Quick Tips for Healthy Detox for Spring

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“Detoxing” and “Cleansing” have become buzzwords. We all want to do it but are not sure what “it” is, why we need “it” and what the best approach is.

In a nutshell, detoxification, when it relates to our bodies, is all about eliminating toxins. That’s all.

We are constantly being bombarded by toxins: from the air we breathe, to the shampoo we use in our hair, the water we drink, the household cleaners we use and the food we eat. They can all be very toxic!  In 2002 alone over 7.1 billion pounds of different chemicals were released in the air and water, 266 of which are linked to birth defects. Over time this can create a huge toxic burden on bodies. If we do not process our toxins efficiently and effectively, we can end up feeling pretty lousy. Many of these toxins disrupt our hormones and our metabolism and we can become sick and even fat.

So, every once in awhile it’s essential to give your body a little extra help to detoxify. That’s if you want to feel great.

Your body’s key detoxification systems are:

  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder
  • Small intestine
  • Colon
  • Lungs
  • Skin

There are many types of detoxification programs out there from powders to juicing to fasting. Here are some things to look for when deciding which program to choose:

  • Make sure there is plenty of whole, real, food – i.e. NO fasting
  • Does it include a true elimination diet? It’s really the only way to decrease inflammation so you can feel better long term – foods that continually irritate your body will only make you feel worse
  • Protein is essential to your body’s detoxification process – make sure the program includes plenty of protein
  • Supplements: read the ingredients as many contains toxins. Make sure they contain essential nutrients to support detoxification
  • Vegetables are key to detoxifying so be sure the program includes a lot of them
  • Move the pH of your body from acidic to more alkaline by eating lots of vegetables and minerals – you will feel much better
  • Learn some lifestyle habits that help you stress less – stress is acid forming and over time, will make you feel bad

Do you know your number? Take the Detox Quiz here: www.juvenescence.net/PDFs/DetoxQuiz.pdf

This will help you to determine how much support you might need.

If you find that it’s time for you to detox and cleanse to get your juicy life back, please join my upcoming Rapid Results™ Cleanse and Restore program. Get instant access here

Enjoy the process. If you support your body to detoxify twice annually, you will notice huge benefits – feeling fabulous for one!

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