Hot Hormone Tip: The 5% Solution: Small Changes Add Up to Big Results

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With life already so busy, making changes to support your health can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve ever been sailing or used a compass, you know that adjusting course even by as little as five degrees can take you somewhere completely different. The same is true for your hormones. What 5% change can you start today to improve your hormones over time?


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Hello, beautiful. This is Robin Nielsen. And it's so great to be here with you today I want to share a really hot hormone tip, super hot smokin hot. I hope you're enjoying your summer and having just a beautiful, a beautiful time. Yeah, with maybe some extra time and some lovely weather before busy busy starts again in September. So I love this tip, it's all about the 5% solution, which means small changes over time equal big results, right? small, incremental changes over time, equal big results. I subscribe to something called a note from the universe or notes from the universe. By Mike Dooley. They are so good. You can subscribe yourself if you want to. And today's came and it said this. It said you don't take baby steps for the distance they cover but to put yourself within reach of life's magic, just like you don't waste your sails to move the boat. But to put yourself within reach of the wind, hoist to baby hoist baby 1234 The universe so good. So my hot sexy lover and I my husband, my honey, we like to sail. And we raised our boys sailing and we would charter about out of Santa Barbara Harbor. And we would sail over to Santa Cruz Island. And I say we would because they don't bear aboard boat charter out of Santa Barbara anymore. Sadly, too many boats got damaged. So it was so great. So if you were at home, right steering us towards Santa Cruz Island, it's about 25 miles away. And we wanted to go to ladies harbor which is this really cute little cove on Santa Cruz Island, right? It's pretty much Santa Cruz Island is uninhabited. There are probably a few people who live there for The Nature Conservancy. But for the most part, it's uninhabited. And so if we want to reach ladies Harbor, at Santa Cruz Island, we would set our compass right there at the helm, there's a compass at 180 degrees. So if we wanted to reach any Harbor on the island, there would be a compass heading. And you would need to hold that compass heading if you wanted to get there. So let's say that I was a bit of a newbie, and I was at the helm, steering the boat. And I'm like, Ah, 185 is close enough, right? Mike? Oh, just hold it around 185. That's good. Like, I'm enjoying the view. It's so beautiful out here. We're good, right? 181 a five? What's the difference? Well, here's the difference. Ladies. If you hold the heading at 185 on the compass, you're going to end up somewhere else in the world. Not even on Santa Cruz Island, you're going to end up somewhere else in the world. Isn't that crazy. So Santa Cruz Island is about 25 miles away, it's about 26 miles long. But if you if you alter that 180 degree setting on the compass, and you will get 25 You're gonna end up somewhere else in the world, maybe in Hawaii, maybe in I don't know, in the South Pacific somewhere else. But you're not going to end up on Santa Cruz Island. So that's the big deal about small changes. And August is all about sleep. It's all about getting restorative on medicated sleep so that you can heal, because sleeping is when we heal. Okay, why don't you just take that in for a minute. And I know that one of our coaches, she and I were talking yesterday in our class about how she used to get five hours of sleep a night and call it good. And she was so proud of that. Like that was her badge of honor that she didn't need much sleep much sleep and she could get so much done. Right? Is that you? That wasn't me. I knew I needed sleep. But I also ran as fast as I could every day every day. So all day every day, I ran as fast as I could to get as much done as I could. And then I would just collapse at night. So no matter what your ammo, right, no matter how you operate, we need to get at least eight hours of restorative sleep every night and I know you're thinking I'm crazy about now. But that's the truth. That's what science tells us. So what is one The thing you're gonna do today to work on your sleep, this one thing, and then we're also going to post right there today or Wednesday about our August challenge, and I hope that you'll consider participating because it's when we do things together, that we can really see some powerful changes in our health. And I want to give you a little bit of a heads up we have an incredible program coming up in September that you'll be able to register for soon all about perimenopause and menopause and we're gonna rock it out sisters. So post right here was one thing you're gonna do today to get better sleep. All right, sending you so much love.