Take a Mini-Vacation to Balance Hormones


by Robin Nielsen, NC

 There is no time to take care of myself, you say. Life is just too busy right now. “We’re right in the middle of our busy season, I’m not sure when I can do it,” is a comment I heard just yesterday from an amazing woman who signed up for one of my programs this week. If you’re like me, I’m always in the middle of my busy season. That’s because I’m the “yes” girl – I want to do it all, all the time. But I’ve learned, slowly but surely, that if we want to feel and look fabulous we have to guard our energy, our “inner pilot light” as Dr. Lissa Rankin calls it. In fact, we have to covet it, guard it, and dole it out as if it were a precious commodity, because it is. And it’s all we have to keep that twinkle in our eye and that bounce in our step. Yet we give it away so freely and wonder why we feel so bad. Here’s what your inner pilot light might be saying (from Dr. Rankin)… “Sometimes you feel the presence of me like a powerful lighthouse.  Other times, I’m barely a flicker. But I promise, no matter what, I’m always here.  You dim me when you:  · wallow in anger, resentment, or shame of another person  · beat yourself up  · numb yourself with alcohol, sugar, workaholism, sex addiction, television, and too much surfing on the internet  · gossip  · keep yourself too busy and avoid silence  · indulge in ruminating thoughts that keep you stuck in the past or future  · lower your vibration with self-sabotaging behaviors  · let fear rule you  You help me radiate when you:  · focus on gratitude  · open your heart  · allow the divine to flow through you without resistance  · are here now  · get quiet  · silence the Gremlins  · consume high vibration foods and drinks  · ask me for guidance” Good, balanced energy = balanced hormones. So when you respect your energy by resting more, eating properly and well, focus on gratitude and go with the flow, life is good. In fact it’s amazing. Taking a mini-vacation can really help to give you a break from the daily routine that is accelerating your aging. Go somewhere for just a couple of days – somewhere where you can get outside, breathe in some fresh air and disconnect from email and the internet. It’s amazing how clearly you’ll begin to see what’s working for you and what’s not, and will give you some much needed perspective again on what’s really important to you. Less is more. I invite you over this next week, to just notice how you’re treating your inner pilot light. Are you busy, busy and self medicating with coffee, alcohol, sugar and very little sleep? Or are you healing and restoring on a daily basis to stay hormonally balanced, with that twinkle in your eye and that bounce in your step. I hope the latter because that’s when you really shine…and life is amazing.