Diets Don’t Work: Lose Weight by Balancing Hormones

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We all know that diets don’t work. Still, many of us find ourselves trapped in a cycle of dieting, believing our problems will go away if we only lose weight. But conventional advice often has us focused on the wrong things, and focusing only on dieting and losing weight is difficult to sustain.

In this video, Robin talks with Sheila about how she overcame her health challenges, including poor sleep, concentration issues, and weight gain. After years of dieting and “trying everything,” Sheila found the Hormone Reset Program. Reluctant at first, she discovered that practicing some foundational techniques for hormone balance can lead to profound changes. Learn how Sheila lost 35 pounds without dieting and how getting in tune with her body started her journey towards better health.

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Hello, beauties. Ah, so great to be here with you today. Let's see, we're just getting started.

That doesn't

hurry now some technical details. Hi, Sheila. Hey, just hold on a minute and right with you. Okay. All right, we have a very special program for you today. Ah, welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Hello, this is Robin Nielsen. And I'm honored that you've chosen to be here with me. Because I know there are a lot of ways you could be spending your time. My mission is to show women how to take charge of their health naturally, so they can be in a place of wellness, happiness, peace and love more of the time. Can you feel that? Yes. So this spreads to their families, their communities into the world, I'm here to help you take back control of your health. Your healing starts here. And just by showing up today, your genes, your genetics are already starting to express themselves for the better. You're already healing. So let's feel more confident, vibrant, and sexy together. Ah, welcome to today's program with my beautiful guest. Sheila. Oh, my goodness, Sheila, it's so great to have you with us here today. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Let me change the view. And I think it's just so special. Getting to do these really special interviews before the reset because I, for the most part haven't met you. And and I know that you're in our community, and I'm just so proud of all that you've accomplished. And so I'd love to say hello, and asked you where you're joining in from.

Well, right now I'm in River Falls, Wisconsin. So yeah. And just having a lovely day here and appreciating being able to be on and to meet you. Finally, Robin, that's great.

That is so wonderful. So wonderful. So is Wisconsin, your home or it sounds like you've been moving around a little bit.
Wisconsin is my home I am. I'm a nurse, but I've actually been working as a birth assistant. So I do some of that here in Wisconsin. And then I go out to Utah. And there's a whole story to that. But I go out there, but I have a daughter out there and two granddaughters. And so when I go out there, I help her out and get to do birth assisting out there as well. So that's my life right now.

That's amazing. That is so fantastic. What a beautiful, rewarding line of work you're

in. I love it. Yeah,

yeah. Oh, my goodness. All right, so you're gonna share with us kind of your, your healing journey, you you joined the reset and just want to say that Robins hormone reset is coming right up. It starts on September 26. And, you know, the whole idea about, you know, bringing ladies on to interview them is to really be an inspiration for what's possible. You know, because I think that so many of us come to the reset, very deflated. We're very deflated. It's kind of our last hope. We've tried so many programs, and nothing's worked, right. And so we're just sort of throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. But I think that it's really important to share that when you when I want to say deploy or when you practice, some foundational really hormone practices, you can see some profound change in your life. And so Sheila is going to tell us kind of how these practices that she learned in the reset supported her. So share with us a little bit about how you found out about the reset and how you decided to say yes to join in.

Well, I have two daughters who have actually been through resets and a sister in law that had done it. And they were talking and they kept encouraging me to do the reset and I was like good and it previously but finally they're like Mom, you really should try and my sister in law actually signed me up and she did that the day before the reset started so I was like, oh my goodness, what am I getting myself into? And is this a good time and and do I even have time for this? And once I get started I'm like boy, what a cool I would have been to miss out on this opportunity because I'm a nerd As you know, and you'd think I know about all the hormones and all this stuff, but I wasn't listening to my own body, and I didn't really put puzzle pieces together. And so it just all made so much sense. And I'm glad. So I'd say to anybody else thinking about joining get in sooner, so you can be a little bit more prepared and get your head wrapped around a little bit more what's coming up. So, yeah, that's great. Well, I

just want to acknowledge you for finally listening to your family and your sister. That's so great. Oh, good for you. Yeah, you know, I think that that's who this program attracts, is actually women who are pretty knowledgeable, you know, about health in general. And they just need, you know, they just need sort of a little bit stronger foundation and help pulling some of the pieces together, you know. Alright, I think that Sheila has froze up a little bit, but she's gonna come right back, because she's in a really good place, I think. Hmm. All right. So um, so while we're waiting for Sheila to come back, I would love for you just to say hello, kind of where you're joining in from. And and I'd also love to hear from you if you've done one of the resets before. So you can say yes, and then just put which reset you've done before. And and then I'd also love to hear if you've signed up for this current reset, or if you've done the reset before, if you're going to join this one again. Because once you're in, you're in, yeah. Sheila, can you hear me? I can. Okay, great. Awesome. We can see your picture. So you joined the reset, and you just did the one recently in May. Was that the first time?

That's the first time Yeah.

Wow. All right. And so share with us a few of the health symptoms that you were noticing that you really wanted to heal.
Well, I, the big things was I was achy all over my body. When I get up in the morning, I just it hurt to stand up straight. I wasn't sleeping very well. And I had some constipation issues. And you know all those things. You just supposed to pooing thinking, I'm 58. This is normal for 58. You know, so energy wise, I didn't never really noticed that it was energy was dumb, but and then concentration to was not great. Like I couldn't sit down and just read a book and really grasp everything that I was reading. So that was frustrating to me.

Yeah. Yeah. And so you you took the initial hormone assessment, so we actually do a hormone assessment each day on a different hormone. So you tallied them all up, and your initial score was 42. Yeah. Okay. And so that's 42 different symptoms, right. So each point is a symptom of hormone imbalance. So you have 42 symptoms of hormone imbalance. And believe it or not, that's kind of, kind of on the low side. Many ladies have 70s 80s 90s I think someone had over 100. So, so yours wasn't too crazy high, but that's still 42 symptoms that you don't want. And now, where is your score?
We're about 20. Right now, I don't have the aches, like I had cancer patients better, I'm sleeping better. Most nights. It's not constant, you know. But all those things have improved like drastically.

Yeah. And one of the things that we actually shared with the ladies, when we were sharing about this specific hormone breakthrough Wednesday, is, is really about your weight. So can you share a little bit because that's, I think that's one of the hardest things for us, you know, many of us are told to just lose weight. And if we lose weight that everything will improve. And first of all, we know that that's not true, right. But the second thing is, if we could have we would have, if we could have lost weight, we would have lost weight, we would do that. And it's very frustrating, especially when our metabolism isn't so great, right? And that's what we're doing in this program is we're trying to get your metabolism back to a healthier place. So tell us about your weight. What? Like how much overweight were you when you started the program? And then what have you noticed,

overall, before me over the winter months there, I'd gained like an extra 10 pounds, and I didn't know where or why that was coming on, but I don't have a thyroid I had that radiated back in 2009. So I knew that my metabolism was messed up anyway, from that whole thing. And, you know, they put you on Synthroid. And that just, that doesn't do the same thing as your thyroid. So it can only help you so far. So anyway, I had gained the extra 10 pounds, and I started having a knee issue, I have arthritis in the knee. So like, the doctor said, for every pound, it's like an extra four pounds on your knee or whatever. So I'm like, Okay, I need to really try to take some weight off and starting the reset. You know, you said, We're don't talk about losing weight, because we're not going to find it again, you know, and I just really appreciate that, or aspect. Because it's like, no, we're releasing it, and it's going, it's going for good. Hopefully, you know, that's really where I want to be. And so anyway, I lost 25 pounds rather quickly, and just doing the reset, it was like, I'm just gonna do whatever Robin tells me to do, and stick to it. And so it worked. I lost 25 pounds. And then it seemed like I plateaued. And now I'm down, I've released the total of 34 to 35 pounds. So it's going away again. So it just like, I don't know, I guess you hit, you know, you hit marker spots and get stuck for a little bit. But yeah, I was eating anything, anytime, anywhere before the reset and just starting this, it's like, Sheila, wake up, see what you're doing to yourself, you know, and, and it was just amazing to really reset my mind and the value that we think food has, and the value of our health, you know, and how much we can be in control of that. So

yeah, yeah. Isn't that something? So you had said that you had gained an extra 10 pounds? Yet? You lost? You've released 34? So, yeah, so you had you had more weight that you wanted to release more than just the 10?

For sure. I still have like 40 pounds, I want to get off. So I'm not there yet. You know, I'm not where I want to be. But people roaming, you're like, are you okay? Do you have cancer or your kids? feel great.

Is it isn't that something so we so So may it was? I'm trying to think when in May it was maybe it was mid May or something that we did the reset. And then so, June, July, August, September, so four months, you've released 34 pounds. It sounds like you are just a rockstar at implementing what I shared, like so proud of you. It's incredible. And I want you to share that you're not dieting?

No, it's not a diet, this is the totally different way to think. And I've just really, you know, I was a mom of five kids. And so when you're in the kitchen all the time trying to feed five kids and have healthy meals, you're just thinking about food all the time. And so I don't know what to say to mom who's in that position of life right now. Because it's nice to be where I'm at where you just think food, food is there to help you live. It's not I want to eat, I want to eat to live not live to eat food. Right? It's a different, different, totally different mindset. And so yeah, I don't know, where else was supposed to go with that question.

I could do that, too. That was because, you know, we want to take the burden off of ourselves. Because I know, for myself, you know, I dieted every year for decades, you know, several times a year, because you know, my weight would always come back. And it's such a frustrating place to be and you keep thinking or I kept thinking that I just needed to try harder. Or I needed to try a different diet, a different approach, you know, but it's still a diet, right? And it's not sustainable. So what I love is that you have really embraced the practices that I shared, and you've made it sustainable, like incredible, so incredible. But you didn't just blow it off and say oh, yeah, well, she taught these things and I'll think about it. You actually did it. You did it. Oh my gosh. Isn't it like magical when you do the work and you see the results?

That's right. And you know, people around you will say they'll offer you something Like in the evening to eat or drink and I just look at I'm like, Okay, no, you know, I'm doing I'm doing this I've changed. I don't want that stuff now and, and so my poor husband, he still will and my husband's like 180 pounds soaking wet, you know, he's does construction and he eats and anything anytime, anywhere because she needs to feed his metabolism. But yeah, he's still learning. He's still learning.

Yeah, those those guys too. It's just easier, you know, for men? Definitely, definitely easier for men. For the most part, you know, just because testosterone is it's such a helper when it comes to releasing weight, for sure. And so, so what what else would you like to share about your specific journey that might be inspiring for a woman thinking about joining the reset? You know, we have ladies in this beautiful group. So we're in the natural solutions for hormone balance sisterhood group, we have over 15,000 in this group who are looking for a solution to feel better, right? What would you say to to our ladies here in the group or who are really wanting to feel better? I think that we lost her for just a moment. So. So I would love for you to share if you have done the reset before, if you would share. Maybe a little, a little inspiration yourself, like what did you notice? During the reset? Why would you encourage a woman to join the reset? You know, most of the women in this beautiful sisterhood group are struggling, right? We're struggling yet. Yet. We don't say yes to ourselves. We don't say yes to doing this reset. And, you know, I was put here on the planet to help women say yes to themselves. Because when we say yes to ourselves, here's a really cool thing. I'm getting goosebumps that I just learned from this amazing woman. And I'll have to get you her name because I don't remember her name. But she said self care is political warfare. How powerful is that? Self Care, taking care of ourselves, learning how to take care of ourselves in a hormone balancing ways that we can feel fabulous we can sustain it is political warfare, like it's a gives you the power to take a stand for things that you believe in, including yourself, your family, right, being a woman, right, whatever it is for you. And I just loved that. She said that, like that's so powerful. Because it's when we are in the lack mindset, which oh my gosh, I was in forever for decades. Right? Doing more buying more not feeling like I was enough just constantly on this treadmill doing doing doing not feeling good enough. Not feeling like I was contributing enough. Not enough money. Not enough. That's not enough that right? That's that's the model where we take ourselves out, instead of the model of sufficiency. Right? Where there's enough for everyone. We love each other, we're connected, we support each other, there's just enough, right? Instead of being in that place of self care, sufficiency is self care, right? I have enough time. I have enough love, I have enough savings. I have enough family and friends, right? I'm connected. We're in a place of love and connection more of the time. Right? Instead of not enough, right, which is where a lot of us are when we don't feel well. It's we're in the we're in the victimhood mindset. So So I invite you, right to put yourself first put yourself first and Liz that please share the link for the reset right here so that you can learn more about it, because it's an incredible opportunity. And it's only seven days right so post here two to three you know, health concerns that you have that you would really like helpless, really like helpless. And you know, we've made the reset affordable for every single woman for every single woman so you know, that was our goal during the pandemic to make sure that we left no woman behind right no woman left behind. And so let's do this right Let's support each other. Let's level up on each other. Let's let's bring each other up in When we do things together, we all thrive. Let's do it. Alright, if you have any questions, please post them here. I don't think Sheila is coming back actually, let me just see her. Yep, I don't think she loves coming back so we're gonna just give her you know so much love give Sheila so much love. Ah, what a wonderful soul to join us here today and share her journey. And I mean it's been send you big kisses so much love to you and sending you big kisses. And I can't wait to support you and the reset. You know whether you're brand new whether you're doing it for the second, third, fourth, fifth time, this is our eighth time doing it. We're pretty addicted to it because the stories are like this, right? They're incredible. All right, and just sending you so much love. Bye everyone.