Spice of Life – Delicious Seasoning

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This seasoning is not only super tasty, but it contains some amazing nutrients and ingredients that will boost your health. Make up a batch and add it to your favorite dishes such as the End of Week Soup. I would add it after cooking…

2 tbls green powder (some ideas here)
2 tbls nutritional yeast (bulk bins at Whole Foods/New Leaf/Wild Oats)
2 tbls dulse (bulk bins or small packages in seaweed section)
1 tbls. oregano
1 tbls. cilantro
1 tbls basil
1 tsp turmeric or curry
1/2 tsp chile powder or cayenne

All herbs are dried. Store in refrigerator and use liberally to season dressings, soups, meats, dips, etc. Delicious!

Source: Bauman College

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