Hot Hormone Tip: Surround Yourself With Beautiful Food

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We all want to start every day feeling our best, but sometimes life leaves us feeling exhausted or like we’re stuck in a rut. Fortunately, getting back on track can be as simple as finding a change of scene.

One way to do this (and support your hormones at the same time) is to go out and surround yourself with beautiful food. By visiting a local health food store or farmers market, you create the space for inspiration and take one step closer to healing.

What’s one healthy food item that gets you inspired?

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Hello beauties. Oh my goodness, it's so great to be here with you today. Ah, we had our incredible epic event last week perimenopause plus menopause solution. It was really, really amazing, really amazing. Over 3000 women showed up and we learned a lot about our bodies and a lot about how to take better care of ourselves. And I'm just so honored and so grateful to have supported you if you participated really, really amazing. Today's hot hormone tip is all about food glorious food. And the reason is because at the end of last week after a big event, I was tired. I was pretty tired and I woke up Saturday morning and it was I just needed to pick me up and so I thought to myself, I'm going to go to the farmers market I'm going to get myself up and out right Get up Get out Get a life that's what the Pink Lady used to say. Get up Get out Get a life so I said to myself get up Get out Get Elijah go to the farmers market. So I went to the farmers market and instantly my energy like just soared just was amazing. There was this gorgeous food everywhere, everywhere. I started with the beautiful vegetables, the heirloom tomatoes, the beautiful lettuce, celery, carrots, I got these gorgeous little yellow squash. Oh my gosh, so beautiful. What else did I get? That was so so pretty. Oh my gosh, I got these heirloom variety gala apples that were very imperfect. And they were in little baskets that had just been picked from the tree. They were so gorgeous. And they're not too sweet. You know, they're just delicious. And then figs figs are in season right now. Beautiful figs. Oh my goodness, really high in fiber so good for you. And then I turned around from the vegetable stand and there was this beautiful meat stand and all 100% pastured meats including the chickens. Chickens were not fed any grains whatsoever. They're smaller, but they're it's an anti inflammatory food when the animals are not fed grains because grains are just corn and soy Right? Very inflammatory. So oh my goodness I stocked up on all this beautiful stuff. This salmon stand last day of the salmon season and so I was able to get some salmon and beautiful salmon and the olive oil stand Oh my gosh 100% locally grown and pressed olive oil. Amazing. Right at the market. It's very hard to know whether what's in that olive oil bottle is truly all olive oil. So a lot of times it's filled with fillers and it's not just olive oil so be really careful try to find some locally sourced olive oil. Anyway, I had a blast there was even a ceramic lady there and I bought this gorgeous, like antiquey green bowl that she had made. It's my already my favorite bowl. So we had my son and my daughter in love over for dinner that night. He eautiful food beautiful dinner. I was so energized when I came home. So if you need a little pick me up. If your energy is a little down, go to the market, the farmers market your local health food store, surround yourself with beautiful food and get re inspired because food is medicine. And it can either harm us or heal us. Let's choose the Heelas type of food. All right posted right here. One like really healthy thing that you bought this week and what you're going to make with it. All right, sending you so much love