A Chipmunk “Croissant” Observation

Better Sleep, Better Life™

You know, good sleep is all about eating well and getting proper nourishment. That pertains to little chipmunks too. As we wind down our activities on our final day of vacation here in San Jose del Cabo my family made an interesting observation. We had been out for a morning surf in front of the Cabo Surf Hotel at the Acapulquito surf break and headed up for our final breakfast here in paradise. As were were eating we had several visitors. One was a little desert chimpmunk with an injured front leg. Of course we wanted to feed it. We had been given some beautiful little pastries to begin our breakfast. They were not ordered but were served much like chips and salsa are served before a meal here. My little niece took one of the tiny croissants and began breaking off small pieces to hand feed to the little chipmunk. The little chipmunk readily accepted eating right out of her hand. She (the little chipmunk) would then run away to the other side of the restaurant wall where we could watch her eat the piece of croissant with great delight. Within minutes she would be back for more. My sister-in-law said,

“Wow, we are feeding her a lot of empty calories.”

This was then followed by a comment from my brother,

“It’s also going to be constipated.”

After about five trips to feast on more croissant my father said,

“It’s going to get full on croissant and starve to death.”

How insightful. The chipmunk would most likely get fat on the croissant, but if this is all she ate she would most definitely starve to death. Why? Because there are no viamins, minerals, fiber, or protein. Malnourishment comes in very skinny and very fat. We immediately began feeding the chipmunk fruit and pieces of nuts from the granola.  We all felt better knowing the chipmunk would thrive on getting better food. Think about the chipmunk the next time you go for the “empty” calorie foods!