It’s Not All in Your Head: Learning To Take Charge of Your Health

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Many women spend their whole lives taking care of others and never learn to take time for themselves. It should come as no surprise then that after years of giving, our health suffers!

Meet Tisha Wieholz. Tisha struggled with health symptoms for years, including hair loss, insomnia, chronic pain, and acne. After trying everything and firing doctors whose advice was often to “just lose weight,” she finally found the Hormone Reset program. Skeptical at first, Tisha discovered that committing to simple steps over time can lead to big results.

In this video, Tisha shares her story about learning to prioritize her health and how the medical system can teach us to focus on the wrong things. In her words, "I’m not big on cosigning on things, but if it can stop another woman from needlessly suffering or being made to feel like it’s ‘all in your head,’ I’ll make an exception.”

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shine. Allow beauty arrive here

is the confidence about me? Yeah, it's my way to feel alive again I want to have what happened to my dream I feel like I've lost my mind. It's time to shine.



all right. So yes, there is a confidence about me and you've got the magic in your heart. We're building that confidence, because we're here for hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Hi, this is Robin, and it's so great to be here with you. Whether you're listening in live right now with us, or whether you're watching the replay a little bit later, please say hello. Yes. And you can say where you're joining in from, because, you know, many of us are from all over the place. So yes, say hello. And I have a really special guest on today. So excited to share her with you. And before I do that, I just want to mention, I've been told I need to mention a couple of things. Oh, oh, my gosh, I think I closed I think I closed the document that I needed to have up. So hold on just a second. One of them is the Bring, bring a friend contest. So I want to make sure. Let me just see here. I think I'm going to have to go back and find this document. So hold on just a moment. While I do that, here we go. So I need to mention the bring a friend contest. So we want to make sure. Oh, yeah. Okay. Lisette has asked me to ask you to be sure to share the 15 day hormone reset posts on your social pages. So you can go to my page, Robin Nielsen and their whole bunch of posts in there. And if you really like one, just share it with your friends or share it to your page. That's a really great way that we can get the word out about the 15 day hormone reset. And I want to make sure that you know, you participate in the bring a friend contest, we have some incredible prizes, amazing prizes. Think we have first second third place prizes. And so you actually Lisette will post the link right here. And you can it's the bring a friend special link, and you go there and you put in your email and your just your your special affiliate link. And with that you can actually share your link to get entered into our contest to win. So yeah, gosh, I don't know almost I want to say like 50 or more ladies have joined from friends already. So it's a powerful way to experience the program as well to do it with someone you love. It's so special. So yeah, those were my things I needed to share with you before we get started. So I have a beautiful guest on her name is Tisha wine Holtz, I believe.

hopefully I'm pronouncing that correctly. Just want to say hello, Tisha. So great to be here with you today. And, gosh, share with us where you're joining in from.

I am currently in Minnesota. Soda just moved from Georgia.

Wow. Yeah. So, so is Georgia really more your home or? No? Travel around?

Yeah. I'm spend most of my life in New York.

Okay. New York. Yeah. Awesome. So, this is the very first time Tisha and I have met. Yes, I have been reading about her on our Facebook page. And then, yeah, so inspired, by the way so inspired, and then she actually applied for the natural hormone solution scholarship. We had two, six month programs available that a very beautiful woman anonymously donated and Tisha actually was the winner of one of those six month scholarships. So congratulations.

Yeah, I don't know who she was. But bless her heart because it's been phenomenal. So

yeah, believe me, I so want to share her name. It's so hard not to say her name.

You give her my face? Personally.

I sure Well, I sure Well, she's doing some beautiful things in the world. So, I brought you on today because you are like, the true embodiment of, of how we can take charge of our health and heal. Like, I'm getting goosebumps and kind of teary eyed just thinking about this, because, you know, that's my mission. I'm true. I truly am going to cry holy, Toledo. You know, is is to, you know, teach all of us that we totally have the power to heal. You know, it's not outside of us. Right? It's right here. Right? It's right here. And yes, of course, we need help. We need someone to show us the steps. But you know, to do the work is right here. You know, and you've shown us that and, and I'm just so inspired. So you, you actually had a lot of health symptoms that you were dealing with. So can you share with us some of the things that you were experiencing?

I had gone through six years of oh my goodness, laundry list, um, hair thinning, insomnia. What's the other word indigestion issues, constipation issues, reflux, migraine headaches. I was having skin rashes, I had been diagnosed. Well, first, I was diagnosed with lupus. And then they said, it wasn't lupus, they thought it was rheumatoid arthritis. And they said, No, it's not that. And after about two more very expensive tests being run, they came down to nonspecific autoimmune disease. And I said, Okay, well, what exactly is that? And they said, well, we don't know. We'll have to wait and keep testing and find out and I was like, and, and the symptoms, just kidding, keep get it kept getting worse. I had chronic all over body pain, and I mean, pain that lived between a seven and a 10. On a regular basis. Oh, gosh, it was really hard. I didn't want to do you know, pharmaceutical painkillers? I don't, I'm not big on drugs. Anyway, I typically try to find natural remedies to do things. And it just seemed like nothing was working. And everything was getting worse. And I was feeling miserable. The doctors, their typical go to was, Oh, if you lose weight, everything will be fine. Oh, my Gosh, seriously. I said to several doctors. Okay. But can I just pose the question to you that what if my weight gain is an actual symptom of a larger issue? As opposed to it being? You know, the basis for everything? Oh, no, no, no, that's not I said, Okay. But you know, medicine, I know me. So if I eat fish and vegetables for two weeks and gained eight pounds, that's a problem. That's something else. That's, you know what I'm saying? So went back and forth. I fired several doctors.

I can't I can't believe how smart you are. Like, I can't believe that you actually posed that question. What happens if it's actually a symptom? That is an enormous question. And of course it is. If our bodies are out of balance metabolically, right, the thing is, we're going to gain weight like that is one of the avenues that our bodies can go in.
And none of the doctors that I talked to had an answer to that question. The last doctor that I saw who was actually she, I think it's a do which is they kind of deal with more like homeopathic and medicinal, but she kind of started with homeopathic or holistic, I should say, Yeah, more functional. She ran a bunch of tests and, and again, with the blood work came back within normal ranges, and you know, or it came back different on one test, and then it came back something different the next test, so everything was just all crazy. And she suggested that I see a functional medicine doctor or whatever. I was like, Okay, I've never heard of that. But I'll make an appointment to do that. And shortly, shortly before that happened, I came across the ad for the 15 day hormone reset on Facebook. I said, What is this? I was I looked into it and I had seen a couple of your videos. You know, kind of like introducing the program and what it was all about and everything else. And it made sense based on the research that I had done on my own. Some of the things that I had kind of put into practice to try to To help myself since I wasn't getting help anywhere else, I just, you know, when you don't know anything you don't know where to start. So you kind of get information from everywhere. And then it's to figure out what's good and what's not and everything. So I said, Okay, I'll try the program. I looked at it sideways, I was super duper skeptical because of everything that I had been through prior. Yeah, tissue was like, I don't know, I don't know. 15 days, it's a small investment. It's not, you know, 15 days, you're gonna pass either way. Let me see if I can get something out of this.

No, I really loved the thought processes are so amazing, like 15 days are gonna pass. That's great. Okay, so you decided to register something inside you said, I need to do to just see you. Alright.

Okay. It was amazing from like, the first from the first day. I mean, a lot of the stuff that, you know, I learned I had come across before I already had it in my research, but it was the combination of things that I did not have. And I think that was what was really the pivotal point for me, in my healing process was an actual coming together of a number of different things that you that you do teach in the classes. So from that standpoint, that was when I really started seeing results. And I mean, like, within the first three days, my pain had dulled somewhat. I wasn't having difficulty getting to sleep at night, I went from waking up four or five times a night to you know, only waking up twice. And it was like, over time, slowly over time. But better by the end of the 15 days, I could not believe the changes that I had, I was not waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom anymore. I was not I the skin rashes had gone away, the acne had cleared up. What else was going on your skin was absolutely beautiful. Oh my gosh, my hair had stopped coming out in clumps in just 15 days. Like I noticed when I was washing my hair, there wasn't so much either in my hand or in the foam. Um, I, I had no acid reflux, I had no indigestion I had, I know this girl started using the bathroom actually, once a day, which I've haven't done in my entire life. I've had like, gastrointestinal issues from when I was a small child. All of that was got like everything that I was having trouble with was either gone or almost gone. And at the end of 15 days, my pain limb range had gone from a seven to a 10, down to a three to a five. Sometimes rainy days still get me but it was absolutely tremendous. So I said, Okay, after this, I'm gonna keep this going and see what happens. And after the first month, it was just it was night and day like I completely felt like a completely different person.

Yeah, and that's what impressed me so much is that Tisha not only like, did the reset, right and learn some new things, but then she kept it going. And then I think after a month or two, after the reset was over, that's when you posted in our sisterhood group, you know, this big long thing about you know, how you had just like, how so much had shifted for you? And is it okay if I read your post. So she says, Okay, I had to post an update, because if there's anyone still skeptical, and she's talking about the reset, the science is sound. And this works. I'm not big on CO signing on things. But if it can stop another woman from needlessly suffering, or being made to feel like it's all in your head, I'll make an exception. She says, I completed the May reset, and I have to admit, had some great results and felt pretty darn good after 15 days, so much, so I figured I'd stick with it just to see what happened. It's been two months, two months, all caps and this program has done more to fix what was wrong than any doctor I've been to in the last five years and allowed me my dignity to boot. So you can go and read the rest of her post, but, you know, she lists all of the the issues that she was experiencing and I'm so proud of you that you remembered almost almost all of them

and yeah, and then and then you know, in the incontinence or whatever the urge to urinate, you know, pretty much gone during the night, which is amazing. Her kids have noticed such a difference in her overall mood. She's much more upbeat and positive, right? And she feels much more confident about her job performance. Stress levels way down, cravings gone. Right, she's able to go the time between meals now you know which I highly encourage. So I'm just I'm just so like, so blown away by your progress. And you know, we take a complete hormone assessment before we start the program. And you're remembering that your total score was around 80, or something like that. It was at AT, AT AT and, and then you went to after the 15 days, you went down to something like 39, something like that. Yeah. So that's like, that's like 41 symptoms that improved over 50 days, because each point is a symptom. Right? Yeah. So that's so incredible. Hold on just a bit. I feel like I'm fuzzy. Fuzzy. Fuzzy. Yeah, I don't ever services looks fuzzy. Maybe my glasses are fuzzy. I'm just like, it's incredible. So how I want you to share how you were so successful. So what is it that you did that you would encourage other ladies to do who register for the program,

I, for probably the first time in my life decided to commit to me. And I've spent my entire life literally from the age of six taking care of everyone else. And I realized that I just had a birthday this past Saturday, I turned 52. And I'm like, you know, I'm a 50 plus year, and I don't know how to take care of myself. And there was just something that was very unsettling about that to me. So when the program came up, and you know, you were always commenting about committing to yourself committing to your health committing to, and it's like, you know what, yeah, it's time. So when we got started, and I'm kind of a I don't really pardon my French half ass anything, I either go all the way, or I don't do it at all. So I don't I'm not going to be in the middle. So I said, Okay, well, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to follow it to the tee. And I'm going to do exactly what she said to do. Because I want to make sure that the end of 15 days, I can't say, well, it didn't work because I didn't do something. I will what it's gonna do. So I did exactly what you taught us everything to the letter, and I was like, wow, completely by the end of it. And I just the under the 15 days, I said, Okay, well, you did it for 15 days do or 15 more days, see what happens. And I really just set small goals as opposed to setting was and for the first time, I think in my life, I didn't make weight, my primary concern, I had issues with my weight my whole life, I've had issues with eating disorders, you know, in my late teens, I didn't want to, I didn't want to make weight, my primary concern, I wanted to make getting healthy my primary concern and if the weight came off, and it came off, but I really just wanted to be healthy. And I noticed that in the process of doing that, it changed how I went about doing things. And I think it made it a little bit easier for me to because it took the pressure off of the weight, the weight, and it just made it okay, you're gonna get healthy, this is what you need to do to get healthy. It's not gonna happen overnight, but it will happen. So just keep doing it. And, and that made it a lot easier for me, I think from a mental standpoint. And then as I started feeling better, I was like, hey, I want to keep doing this, then took on a life of its own after that.

I just love how you put the weight loss aside because it did allow you then to make choices for yourself and not and not make every choice based on is this going to put weight on or is this going to take off? Because I think that's like a key thing that you did that I don't teach like you thought about that yourself. I do teach however that you have to get healthy, to lose weight and somehow like that clicked for you or your life. Yes. Because it's really amazing. Like, over the years, you know, so many of my private clients come to me because they want to lose weight. But as they start to feel better, the whole weight thing becomes much more much less of an issue more of a non issue. Like I feel great. I could care less.

What the wages come off though. It comes off and I was I was shocked. Like I wasn't even trying. I wasn't focusing on the weight at all. I wasn't counting calories. I was just eating the foods that were good for my body eating the foods that work for my metabolism, you know, getting my sleep which Yeah, I didn't do that before this program. Empire live for days. I was like, why is none of this work? And maybe if you get some sleep. So that was huge for me too. And I mean, it's just it's changed everything to the point to where I even have the energy to kind of want to go out and do things. And I never wanted more. So it was yeah, it's definitely been life changing. I'm so grateful that I came across your ad, and I'm so grateful for your program, because I I'd probably be somewhere pulling my hair out what was left of it by now. done this in May.

Yeah, yeah. You might be bald. Who knows?

Yeah, exactly.

Oh, gosh, what was I going to ask you? Well, um, yeah, I was just thinking about your hair. And that kind of totally, totally took me off. Oh, yeah. What I what I would love for you to share is what does your life look like? Are you footloose and fancy free? Do you work full time? I heard you say you had kids. Like, because women are thinking, Well, I don't have time for this. You know, how much time does it take? You know, and I mean, in my mind, of course, as somebody who teaches this all the time, it's like, you don't have time not to do this? Right? It doesn't happen. Magically. There's no magic pill, there's no magic bullet, like it's you do the work. And you see the results like tissue has done. And so we want to hear from you how you fit this in? Or do you have lots of free time,

I do not have lots of free time. As a matter of fact, I work, I started working remotely when COVID hit and I'm still working remotely. And I'm working two jobs remotely. So I don't have a lot of free time at all. But I will say I think as women from when we're little, we're we're raised to do everything for everyone else. And we used to always put ourselves second. And I don't know if that's part of our culture, or I'm not really sure. At at some point in time, you have 24 hours in a day, some of that time has got to be dedicated to your self health, mental health, physical health, wellness, whatever. And it doesn't mean that it has to be the same thing every day. I mean, it could be I enjoy my cup of herbs, herbal tea in the morning, with, you know, one of my cats just petting her for 10 or 15 minutes. And that's just my time that I'm not on a computer. I'm not working. I'm not talking to anybody, everybody else asleep, you know, I'm saying it's just me. It's just my time. And I think that we need to start allowing ourselves that time and not feeling guilty for it. I mean, why should I give up 23 hours in my day to everybody else, and no time for myself, or that's not my
gosh, amen. Sister. You can't, you know, you

can't pour from an empty cup. So whatever time I mean, you kind of have to sit down, I think and make out a schedule. And even if you have to write it down, I know, it sounds really corny. But make sure that you allot yourself, a certain amount of time, whatever you figure you can spare for yourself. But make sure you give yourself that time every day. No excuses. Oh, but the kids know, you know, let the kids go play. If they're killing each other in the other room, they're gonna be okay. Whatever, whatever it out, you make sure that you have that time for yourself. Because you need that just from a mental standpoint and a holistic standpoint, you need the opportunity to just be to just be to just be you appreciate that time and appreciate yourself within that time with whatever it is that makes you happy. If it's a cup of tea in a book, or if it's a cup of tea and some music or just sitting there doing yoga or meditating or you know, whatever it is that just makes you kind of whoosah and let go all over, then then give yourself that time but don't don't sacrifice it. Because you can't get it back.

Yeah, and that's a hard shift because tissues right we have spent most of our lives taking care of others and for me, it's it's really, I've always had the mentality to get the last thing done and then me through that, I get everything done and then I can relax, right? Like I've always had that mentality. I still have to catch myself on that. Oh, no. Dishes can sit there. Exactly. A little bit. Right. And here's the beautiful part. When you let those dishes sit, somebody else just might do them. The Miracles do happen. So we just don't know, it's when we get all this stuff done. You don't We don't allow anybody to help us ever. Right? Right. So I

just, you know what else was important, I don't mean to cut you off, I'm sorry. But when, you know, if you whatever's deciding to do this program, talk with your partner or your mate, you know, or your family and let them know, that is something that you need to do. So when when mom says, I'm going to take my hour, or to do this, let them respect that because they get in a habit of, well, mom does everything for us. So we're just gonna let mom do it. And you have to set boundaries, healthy boundaries, and let them know this is mom's time. Bother mom in this time period, go ask dad, or you guys work it out. And nothing bad is gonna happen, I promise you. But, but something bad will happen if you don't give yourself that time and you're going to run empty, and then you're not going to even have it to give to them. You have to stop and refill and regroup and give yourself that time. 15 minutes in the morning, it can be an hour in the middle of the day, it can be 50 minutes in the morning, in an hour in the middle of the day,

well, we've got to get them to the reset so they can learn what to do. Right, right. And so you want to set a time aside the time to do the reset, whether it's live, if you can show up live, that's the best. If you cannot show up live, then you can watch the replay. But you've got to put it in your calendar like Tisha did like she hid it, you've got to play full out if you want to see results. And Tisha, many women in our community are just like you, right? They have. They've been on this journey for a while. They've been trying to figure out their stuff. They've been to many doctors, right? They've gotten a lot of advice. So that's, you know, like you they're a little skeptical, and they're looking at me sideways. And I don't know. But it only happens if you do the work. So you know, it doesn't doesn't happen just by osmosis. I wish it did. I wish I could just put some, you know, Robbie with some nice lotion, it just goes in and all of a sudden, everything's healed, right? It doesn't work quite that way, almost, but not quite. So well. Gosh, it's been wonderful to have you here, if you could share one thing with ladies who are thinking about joining the 15 day hormone reset that's coming up very soon. And Liz, that's gonna point post the link right here. If you could share a one thing with a woman who's thinking about it, not sure if she, if this is the right thing for her, what would you say,
um, I would say, give it a try. It's 15 days, it's not a lot of time. And again, like I said, before, those 15 days are going to pass anyway, you'd be better off on the other side of it, and in a better position healthy, then just letting them pass and not doing anything about it. It works. It works, believe me, I would not be on her saying it did if it didn't. And I didn't think anything was going to work for me. So it works. Do the 15 days, see what you think, see what you think at the end of the 15 days, but I promise you, you're gonna be surprised. Yeah. And then send Tisha check. I don't even want to just feel better. I just tell, you know, send me up, or whatever. And say, I did there, he said, and I felt like I, it means a lot to me to know that if anything that I said here today can help another woman not go through what I had to go through, then it's, it's all for the best. And that's,

you know, that's why we do this is because we need to stop suffering. You know, and if and if you're suffering, it's a choice. We don't realize that, like, you know, you kept looking until you found something that worked. And that's all that we need to do. We need to keep trying until we find the solution. Right? Yeah. Yeah. And plus, it's in such a safe space, like our sisterhood here is so safe. It's so supportive and in the reset. It's just like 10x That really is. Because we just want to live up on you until you are so filled up. Feeling Yes, I can do this. So good. All right. Well, let's give teachers like so many kisses. Far. Oh, great that she could come on and share with us her story today. We're just so inspired by you. Thank

you so much. Everybody join.

Yeah, for sure. I hope they can help. Thank you again.

Bye. Bye, everyone. By

all right. Oh my gosh. Isn't she amazing? So amazing. Yeah, we saw her post and we hadn't, you know, we didn't know that much about her. So we were like, oh my Aren't we have to talk to this woman, so incredible. So I want to share a few more 15 Day hormone reset experiences for you so you kind of get like a feel for what some of the ladies experienced. Christie says I did the May 2020. So she did the very, very first reset. She's one of our cheerleaders now. She said life changing and a godsend mood swings, irritability and anxiety drastically improved such a great community of women. Andy Joe Vargo, the recent helped me so much in my health journey, and I'm forever grateful to have found your program she came on just like Tisha did and I think that she shared that she got off all of her medications. I think she was on an anxiety Med and depression bed. And she went in to see her doctor and her doctor said, Okay, what's going on with you? And she said, I'm feeling great. And he was like, what, like, for years, you know, she'd had all these complaints. Nope, I'm good. Can you imagine going to your doctor and say, No, I'm good. Blown away. So yeah, her story is big. The Reina. Jenkins said I participated in May, so just a few months ago. And she said my opinion, this program addresses all the elements mindset, spirit and physical of holistic wellness, Robin and the subject matter experts chosen to speak will share their personal experiences that will resonate with the listener, then they follow up with the questions and beg the listener to think about their wellness goals and vision of health. And she said, I set aside time to watch the videos, do the workbook participate in the forum. What I really enjoyed was the ability to relate to the speakers. I think it was Robin who stated when you're ready to learn, the teacher will appear the chance to learn valuable wellness tools that I can easily tailor to my lifestyle. If you're on the fence, I recommend at least listening to the videos or watching the videos. Deb said my first reset was January and again in May, which resulted in many wins the knowledge gained is priceless still in the process of healing but so much ahead of where I started. So Tina says she participated in the recent reset in May. She said I feel for the first time in my life I'm beginning to understand my body and how to hear what it's telling me every day. Robin and her team have a way of explaining things that they make sense and actually helped me fit the pieces of the puzzle together. She said I'm excited to learn more in the next reset. Awesome because once you're in, you're in you never have to join again and you can participate again. Kathy says yes I did the February or it would be the January reset that changed my life. After the 15 days I felt so much better that I've stuck with it pretty quickly my chronic sinus issues were gone. My sleep is amazing. My skin completely changed for the better. And within about three quarters of a month I dropped no three to four months. It must be I dropped about five sizes. Wow. This program helped me a ton amazing. Laura Kimball says yes she's done it twice January and May this year. Best thing I did for myself released 46 pounds amazing. learn so much period less heavy. And she says and more things. Incredible. Sherry says yes. Preparing for reset number 325 pounds gone. No more hot flashes or joint pain hair growing like crazy. Sleeping again. Total life changer. Oh my gosh, Big kisses to you ladies. Yeah, those are all posted our sisterhood. So you can go look at those for sure. All right, ladies, sign up for the reset. I totally want to support you. It's my most favorite thing to do in the whole world. In fact, the most favorite thing of my team to do in the whole world that's why we exist, right? It's what makes our light shine is to support you and just nourish you and love you until you feel so much better. I really hope to see you inside the 15 day home run reset Facebook group. And once you're there, post your three top health goals on my welcome video. Alright, because we're focusing on what we want for ourselves right from the start. Alright, sending you so much love. Bye for now.