all go in, this is great a great time to do that. That inner work to get prepared, this is a time for preparation for when the doors open again. And with that said, it's slowing the process down. Because we can't just go for a coffee date, most of us don't want to do that. And so people are meeting online, and they're getting to know each other there. It's just slowing the whole journey of getting to know each other down. And then some people I have met people that you know, some of my clients, some of the people I've been talking to are meeting people, when they feel that comfort level. And guess what, here's the other cool thing. With COVID. We have our boundaries, we have our comfort level. And when we tell that person, yes, I would love to meet you. However, this is how I'm doing COVID I definitely want to mask on, I definitely want six feet, whatever your parameters are, see how they respond. This is a great opportunity to like see how they're doing COVID? How are they stressing? Are they positive? are they negative? Are they in their fear? Are they going to meet you with what what's important to you. And it's an opportunity for you to express what is important to you. So people are meeting people are getting into relationships. So it is an opportunity. There's an opportunity here, and it's also an amazing time to just go Okay, wait a second. I'm just going to work on me right now. And in a few months. Maybe I'll go back online. So yeah, in the love Athan, we have this amazing guests that that shares so many golden nuggets on how to be effective and safe during COVID.

Yeah, I know a lot of people have met some special people. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of fun. I mean, what else do we have to do? The time we get into it. Okay, so share about your amazing event coming up.

How can we get involved? Okay, so it's called magnetize more love in midlife. That is the official title of this, this training this event. And I call it a love Athan because it's all about love. And it's Well, I think it's spectacular. But if you when you if and when you click the link that we're going to provide, you will see a great video, watch the video because you'll hear from all the participants from last time they loved it so much. And so it is a seven day. Facebook's similar to what you just did with your with your program. It's a seven day Facebook experience. And I'm talking to you about how to unpack and get that confidence and clarity and feel better about yourself, lower the volume of your inner critic and feel strong and clear about who you are and, and how to really feel that yummy, juicy self. And I bring in amazing guests of which this woman is one of them. And I have that love guru, the the dating guru that is going to talk about online dating. I have someone who's going to be talking about sacred solo sex. So we're going to get into sacred sexuality, healthy boundaries across the board. So lots of tools for your toolbox. So at the end of the seven days, you're going to feel so much more hopeful and excited about your love life. You're going to have a really good boost to your confidence and your you will have like gotten rid of a lot of the doubt and the fear stuff. That's the overall journey of the love of film.

It sounds amazing. I love I love the part. Well I love all of it because I mean I can't really think of a woman who This is not for, like, like, we need to be working on ourselves all the time. Yeah. Like, I'm always thinking, how, how can I show up better? Right? How can I show up better for my partner? Right? Yeah. Because Because I, I want our relationship to be so connected. Yeah. Like, I really want that connection, you know. And so yeah, I just think it's, it just sounds amazing. And I really loved the part about I can't remember how exactly how you said it, but like, you know, up leveling your intimacy with yourself. Is that was
it? Well, I'm not sure. Not sure what you're referring to. But I say the intimacy are into me see, to be able to feel better about who you are, and let go of the shame and feel just more confident. Now listen, I wanted to share that essential
part. The way it was the central part, you have a guest.

Oh, sit solo, sacred, sacred solo sex. Yeah, that sounds amazing. Sacred sexuality. Yeah. So we're gonna, we're gonna dive into the day and get comfortable with our bodies, I have someone, a great presenter is going to talk about balance in the bedroom about masculine and female energy and how to do that exchange and be able to be the queen that you are. And I just want to just say that it is focused the the, how do I put this when you look at the page, and I hope you do, whether you're partnered or not, you're going to see a bunch of things about being single. But I this this event really is for anybody if you know if if you're a woman, and you're 40 Plus, you are welcome, because as you just said, Robin, all of the pieces other than the online dating, really will support you in having a much healthier, happier and hotter relationship with yourself. And with your partner, partner to be
of that so. So Rebecca is on with us. And you know, please post the link Rebecca so that ladies can can take a look and sign up and is there a charge for your event?

There's not It's a free event. I mean, people do have the option to upgrade for an access pass that give some extra bonuses with that for $21. But the whole thing is free. And there's replays if you can't make it, it's it's really it's very accessible.

Yeah. Wow, that is such a beautiful gift. Thank you. You're
so welcome. I'm thrilled to do it. It's a great and it's fun. That's the other thing. It's not like, oh my god, I have to work on my inner critic. Oh my god, this is so painful. You know, it really is fun. And the women just lift each other up. There's so much love it truly is a love Athan. It's great.

Yeah, wonderful. Oh my gosh, well, thank you so much for sharing that with this beautiful community because we all need more love in our lives. And that's something that I strive for
every day is just showing up in service in a place of better love, and connection, because that's what makes life so amazing, you know, really just uplevel your life in such a powerful way. To me, there's nothing more important than love and I stand for love and when we have that inside of us and we're able to really connect deeply with ourselves, and then connect with others. To me, that's the answer to you know, world peace. To me. That's the answer to everything. And, and it starts with us. We need to we need to take care of ourselves first.

Thank you so much for being here with us today. It's just such a joy talking about love. I just, I just love it. It's my favorite topic.

Mine too. And thank you so much for having me. You're just so amazing. I just love what you're offering to these women and like if our to me, like I said love there's nothing more important than love. And at the end of the day, if we're not feeling well, if we're not feeling vibrant and healthy. Everything falls to the wayside. So you know it's it's great work that you're doing Robin I'm so grateful to to know you and see you doing what you're doing in the world.
And and same with you and you know, it starts with loving ourselves. So be sure to sign up for Julie's program. And let's all get her big kisses, the kisses for Junie LA, big hearts for Junie
factor to you back to thank you thank you. All
right, everyone. It's been amazing being with you here today for hormone breakthrough Wednesday. We're back I know we took a little bit of a break to do the 15 day hormone reset but now we're back and I will see you right here again next Wednesday. All right, sending you all so much love. Bye for now.