Just Harvested Home Grown Garlic

Better Sleep, Better Life™

Today was the day. I harvested my first ever crop of garlic this morning, Organic German Porcelain Extra Hardy Garlic to be exact. It is beautiful and I am thankful!

I have to say that my appreciation for food is much more intense when I grow it myself. I am much more appreciative and thankful for the bounty that my work in the garden brings. I appreciate the bees and birds for spreading the pollen and even for the jack rabbit that lives in our yard but hasn’t eaten my lettuce – or any other vegetables yet.

I bought the garlic seeds from High Mowing Seed company last year. I finally planted them in March this Spring. I learned later that March is a little late for planting garlic. I might have been eating young garlic as it may have never matured. So I was patient while the garlic stalks grew.

Finally the garlic flowered and I was hopeful that it might turn out OK. When it was done flowering and the stalks began to die I bent them over and this morning pulled them out. Wow – so big and beautiful they are!  I will let them dry out a bit, brush the dirt off and start using them in my favorite recipes.

If I can garden anyone can garden. If you have children or grandchildren it is especially important to plant a garden. You all will eat better, appreciate clean soil and clean water and will have a special time set aside each day to meditate and ponder while tending your garden. If something smells garlicky, it’s just me!