Sleep Does Burn Fat & Build Muscle

One of my clients gained almost four pounds of muscle and lost almost two pounds of fat by catching up on her sleep. Wow! I talk about this all the time but this client now gets it. Restorative sleep produces growth hormone which helps our bodies burn fat and build muscle. Then, we burn more calories without doing anything extra! Before she left on her trip to the Bahamas we talked about just resting on her vacation. “Don’t schedule every day with stuff…just rest and rejuvenate,” I said. She is a busy executive that is on the go 24-7.

The first few days she not only slept 10 hours but took a nap each day because she could hardly stay awake. Her body was craving rest. She listened and followed her inner wisdom. I saw her 2 days after she returned home and her body composition is better than it has been in quite some time. Imagine just getting rest to lose weight.