Hot Hormone Tip: How Poor Sleep Impacts Hormones

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Many of us struggle to get enough good sleep. While it can be tempting to write yourself off as a “night owl” or feel that sleeping less helps you get more done, the fact is: nothing can replace quality sleep.

The quality of our sleep impacts every part of our lives, especially our hormones. Poor sleep can prevent us from healing and disrupt hormone balance, leading to symptoms like weight gain, inflammation, and cravings.

To improve your sleep quality, take a look at your routines. What can you change to start getting more good nights of sleep than bad?

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Hello beauties. Oh my goodness, today's hot hormone tip is so awesome. Oh my goodness, because this month is all about sleep. And not just sleep. But restorative sleep. And why that's so important is because restorative sleep allows us to come back into hormone balance, which is amazing. So that means and medicated sleeps that you can get all of the cycles of sleep five to six cycles a night, between rem and deep sleep. So I'm going to share something with you today that is mind blowing. It's just mind blowing about sleep. Because I know how it is, it's really easy to blow off sleep, right? It's easy to stay up late watching TV show starting a new project, calling yourself a night owl saying this is my time. But if you don't shift those beliefs, to beliefs that support your body better, you're just never going to heal doesn't matter what supplements you take, what medications you take, what food you eat, if you don't get sleep down, you're not going to heal, because that's when most all of the healing in your body takes place, body and mind. It's amazing, right, something called lymphatic drainage happens in your brain, where it just cleans everything out during the night. And if you don't get good restorative sleep, that just doesn't happen. So I want to share this with you right now this is pretty awesome. Hold on just a second here, I think I'm not ready to share. But I'm just going to open up this one slide that I have from Robins hormone reset, which is really amazing. So here we go. So here is a slide that I share. So here's the hormonal impact of poor sleep. And you know, this group is all about balancing hormones helping you feel better, because we women know hormones, we just don't know what to do with them. So when we don't get our eight hours of sleep a night, right, and we don't get eight hours of sleep of restorative sleep a night, our weight goes up, inflammation goes up, your hunger hormone, ghrelin goes up, leptin, your satiety hormone telling you when your fall goes down, so that you tend to eat more, your thyroid stimulating hormone goes up, which means that your metabolism is gonna slow down, your melatonin goes down and that you're really protective hormone and helps you sleep at night. It's your timing hormone, cortisol, your stress hormone goes up. interleukin six, which is a general inflammatory marker in the body goes up with even the slightest amount of sleep restriction. And something called highly sensitive C reactive protein, which is a really important inflammatory marker in the body goes up. So you can see your hormones just go completely wonky, when you don't get a good night's sleep. Now, that being said, it's hard to get a good night's sleep every night. So don't stress about it. Right? The goal is to keep working at it. And to get more good night's of sleep than four nights of sleep and to just be really conscientious around your sleep, start looking at your nighttime routine. Start looking at your morning routine because how you do your day is how you do your night and just give sleep the attention she deserves. There's a great quote that was in People magazine years ago, I think that the Europeans maybe just in the UK, they were they were surveyed as to what the most luxurious thing in their lives was and the number one choice was sleep. And here in the US, right? If you're not in the US, you may not be able to resonate with us. But here in the US. It's sort of like for women, you know, getting a deal on an outfit at at the store. It's like I just don't need much sleep. I'm so proud of that. Like I can get by on six hours. Like it's a badge of honor. Right? It's a badge of honor, sort of like you know how we treat our cars. I got this for six bucks, right? We're so proud of that. But with sleep, we don't want to go cheap, ladies. We don't want to go cheap. All right. So post right here. One thing that you're doing for yourself to get better sleep just one thing that you're doing and we're going to learn more about this. In just a few weeks at the perimenopause menopause three day event, which you'll learn all about we'll be posting about this week. All right, sending you so much love