Hot Hormone Tip: The Top 9 Benefits of Restorative Sleep

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Making sure you get enough restorative, unmedicated sleep can have incredible benefits for your health, including better hormone balance. Learn about the top 9 benefits of restorative sleep. What is one thing you’re doing right now to get better sleep?

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Hello beauties. Happy Monday and I'm so excited to be here with you for my Monday hot hormone tip. This month is still all about sleep, we have a few days left, I hope that you're starting to make some shifts. Yeah, or challenges going, we gave you three things to do that can really impact your sleep. And even if you're not doing the challenge, just hop on over to that challenge post and you can see those three things that we've asked the challenge participants to do. And you'll you know, you'll start seeing some incredible shifts in your sleep once you start doing those three things. And I just wanted to share that the perimenopause, menopause three day event is coming right up where I'm going to demystify perimenopause and menopause, you know, it was talking to a dear friend the other day and she says it is so wonderful that you're doing that because it's a complete mystery for women. We're never told anything about it, right? We're never told anything about anything around our hormones as we, you know, start menstruating as we go into the childbearing years as we go into the perimenopause years. As we go into the post menopause years. We're told nothing in fact, it's just a complete mystery. So we're going to demystify, perimenopause and menopause, you're going to have such a better picture of what it's all about. We're gonna have so much fun, it's gonna be life changing. Make sure that you grab your free ticket right now I'll post the link above here once I'm finished with today's hot hormone tip. So today's hot hormone tip is all about sleep. So our last last had hormone tip about sleep. So Let's soak it all in because sleep is pretty amazing when it comes to balancing our hormones and feeling so much better. So I want to share my screen with you and share with you. The top nine things that sleep really helps with the top nine things that sleep really, really helps with. Alright, here we go. It helps healing on all levels, healing on all levels. It helps with brain cleansing, something called lymphatic drainage happens when you're getting restorative sleep and restorative sleep is on medicated sleep where you're getting all of the cycles of deep sleep and REM sleep. So there are anywhere from like 567 cycles over the course of the night, and you have to get all of them to have restorative sleep. mental clarity, oh my goodness, so important for mental clarity, so important for improved memory. So important for reducing inflammation for building muscle isn't that crazy. So a good night's sleep is like you've gone and had a good workout. It helps you build muscle, it helps you produce growth hormone, which helps you build muscle. It promotes happier moods, oh, my goodness helps you build serotonin. It improves your digestion and improves your improves your microbiome. And that right there helps you improve your hormone balance because we have something called the strobe alone in our gut, which is a bunch of microbes that are specifically for metabolizing. Estrogen. So when you improve your gut health, you're improving your hormone balance. Isn't that crazy? And it helps with weight loss, oh my gosh, it helps with weight loss because it reduces inflammation. Isn't that fabulous? So I want you to feel right now into your body. Close your eyes for a moment when you put your hands on your heart. And just feel in to how you feel when you get a good night's sleep. Right? You wake up and you're positive, you actually have energy to get out of bed. You go to put your pants on and they fit. They're not tight and you don't feel like you're bulging out everywhere. You have a little spring in your step. You actually don't have cravings. You don't have any cravings. You have some willpower, which is amazing. You're happier. You actually love your partner, your husband, your spouse. You treat them well. You don't yell at your kids, right? All these great things happen. So we want more of that. We want more of you know, balanced, happy svelte and sexy right and and you're just more motivated. So we want more asleep. We want more of that. Yes. All right. So post right here. One thing that you're doing to get batteries sleep right now. All right, that's eight hours of restorative sleep. Every night. We're gonna learn more about this and the perimenopause, menopause three day event that's coming right up in just a few weeks. All right, sending you so much love.